Chaos God

Chaos God

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Table of Contents: Chapter 10 A kind face but a dark heart Renew: 2023-11-09 05:56:40

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What is a genius? I am a genius because I possess a peerless spiritual root that is rare throughout the ages! Bidanhai with me? There is no comparability at all, okay, because my alchemy sea is comparable to the sea of stars! If you are born like an ant, you should have great aspirations; if your life is as thin as paper, you should have an unyielding heart. Let’s see how a little beggar reaches the sky step by step, and finally holds the world in his hands and steps on the stars.

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Chapter 10 A kind face but a dark heart

Chapter 10 A kind face but a dark heart
Li Longxing walked to the counter.

Sitting behind him was an old shopkeeper in his sixties.

He has a thin face and looks kind-hearted, but his pair of small triangular eyes exude a subtle and cunning light from time to time.

Seeing Li Longxing approaching, the shopkeeper said nothing and just looked at him indifferently.

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