Chapter 42: Golden Beast-faced Head-Swallowing Chain Armor

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Chapter 42: Golden Beast-faced Head-Swallowing Chain Armor
After leaving Ding Yuan, Lu Bu went straight to the school grounds. Since he was already a cavalry captain, he should organize his two thousand cavalry as soon as possible. This is Lu Bu’s capital to control troubled times.

When Lu Bu arrived at the school grounds, Wei Xu, Song Xian and others had already arrived. Seeing Lu Bu’s arrival, everyone gathered around him, greeting him in all directions, and kept smiling shyly.

Lu Bu understood that these people came to him to ask for an official position. After all, these two people also followed Lu Bu, and now they are naturally doing Lu Bu’s arrangements.

According to the military system of the Han Dynasty, the person in charge of two thousand people is naturally the captain. However, although Lu Bu had made great contributions, he had just obtained military status, so he could not become a captain right away. You must know that it took a lot of time for Cao Cao to reach the position of eighth captain in the capital. Of course, the gold content of Cao Cao’s captain is not comparable to that of ordinary captains.

Since Lu Bu is now the Cavalry Commander. Naturally, the two men under Lu Bu are also rising, and they should be army commanders anyway. Lu Bu smiled at Wei Xu and Song Xian and said, “Hou Cheng is still in Jiuyuan County and has not come back. The courage here needs to be shouldered by you two. From now on, Wei Xu will be my subordinate. Army Sima, Song Xian is the Sima of the Right Army. I have two thousand men and horses, and you usually take one thousand each, train them first, and make other arrangements when Hou Cheng comes back.”

After listening to Lu Bu’s instructions, the two of them smiled happily. The two of them were not reused in the past. When did they become military commanders? Now that I am a military Sima, I already feel a little elated.

The two of them said in unison: “Thank you for your concern, sir. I will do my best to serve you.”

I heard that the two men changed their names to Master Lu Bu instead of Young Master. Lu Bu also felt a sense of being an official in his heart. After carefully savoring the official flavor, Lu Bu said mysteriously: “Now that the war is over, Wuyuan City cannot support so many soldiers. It is estimated that the army will be dismantled in a few days. You two, please help me in the past few days.” I select a group of soldiers. My two thousand cavalry will become the strongest cavalry in Bingzhou.”

After hearing this, the two of them became even more excited. “Don’t worry, sir, just leave everything to us.”

Lu Bu felt relieved as Song Xian and Wei Xu left matters in the army to them. In any case, Song Xian and Wei Xu were originally in the army. He is much better at doing these things than a layman like Lu Bu.

After leaving the school grounds, Lu Bu began to look for people to explore for minerals. If you want to dig coal, you must first find a coal mine. But what disappointed Lu Bu was that he searched the entire Wuyuan County and couldn’t find anyone who knew how to prospect.

But hard work paid off. After several days of hard work, Lu Bu finally found a man who was nearby and had seen coal mines.

What surprised Lu Bu was that not long after Lu Bu started mining. Xu You came to the door.

Xu You was quite well-informed and asked Lu Bu about the coal mine as soon as he came up.

“Brother Lu Xian, this is the coal mine business. How about we cooperate? You have the resources, we have the connections, the resources, and the market. As long as we cooperate, it will be easy to make money.”

Now Lu Bu dispatched many Xiongnu slaves to mine, but only sent Wei Xu and Song Xian to take turns watching. Soldiers are all paid, and Lu Bu only has to bear the food of the slaves. In this way, Lu Bu’s mining costs will be very low. Besides, Lu Bu’s father, Ding Yuan, was the governor of Wuyuan County, so the tax revenue became a dispensable thing. So Lu Bu is now sitting on a golden mountain.

Originally, Lu Bu was also considering whether to discuss with Xu You about how to open up the market. It is certain that although Lu Bu has such excellent coal resources, he does not have any sales channels. To truly establish such a sales channel, the cost and manpower and material resources needed to invest were beyond what Lu Bu could afford by himself.

But relatively speaking, the advantages of the Zhen family in this regard are self-evident. Zhen has been in business for many years and has not only made a lot of money, but also has many connections and is very good at doing business. It happens to be a strong alliance.

If Lu Bu went to Xu You today, then as long as Xu You said this, Lu Bu would not hesitate to agree. But since Xu You took the initiative to come to the door, Lu Bu couldn’t agree so casually. No matter what, you have to show off first so that you can get a good price, right?

After hearing what Xu You said, Lu Bu frowned slightly and said in a slightly troubled manner: “Sir, how could Lu Bu not know about your kindness? It’s just that this coal has just been excavated, and Wan Sheng was originally planning to present it to the royal family to make the emperor happy. . Sir, you know that those of us who are officials are slaves of the royal family. Since we have obtained good things, we naturally have to send them to the emperor first.”

Lu Bu’s words were very clever. It was only said that Lu Bu wanted to present high-quality coal to the emperor. If the emperor wants to use it, then this coal is a royal thing. The price will naturally not be low. In this way, he inadvertently increased the value of his coal. When the price was discussed later, Xu You couldn’t lower the price.

