Chapter 23 Who is more sinister?

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Chapter 23 Who is more sinister?
When the county magistrate saw Xu You’s gesture, his expression changed and he said, “Then how should I do it well?”

Xu You laughed and said, “Why should the magistrate be so panicked? As long as the magistrate silences all the insiders, without any evidence, it is Ding Yuan. What will happen to you, the official of the imperial court?”

The county magistrate finally calmed down after hearing Xu You’s words. He turned back to Xu You and said, “Sir, sit down and I’ll get to it right away.”

Xu You watched the county magistrate in front of him go out, but he was no longer as steady as before. He immediately left the wing and took a detour to the backyard. Quietly walked out through the back door. He got into a carriage that had been prepared and headed out of the city.

Lu Bu rushed all the way to the street. Originally, Lu Bu thought that since the Huns suddenly attacked him, it must be because Hou Cheng failed to seize the camp, so he wanted to go outside Jiuyuan County. But when Lu Bu came to the street, he didn’t see any soldiers blocking him, and the few Huns were just more troubles for Lu Bu.

Thinking of this, Lu Bu turned around and headed towards the military camp in Jiuyuan County.

When Lu Bu came to the gate of the military camp, he happened to meet Hou Cheng rushing out of the military camp with a group of rebels.

Lu Bu didn’t expect that Hou Cheng really didn’t know how to do things. It was clear that Hou Cheng was allowed to control the military camp, but Hou Cheng was good at turning the good military camp into something like this. Seeing the excited soldiers rushing out of the barracks, Lu Bu understood: this chaos was inevitable, but he just hoped that this chaos would not affect innocent people.

Hou Cheng led a group of excited soldiers and rushed out of the military camp, just in time to see Lu Bu coming towards him. So Hou Cheng bowed down to Lu Bu and said loudly: “Sir, the money you brought to reward the soldiers was embezzled by the county magistrate. Please make the decision for us.”

When Hou Cheng said this, the soldiers who followed Hou Cheng also imitated this and complained to Lu Bu.

The soldiers in Jiuyuan County didn’t know why, so they followed suit.

Suddenly, Lu Bu became the backbone of these soldiers.

When Lu Bu heard Hou Cheng’s words, he secretly praised Hou Cheng for being smart and knowing how to throw dirty water. I guess this pool of dirty water was enough for the county magistrate. Thinking of this, Lu Bu said angrily: “Just now I was attacked by the Huns in the county government office. I think the Huns have sneaked into the county government office. Brothers, please follow me into the county government office and eliminate the Huns spies.”

When Lu Bu said this, the originally angry soldiers became even more excited. Everyone screamed. Although these officers and soldiers were not usually the opponents of the Huns, their long-term experience of bullying the people told them that catching spies, bullying the few, and getting some credit at the same time should not be missed. So one by one they rushed towards the county government office.

Unexpectedly, not long after these soldiers rushed out, they encountered several Huns soldiers who were chasing Lu Bu. These Xiongnu soldiers were dressed in the uniforms of government officials, but they held scimitars in their hands, which just revealed their identities. They were Huns who had sneaked in.

When the soldiers saw these Hun soldiers, they wanted to see the lamb wolves. They howled and killed them violently. How could those few Huns soldiers withstand the pursuit of so many soldiers? In a short time, they were scattered and wiped out by these random soldiers.

The soldier who had just killed the Huns was full of excitement. I have been a soldier for so many years, but I have never seen such easy-to-kill Huns. In the past, they were all Huns, riding horses to chase and kill the Han people. Today, I finally felt what it was like to chase and kill the Huns. It was really a pleasure.

In the process of chasing the Huns just now, some soldiers did not get stained with the blood of the Huns due to temporary hesitation or not running fast enough. At this time, they all looked frustrated and complained secretly:

“Grandma, why didn’t you run faster just now? You didn’t even touch the Huns’ hair. These Huns are so useless. They all died before I even took action.”

Looking at the dead and bloody corpse of the Huns on the ground. There were actually soldiers who angrily stepped forward and slashed twice, then looked at the blood on their knives and giggled, as if they had become heroes who massacred foreigners.

Lu Bu saw that people’s hearts could be used, so he found a high platform and shouted to a group of soldiers: “Brothers, go to the county government office and have a look. Maybe there are still Huns there.”

