Chapter 28 Eat with your left hand

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Chapter 28 Eat with your left hand

Seeing that the black dog was stunned, several companions came over curiously.

It’s okay if you don’t look at it, but when you look at it, everyone trembles and falls to the ground uncontrollably.

They tried to get up, but their legs were still shaking.

This is too unlucky. I collected some protection money and received a check from my boss…

Ye Hao also wanted to take a look, but the black dog had been stuffed back to Ye Fan.

“Brother Black Dog, two thousand protection fees is too little for you.”

At this time, Ye Fan took a step forward, looked at Black Dog and the others and said with a smile: “You can accept all these ten million, it is a little bit of our kindness.”

When they heard that the check was for 10 million, many onlookers were instantly in an uproar. They did not expect that the son selling herbal tea was a rich man.

Ye Hao was also surprised. He didn’t expect that the good-for-nothing brother was so rich. Did the Tang family value him so much?

Then, his face was full of excitement. Black Dog asked for two thousand protection fees, but Ye Fan paid out ten million, which was simply out of his mind.

The black dog must have swallowed the ten million.

Ye Hao’s face was full of enthusiasm: “Brother Black Dog, my brother is so kind, please give me some face and accept 10 million.”

He also glanced at Tang Ruoxue. It seemed that the Tang family was really wealthy.

He thought that one day he could occupy the Tang family’s property and Tang Ruoxue, and his life would be perfect.

Ye Hao was very excited, but Black Dog was stiff and his mouth was dry. He squeezed out one sentence for a long time: “Who are you?”

“Brother Dog, his name is Ye Fan, my second aunt’s adopted son.”

Ye Hao hurriedly pointed out Ye Fan’s identity: “The Tang family’s son-in-law.”

Ye Fan?

Hei Gou was shocked when he heard this, this guy’s name is Ye Fan?

The next second, he fell to his knees with a plop.

“Brother Ye, no, Brother Fan, we were wrong, we were wrong, please give us a chance.”

The black dog kept kowtowing to Ye Fan, crying and begging Ye Fan for forgiveness.

Although Huang Zhendong blocked the fact that the Sihai Chamber of Commerce was swept away, the backbone of the Chamber of Commerce still knew something about that battle.

After all, one versus a hundred.

Moreover, Huang Zhendong issued an order to the entire Sihai Chamber of Commerce that all disciples inside and outside the hall were not allowed to provoke Ye Fan, and anyone who dared to violate it would be dealt with according to family law.

Therefore, the name Ye Fan can be said to be engraved in the bones of leaders all over the world.

Black Dog found out that the person he was challenging was Ye Fan. Combined with the president’s check of 10 million, he immediately realized that he was seeking death.

“Brother Dog, why are you doing this?”

Ye Fan stuffed the check into Black Dog: “Get up and collect the protection fee.”

The black dog stuffed it back as if it was hot to the touch: “Can’t take it away, can’t take it away…”

“Take it!”

“No, no, no!”

The stall owners stared at this scene with their mouths open.

For the first time, they saw that someone offered to pay management fees, but the black dog refused like a pig.

“Brother Fan, I really can’t accept it, I was really wrong…”

Black Dog was about to collapse and slapped himself four times:

“Brother Fan, I’m sorry, I can’t see Taishan.”

This scene.

The countless onlookers present looked shocked.

No one thought that the naughty Black Dog Brother would be so afraid of Mark.

Tang Ruoxue was also extremely surprised, and looked at Mark with a more probing look.

Ye Hao was confused: “Brother Dog, why are you apologizing to a loser?”


Black Dog slapped Ye Hao and shouted: “Shut up, why are you talking to Brother Fan?”

“Hurry up and kneel down for me.”

Black Dog changed his indulgence towards Ye Hao.

Ye Hao fell to the ground, his face turned pale, but he still refused:

“Brother Dog, he is just a loser. He became the son-in-law of the Tang family by luck…”


Unexpectedly, as soon as Ye Hao finished speaking, the black dog stood up and kicked him hard.

Then two slaps were given.

The sound is powerful and deep, crisp and audible.

Ye Hao fell to the ground and screamed, half of his cheeks were swollen.

“Your useless sister!”

Black Dog forcibly controlled the fear and uneasiness in his heart: “If you dare to be disrespectful to Brother Fan again, I will kill you.”

The onlookers standing around were all dumbfounded.

What’s going on?

Ye Hao felt that his three views were subverted, but he was still unwilling to shout:

“Brother Dog, he is really not Brother Fan, he is my second aunt’s adopted son. Have you recognized the wrong person?”

