Chapter 22: Riot in Jiuyuan County

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Chapter 22: Riot in Jiuyuan County
After hearing the officer’s cry, Hou Cheng showed a smile on his lips and leaned forward slightly. His right hand instantly pulled out the sword from his waist, leaving a trail of blood on the officer’s neck.

The officer’s face was full of panic at this time, but he couldn’t say a word. He could only point at Hou Cheng and open his lips slightly, as if he wanted to say something. But before he could say anything, blood flowed out of his mouth.

The officer only struggled slightly, then staggered and fell to the ground as a corpse.

The officers who had come to the military tent to have a drink were all shocked when they saw the scene in front of them, and for a moment they didn’t know what to do.

At this time, Hou Cheng pointed to the corpses on the ground and comforted the officers: “Everyone, it is found that this person is corrupt and has violated the law and is endangering the countryside. I have been ordered to remove him. I believe you will have no objections, right?”

As soon as Hou Cheng said these words, the officers calmed down. But there were still officers who were blind and suddenly drew their swords and said: “Brothers, why do they kill our commanders casually? We will fight them.”

As soon as the man finished speaking, several officers who were usually friendly with this man also drew their swords and wanted to attack Hou Cheng. However, these few people did not notice that when they drew their swords, someone was already there. Came quietly behind them. And pierced a long sword from their backs.

The officers who knew this had time to look behind them and see that the soldiers who killed them were the soldiers that Hou Cheng had brought into the military tent.

Don’t look at those officers, they are usually very powerful and shouting, but once they lose their soldiers, they become helpless and pitiful people. As the saying goes: “Soldiers are the courage of generals.”

Looking at the many corpses on the ground, Hou Cheng smiled coldly and said, “I wonder if the rest of you have any opinions on this matter?”

The remaining officers looked at the corpses on the ground and felt frightened. They knelt down on one knee and said to Hou Cheng: “Young men, please listen to your orders.”

Hou Cheng looked at the generals kneeling on the ground, his face suddenly changed, and he stabbed one of the generals to the ground with a sword. As Hou Cheng took action, several soldiers brought by Hou Cheng stabbed the generals who were kneeling on the ground without hesitation.

Soon, this huge military tent became quiet. Hou Cheng looked at the corpses on the ground and smiled involuntarily.

At this time, a soldier beside Hou Cheng asked Hou Cheng: “Aren’t they already subdued? Why do you need to kill them all?”

Hou Cheng glanced at the soldier who was speaking, and at the same time explained to the other soldiers he brought with him: “You will know just by looking at that man’s sleeves.” After saying this, Hou Cheng pointed to the man on the ground who was killed by him. officer.

A soldier stepped forward and opened the officer’s sleeve to see that there was a short sleeve arrow inside.

At this time, Hou Chengcai said to these people: “Let’s go to the school ground.”

When Hou Cheng arrived at the school grounds, he saw a group of soldiers standing there waiting for rewards.

Hou Cheng stood on the high platform and said loudly: “Brothers, those officials in Jiuyuan County are not good people. They actually used the rewards given to the brothers by the prefect for adultery. They also detained the rewards of our prefect. Young Master, brothers, can we agree? Several of your officers have gone to argue with the county magistrates, but they were detained by the county magistrates. Brothers, please come with me to save people.”

Originally, officials in the late Han Dynasty were corrupt and perverted the law, and the people dared to be angry but dared not speak out. Although the army is bloody, it will not cause any big troubles with the pressure of the officials.

But now, the official who had the final say in the military camp was killed by Hou Chengdu. What’s more important is that Hou Cheng was the first to come out and stir up trouble. As a result, the crowd was excited. Everyone copied the guy and rushed straight towards the county government office.

Looking at the soldiers rushing out of the camp gate, Hou Cheng scratched his head. Now Hou Cheng doesn’t know whether his errand is good or bad. In short, he will mess up the water first.

Watching the soldiers rush out of the camp gate, Hou Cheng found one of his soldiers and whispered: “Go ahead and deal with all the corpses for me.”

After saying that, Hou Cheng followed the soldiers who rushed out of the military camp and went to the county government office to cause a scene.

