Chapter 20: Scheme against each other

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Chapter 20: Scheme against each other

Lu Bu took the recruitment documents given to him by Ding Yuan and came to Jiuyuan County with Hou Cheng. Jiuyuan County is said to be a county seat, but in fact it is more like a fortress.

The city walls surrounding Jiuyuan County are made of tall pillars made of bricks and stone, and then the parts between the brick and stone pillars are rammed with soil. This kind of city wall is both practical and strong. Compared with the city wall in the small village where Lu Bu lived before, it is naturally on a higher level.

As soon as Lu Bu and Hou Cheng arrived in Jiuyuan County, they immediately contacted the county magistrate here.

When the county magistrate heard that Lu Bu was the adopted son of the new prefect Ding Yuan, he didn’t dare to neglect him. He hurriedly asked people to prepare a banquet for Lu Bu to wash away the dust.

Lu Bu naturally didn’t show any pretense. To be honest, Lu Bu hadn’t had much good food since he came to this era. Seeing the wine and meat served by the county magistrate, he naturally started to enjoy them without any ceremony.

While thinking about using the delicacies, Lu Bu said to the county magistrate: “My lord, you have seen my father’s *. Now I ask you, how do you plan to share my father’s worries?”

The county magistrate, after listening to Lu Bu’s words, smiled and said: “Don’t worry, sir, I have asked the people below to post a recruitment notice at the gate of the city. Those who want to serve as soldiers and eat food will naturally go to the school to sign up.” of.”

After hearing what the county magistrate said, Lu Bu said with some dissatisfaction: “My lord, your county has a lot of money but you don’t have many people. How many soldiers can you help me recruit?”

When the county magistrate heard this, he laughed and said: “Jiuyuan County is located on the border and the population is not very prosperous. This makes the young master laugh.”

Lu Bu glanced at the indifferent county magistrate and said, “After dinner, let your county officials go door to door to publicize me. Just say that I, Lu Bu, am back and I will take the sons of Jiuyuan County with me.” , to seek revenge against the Huns. All good men from our Jiuyuan County should actively join the army and serve the country.”

After hearing Lu Bu’s words, the county magistrate hurriedly responded: “Yes, yes. Everything will be done according to the wishes of the young master.”

The county magistrate was about to pass the order. Unexpectedly, Lu Bu continued to speak: “You ask the people below to take my people to every village, every village, every town. I want to select outstanding young people from all the villages and towns in the county to join the army. In addition, from now on, the people in Jiuyuan County will The city guard will be led by Mr. Hou Cheng next to me. Okay, you can go down and do your thing.”

At first, the county magistrate looked happy when he heard that Lu Bu wanted to recruit strong men from various villages and towns.

Because by the end of the Western Han Dynasty, the imperial power had declined, and the influence of the government had declined a lot. Even in Jiuyuan County, there are many villages and towns that rely on their strong force and do not take the county magistrate seriously. So when Lu Bu said that he wanted to draw strong men from various villages and towns, the first thing the county magistrate thought of was to use this opportunity to weaken the power of these powerful people.

But what the county magistrate didn’t expect was that Lu Bu would not spare even the garrison of the county town, and actually wanted to seize even the few weapons that defended the city.

So the county magistrate, Mian Lou, said bitterly: “Sir, if all the soldiers guarding the county town go to the county town, my Jiuyuan County town will be defenseless. You better think about it again, sir.” ”

After hearing what the county magistrate said, Lu Bu laughed and said, “Your Majesty, the magistrate is overly worried. I am free to arrange everything. As long as you do what I want, you will be fine.”

When the county magistrate heard that Lu Bu had no intention of discussing, he left the banquet and went out to make arrangements.

Seeing the county magistrate go out, Hou Cheng, who was next to Lu Bu, said to Lu Bu uneasily: “Young Master, you seem to have gone too far. You have made the county magistrate anxious, aren’t you afraid that he will do something bad? What’s the matter? The young master is in the officialdom. He needs to know that the officials on the border regard their own troops as *****. Is the young master really not afraid of forcing the county magistrate to rebel? If he really kills us, what will happen next? If we go and join the Huns, we will be at a loss.”

