Chapter 28 The Huns break the formation

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Chapter 28 The Huns break the formation
Gao Shun swung the big knife in his hand. Leading the soldiers, they rushed towards the Hun soldiers who had been smashed into a mess. He started chopping melons and vegetables, and in the blink of an eye, blood splashed all around Gao Shun, and the heads of inexplicable Hun soldiers rolled around Gao Shun.

Contrary to Gao Shun, Dotel on the other side also felt heart palpitations when he saw the Han soldiers suddenly rushing up. Dotel clearly remembers that every time he fought, the Han soldiers he encountered either fled or fled with their heads in their hands. Where can I have the courage to fight the Huns cavalry?

But the Han soldiers in front of them were different. Not only were they not afraid of the Huns cavalry, they also dared to fight back. Could it be that the Han soldiers changed their gender?

Dotel couldn’t believe what was happening around him, and hurriedly summoned the Hun soldiers who were rushing over to come and help. However, in a horse-rejecting formation, it is difficult for the cavalry to take advantage of the cavalry.

In the eyes of the Han army, the cavalry who had lost their speed were just infantry standing on high ground. They were not a great threat. Anyway, there were tall Juma hiding their figures, and the Han army and the Xiongnu soldiers were evenly matched.

As for victory or defeat, it depends on the martial arts and luck of both parties. No matter how weak the Han soldiers are, if they encounter a Hun cavalry that is weaker than themselves, or an unlucky Hun knight, they can easily get a head.

And this head will soon become an official position or material reward after the war. Of course, if you are unlucky, for example, if you meet Duotel, a murderous Han soldier, you will be even more unlucky. Dotel’s name as the number one warrior of the Huns is not for nothing. He has been continuously tempered through countless battles.

Dotel can no longer remember how many innocent souls have been laid down under his sword, and he does not know how many more innocent souls will lie under his sword. In Dotl’s heart, Dottl is the God of War and the God of Killing. He must harvest life when he pokes out his sword. As for the owner of this life and the value of life, Dotl does not want to know.

Dotel watched as countless Han soldiers poked their heads out from behind their horses and rushed toward him. Dotel laughed ferociously. In Dotel’s view, these Han soldiers were just One by one, the first bids were sold out. Waiting to collect it yourself.

Only when a big knife fell on the Fangtian Painted Halberd in Dotel’s hand did Dotel suddenly wake up from the lethargic killing.

I saw a sword in front of me, falling just on the Fang Tian painted halberd in Dotel’s hand. The Fangtian Painted Halberd in Dotel’s hand had to slow down.

Dotel raised his head and looked at the fair-faced man in front of him, showing a ferocious smile and said: “It is really rare for a Han man to be able to catch my move, Dotel.”

After saying that, Dotel once again took up the Fangtian Painted Halberd in his hand and smashed it towards the Han man in front of him. This Han man is none other than the young Gao Shun.

It turned out that Gao Shun was on the other side, commanding a group of men to chase down the Hun soldiers who had knocked over their horses. After killing for a while, Gao Shun immediately discovered Doter here. Seeing Doter’s clean attack, Gao Shun could no longer suppress the impulse in his heart, so he handed over the command to his deputy Cao Xing and left alone. One person rushed over to deal with Dotel, who was enjoying killing him.

In just a short time, Dotel had already fought dozens of battles with Gao Shun. In these tens of rounds, although there was no winner or loser between the two sides, they were both secretly shocked by the other’s martial arts.

What was frightening to Dotel was that Gao Shun’s moves were so varied, and Gao Shun, his own move, was able to avoid it without any risk. Dotel felt that he had used all his strength. Looking at the fair-faced Han man in front of him, Dotel secretly felt cruel. He must get rid of this man in front of him, otherwise he would not be able to go back to see Master Shanyu.

On the other side, Gao Shun, who had fought Dotel for dozens of rounds, was not feeling well either. This Dotel is indeed the number one warrior of the Huns. If nothing else, the strength in his hands is not something that ordinary people can withstand. Looking at Dotel’s sharp eyes, Gao Shun secretly called it a fluke. Thanks to Gao Shun’s rich combat experience, he could always find flaws in Dotel’s moves and then retaliate. Otherwise, Gao Shun didn’t know if he would be able to continue fighting.

Gao Shun and Dotel were thinking about each other’s thoughts, observing each other’s weaknesses, and were completely calm in the realm of master duel.

But the battle between the Han army and the Huns soldiers on the battlefield has undergone different changes.

The soldiers of the first line of the Han army who originally rushed to take advantage of the Xiongnu soldiers should have retreated early after taking advantage of the Huns soldiers. Take some rest. However, the Han army’s temporary change of commanders missed the best opportunity to consolidate their record. The Hun soldiers rushed up from behind and killed them fiercely, causing numerous casualties.

In fact, this is easy to understand. There must have been as many as 5,000 Xiongnu soldiers rushing up. Although the Han army also had 5,000, it was a pity that the first formation to pick up the Huns cavalry was only 1,000 men and horses. Although the Huns and horses collided with the horses, The opportunity was a bargain, but one thousand people faced five thousand people. After all, the number was too small.

Gao Shun, who was having a fierce battle with Dotel, peeked at the situation on the battlefield, felt frightened, and secretly cried out.

At this time, Gao Shun still had time to go to Duotel. I saw Gao Shun slash out with his sword, then suddenly turned to the side, and got behind Ju Ma on the side. After a few ups and downs, he headed towards the direction of his own flag. Only Dottel was left screaming.

Dotel saw Gao Shun’s ups and downs before running towards the depths of Juma. With a burst of anger, Dotel chased Gao Shun in the direction where he disappeared. At the same time, he called his five thousand men, dismounted and followed him, and killed him deep into the horse-rejecting formation.

In Dotel’s view, the fair-faced Gao Shun was really hateful. How could one person abandon his opponent and run away without deciding the outcome? This would be looked down upon by people on the grassland. But in all fairness, Dotel did not look down on Gao Shun, because during the battle with Gao Shun, Dotel clearly understood that Gao Shun was fully capable of killing Dotel. At the same time, Dotel felt that he was also completely capable of killing Dotel. There is a chance to take off Gao Shun’s head. This may be called, when you meet your opponent in chess, you should cherish each other.

Dotel thought about Gao Shun all the way, and thought to himself all the way, he must defeat the fair-faced Han general, even if he cannot defeat him, he must still distinguish him. This is Dottel’s pride as a warrior.

After several ups and downs, Gao Shun finally came to Cao Xing’s side. Seeing the one-sided situation on the battlefield, Gao Shun couldn’t help but look ugly. Cao Xing on the other side looked at the angry expression on Gao Shun’s face and lowered his head in embarrassment. Cao Xing didn’t understand. It was obviously a good situation, but why did the situation suddenly become like this as soon as he took over the command?

Here Cao Xing was still feeling sad, but over there Gao Shun took over the command flag and waved it again and again. With the waving of Gao Shun’s flag, the soldiers in the first formation slowly receded like a tide.

Originally, Gao Shun was about to lose his general because of the loss of troops, so he blamed Cao Xing on one side. But it happened that at this time, Dotel rushed over with his Hun soldiers. Seeing the originally majestic Xiongnu cavalry, they dismounted one by one and rushed into the Han army’s horse-rejection formation, chasing the Han army soldiers. Gao Shun’s face, which was about to become angry, suddenly turned bright, and a sinister smile appeared on Gao Shun’s face.

Gao Shun said loudly to Cao Xing: “The guests are coming, so prepare to welcome them.”

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