Hearing Lu Bu’s cry, the excited soldiers saw that there was still a little delay, so you pushed me and I rushed you all the way to the county government office.

Looking at the soldiers rushing all the way, Lu Bu stretched out his hand and waved to Hou Cheng. road:

“Arrange your manpower immediately and give me the county magistrate…” Lu Bu said as he wiped his neck.

When Hou Cheng saw it, he immediately understood that Lu Bu wanted to kill people and seize the city, and completely control Jiuyuan County.

Hou Cheng hurriedly responded: “Young master, don’t worry.”

When these soldiers rushed out of the barracks and arrived at the gate of the county government. But I saw a strange scene.

I saw the soldier who secretly came to report to the county magistrate, lying covered in blood at the gate of the county government office. No longer breathing, he was obviously dead.

At this time, the county magistrate was leading a group of government officials, standing at the door waiting for the arrival of these rebels.

The rebels rushed to the gate of the county government office. Looking at the calm magistrate, they seemed to have lost their confidence and looked at each other.

Seeing that the soldiers had calmed down, the county magistrate said to the soldiers: “Brothers, if you have any questions, just come to this county. This county will make the decision for you.”

Lu Bu saw that the county magistrate suppressed the situation easily, and knew that the magistrate usually had great authority. Then he asked Hou Cheng next to him: “Where are the people I asked you to arrange? Why haven’t you taken action yet?”

Hou Cheng hurriedly turned around to make arrangements, but at this time, the county magistrate had discovered Lu Bu among the soldiers.

The county magistrate pointed at Lu Bu and said with a smile: “Why don’t Mr. Lu have tea at the county office? What are you doing among these soldiers?”

Lu Bu knew that the county magistrate was going to attack him, and he became even more anxious.

But I heard the county magistrate continue: “I originally heard that Governor Ding did have a son, but he looked very similar to your Excellency, so I didn’t care. Unexpectedly, you sneaked into the barracks to cause trouble. It seems that you have bad intentions. . But fortunately, I have sent people to check with Prefect Ding. I believe the truth will be revealed soon. Now, please follow me to the inner hall to rest.”

The county magistrate’s move was really clever. He wanted to put Lu Bu under house arrest in the name of verifying his identity. However, what the county magistrate did not expect was that the life Lu Bu had experienced had already infected Lu Bu’s psychology with wolf nature. That means if you don’t take action, you will definitely kill the enemy if you take action, and you will never leave the enemy a chance to breathe.

That’s when the county magistrate thought he had the situation under control. A terrible disaster just disappeared without a trace. An arrow suddenly flew out and penetrated into the heart of the county magistrate impartially.

Seeing the arrow piercing the county magistrate’s heart, a smile appeared on Lu Bu’s lips. He secretly said: “Although the literati are resourceful and resourceful, they are not as vicious as the warriors. You, the county magistrate, lose not because of your resourcefulness, but because you have not been baptized with blood.”

Looking at the county magistrate who fell to the ground in front of him, Lu Bu waved to the soldiers he brought behind him and said loudly: “There are Huns spies, everyone, please protect the magistrate.”

As he spoke, a group of Lu Bu’s men surrounded him, and turned around to surround the county magistrate tightly and “protect” him.

Lu Bu stood in the encirclement, looking at the magistrate lying on the ground, reaching out to Lu Bu for help. A sad smile.

Seeing Lu Bu’s smile, the county magistrate’s originally painful face suddenly became even paler.

At this time, Lu Bu slowly bent down, half-knelt in front of the county magistrate and said loudly: “My lord, you can go with peace of mind. I will arrange everything here for you. I will also take your grudges with you.” The brothers asked for it back from the Huns.”

After speaking, Lu Bu stretched out a hand, put it on the magistrate’s mouth, and pinched the magistrate’s mouth tightly. With the other hand, he grabbed the end of the arrow stuck in the county magistrate’s chest and thrust it in hard. A mouthful of blood spurted out from the magistrate’s mouth. As the blood spurted out, the county magistrate finally stopped all life-related activities and fell into complete silence.

Lu Bu left the magistrate and came to the soldiers. He shouted to the soldiers: “Brothers, the Huns owe us too much blood debt. I, Lu Bu, swear that I, Lu Bu, will take you to recover all the blood debts one by one.”

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