Chapter 2 Bloodthirsty Lu Bu

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At this time, Lu Bu’s father stroked Lu Bu’s head and said:

“Seeing that you are covered with wounds, let your mother help you bandage them first. The Huns come here to thresh grass and grain every year at this time, so there is nothing to worry about.”

After saying this, Lu Bu’s father rolled up his sleeves and walked out.😘/

When Lu Bu had bandaged his wounds and came to the earth wall outside the village. The place was already filled with men of all sizes. Talking about men, there are actually quite a few of them, including the young men playing with Lu Bu.

Compared to the big men who were used to wind and rain, these children seemed a bit excited. At the same time, it was mixed with a little fear.

For Lu Bu, having to fight on the first day after traveling through time was really a bit difficult. But look around you, there are so many teenagers about the same age as yourself. Looking at his father who was not far away from him, Lu Bu finally felt at ease.

At this time, a young man next to him who was slightly older than Lu Bu smiled playfully at Lu Bu and said:

“We will compete in a while to see who can kill more Huns.”

After hearing this, Lu Bu was completely freed from the fear before the battle, and replied to the boy:

“Don’t worry, even though I am young, my martial arts skills will not be inferior to anyone’s.”

“Of course, who doesn’t know that your father is the most powerful person in our village. I’m afraid he can leave all his halberd skills to you.” The boy said with envy on his face.

But when he said these words, Lu Bu felt a little bad in his heart. Because the Lu Bu now is no longer the Lu Bu before. Is there any family tradition of halberd skills that you know?

At this time, the elder who looked like the village chief had already allocated manpower. Lu Bu and his father were naturally assigned to guard the main gate.

At this time, the Huns cavalry outside the village had arrived under the earth wall. These cavalrymen were all stout Hun men, holding scimitars in their hands. Most of their hair was shaved off, leaving only a few hairs, which looked very strange.

At this time, the entire village’s defenses had been established. Although the people guarding the earth wall are just some farmers farming. However, the people in Bingzhou are strong and have some fighting ability. In addition, this village is fortunate to have only one door for entry and exit. This brings a lot of convenience to defense.

As soon as Lu Bu saw the village’s defenses, the Huns outside began to take action.

I saw that the Huns did not rush up stupidly. Instead, he picked up a series of specially made small bows and started shooting around the earthen wall from a distance.

It’s terrible now. The common people in this small village have seen this before. Not long after, many people were shot down.

In desperation, most of the people had to withdraw from the earth wall. Only a few people with good archery skills were left standing on the earth wall, relying on the only bunker to fight the enemy. Of course there is Lu Bu’s father among them.

Seeing that his father was still fighting, Lu Bu was willing to retreat like this. He is going to become the best general in the world, how can he not take this opportunity to see blood?

So Lu Bu, with his twelve-year-old body, pulled up his crossbow and fired at the enemy.

Although Lu Bu is young, he grew up on the grassland after all, and he is not bad at bow and horse. Although not many arrows were shot, they all hit the enemy’s vital points.

Before long, more than ten Huns fell under Lu Bu’s arrows.

As for Lu Bu’s father, let alone that. The arrows he shot were even more accurate. The earth wall surrounding the village must be much higher than the Hun cavalry on horseback. It is still very advantageous to stand on the earth wall and shoot arrows.

Seeing how brave Lu Bu and his son were, the villagers were driven off the earth wall by the bows and arrows of the Huns cavalry. Gradually, they gained confidence, and more people returned to the earth wall and started shooting at the enemy.

As a result, the Hun generals on the opposite side became a little anxious. The Xiongnu general originally wanted to rely on riding and archery to win, but he did not expect that this Han man would also have such good archery skills.

Then the Hun general shouted anxiously. After a while, many Huns cavalry rushed up. Some of them threw the rope directly onto the earth wall, and then used the power of the rope to climb up. Some used horse locks to lock the wooden door at the entrance of the village and pulled it back hard.

