Chapter 19 Hou Cheng arrives at the door

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Chapter 19 Hou Cheng arrives at the door

Wait until Lu Bu left the tent and came to his residence. Discover Song Xian and Wei Xu. Already waiting for Lu Bu to come back in Lu Bu’s military tent, there was a dark-faced man next to the two of them, but this man was talking to the two of them.

I heard the man saying to Song Xian and Wei Xu: “Brother, you must help me this time. Who would have thought that after the prefect ran away, all the officials in Wuyuan County also I ran away minding my own business. But I, a city gate official who was usually no shit, became the biggest official in the city. Now that the Huns have captured Wuyuan County, I have become the one who lost the city. General. Do you think I was wronged?”

After saying that, the man smiled again and said to the two of them with a shy face: “I heard that you two have a good relationship with the new son of the new prefect Ding. You will have to say a few words to me in a while. It would be best if I could also be transferred to work for him, so that the three of us brothers can take care of each other, right?”

After hearing this, Lu Bu had already vaguely guessed who the person talking to Song Xian and Wei Xu was. Besides Hou Cheng, who betrayed Lu Bu together with Song Xian and Wei Xu in history, who else could be there? Lu Bu thought to himself: ‘No wonder these three people in history colluded with each other to betray Lu Bu because Hou Cheng was beaten by Lu Bu. It turns out that the three people have such a good relationship. It seems that Lu Bu is guarding the three of them. They cannot let the three of them have too much power at the same time, otherwise they might really betray Lu Bu and leave. ’

Lu Bu was thinking as he walked into his military tent.

Seeing Lu Bu come in, Wei Xu and Song Xian immediately pulled up Hou Cheng, who had just finished complaining, stood up and saluted Lu Bu: “Young master, you are back, do you have anything to explain to me, the governor?”

When Song Xian and Wei Xu asked this, Lu Bu already understood. The two of them wanted to find out if Ding Yuan had any intention of resigning himself to Hou Cheng, the top officer guarding Wuyuan County. ’

However, Lu Bu didn’t answer. He pointed at Hou Cheng beside them and asked, knowingly: “Who is this person? How come he is in my military tent?”

When Hou Cheng heard the dissatisfaction in Lu Bu’s words, he stepped forward, knelt down in front of Lu Bu and kowtowed: “The villain’s name is Hou Cheng, and he is here to ask the young master for help.”

Lu Bu thought to himself, there is no problem in saving you, it depends on whether Hou Cheng understands the situation.

Thinking of this, Lu Bu pretended to be surprised and said: “Since you are a friend of Wei Xu and Song Xian, feel free to tell them anything. For the sake of the two of them, as long as it is something I, Lu Bu, can do, I will not refuse.” of.”

When Hou Cheng heard Lu Bu’s words, he immediately became overjoyed and said, “My lord, this is serious. Although this matter is extremely difficult for me, for me, it’s just a piece of cake. Please make the decision for me.”

Then, Hou Chenggong recounted his unlucky experience again, and continued to plead with Lu Bu: “Sir, although the villain has now arrived in Ding Prefect’s army, he is in fear all day long. I still ask the master to make the decision for the villain, but also The villain’s innocence.”

After Lu Bu thought for a while, he looked at Hou Cheng and then said: “This matter is neither big nor small. Now that Wuyuan County has been lost, someone must take up such a big responsibility. .”

When Hou Cheng heard that someone above him needed to be responsible for the loss of Wuyuan County, his face suddenly turned pale and he said: “Sir, the villain really didn’t have such a big fault. How can the villain shoulder such a big responsibility? .Isn’t this a villain’s head?”

When Lu Bu saw that Hou Cheng was frightened, he calmed down and said, “That’s right. For such a big responsibility, I can’t punish you, a small city gate official, unless you open the city gate.” , let the Huns in.”

After hearing Lu Bu’s words, Hou Chengcai calmed down a little and said, “I would like to ask the young master to make the decision for me in everything.”

Lu Bu looked helpless at Hou Cheng’s performance. He thought to himself: “Why is this Hou Cheng so unreasonable? I’ve been pretending to scare him for a long time, just waiting for him to show his loyalty. Why hasn’t this idiot shown anything yet?”