Lu Bu listened to Hou Cheng’s words, but he was not in a hurry. He patted Hou Cheng’s shoulder and said, “I’m doing this all for you. You must know that you are a crime-ridden person. If you can contribute to quelling the chaos, , who will mention your previous sins again in the future?”

Having said this, Lu Bu smiled knowingly at Hou Cheng. Said: “That’s fine if the county magistrate doesn’t rebel. If he rebels, everything will be your fault. I know that the dozen or so people who came with us this time are all your old subordinates. You won’t let Am I disappointed?”

After hearing this, Hou Cheng finally understood Lu Bu’s kindness towards him.

I saw Hou Cheng kneeling on the ground on one knee and said to Lu Bu: “Don’t worry, young master, Hou Cheng will definitely live up to your trust in this matter.” After saying this, Hou Cheng stood up, led his men, took the documents from the prefect, and then Went to the military camp.

Seeing Hou Cheng leave confidently, Lu Bu said leisurely: “Jiuyuan County is located between Wuyuan County and the Huns’ territory. It is the main route for the Huns to enter and leave Wuyuan County. It is natural to master such a place. It’s better to have it in your own hands. Besides, since my adoptive father Ding Yuan has become the governor of Wuyuan County, the personnel of Wuyuan County should also be changed. Otherwise, how can I take root here? What? Besides, the Huns were able to attack Wuyuan County through Jiuyuan County, and even Wuyuan County was lost, but the Jiuyuan County City was safe and sound. Isn’t there something strange in this? ”

Thinking of this, a smile appeared at the corner of Lu Bu’s mouth. He thought to himself: “No matter whether there is something fishy about the Jiuyuan County Magistrate, I am bound to win this county.”

At this time, Lu Bu was holding the dishes on the table while waiting for news from Hou Cheng. Now Lu Bu actually felt like he was sitting firmly in the military tent.

At the same time, in a side room in the county government office, the county magistrate, who had just smiled apologetically in front of Lu Bu, now used the same expression, thinking of another Huns, and said flatteringly: “I have some matters to deal with. I have asked your envoy to wait for a long time.”

The Huns raised their eyes and looked at the county magistrate and said: “Last time you said you wanted to take refuge with our Southern Huns King, and our King has already promised you. But you have to do something to make our King believe in your sincerity. It would be better to do something.”

When the county magistrate heard this, he immediately smiled and said: “Your Majesty, if you have anything to do, just give me your orders. As long as the county can do it, I will not refuse. In the past few years, our business dealings have been very pleasant.”

When the messenger heard this, he said: “It is very easy for you at this time. As long as you can help us kill one person, our king will believe your sincerity.”

The county magistrate was surprised and said: “Who is the envoy talking about? Could it be…” At this point, the county magistrate had obviously guessed a lot.

The envoy smiled mysteriously and said, “Yes, as long as you can give me the head of Wild Wolf King Lu Bu. I can double our business volume on behalf of our king. In this way, you The master behind it will definitely be very happy.”

After hearing what the Hun envoy said, the county magistrate was hesitating. But from behind the door, a man wearing a scribe’s white robe walked out. This man smiled at the county magistrate and said, “Why do you hesitate, sir? Although Lu Bu is Ding Yuan’s son. It’s a pity that Ding Yuan is fighting against the Huns, and he himself It’s hard to guarantee. Even if he wins by chance, but he loses Wuyuan County, the court will investigate Ding Yuan for dereliction of duty. We don’t know where he will be sent to by then, so why should you delay so much for a dying man? Where’s the good business?”

When the county magistrate saw what the scribe said, he suddenly enlightened and said: “Mr. Xu You’s words really woke people up from their dreams. With the help of a great talent like Mr. Xu, we will definitely succeed.”

The county magistrate wanted to go out as soon as he was happy, but Xu You blocked his way.

Xu You pointed to the Hun envoy on one side and said, “It would be more appropriate for the Huns to do this.”

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