“You bastard, you still dare to talk?”
The black dog trembled and slapped him again: “Brother Fan is not a simple person!”

“not simple?”


“He has been in our Ye family for more than ten years. I know better than anyone whether he is a waste or not.”

Ye Hao covered half of his face and shouted unconvinced at Ye Fan:

“Ye Fan, tell Brother Dog quickly, you are the adopted son of the second aunt. You are a waste to bring happiness to the Tang family. You are not Brother Fan. He has recognized the wrong person.”

“Otherwise, if we figure things out later, you and your second aunt will both be in trouble.”

He was very unhappy with Ye Fan who was watching the show. Brother Dog admitted the wrong person, but Ye Fan did not stand up to clarify, so he was beaten.

“Second Aunt, please come out and testify for me. You are not a big shot. Come on, tell me.”

“It hurt me. Let’s see how my parents deal with you.”

Ye Hao angrily swore to God that he would seek justice from his second aunt and Ye Fan.

“Idiot, you are trying to kill me.”

Hei Gou got even more angry when he heard this. He picked up a stool and hit Ye Hao hard on his body.

With a click, two of Ye Hao’s ribs were broken.

Seeing that Mark had no reaction, the black dog rushed over and kicked him several times.

Ye Hao’s mouth and nose spurted blood.

He finally realized something was wrong: “Brother Dog, I was wrong. I won’t say it anymore. I won’t say it anymore.”

The black dog grabbed Ye Hao’s collar and shouted inaudibly:

“Brother Fan is a friend of President Huang. This check was given to Brother Fan by President Huang.”

“If you want to seek death, then seek death yourself. Don’t harm me and a bunch of brothers.”

President Huang?

Ye Hao was stunned and couldn’t believe it. Ye Fan climbed up Huang Zhendong’s big tree?

His face was full of reluctance: “Did he hug Hui Huang’s thigh?”

“Hugging Huang will make your thighs grow?”

Black Dog almost gritted his teeth and uttered the last sentence: “President Huang is afraid of him…”

Even though he suppressed his emotions, his voice was still inaudible, but the last sentence seemed to overdraw all his strength, making the black dog breathe hard.

In an instant, Ye Hao was so frightened that he froze on the spot.

“Kneel down, all kneel down.”

The black dog kicked all the followers down and knelt down in front of the herbal tea stall.

“Brother Fan, please give us a chance.”

The black dog kept kowtowing and begging for mercy: “We will never dare to provoke Auntie and you again.”

Several gangsters also echoed: “I will never dare again, never again.”

Only Ye Hao had resentment in his eyes. Although he was frightened, he was more dissatisfied.

He still couldn’t accept that Ye Fan, who had been bullied, climbed on top of him and dominated him.

But he didn’t fight anymore at this time, otherwise the black dog would stab him.

“Give you a chance? Have you given everyone a chance?”

Ye Fan looked at Black Dog coldly: “If you have any objection to the protection fee, you will either beat someone or destroy the shop.”

“Everyone relies on small businesses to support their families, but you draw blood from them. Have you ever given them a way to survive?”

The market vendors all cheered when they heard this.

Tang Ruoxue looked at Ye Fan with interest, her usually gloomy eyes rarely flashed with light.

Ye Fan stood in front of Black Dog, and the pressure flowing from his body became even stronger. Black Dog and his group felt like they couldn’t breathe.

“Brother Fan, I’m sorry, you are my beast, you are my beast. I will never accept you again from now on.”

Black Dog’s forehead was bleeding from the knock: “And I will return all the money I collected this month to everyone.”

Seeing the black dog, they were frightened. Shen Biqin gently tugged on Ye Fan’s sleeve: “Ye Fan, forget it, forget it.”

Tang Ruoxue also leaned close to Ye Fan’s ear: “Leave a line, other vendors still have to do business.”

Ye Fan took a step forward, looked at the black dog and said:

“Which hand do you want to touch my Ruoxue?”

The kneeling black dog trembled all over and stretched out his right hand: “Brother Fan, this one…”

Ye Fan was very calm: “From now on, eat with your left hand.”


Black Dog’s eyelids twitched, then he pulled out a switchblade and stabbed it into his palm without saying a word.

One knife, two holes, blood flowing like water!

Many people around screamed.

Shen Biqin and Tang Ruoxue also turned their heads.

Ye Fan kicked the black dog over:


The black dog covered his bloody right hand and left quickly…

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