Chapter 56 Attack

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Chapter 56 Attack

Tang Ruoxue’s loan problem was solved, and Ye Fan wanted to have a good rest for a few days.

After all, he has been too busy in the past half month.

He saved Sissi twice, helped his mother-in-law collect her debt, saved Han Nanhua, cured Huang Zhendong and Han Yue, and now even solved the problem of Qian Shenghuo.

Although the Tai Chi Sutra is in hand, Ye Fan’s body is constantly growing and he will not be tired, but his mind wants to relax.

But before he could rest for two days, Huang Zhendong called:

“Brother Ye, good afternoon.”

He laughed heartily: “Are you busy now?”

Ye Fan said calmly: “Get straight to the point.”

“Brother Ye, two things.”

Huang Zhendong did not coyly:

“First, Lin Ruowan, Zhang Xiaogang and Xiong Jiao will never cause you any trouble again.”

“Second, the bastard Liu Yong revealed a secret to us before he died.”

“Then the Xiong brothers and sisters came to Zhonghai this time. It was just a small incident to deal with you and Zhang Daqiang.”

He lowered his voice: “The person they really want to deal with is Song Hongyan.”

Ye Fan’s body trembled: “Deal with Song Hongyan?”

“That’s right.”

Huang Zhendong nodded: “Someone hired the Four Xiong Family Murderers to return to Zhonghai and asked them to kill Song Hongyan at all costs.”

“When they sneaked into Zhonghai, the night you revealed that Zhang Daqiang was infertile, Xiong Yi happened to receive a message from Lin Ruowan asking for help.”

“So Xiong Yi and Xiong Jiao took the time to rescue Lin Ruowan and her son, and they also wanted to take care of you and Zhang Daqiang.”

Huang Zhendong flattered him: “It’s a pity that they didn’t expect that Brother Ye is so brave and invincible…”

“The Four Evils of the Xiong Family…”

Ye Fan’s eyes were dancing with murderous intent:

“In other words, two more are coming to Zhonghai?”

He always thought that Xiong Yi and Xiong Jiao came to Zhonghai specifically to rescue Lin Ruowan and Zhang Xiaogang, but he didn’t expect that it was just an accident.

“That’s right.”

Huang Zhendong took over the topic: “Xiong Zhi and Xiong Yong are also here, and there are many capable men.”

“They are considered tough gangsters, but they have no bottom line in what they do, and they also like to play sadistic games. Brothers on the road have always spurned them.”

“But you don’t need to worry, they will never know that you killed Xiong Yi.”

“When Xiong Yi and Xiong Jiao disappear, they will only remember Zhang Daqiang.”

He smiled and expressed relief: “At this time, Zhang Daqiang is protected by hundreds of people and police detectives are watching him. He is very safe.”

Ye Fan said calmly: “Can you find the whereabouts of Xiong Yong and the others?”

“Find them?”

Huang Zhendong smiled first, then trembled: “Brother, do you want to kill them?”

Ye Fan did not respond.

Xiong Yi’s brother and sister died when they came to seek revenge from him. Regardless of whether he was the murderer or not, Xiong Yong and the others would find him again sooner or later to understand the situation.

Ye Fan wants to kill them all, once and for all.

Moreover, the other party also tried to deal with Song Hongyan, which would be even more fatal. After all, Song Hongyan was his first confidante.

“Although Xiong Yong and Xiong Zhi are spurned by both black and white, I have to say that they still have a solid foundation.”

“Especially Xiong Zhi, who is known as the modern Zhang Fei. His brute strength is extremely terrifying, and he can kill a cow with one punch.”

Huang Zhendong hurriedly advised Ye Fan: “If you take the initiative to find them, something could easily happen.”

“It’s not that I don’t believe in Brother Ye’s ability, but those are all desperadoes, and I can’t afford to fight with them.”

“You can just sit back and watch. Xiong Zhi and the others are no different from seeking death when they deal with Song Hongyan.”

“Although Song Hongyan is just a prostitute, and the Wuhu Group looks very formal, she is actually a master who eats people without spitting out their bones.”

“She has been in Zhonghai for nearly ten years and has grown from a nobody to a big boss. How can she achieve this without being extraordinary?”

“I know a lot of people, but I can’t see through Song Hongyan.”

“This woman is too deep.”

He made a judgment: “It is difficult for the Xiong brothers to kill Song Hongyan.”

Ye Fan was a little surprised by Song Hongyan’s background, but he still showed a hint of worry.

Huang Zhendong knows Song Hongyan’s strength, and the Xiong brothers must also know that if they dare to take over the task, they must have a slight chance of winning.

Otherwise, who would be attracted to a local snake?

After hanging up the phone, Ye Fan called a taxi and asked the driver to go straight to Wuhu Group.

At the same time, Ye Fan called Song Hongyan, and the call was quickly connected. As always, Song Hongyan’s charming voice came:

“Brother Fan, why do you have time to call your sister?”

She teased Ye Fan: “Isn’t it like three autumns after not seeing each other for one day?”

Hearing that she was okay, Mark was secretly relieved: “Where are you now?”

“Me? I’m passing by the east peak of Yunding Mountain.”

