Chapter 5 Burning the Huns

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By the time Lu Bu’s family came to the earth wall, everyone in the village had already arrived on top of the earth wall. At this time, the area outside the earth wall within two arrows was already filled with Huns cavalry.

“There are so many Huns, maybe there are thousands of them, right?” a villager said worriedly.

“At this time, a thousand-man army of the Huns seems to have avenged Laibao’s attack yesterday.” Lu Bu’s father said with certainty.

“There are so many Huns, what should we do? Surrender.” Some timid villagers suggested.

“If you want to die now, just give it a try. We have killed so many Huns soldiers, and the Huns will not let us go. Why not just fight them like this. Kill one to get enough, kill two to get one.” “Some enthusiastic villagers also put forward their own opinions.

At this time, the village chief came forward tremblingly and said to everyone: “The way I see it, if you are willing to stay, you can stay and defend the city. If you are willing to leave, get ready immediately and leave as soon as you have the opportunity. We always have to leave some incense to our village. As I get older, I don’t have to wander outside with my old bones. I can’t beat them anymore, so I light up my house and go to meet the ancestors. No matter what In this way, I am also a person who drank the blood of Hu Lu.”

After listening to the old village chief’s words, everyone was very touched. Yes, everyone has drunk the blood of the Huns, how can they expect to surrender. As a result, there are only two ways before everyone: either stay in the village and fight the Huns for the final battle; or take advantage of the chaos to break out of the encirclement. The former road is a dead end, and the latter road is a narrow escape.

Lu Bu’s father turned his head and looked at his wife. The two of them nodded in unison. Then Lu Bu’s father asked Lu Bu, “Have you remembered the halberd technique that Fang Tian used to draw the halberd that I gave you this morning?”

By this time, Lu Bu had been beaten to death by this cruel battle. His whole body was filled with the pride of sacrificing his life for charity. Xu didn’t want his father to nodded and said:

“Father, don’t worry. Although this kid is not very proficient in the halberd technique, he will never disgrace our Lu family name.”

After listening to Lu Bu’s words, Lu Bu’s father smiled and said: “Your mother and I have decided to stay in the village together. But you are still young, and your life has just begun. So you have to live, leave here, and take the I sent you a letter yesterday. Go to Hanoi to find your Uncle Ding Yuan. When he sees the letter, he will take good care of you for us.”

As he said this, Lu Bu’s father reached out and touched Lu Bu’s head.

At this time, Lu Bu’s mother was already in tears. I saw Lu Bu’s mother taking out some dry food from her arms, stuffing it into Lu Bu’s arms, and said in a trembling voice: “Child, you should take good care of yourself from now on, and don’t think about revenge. As long as you can live well, mother will rest assured.” ”

As he spoke, Lu Bu’s mother burst into tears. At this time, Lu Bu’s eyes were also filled with tears. Although Lu Bu only served as a son for this couple for one day. But Lu Bu could no longer give up this relationship. Just listen to Lu Bu say emotionally: “Father, mother, let’s leave together. The child will definitely create a world for you to enjoy your old age.”

At this time, Lu Bu really wanted to do something for this couple. I want to do my best to save this couple.

At this time, Lu Bu’s father smiled handsomely and said: “My son, if you have this filial piety, we will be satisfied. The biggest wish of a parent is to make the children who are attacked live a good life.”

As he spoke, Lu Bu’s father turned and looked around. Sure enough, there were parents all around, sending their children away.

Looking back, Lu Bu’s father then told Lu Bu: “Wipe your tears. You must remember: a man bleeds but does not shed tears. You are the cloth on the grassland and the cloth of our Lu family. There are no cowards in the Lu family, and there are no cowards in the plane crash.” A man crying in front of me.”

As he said that, Lu Bu’s father gave Lu Bu a firm look.

After the Lu family made their decision, almost everyone else also made their decision. Everyone unanimously chose to let their children leave. But he stayed behind to defend his children from the Huns.

After some deliberation, it was finally decided to dig a hole at the back of the village entrance and let the children escape through the hole at the back of the village when the Huns attacked.

Of course, not everyone is resolute in the face of death, and there are a few who want to leave with their children. But if everyone escapes together, no one will be able to escape.

Just when everyone was undecided, the Huns’ attack had begun.

First, more than fifty Hun soldiers who were tied up were pushed out from behind the Hun army’s camp. At first glance, these tied up Hun soldiers were the more than fifty Hun soldiers who retreated yesterday.

A Hun who looked like an officer stood in front of these tied Hun soldiers. He said loudly: “You bunch of pigs can’t even capture a small Han village. It’s a complete disgrace to us Huns. Now I’ll give you another chance. If you still can’t attack, I’ll kill you.” Your heads.”