With the attack of these cavalry, the cavalry who were shooting arrows around the earth wall from a distance also moved forward a lot and began to approach the earth wall.

As the two sides fought hand-to-hand, an arduous hand-to-hand battle began between the two sides.

Lu Bu carefully hid himself behind the bunker, drew his bow and shot at the Hun soldier closest to him. An arrow shot out and hit the Hun soldier in the chest, and the Hun soldier fell down.

And it was not just the Hun soldiers opposite Lu Bu who fell at this time. Compared with the casualties of the Huns soldiers, the casualties on the village side were even greater.

Lu Bu was secretly happy that he was hiding in the dark and making a sneak attack. At this time, a tall Hun soldier suddenly appeared from under the bunker beside Lu Bu. This Xiongnu soldier quietly approached Lu Bu from one side. When he was two steps away from Lu Bu, he suddenly stood up straight, raised his sword and struck at Lu Bu.

Lu Bu felt a chill coming from the slanting stab. When he looked back, he happened to see the Hun soldier coming to kill him. Lu Bu hurriedly picked up a machete from the ground. When Lu Bu was about to use the machete to catch the scimitar slashed by the Hun soldier. But it was already too late.

At this moment, the boy who had once comforted Lu Bu appeared in front of Lu Bu. The boy was seen holding the sword with both hands and using all his strength to move it up, barely blocking the falling sword of the Hun soldier. It’s just that the boy was obviously weak. When the Hun soldier saw that a single blow failed, he struck again. The Hun soldier’s scimitar had pressed against the knife in the boy’s hand, and it had fallen downwards. The Hun soldier’s scimitar had already reached the boy’s shoulder, leaving a deep blood groove on the boy’s shoulder.

Seeing that the boy had taken a knife for him, Lu Bu did not dare to hesitate. He quickly picked up the machete in his hand and stabbed the Hun soldier in the waist and abdomen from an angle.

The Hun soldier was swinging the scimitar in his hand and slashing at the boy, with a proud smile on his lips. Unexpectedly, there was a pain in his waist, and the smile on his lips froze.

When the Huns soldier saw that he was injured, he went crazy and advanced instead of retreating. He raised his leg and kicked the boy to the ground. He immediately abandoned the boy and charged towards Lu Bu. It seems that this Hun soldier wanted to avenge himself before he died and killed his enemy to the ground.

Originally, when faced with this situation, Lu Bu only had to avoid it a little. When the Hun soldiers lost their last bit of ferocity, they were sure of victory. But now Lu Bu was stunned by the scene in front of him. Lu Bu didn’t understand why the Huns didn’t retreat even though they were injured.

However, Lu Bu is not that easy to fool, and he will turn into a ferocious beast when cornered.

I saw that Lu Bu also imitated the Huns soldier’s behavior and advanced instead of retreating. With a sudden movement of his body, he quickly got into the arms of the Hun soldier.

Lu Bu came to the arms of this Hun soldier not to escape from anything. Lu Bu plunged into the arms of the Hun soldier, jumped up at the same time, stretched out his hands, and locked the arms of the Hun soldier.

At this time, Lu Bu raised his head and roared, showing his teeth, and then like a bloodthirsty demon, he bit the Hun soldier’s throat.

As Lu Bu took this bite, a bloody smell began to flow in Lu Bu’s mouth, and then entered Lu Bu’s chest and abdomen.

When Lu Bu raised his head again, Lu Bu’s mouth was already covered with blood. And the Hun soldier who was so ferocious just now has now completely turned into a dead corpse on the ground. There is no breath anymore.

Looking at the dead bodies of the Hun soldiers. Lu Bu laughed wildly and shouted:

“You can’t die? Don’t you want to kill me? Aren’t you powerful? Okay, I will drink your blood and eat your flesh. Even if you die, remember that I am Lu Bu and I am the grassland Put on the most powerful cloth.”

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