Chapter 25 Recruitment and Return

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Chapter 25 Recruitment and Return

Seeing Lu Bu’s educated look, Xu You asked with a smile: “Master, how do you plan to treat your neighbors – those foreigners?”

When he heard that Xu You wanted to test Lu Bu’s ethnic policy, Lu Bu felt helpless and didn’t know what to say. According to the ancient people’s point of view, it is natural that “people who are not of my race must have different minds.” However, when it comes to the attitude towards foreigners, there are two policies: tolerant and iron-blooded.

Since Xu You came to test Lu Bu, it was naturally not that simple. But Lu Bu looked at Xu You’s confident look and already knew that Xu You had something to say. Then he said sincerely: “Please sir, teach me.”

Xu You laughed and asked Lu Bu: “I think over the past few years, the Han Dynasty has had ten ministers and ministers in the court, and the local authorities have become more powerful. The Han Dynasty is already in danger. At this time, even the imperial court If you want to annihilate the foreign tribes, I am afraid that you are powerless. Although your father is the governor of Wuyuan, with the power of only one county, I am afraid that he can only protect himself. If you want to truly convince the foreign tribes, I am afraid that It’s not that easy either.”

Although Xu You said this politely, Lu Bu felt like he was on the right track. Although Lu Bu is just a nobody in later generations, he also knows the principle of “fighting with logistics”. Wuyuan County is now in crisis, and even the city of Wuyuan County has been taken away by the Huns. This is still the weak Huns on the grassland. If they were to fight against the Xianbei people, who were the most powerful people on the grassland, the wealth of Wuyuan County would probably not be enough.

Thinking of this, Lu Bu sighed and said, “Sir, if you have anything to say, just say it.” Lu Bu pretended to be asking for advice humbly.

Just listen to Xu You said: “I think that King Gou Jian of Yue finally defeated the Wu State by sleeping on the salary and tasting courage. But what today’s Han Dynasty lacks is this kind of courage. Wuyuan County is so devastated that it has no strength to fight. Why don’t you persuade Ding Yuan, the governor of Ding? , I learned from Gou Jian, the king of Yue, who lay down on his fuel and tasted his gall, waiting for a few years to have enough troops and food, and then he will show off my great Han Dynasty in the Zongma Grassland.”

After listening to Xu You’s words, Lu Bu nodded.

Seeing Lu Bu’s look, Xu You nodded with satisfaction, and continued: “If the young master can work hard with Ding, Xu You will do his best to have a blind date with the elders of Wuyuan County.”

Speaking of this, Xu You said mysteriously: “I wonder if Mr. Lu has ever heard of the Zhen family in Jizhou.”

Xu You paused here and gave Lu Bu some time to react.

But Lu Bu was not ambiguous, so he started thinking about this. In Lu Bu’s view, Xu You alone was surprising enough. But seeing the way Xu You mentioned the Zhen family, I really thought that the origin of this Zhen family was much older than that of Xu You. Lu Bu suddenly remembered something: Cao Pi’s wife seemed to be named Zhen.

Lu Bu couldn’t help but be surprised. You must know that when Cao Pi married his wife, Cao Cao was already very powerful, but when he chose a wife for Cao Pi, he chose the Zhen family, which shows how powerful the Zhen family is. Lu Bu looked at Xu You with suspicion. Could it be that Xu You was working for the Zhen family again?

Thinking of this, Lu Bu felt a lot more at ease. Once Xu You’s position is clear, this matter will be easier to handle.

Thinking of this, Lu Bu replied to Xu You: “Sir, please speak clearly.”

Xu You finally said with a smile: “The Zhen family is a famous family. The young master is still young, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t know. I’ll tell you the truth. I have been responsible for the business here for the Zhen family in the past few years. That county in the past When Ling was here, we had been trading with foreigners through him. We used salt and iron from the mainland in exchange for horses and furs of foreigners. Now you have taken over Jiuyuan County, and your father has taken charge of Wuyuan. The position of county governor. I wonder if you are willing to do this business with me.”

Xu You spent a long time and said so many words. It turned out that he wanted to find Ding Yuan through Lu Bu and do this business together.

Lu Bu finally understood what Xu You meant. It seems that Xu You has put a lot of effort into this visit, which also shows that this business must be quite profitable.

Lu Bu chuckled and said to himself: “Since you are so eager, don’t blame me for ripping you off.”

Thinking of this, Lu Bu hesitated for a moment. Then he said: “What you said is certainly true, but we, father and son, may not be able to help you with these matters.”

Xu You had a bad feeling when he saw Lu Bu’s expression. Upon hearing Lu Bu’s words, disappointment was written all over his face. But he still asked Lu Bu indifferently: “Do you think my analysis is wrong? Do you think that Wuyuan County’s current strength can truly fight against foreigners? You must know that once we cut off the foreign trade, then A war with foreigners is imminent.”

Lu Bu said helplessly: “Sir, you don’t know. Once the loss of Wuyuan County is reported to the court, my father’s position as governor will be over. Where can I still consider it?” Got so much.”

When Xu You heard Lu Bu’s words, he became relaxed and said: “Young master, you are worried about this. Nowadays, the trend of corruption in the court is prevalent. In Xu You’s humble opinion, as long as money can solve the problem, it is not a big deal. Just like this, as long as The young master promised to let us do business in Jiuyuan County as before, and I can pay the young master a year’s share in advance. Although the money is not much, I think it will be enough for your father to go to Luoyang to make money.”

Lu Bu felt happy after hearing Xu You’s words. But his face was as calm as water and he said: “In that case, thank you very much Mr. Xu You.”

After speaking, Lu Bu stood up and bowed to Xu You to express his gratitude.

What a good thing. I didn’t expect that Xu You would be so straightforward and easily agree to give Lu Bu so much money. Lu Bu was not worried about his future business cooperation with Xu You. Anyway, the war would be normal in a few years. By that time, who would recognize you as a small county government? It’s not just about having soldiers and food, just say it. If you can make more money now and increase your own strength, why not do it.

After sending Xu You away, Lu Bu ordered all the two thousand soldiers he had newly recruited. Fortunately, the wars in the border areas have been normal in recent years, and every family has a sword. There is no shortage of horses for the men on the grassland.

In this way, Lu Bu had a cavalry of two thousand men without spending much.

Lu Bu took his two thousand cavalry and set out overnight to rush outside Wuyuan County. The next day was the time set by Ding Yuan for the arrival of reinforcements. Lu Bu had to rush outside Wuyuan County in advance to participate in the battle against the Huns. Only in this way could Lu Bu leave a better impression in front of Ding Yuan.

At the same time, in Wuyuan County, the Huns had been baptized for several days. Finally, the good Wuyuan County was ruined into a state of disgrace.

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