Chapter 3 Drinking Hulu’s Blood with Laughter

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At this time, the fighting around Lu Bu had gradually subsided. Those who saw Lu Bu killing their enemies with their own eyes unconsciously moved away from Lu Bu.

A legend about cloth that has been circulating on the grassland for a long time began to appear in front of the eyes of these fighting grassland men.

Under the blow of this dull atmosphere, the first attack of the Huns soldiers finally ended.

Watching these Huns soldiers gradually retreat, the people in the village could finally take this opportunity to take a rest.

At this time, Lu Bu didn’t feel anything special after tasting human blood for the first time. There was actually a little perverted excitement deep inside. This made Lu Bu feel that he had the talent to become a devil in his blood. Otherwise, why would others call me “Bu”? That is the most ferocious beast in legend on the grassland.

Lu Bu looked at the villagers who looked at him with fearful eyes. He laughed at himself: “What’s the big deal? When you were fleeing, you didn’t exchange your children for food. I just drank human blood, and I drank it too early. Besides, if you can drink the blood of Hulu, you are also a hero.” That’s what I did.”

Lu Bu was feeling deep in his heart when he saw the elderly village chief approaching him with a smile.

“Well done to Lu Bu. I have only heard of stories about drinking Hulu blood in stories before. But I never thought that in my lifetime, I would see a hero who actually drank Hulu blood. You are really ours The cloth on the grassland.”

After hearing what the village chief said, Lu Bu felt a little embarrassed. road:

“What the village chief said is too exaggerated. In fact, Hulu’s blood is not as delicious as our home-produced broth.”

As soon as Lu Bu said these words, everyone around him laughed. The tense atmosphere originally caused by the battle suddenly became harmonious.

At this time, Lu Bu’s image among everyone changed from a bloodthirsty demon to his original brother.

At this time, Lu Bu’s father also came out and joked:

“Everyone, we have been annoyed by the Huns a lot over the years. Why don’t we take this opportunity today to capture some Huns, drink their blood, eat their meat, and become stronger than them. In the future we will also Let these Huns know how powerful we are.”

After listening to Lu Bu’s father’s suggestion, the old village chief pondered for a while and said;

“I have heard that if you drink the enemy’s blood, you can become stronger than the enemy. It’s just that the Huns are strong and not afraid of death. How can we catch them?”

I heard that drinking the blood of the Huns can make you stronger. The interest among the old and young men in these villages has obviously increased. A strong body is the dream of every man on the grassland.

At this time, Lu Bu’s father chuckled and said:

“There are several families in our village who are hunters. We only need to use those hunting tools to set traps on the roads in the village. When the Huns attack next time, we open the gate, let a few Huns soldiers in, and then use the traps Catch them. Once they fall into the trap, I’m afraid they won’t be able to survive.”

After listening to Lu Bu’s father’s words, the village chief nodded. However, he was still a little worried and said:

“It’s a good idea, but once the door is opened, it may not be easy to close.”

At this time, Lu Bu’s father patted his chest and said:

“Don’t worry, I will take out the Fang Tian Painted Halberd passed down from my family in a moment. As long as I am here, I guarantee that this gate will be guarded tightly. It’s just the Huns who came here, it’s no big deal. ”

After saying that, Lu Bu’s father quickly ran back home to get the legendary Fang Tian Hua Ji.

When Lu Bu’s father took Fang Tian’s painted halberd back. The hunters also began to prepare traps under the leadership of the village chief.

At this time, when the women and children in the village heard that they were going to drink Hulu blood, they all ran out to watch the fun. Who doesn’t want to taste the blood of Hulu and experience the feeling of a grassland hero?

When the hunters had just set up the trap, the Huns’ attack also began. After the battle just now, there were only 70 or 80 Hun soldiers left out of the original more than 100 people. Logically speaking, with such heavy casualties, the Huns should withdraw their troops.

But the proud Hun soldiers rushed forward like crazy. I want to take down the village in one go.

At this time, the entire village had gathered its strength to gather 200 fighting men. Now more than fifty people have been lost, and the remaining fifty people were divided into fifty people, led by Lu Bu’s father, to capture the Huns who entered the village. The remaining one hundred people continued to shoot arrows on the earthen wall.

Looking at the Hun soldiers, they rushed towards the village gate with roars. After Lu Bu’s father assigned the tasks to others, he took Lu Bu to the village gate and hid them.

Lu Bu’s father stared at the village entrance with his eyes, stretched out his hand to touch Lu Bu’s head, and said:

“I will go out alone later. You stay here and watch. I will teach you the last few halberd techniques that Fang Tian uses to draw halberds. You must learn them carefully.”

Lu Bu looked at his father, whom he had only known for a day. He nodded somewhat moved and said:

“Father, don’t worry, the baby will not let you down. The baby will let Fang Tian Huaji and the baby become famous all over the world.”

After listening to Lu Bu’s words, Lu Bu’s Fu Qing smiled and said:

“After a while, the Huns entered the village. If I can’t stop it, remember not to come out. Find a place to hide. Then find an opportunity to slip away and go to Hanoi to find a man named Ding Yuan. He will help I’ll take good care of you.”

As he said this, Lu Bu’s father took out a letter from his arms and stuffed it into Lu Bu’s arms.

At the same time, the battle between the Huns soldiers and the villagers also began.

This time, the Huns centurion learned from the failure of the previous battle. He decided to use lightning speed to directly open the village gate and fight his way into the village.

The Hun centurion raised his scimitar and shouted: “Brothers, we are the Hun cavalry. We are the most ferocious predators on the grassland. We are the rulers of this grassland, how can we let these little Little Han people, stop our iron hoof. Let me lead you to flatten the village in front of you and destroy all enemies who stand in our way.”

Then there was a collision of horses and a knife attack. The door, which was not very strong in the first place, finally fell down with a roar. The Huns soldiers followed closely and rushed in like hungry wolves.

Wait until about a dozen Huns soldiers rushed in. Lu Bu’s father finally moved. He rode a tall and thin horse, raised his Fangtian painted halberd, and split the Hun man in front of him in half with one blow.


Then, Lu Bu’s father slapped Fang Tian’s painted halberd down, and hit it hard on the horse of the Huns soldier that was split in two. The horse was in pain, let out a cry, and fell to the side. On the ground, the road for the Huns soldiers to enter the village was blocked.

At this time, the villagers who had been ambushing on both sides of the road jumped out of their hiding places when they saw Lu Bu’s father blocking the path of the Huns soldiers. They held bows and arrows and shot at the Hun soldiers in front of them. Although these arrows may not be fatal, they made these Huns soldiers panic.

For a time, several Huns soldiers were shot down under their horses. At this time, those originally designed traps also played a role. The Huns soldiers had excellent horses, but if they encountered a trap, they would only be destroyed. After a while, most of the dozen or so Huns soldiers who rushed into the village were wiped out.

At this time, several anxious villagers rushed towards the fallen Huns soldiers, put their mouths on the wounds of these Huns soldiers, and began to drink the blood. While drinking, he was still laughing wildly.

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