Chapter 10 The evil bartender

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Chapter 10 The evil bartender
The shocked expression on the bartender’s face flashed across his face, and was quickly concealed into an annoyance that he didn’t want to see the customer at this time.

“If you want to drink, old gentleman…and the supervisor.”

The bartender spoke in a long, tired voice, squinting his eyes and said slowly: “It’s too early now. No one has come yet at this point.

“Ah, let me state it in advance. The food in our bar is much more expensive than outside. Don’t order it and think it’s too expensive… you won’t be refunded.”

For some reason, despite the same elf accent with a long drawl and a lot of glide notes… Haina just felt that the bartender’s voice didn’t have the elegance of Aiwass’s butler.

Maybe it’s because the tone in some places is too hard and too clear, or maybe it’s because his voice has a hoarseness caused by long-term smoking, which makes it smell like runny when you listen to it.

“How much more expensive?”

Hearing this, Haina subconsciously asked.

But she soon realized that she was here to investigate. No matter how expensive the food is, you have to order it.

Rather, the investigation funds given by Steward Oswald were used at this time.

So she immediately changed her mind: “What kind of dishes do you have here?”


Aiwass, who was in front of her, couldn’t help but chuckle.

It is really a strange experience to investigate with such a newbie.

Although the wild elf bartender responded quickly, he couldn’t hide it from Aiwass. He deliberately called Aiwass “old gentleman”, as if he did not recognize Aiwass’s identity at all.

But this is impossible.

He looks like a human elf in his thirties, and should be at least a hundred years old. As a wild elf, he lives in the market; and the blood of elves makes his memory and perception significantly stronger than humans.

Even though Aiwass was wearing a full-covering cloak, his body shape was definitely not that of an old man; just by looking at the style of his shoes and the exposed chin, he should be able to recognize Aiwass. .

If it was not Haina who followed, but Oswald…he would immediately notice that the bartender’s behavior was too deliberate.

——The Pelican Bar was where Aiwass met the two “pen pals” a few days ago.

And he was very conspicuous at the time.

The “Pelican Bar” was the specially designated meeting place for the two pen pals. At that time, Aiwass could still walk normally, move flexibly and have a strong body, but he wanted to hide his contact and communication with the demonologist, so he came to the appointment alone.

But considering that this was a place Aiwass had never been to, he still set off nearly two hours early and found a coachman to take him directly to the Pelican Bar.

To be honest, if Aiwass hadn’t found the coachman, he might not have been able to find the “Pelican Bar” – who would have known that the name of the Pelican Bar wasn’t “The Pelican”?

When Aiwass arrived, it was more than an hour ahead of the agreed 5 p.m. But he had already considered this matter, so he brought a book to read in advance.

It was a occult book in the Star Antimony language, “The Code of Alchemy”. Those alchemy scholars who follow the path of “balance” are very worried that their knowledge will be leaked and affect the balance of the world. Therefore, when they write books and communicate with their peers, they use some code words that laypeople cannot understand.

For example, “king”, “queen” and “queen” indicate different things. In the same way, “sun” and “moon”, “toad” and “flying dragon” may all imply something. And based on the basic principle of “confidentiality from laymen”, the code words used by each alchemist are different. There is no unified consensus or common industry terminology between them.

They all have their own code books, which they secretly teach to their students for decoding; and if they are good enough peers, they can also understand what he wants to express from the hints.

This is the so-called “everyone who understands understands, and those who don’t understand don’t even understand”.

The book “Alchemical Code Words” reveals several classic code words with examples. In the example, the author demonstrates an alchemical process for making “antimony glass.” It was an emetic, slightly poisonous. And by slightly adjusting the proportions, you can get “mercury antimony”, which is a slightly sweet, thick, fluid and highly toxic substance.

Among other things, this is the knowledge of synthesizing highly toxic substances!

This kind of taboo knowledge just tickled Aiwass’s excitement point. In that extremely noisy bar, he sat in the corner and read a book with great concentration. In the blink of an eye, it was almost six o’clock. Until the two men tapped his shoulders to wake him up.

Originally, Aiwass just planned to meet them once and leave.

It’s not that I doubt them, but the public security in Lloyd District is indeed not good. If you delay too late, even taking a taxi may not be safe – the recent strangulation party has made people panic.

But it was already dinner time, and they were drinking and chatting. The more they talked, the happier they became, and the more they talked, the more excited they became. So Aiwass simply used a white coin to order a dinner on the spot, and treated the two “friends” to a very sumptuous meal. He did not ask for the remaining change back, but instead invited others The guests had a drink.

– Because his two friends assured him that it didn’t matter if it was a little late, they would escort him home. After finishing the meal, they chatted for a long time, and it was already past ten o’clock when they finally left the bar.

“Zero past zero is the most suitable time to summon the devil.”

The bald man said: “It takes about an hour to complete the ritual. And now it’s just at this point… Do you want to come and try it yourself?”

… Around that time, he had already gained insight into Aiwass’s inner burning desire to touch taboos through those hours of conversations. Knowing this invitation, Aiwass would definitely not refuse it.

Thinking about it now… they probably made an appointment here on purpose and were late on purpose.

Now that it’s meal time, I’m hungry, and there are other customers ordering food around me. Then I wouldn’t particularly look for another place to eat.