Song Hongyan smiled faintly: “I just went to the old city for a walk, and I was going to find a place for you to open a medical clinic.”

“I have to say you are very lucky. I found a very suitable place. I will pick you up tomorrow and take a look.”

“If you think it’s okay, let’s take it down.”

“It will be renovated and it will be ready for business in two months at most.”

There was a hint of joy in her tone, as if she was going to open a medical clinic.

Ye Fan was slightly moved. He didn’t expect that Song Hongyan would still be thinking about her medical clinic on such a hot day.

Then he remembered the business: “Let’s talk about the medical clinic another day. I called you because I received a piece of information.”

“Someone wants to deal with you and has hired the Xiong brothers and sisters to deal with you. You must be careful.”

He didn’t want anything to happen to Song Hongyan.

“Against me? The Xiong brothers and sisters? The four evil Xiongs?”

Song Hongyan was slightly surprised: “Aren’t they here for you and Zhang Daqiang?”

Ye Fan was not surprised at all when Song Hongyan knew that she had killed Xiong Yi:

“Xiong Yi and Xiong Jiao were just a sideshow against me and Zhang Daqiang.”

“Their real goal is to deal with you.”

Song Hongyan was silent, then sighed: “It seems I was careless, but it’s okay, just a few minor roles.”

Ye Fan warned: “You must be careful…”

“rest assured.”

Song Hongyan smiled: “I have asked my cousin Zhao Ruoshuang to come over. She is the security captain of our group…”


Before he finished speaking, Ye Fan heard a loud noise in his ears, as if there was an explosion.

Then there was the sound of intensive gunfire and the sound of sharp weapons flying.

Several shrill screams were heard.

“Sister Yan, what’s wrong?”

Ye Fan’s heart trembled: “What happened?”

Song Hongyan did not respond. There was only rustling on the phone, as if the signal was blocked.

Ye Fan called several more times, but the phone could never be connected.

Sweating profusely, he took out three days’ worth of groceries and threw them to the driver.

“Master, Yunding Mountain, Dongfeng, hurry up.”

One thousand yuan is rich enough, but the taxi driver immediately stepped on the brakes when he heard about Yunding Mountain.

The car stopped abruptly on the side of the road.

The driver shook his head: “No!”

Ye Fan was startled, then took out another thousand yuan and threw it over: “Hurry up.”

“I’m sorry, Yundingshan, I won’t go even if you give me 10,000 yuan.”

The taxi driver threw the money to Ye Fan, then opened the door and let him out.

Ye Fan had no choice but to get out of the car.

Then, Ye Fan hurriedly stopped a few taxis.

The driver’s eyes lit up when he saw Qiandan, but as soon as he heard that he was going to Yunding Mountain, they all ran away.

Five taxis in a row were like this, which made Ye Fan curse in his heart.

“Brother Fan, Brother Fan, are you waiting for the bus here?”

At this moment, an old Mercedes-Benz parked next to Ye Fan, and the window rolled down, revealing Liu Fugui’s plump smiling face.

Ye Fan was stunned for a moment, then opened the car door: “Go to Yunding Mountain.”

“Yunding Mountain?”

Liu Fugui’s body trembled, and then he stepped on the accelerator: “Okay.”

After saying that, Liu Fugui stepped on the accelerator and rushed into Yunding Mountain in the dusk like the wind.

The car drove very fast, and in about ten minutes, the Mercedes-Benz appeared at the east peak of Yunding Mountain.

It’s just that Liu Fugui took a small path, starting from a winding mountain road that had been in disrepair for many years, and soon reached the mountainside.

To reach the foot of Dongfeng Mountain, you have to go around two more circles.


When driving to the corner, Ye Fan suddenly stopped Liu Fugui from driving forward, opened the car door and rushed to the roadside.

He stood on a protruding tree trunk and looked down the cliff with focused eyes.

He had just heard a faint gunshot.

Intuition told me that this was the place where Song Hongyan was attacked.

It was still more than a hundred meters away from the foot of the mountain. The view was not clear and was blocked by leaves, but Ye Fan could still see the car lights.


Ye Fan was about to take a closer look when he saw Liu Fugui running over and shouting:

“Brother Fan, what’s wrong?”

As soon as Liu Fugui stepped on the tree trunk with his right foot, the trunk fell off with a click.

Ye Fan fell instantly.


Ye Fan fell from a high altitude, dancing and screaming.

His survival instinct also made him grab his hands and feet. When he fell halfway, his right hand caught half of the stone, but the stone couldn’t bear it and broke with a click.


Along with a large piece of sand and gravel, Ye Fan screamed and continued to fall, hitting the bottom of the cliff with his eyes closed.

On the mountainside, a group of gangsters dressed in black were surrounding a Lincoln car with knives and guns in hand…

When the man in black heard the movement, he subconsciously raised his head and looked around.


The next second, Ye Fan hit a middle-aged man like a cannonball, making an earth-shattering sound.


The middle-aged man fell to the ground miserably, his head was bruised, his muscles and bones were broken, and his mouth was full of blood.

There was still dust and sand flying around, causing the six men in black to look disheveled, slapping the dust from their cheeks and retreating.

The middle-aged man recovered and stared at Ye Fan sadly:

“You…your uncle…”

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