After speaking, the officer waved his hand, and soldiers came up to help these people, tied the ropes, and threw swords in front of these soldiers.

These soldiers looked at each other, then picked up the swords on the ground, roared and rushed towards the opposite village.

At this time, the officer’s mouth revealed a hint of evil anger, and he said to the small colonel beside him: “Send the order for the army to press forward. When these deserters open the gap, we will rush in together. Kill all the people inside, leaving no one behind.” The Han people in this village dare to drink the blood of us Huns. This is simply abominable. If this matter is spread, how will we Xiongnu gain a foothold on the grassland in the future.”

“Yes.” The principal said and was about to take the order.

Lu Bu stood on the earth wall and looked at the fifty or so Huns soldiers who had escaped yesterday. They rushed over fiercely and was about to set up their bows and shoot arrows, but was indeed stopped by his father.

Lu Bu’s father said to the village chief on the side: “If you want the children to escape, you must lure the Huns into the village. Only when the Huns enter the village can the children take advantage of the chaos. Escape out of the village. If we don’t let the Huns enter the village, the Huns can burn the village to pieces with just a fire, and then none of us will be able to escape.”

When the village chief heard what Lu Bu’s father said made sense, he said, “You can take care of these things. I have decided to bury my old bones here, so I don’t have to worry about it anymore.” After saying this, the old man calmed down. Went home.

At this time, Lu Bu’s father looked at the villagers and said, “Folks, let us let the Huns know today how powerful our Han men are.”

So Lu Bu’s father asked the villagers to block the roads with firewood. Then let everyone withdraw from the earth wall, open the gate of the village, and then hide in a hidden place.

Just wait for all the Huns to enter the village, and then set the whole village on fire. The Huns would then be in chaos. At this time, those who want to leave can take advantage of the chaos and escape through the hole dug behind the village.

In this way, when the more than fifty Hun soldiers who had been defeated yesterday roared and rushed to the entrance of the village, they saw a strange scene. The gate of this village was actually wide open. But there was no one on the earth wall that was two people high.

Although these Xiongnu soldiers were a little suspicious, the military orders were overwhelming, so they had no choice but to bite the bullet and rush up.

When these Huns soldiers entered the village. Unexpectedly, no one was seen, but there were piles of firewood everywhere. These Huns were careless about these details. Why would you care about this? So when these Huns soldiers searched everywhere, they still didn’t see anyone. He quickly sent someone to report to the officers behind him.

I saw more than fifty Hun soldiers. Not long after entering the village, a Hun soldier came out happily and reported to the officers outside: “General, we have captured the village. General, please inspect.” ”

When the officer heard this, his eyes almost popped out of his head.

“What happened to grandma? Where are the people inside?”

The soldier who came out to report said with a helpless look: “General, you guys, we really didn’t find anyone. Did you hear that the general was coming, and you were scared away?”

Hearing this, the officer looked unhappy and said, “Send scouts to conduct reconnaissance. I don’t believe they can fly.”

After saying this, the general waved his horsewhip and continued: “The army will enter the village to rest, and we will pursue them when we have news.”

So he took his nearly a thousand men and horses and drove towards the village in a mighty manner.

At this time, a small colonel came to the Hun soldier who had just reported: “Tell your boss and let him lead you in ten groups to detect the direction in which the Han dogs escaped. If you can’t find any clues, be careful.” His head.”

After talking about this small school, he walked away.

The soldier had no choice but to lower his head and go to find his own head.

When all the thousand Huns soldiers entered the village. Lu Bu’s father was the first to light the fire.

Seeing the sudden anger in the village, the Huns first thought that the guy accidentally lost the water while eating meat. But immediately afterwards, fires broke out all over the village, and there were faint sounds of swords. For a time, the Huns soldiers were in chaos.

These Huns are used to being wild on the grasslands. Although they envy the culture of the Han people and their mountains and rivers. But he couldn’t stand the restraint. But now there are a thousand Huns soldiers stationed in the entire small village, surrounded by two-person high earth walls. Fires are everywhere, and people are roaring and horses are roaring. How can the Huns not be chaotic?

What’s more, they trample on each other, and death and injury are inevitable. In addition, the villagers took advantage of the chaos to cause trouble. In just a short time, the Huns soldiers became chaotic.

At this time, Lu Bu stood on a broken wall with a long bow in his wrist, bending the bow to shoot a fatal blow at a Hun soldier not far away.

Lu Bu shot an arrow, and the Hun soldier stopped breathing. Lu Bu took out another arrow from behind and ducked to the other side under the cover of the fire.

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