In fact, this matter is just a trivial matter to Lu Bu. Although Ding Yuan was unwilling to take the responsibility of losing the city, he took it upon himself. But how much guilt can a small city gate official help Ding Yuan share? But one more is not too much, and one less is not too much.

The key is why did Lu Bu help Hou Cheng? Lu Bu’s request is very simple. As long as Hou Cheng recognizes Lu Bu as his master, Lu Bu will naturally take care of this trivial matter. But if Hou Cheng doesn’t know what’s going on, there’s nothing he can do to help.

Hou Cheng hadn’t reacted at this time, but Wei Xu on the side had already seen Lu Bu’s thoughts. Wei Xu stepped forward and said to Lu Bu: “Master, Song Xian and I were colleagues of Hou Cheng in the past. We are very familiar with Hou Cheng’s martial arts abilities. Hou Cheng is from our Wuyuan County. He is a rare warrior.” Scholars. Now that the Huns are rampant, it is the time for the young master to employ people. From a villain’s point of view, the young master might as well accept Hou Cheng as a bodyguard. This will not be good for other people, and there will be nothing to pursue against Hou Cheng. In this way Once you come here, the young master will get a little help, and Hou Cheng can escape the disaster. I wonder what the young master thinks?”

After hearing Wei Xu’s words, Lu Bu was overjoyed. He thought to himself, “Wei Xu can still read my thoughts.” But on the surface, Lu Bu looked noncommittal. Lu Bu couldn’t take the initiative to do this kind of thing, Hou Cheng had to do it himself. Only in this way can Lu Bu appear in front of Hou Cheng as a savior, and Hou Cheng will naturally bow to Lu Bu from now on.

After Wei Xu said these words, he originally thought that Lu Bu should take action. No matter what, a virtuous wise master is always hungry for talents. But seeing Lu Bu thinking about it, he had no intention of showing anything.

Wei Xu had no choice but to turn around and wink at Hou Cheng.

Seeing Wei Xu’s look, Hou Cheng sighed helplessly and said to Lu Bu: “The villain Hou Cheng is willing to be one of the young master’s bodyguards. Please accept the young master and give the villain a chance to serve the young master.”

It turned out that before Lu Bu came back. Hou Cheng, Wei Xu and Song Xian had already discussed it. He must take refuge in Lu Bu to help Hou Cheng avoid disaster. But all three of them felt that Lu Bu was too young to achieve great things. So I want Lu Bu to take the initiative to invite Hou Cheng to join. In this way, although Hou Cheng is Lu Bu’s subordinate, his status will naturally be much higher than that of other subordinates. There is a big difference between the diners who must be invited and the diners who are sent to the door oneself.

But he didn’t expect that Lu Bu, at such a young age, would have such a deep city. Even if Wei Xu made it clear, he had no intention of recruiting Hou Cheng. As a last resort, Hou Cheng could only be a bargain delivered to his door. Hou Cheng must save his life first before he can pursue status.

At this time, Lu Bu was actually thinking about something else. Lu Bu’s current powerful men are Bu Dugen, Wei Xu, and Song Xian. Among them, Bu Dugen is a foreigner and Lu Bu cannot reuse him. The remaining two people, Wei Xu and Song Xian, plus Hou Cheng. The relationship between these three people is so good. If the three of them are put together, I, as the lord, will probably give them three points. How will Lu Bu mess around in the future?

But Lu Bu couldn’t let go of the general who came to his door.

Thinking of this, Lu Bu smiled at the loyal Hou Cheng in front of him and said, “You made a wise choice today. In the future, you will know how correct this choice was.”

As he spoke, Lu Bu patted Hou Cheng on the shoulder and helped him up.

Looking at the three people in front of him, Lu Bu said seriously: “The governor ordered me to go back to Jiuyuan County to recruit troops and horses, and then come back to fight the Huns. I am going to take Hou Cheng back to Wuyuan County. Song Xianhe Wei Xu, you two split up to gather the soldiers who escaped from Wuyuan County. We will gather here in four days.”

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