So, the two demonologists from the “Great Red” society specifically asked him to meet at the Pelican Bar, and also prevented him from taking them to other places… Could it be understood that they thought this was the only place that was absolutely safe?

Moreover, an extremely handsome, well-dressed, upper-class young man was sitting motionless with a glass of less than half a liter of light beer in a bar in Lloyd’s District, a cheap environment full of laborers and sailors. I read the book for two whole hours.

——In this case, is it possible that a bartender with a good memory cannot remember him?

Even if it was not a wild elf but a human bartender… he would be able to remember such outrageous things for at least a month. And he will use him as a talking point, frequently bragging to others or ridiculing him.

Not to mention that the traffic volume of the Pelican Bar is not very high, with less than thirty guests in one night.

So, there is definitely something wrong with this bartender.

He deliberately pretended that he could not recognize Aiwass’ behavior, but it proved his inner cowardice. Because Aiwass came wearing a cloak, he did not want others to recognize his identity. So he followed Aiwass’s wishes and tried to help him hide his identity.

This is to lower his vigilance and stabilize him temporarily;

At the same time, I also hope that Aiwass can take over this identity.

If Aiwass really wanted to conceal his identity, he would follow the bartender’s instructions and pretend to be an “old man.”

Then he cannot explicitly talk to the bartender, and there will be no communication between them for the time being.

——Thus, you can delay time.

“Mr. Ademar, right?”

As a result, Aiwass, who was wearing a hood, suddenly said: “Are you waiting for someone?”

This was the bartender’s name he’d heard from other customers yesterday.


Hearing this, Haina turned around with some confusion: “Do you know him?”

But she took a look, but couldn’t see any special reaction from Aiwass.

And when she turned around, she saw obvious shock and hesitation from the bartender.

At that moment, something moved in her heart. I vaguely felt I had grasped something.

Before she could ask, Aiwass chuckled. It’s like confirming something.


Aiwass’s voice was very soft, like his boss or a teacher. Not only did she not call herself senior as politely as before, but she called her by her first name like a superior.

But maybe that’s why Haina, who was used to obeying orders, became energetic in an instant.


She instinctively focused her attention, took a half-step forward from behind Aiwass, vaguely protected Aiwass behind her, and concentrated on waiting for the next order.

“Draw your sword——”

Aiwass ordered.

Although she still didn’t understand what happened, Haina chose to obey Aiwass’s instructions without hesitation. In an instant, he drew out the elf sword from its sheath.

The sword blade slid out of its sheath like a living thing, and a pure white light lit up from the sword.

A blinding bright white light illuminated the bar, which was already bright at noon.

In Haina’s original lake-blue eyes, the silver-white halo gradually lit up. That resonates with the way of [authoritarianism].

The power injected into the blood is gradually being activated, and abundant power is poured into the limbs and bones. The air waves roared and spread around her with her as the center. The wine bottles on the wine cabinet swayed and made a messy and clear tapping sound like wind chimes.

The few guests were suddenly startled, and one by one they left their seats and ran towards the door.

Upon seeing this, the bartender’s expression suddenly changed and he was shocked.

——Am I exposed?


He was horrified and didn’t know why.

The situation was critical, and he chose not to sit still and wait for death.

He took a deep breath, and something swelled under his skin, as if there were worms swimming around.

The purple lines start from the lower eyelid and spread towards the entire face. Like discolored veins, a mesh pattern covered most of his face. Only a circle around the mouth and chin – the part of skin where beards should have grown – was not covered by purple lines.

As he took a deep breath, the purple lines on his face became brighter. It becomes brighter with each inhalation and slowly becomes lighter with each exhalation.

These lines spread quickly on the skin like a curse, spreading from the cuffs to the fingertips of the ten fingers.


Haina recognized his identity. Or roughly recognized it.

Extraordinary people can use mysterious skills and various spellcasting materials to use their extraordinary power in non-combat situations. But if you want to be serious and mobilize the power of the Tao to release those powerful extraordinary skills out of thin air, you must resonate with the Tao.

Everyone’s resonance characteristics are different, but the commonality is that there must be a light effect corresponding to the color of the road.

Just as white is the color of the path of authority, purple is the color of the path of transcendence. The former symbolizes diamonds, while the latter is amethyst.

Although she did not know what the specific profession of this wild elf was, it still belonged to the path of transcendence.

Any way to transcend is illegal!

Then just think that the other party is a demonologist——

——Mr. Aiwass really found it!

She felt happy.

Although I don’t know how Aiwass identified the other party’s identity. Because she didn’t see the flaw in the other party’s identity at all.

But once she enters combat mode, this is her professional field!

And looking at the wild elf bartender with purple spider webs all over his skin… Seeing such obvious features, Aiwass finally recalled the other person’s identity.

The boss of the “Crime Hub Pelican Bar”, the “evil bartender” Ademar!

In my impression, that strong man with arms as thick as war hammers, hunched and red, with dark purple luminous lines all over his upper body——

His image gradually overlapped with that of the wild elf that was gradually expanding like an inflatable.

——Originally, Aiwass just wanted Haina to scare him and put some pressure on him.

Unexpectedly, he really couldn’t stand the pressure, so he transformed directly after a slight pressure!

Now you can find the right owner directly!

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