At the same time, Lu Bu also talked about that Lu Bu was an official. Although money is a good thing for Lu Bu, in the eyes of officials, pleasing the emperor is the most important thing. In this way, purely commercial negotiations with Xu You were avoided.

In this way, it was originally a transaction between you and me. Xu Youshang rushed to buy Lu Bu’s things, and Lu Bu became the winner of whether to sell or not. In the ensuing conversation between the two, Lu Bu naturally took the upper hand.

After listening to Lu Bu’s words, Xu You naturally understood the meaning. Although I felt unhappy, I couldn’t find anything wrong with it. Although Xu You also knew that the royal family only used charcoal and would not use these coals at all. But these words are somewhat arbitrary. Who knows whether the emperor will use the coal from Wuyuan County on a whim?

But the most important thing is that the purpose of Xu You’s visit this time is to do business, not to fight for morale or courage. There is no need to engage in unnecessary arguments.

After thinking for a while, Xu You chuckled and said: “What Lieutenant Lu said is true. Nothing in the world can be bigger than the affairs of the royal family. I admire Lieutenant Lu’s filial piety towards the emperor. I just don’t know. Captain Lu, have you heard about it? In the past, there were people like Captain Lu who wanted to present some good things to the emperor with a heart of fist, but in the end, these things went into the pockets of the ten permanent servants. Later, even, The ten permanent servants tried to hide the family property, causing the family to be ruined.”

At this point, Xu You sighed and continued: “Although General Lu’s father is a prefect, in the eyes of Shi Chang Shi, he is just a humble official. I’m afraid that after the general offers this coal, he will not only get nothing but Any kind of reward will cause unnecessary trouble. But this is just a little guess on my part, and it is not true. General, you don’t need to worry too much.”

Speaking of this, Xu You put on a sincere face.

After this brief conversation with Xu You, Lu Bu already understood that Xu You’s wisdom was definitely not something that Lu Bu could match now. So he put away his other thoughts and started to really talk about business with Xu You.

Seeing Lu Bu, he nodded in agreement, raised his fist to Xu You and said, “Sir, I learned a lesson late in life. Thank you, sir, for your teaching.”

Xu You saw that Lu Bu was not doing anything. Also laughed. He clapped his hands and asked someone to carry in a large box.

When he opened it and saw what was inside, Lu Bu was pleasantly surprised.

Lu Bu came to the box, opened it, and saw a gorgeous golden light inside.

Xu You laughed loudly when he saw Lu Bu’s performance, looking extremely relaxed and said: “General Lu, my master knows the great reputation that the general has created in Wuyuan County and respects him very much. He specially asked me to bring some small gifts to the general. , I hope the general will accept it.”

After speaking, Xu You also came to the box, asked someone to take out a piece of armor from the box, and introduced it to Lu Buyi.

“This is a golden beast-faced head-swallowing chain armor. My master found a famous master and improved it according to the layout of the Western Regions mail armor. It was originally intended to be presented to the royal family. But today’s people are fond of literature and abandon martial arts, so I just kept it and sent it to the general today. I hope the general will do more for the big man in the future and not let down my master’s heart.”

Hearing this, Lu Bu felt a little clear. In his previous life, Lu Bu knew that there was a kind of chain mail armor in the Western Regions. Rings were put together to form a chain mail armor. Its defensive power was not lower than the plate armor in the Central Plains. It was also very convenient to move and very restrictive to people. Small. But I didn’t expect to see an upgraded version here.

Lu Bu took a step forward and carefully touched the golden beast-faced head-swallowing chain armor with his hand, feeling the slightest chill on it. But after taking in this slight chill, I can feel a lot of warmth from it. At this time, Lu Bu couldn’t put it down immediately.

Naturally, Lu Bu’s performance could not escape Xu You’s eyes. Xu You looked at Lu Bu’s movements and laughed loudly and said: “General, why don’t you try it on? This precious armor can meet the general. It can also be regarded as a health gift to heroes. It finally has a use.”

Listening to Xu You’s admiration, Lu Bu knew that he was still too excited. But Xu You saw the flaw. Then he moved his eyes away from the armor, smiled at Xu You and said, “Thank you, Mr. Xu. It is already an honor to be born with Mr. Xu’s love.”

Lu Bu just kept saying good things about Xu You, but did not ask who the master Xu You mentioned was. There is a reason why Lu Bu said this. Xu You’s master must have asked for a lot when he gave such a great gift. Although Lu Bu was very willing to accept the gift, he was not willing to be used as a weapon by others. He is even less willing to sacrifice his life for this priceless piece of armor.

Xu You saw that Lu Bu only accepted gifts, but he was not fooled. I also secretly felt that Lu Bu had ten wealthy people, so I put away other thoughts and concentrated on discussing business with Lu Bu.

But before Xu You could speak again, Lu Bu had already chuckled and said, “Lü Bu is a new official and is very unfamiliar with official matters. Please give me more advice in the future. Regarding the coal matter this time, I will give it to you.” Mr. Xu You, please help sell it. As long as the price is reasonable, Lu Bu will have no objection.”

Although Lu Bu was unwilling to discuss more in-depth issues with Xu You. But after accepting gifts from others, you still have to make some concessions, otherwise it will be a matter of character.

Next, Lu Bu and Xu You quickly finalized the coal trade.

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