Chapter 29 All parties gather

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Chapter 29 All parties gather
After finishing speaking, Gao Shun greeted the soldiers who retreated from the first formation, and detoured to gather behind the other phalanxes.

Dotel led his five thousand soldiers and rushed into the horse-rejecting formation, but Gao Shun was nowhere to be seen. He was depressed when he heard the sound of swords clashing not far away. It turned out that the Hun soldiers who were rushing over had already engaged the Han soldiers behind them.

The Xiongnu soldiers were brave and fearless, and each one of them was extremely tough. It’s a pity that their weapons are scimitars, which are naturally invincible to cavalry. But when the Huns dismounted and fought with the Han army on foot, this scimitar seemed a bit nondescript.

Relatively speaking, the weapons equipped by the soldiers of the Han army have different strengths and weaknesses, and they complement each other well. But compared with the brave and strong Huns, the bodies of the Han soldiers seemed a bit thin.

Thus. When the two armies met, it was a draw. You came and I didn’t recognize each other.

The two armies were stalemate, and suddenly there was a loud shout. Looking back, it turned out to be Duotel. He couldn’t find any trace of Gao Shun, so he rushed over here.

With the addition of Duotel, the Huns suddenly gained a great momentum and rushed towards the Han army with roars. The battlefield that was originally a stalemate suddenly became a one-sided situation.

Seeing Dotel’s bravery, Gao Shun could no longer hide and give orders. Then he got up and took the guards around him, killed Dotel, and once again handed over the command of the battlefield to Cao Xing.

Cao Xing took the command flag from Gao Shun, his face turned ugly, and said: “My lord, this young general is really not capable of commanding a battle of this scale. I beg your lord to think twice.”

Seeing the embarrassment on Cao Xing’s face, Gao Shun laughed loudly and said: “Who is born to command and fight? They didn’t learn it bit by bit.”

Having said this, Gao Shun patted Cao Xing on the shoulder and said to Cao Xing, “I believe you will not disappoint the brothers. Take advantage of it.”

After speaking, Gao Shun didn’t wait for Cao Xing’s answer, he picked up his sword and killed Dotel.

What Gao Shun didn’t see was that Cao Xing’s face was already full of tears at this time. Cao Xing has secretly made up his mind that he will always serve General Gao in his life.

While Gao Shun led his troops to fight Dotel, Yu Fuluo led his three thousand cavalry and stood aside with a smile on his face, admiring the battle between the two armies in front of him.

“Chief, can’t we just keep watching like this and not go up to help?”

Suddenly behind Yu Fuluo, a man with a resolute face came to Yu Fuluo and said.

Yu Fuluo turned his head and saw that this man, extremely tough and with a gray complexion, was his favorite general Kakar.

Looking at Kakar, Yu Fuluo said meaningfully:

“Kakkar, how sure do you think we are of winning this southern expedition?”

When Kakar heard this, he was surprised and said: “Why did the leader say this? Haven’t we already occupied the Han people’s county? Can we still fail?”

Yu Fuluo looked at Kakkar and said: “Think about how powerful our Huns were back then, and we were defeated by the Han. But now we are just a corner of the Pian’an grassland, how can we compete with the big Hans. Xubu Gudu Hou Shanyu is too self-righteous and will definitely suffer a loss. And I just want to keep my three thousand cavalry to save the fate of the Huns when necessary. As for now, let Dottel suffer more. This way he Only then can you learn to be smarter.”

After saying that, Yuvrou turned his horse’s head and went straight to the back of the team. As he walked, he told Kaka: “When they are all tired of fighting, we will go pick up the bargains. Now let’s go back and recharge our batteries.” ”

At this time, a cavalry team of two thousand people was heading from Jiuyuan County to Wuyuan County. In the front row of the team, a young man wearing white bright silver armor was chatting with a young man dressed in Xianbei clothes on the side. And talk.

This young man in bright silver clothes is Lu Bu, and the Xianbei young man next to Lu Bu is Bu Dugen, the Xianbei young man whom Lu Bu accepted.

It turned out that Bu Dugen was ordered by Lu Bu to return to his father’s tribe to recruit Xianbei soldiers. Bu Dugen naturally told his father about Lu Bu being adopted as his adopted son by Ding Yuan.

Originally, Bu Dugen thought that his father would be reluctant to continue to help Lu Bu fight. Unexpectedly, Bu Dugen’s father was very happy when he heard this. He thought that being able to take the Dingyuan route was worth the risk, and actually sent 200 Xianbei soldiers to Lu Bu. In this way, Bu Dugen took two hundred Xianbei knights and came all the way to Wuyuan County.

Que happened to meet Lu Bu on the road and rushed to Wuyuan County with two thousand soldiers recruited from Jiuyuan County.

Although these two hundred Xianbei soldiers are nothing to Lu Bu now. But Lu Bu valued it very much, because Lu Bu felt that the best way to solve the problems on the grassland was to cultivate his own spokespersons on the grassland.

Lu Bu glanced at Bu Dugen in front of him. Lu Bu thought Bu Dugen was pretty good. It would be a good choice to train Budugen to be his spokesperson on the grassland. The most important thing in this step is to understand current affairs. Lu Bu did not expect Bu Dugen to be very loyal to him, but as long as Bu Dugen knew the current affairs, he would not easily betray Lu Bu or the big man. Because people who are aware of current affairs know best how to assess the situation and know what attitude to use towards the big man.


As for Bu Dugen, one day when his wings are strong, he will want to fly solo. Lu Bu’s approach is naturally very simple, that is, never let Dugen’s feathers become fuller. Because only asymmetry in strength can ensure that your subordinates will always be loyal.

Thinking of this, Lu Bu asked Bu Dugen, “Bu Dugen, are you interested in becoming the king of the Xianbei people?”

As soon as Lu Bu said these words, Bu Dugen’s eyes lit up. “My noble master, although I am a descendant of Tan Shikui, our branch is now in decline. It is difficult to do anything anymore.”

Lu Bu laughed disapprovingly and said, “Bu Dugen, do you think the cavalry behind me is still strong?”

Bu Dugen looked at the cavalry behind Lu Bu with a look of envy on his face, and said respectfully: “Master’s cavalry is indeed powerful, which is an eye-opener for this villain.”

Lu Bu looked at Bu Dugen’s expression and said calmly: “With my support behind you, are you still afraid that you won’t be able to become the king of Xianbei?”

When Lu Bu said this, Bu Dugen’s spirit immediately lifted up and he said: “As long as the master is willing to help me, I will definitely be loyal to the master for the rest of my life.”

After listening to Bu Dugen’s words, Lu Bu smiled and nodded and said: “You and I are master and servant, and I really want to help you. But with your current achievements, if I help you like this, I’m afraid others will complain. Ah. You should behave well under my account from now on. When your credit is enough, I will naturally help you.”

After hearing Lu Bu’s words, Bu Dugen’s enthusiasm, which had just been filled with anger, felt that it had dropped a lot. But there is no such thing as a free meal. How could such a good thing come without any price? Bu Dugen was relieved when he thought of this. However, another hope ignited in Bu Dugenli’s heart. That is the hope of becoming the king of Xianbei. Bu Dugen Suoran has always regarded himself as a descendant of Tan Shikui. But the decline of his family forced him to extinguish this dream again and again. But now a new hope was ignited deep in Bu Dugen’s heart.

Looking at the majestic Han cavalry behind Lu Bu, Bu Dugen felt that one day he would have such majestic cavalry.

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