Chapter 24 Xu You’s visit

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Chapter 24 Xu You’s visit
After Lu Bu killed the magistrate of Jiuyuan County, he began to retrain the soldiers of Jiuyuan County. In the following days, many young and middle-aged people came from various villages and towns in Jiuyuan County. In this way, Lu Bu also had 2,500 usable troops on hand. Although they are all new recruits with little training. Fortunately, these people all grew up in the grassland and are quite familiar with riding and shooting. With a little training, they can be dragged out to fight.

Looking at his two thousand and five hundred soldiers, Lu Bu sighed with emotion. He had been in the Three Kingdoms for so long, but he finally looked good today. Lu Bu unconsciously became a little ambitious.

What made Lu Bu a little unhappy was that he didn’t see Xu You this time. Xu You ran so fast. Although Lu Bu sent people to chase Xu You non-stop as soon as he heard Xu You’s name, it was a pity that it was already too late and no trace of Xu You could be found. I just knew there was such a person from the people in the yamen. But Lu Bu is not worried. Lu Bu believes that as long as he still controls Jiuyuan County, Xu You will definitely show up. Because Lu Bu knew that in Xu You’s opinion, Lu Bu’s value was much greater than that of the Jiuyuan County Magistrate.

On the third day after Lu Bu came to Jiuyuan County, Lu Bu was arranging things in Jiuyuan County with Hou Cheng.

“Hou Cheng, I intend to let you stay in Jiuyuan County and guard this city for me. On the one hand, you can block the Huns’ return to the grassland. On the other hand, I want to show you as a military commander and guard Jiuyuan for me. You how about?”

Upon hearing this, Hou Cheng’s face lit up and he immediately expressed his stance: “Thank you for your appreciation, Young Master. Hou Cheng will live up to the Young Master’s trust and guard the Jiuyuan City for the Young Master. He will never let a Hun fly fly into Jiuyuan.”

Lu Bu looked at Hou Cheng, patted Hou Cheng on the shoulder and said, “Remember, although I value Jiuyuan City very much, I value you Hou Cheng even more. If one day Jiuyuan City becomes difficult to protect, you have to promise me, You will definitely come back to see me alive.”

After listening to Lu Bu’s words, Hou Cheng unknowingly had tears welling up in his eyes. He immediately expressed his position to Lu Bu: “Hou Cheng’s life was saved by the young master. From now on, he will be handed over to the young master. Hou Cheng will never say anything bad.”

Hou Cheng had no choice but to seek refuge with Lu Bu. I thought that Lu Bu valued Hou Cheng so much that he not only allowed Hou Cheng to guard Lu Bu’s only territory alone, but also said that he valued Hou Cheng more than this territory. Hou Cheng felt for a moment that he was so lucky to have such a good master. Can you still refuse to die?

Looking at Hou Cheng’s performance, Lu Bu nodded with satisfaction. Lu Bu knew in his heart: he finally conquered Hou Cheng.

Just when Lu Bu was making an emotional investment in Hou Cheng, a soldier came in from the outside and reported to Lu Bu: “Master Qi, there is a person outside asking to see him. I wonder if the master wants to see that person?”

Lu Bu looked at the soldier who came up to report with some strangeness, and thought to himself: “Grandma, how much did you charge the man outside? He came in to report without even asking his name.”

Although Lu Bu was thinking this in his heart, he acted hospitable on the outside. He said: “Who is he? Please invite him in.” Lu Bu had no choice. Who told him to just treat a polite and virtuous corporal during the Three Kingdoms?

When the soldier heard this, he immediately replied: “The man didn’t say who he was. He only said that he was an old acquaintance of the young master and came to visit the young master from afar.” After that, the soldier went down to deliver the message.

Lu Bu was even more confused. He thought to himself: “Grandma, my old acquaintance came from far away? Did he come to me through time travel like me? Isn’t this guy too capable?”

After a while, I saw only one young scholar in his twenties, dressed in a gray scribe’s robe, coming in style. When Lu Bu saw a scribe, he rushed forward to greet him. Who made the scholars of the Han Dynasty superior to others? Even the most respected generals like He Jin had to give way to these scholars. A young boy like Lu Bu, of course, had to show more respect. Only then can we get closer to the scholars.

Seeing Lu Bu greeting him, the middle-aged scribe chuckled and said, “I’ve heard for a long time that Prefect Ding got a tiger’s cub, but seeing him today is really extraordinary.”