By the way, Lu Bu was sitting at the wine table, slowly drinking wine and tasting side dishes. Although these wines and dishes from the Three Kingdoms era are not delicacies, fortunately they are all natural. Lu Bu also ate leisurely and contentedly.

When Lü Bu thought about it, it was always better to let Hou Cheng seize the camp than Lü Bu. After all, Hou Cheng is also a famous figure in the Three Kingdoms, which is better than himself, an ordinary person in future generations.

Lu Bu was eating hard when suddenly the originally solid door was kicked open with a loud “clang”. Seven or eight big men in government uniforms swarmed in.

It’s just that although these people are wearing the clothes of government officials, what they are carrying are not water and fire sticks, but scimitars. Lu Bu immediately understood that these people were pretending to be foreigners.

Although Lu Bu was surprised in his heart, how could there be foreigners in the yamen of Jiuyuan County, wearing the clothes of yamen servants, but his face remained calm.

I saw Lu Bu observing Lu Jin as he was escaping, smiling slightly and saying, “Why do you have a problem with me?”

At this time, a tall and muscular Huns walked out from among the big men on the opposite side. Looking carefully, this man turned out to be the Huns envoy who was with the Jiuyuan County Magistrate.

The Huns took a step forward and said with a smile: “Is this the Wild Wolf King Lu Bu?”

When Lu Bu heard the other party say his name, he suddenly laughed and said, “How come you people also come to me because of my fame?”

When Lu Bu said this, the man was stunned for a moment, and suddenly forgot all the words he had just prepared.

The Huns scratched their heads and then continued: “We are here to kill you, but we Huns respect heroes the most. I can let you choose a way to die.” After saying this, the Huns smiled generously. laugh.

After hearing what the Huns said, Lu Bu nodded intentionally or unintentionally. He stood up and said, “Okay, seeing as you are so sincere, I promise you that I will leave you a whole body in a while.”

As soon as Lu Bu said this, he didn’t wait for the Huns to react. Then he overturned the table in front of him with his kick, and all the dishes, wine, dishes, and dishes on the table were thrown at the Huns.

When the Huns saw Lu Bu’s attack, they all took half a step back. However, the things they threw at them were all invulnerable. One by one, they stretched out their hands to stop them. Instead, he relaxed his guard against Lu Bu.

At this moment, Lu Bu saw the right opportunity and struck suddenly, aiming a sword at the heart of the leading Huns. The sword pierced the Hun’s chest.

Lu Bu then stopped his momentum, retreated to the window, threw a stool, and smashed open the window. He jumped out of the window before the Huns surrounded him.

At this time, in a wing of the Yamen, Magistrate Jiuyuan and Xu You were sipping tea, complimenting each other while sipping tea.

The magistrate of Jiuyuan County laughed and said to Xu You: “Sir, in these years in this bitter and cold Jiuyuan County, I have really made a lot of money for my master. Sir, can you go back this time?” Master, tell me, please help me donate an official position elsewhere. Now that the war in the north is ordinary, I am afraid it will be difficult to be stable.”

Xu You looked at the Jiuyuan County Magistrate and said with a smile: “Didn’t you secretly defect to the Southern Huns? What else do you have to worry about?”

Upon hearing Xu You’s question, the rescue magistrate said sheepishly: “Brother, that’s just a temporary measure. Sir, don’t make fun of me.”

The two were talking when a family member came in with a soldier. The little soldier who came in was the soldier who escaped from the barracks.

When the soldier saw Jiuyuan County Magistrate and Xu You, he hurriedly flattered him and said, “Something bad has happened. The governor’s son has sent people to the barracks. My superior officer sent me to look for them and make the decision for you.”

When the Jiuyuan County Magistrate heard this, he immediately became anxious. He hurriedly asked Xu You next to him: “Sir, what should we do?”

When Xu You saw the county magistrate questioning him, he dismissed his family and the soldier. Seeing that there were no outsiders, Xu You said: “Now that things have happened, the only way to cut through the mess is with a sharp knife. All the insiders…” As he said this, Xu You made a beheading gesture.

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