As soon as Lu Bu heard this person’s words, he knew that this person’s eyes were higher than his head. No one will praise you. Why are you mentioning someone else’s fault in such a nice way? To put it nicely, it’s a close call. To put it bluntly, it means taking advantage of Lu Bu.

Because the meaning of this scribe’s words is very clear, he and Ding Yuan are the same generation. You are Ding Yuan’s son, so it’s up to you how to call me.

No matter how you say it, Lu Bu was born in blood and fire. How could I fall behind here? Lu Bu chuckled and said to the middle-aged scribe: “Since you are familiar with my father, sir, if you have anything to do, please go to Wuyuan County and see my father.”

As he spoke, Lu Bu ignored the visitor. Then he strode towards the door. She thought to herself: “Grandma, you are so shameless. Do you think I have to know you?”

Seeing that Lu Bu was about to leave, the young scribe showed a lot of embarrassment on his face. He stepped forward to stop Lu Bu and said, “Master, please go slowly. I have some matters related to Jiuyuan County that I want to discuss with you.”

At this time, Lu Bu turned around and pointed at Hou Cheng next to him: “Tell him, now he is the biggest official in Jiuyuan County.” After speaking, Lu Bu walked towards the living room on the other side without looking back. go.

The young scholar felt that it was very boring, so he had to leave in anger and left the Jiuyuan County Government Office.😜/

Only an hour later, a soldier came to Lu Bu in a panic. He also carried a greeting card in his hand, with the word “Xu You” written neatly on it.

Lu Bu smiled casually when he saw Xu You’s invitation. He hurriedly came to the door to greet Xu You.

When Lu Bu came to the door, he saw only the young scribe who had come before. There was another person with a warm smile. Wearing a light blue scribe’s gown. I think this person is Xu You.

Lu Bu hurriedly stepped forward, cupped his hands and said, “I’ve heard about Mr. Xu You’s name for a long time. It’s truly a blessing to meet you today.”

Xu You looked at the young man Lu Bu who was only fifteen years old in front of him and sighed in his heart: “Master Lu, why should you be so polite? Although Master Lu is just a handsome young man, he is already famous far and wide. He is indeed a hero of the generation. It won’t take long to come. The name of the young master will surely be known throughout the world and make people in the world admire him.”

When Lu Bu heard Xu You’s words, his evaluation of Xu You also improved a bit. He still said modestly: “Sir, you are ridiculous. I just have a little false reputation. How can I be as exaggerated as what you said? Your reputation is far and wide, and it is known all over the world. It is amazing. The boy’s knowledge is indispensable. , so that all sentient beings can benefit from it. How dare you show off in front of Mr.

After hearing Lu Bu’s praise, Xu You couldn’t help but smile, and his impression of Lu Bu became a little better. I saw Xu You cupping his hands and saying, “Xu You came here today because he has something to visit. Let’s go in and talk.”

Only then did Lu Bu notice that he had forgotten to invite Xu You in. He hurriedly smiled and said, “Sir, please sit inside quickly. I am so happy to see you that I forgot to invite you in. Please forgive me.” “After saying that, Lu Bu hurriedly invited Xu You to come in.

When the servants served Xu You tea, Lu Bu asked Xu You, “Sir, you are here. Do you want me to ask you something?”

The reason why Lu Bu was so polite to Xu You was because Lu Bu valued Xu You’s talents. Of course, Lu Bu didn’t think about subduing Xu You with Lu Bu’s current foundation. What Lu Bu wanted to do was to build a good relationship with Xu You now. You must know that during the Battle of Guandu, the reason why Xu You betrayed Yuan Shao and took refuge with Cao Cao was not only due to Yuan Shao, but more importantly, Xu You had a good relationship with Cao Cao. So, if Lu Bu and Xu You have a good relationship now, Xu You might even defect to Lu Bu’s tent at a critical moment.

After Xu You sat down, he took a sip of tea. Then she quietly asked Lu Bu: “Now that the young master has taken charge of Jiuyuan County, I wonder what the young master is going to do next?”

When Lu Bu heard this, he knew that Xu You didn’t come to him for no reason. He hurriedly responded: “Although I am in charge of Jiuyuan, I have little talent and little knowledge. I have never managed a place. I hope you will give me some advice.”

Xu You chuckled and said, “Since the young master is asking me, I have a few questions to ask Mr. Lu.”

Lu Bu said: “Sir, if you have any questions, I should tell you everything I know.”

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