Chapter 30 Gao Shun’s Determination

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Chapter 30 Gao Shun’s Determination
At this time, Gao Shun was leading his five thousand soldiers to fight with the same number of Huns soldiers. However, the battle was extremely difficult. Gao Shun and Naduoter fought for dozens of rounds. Although they did not show defeat, the Han army The situation of the soldiers was different. Under the attack of the brave Xiongnu soldiers, the Han soldiers continued to pay the price in blood.

The horse-rejection formation arranged by Gao Shun was originally designed to deal with the Hun cavalry. The high compliance weapons are also equipped to deal with the Huns cavalry. But who would have thought that the Huns, who had always been known for their cavalry, would give up their cavalry advantage and start fighting on foot with the Han army.

As for this purely brutal collision, the Han soldiers were obviously a little worse than the Xiongnu soldiers. But this does not mean that Han soldiers are not bloody. Han soldiers and Xiongnu soldiers can be seen wrestling with each other on the battlefield, tearing each other’s bodies with force.

Gao Shun was fighting Doter while observing everything happening around him. Every time he saw his soldiers fall, Gao Shun felt that his heart was bleeding. For many years, the barbarians on the grasslands, relying on their cavalry that came and went like the wind, have ruthlessly killed the Han people. Will this killing continue on this station today?

Seeing the familiar figures around him slowly falling down, Gao Shun secretly doubted himself. Gao Shun felt that he was wrong. He misjudged the situation on the battlefield and formulated such a battle plan. If Gao Shun hadn’t been so arrogant and wanted to wipe out the Huns who invaded our Han family’s territory, and hadn’t formulated such a crazy battle plan, maybe there wouldn’t have been the bloody battle in front of us. There would not be so many good brothers who died tragically under the swords of the Huns.

Thinking of this, Gao Shun burst into tears inadvertently. Gao Shun shed tears and roared loudly: “Brothers, for the sake of the big man and for the sake of the fellow villagers who died tragically at the hands of the Huns, let me, Gao Shun, lead you to death here today.”

Following Gao Shun’s roar, waves of vicissitudes of response echoed one after another on the battlefield.

Hearing this response, Gao Shun smiled. Gao Shun knew that this was the unyielding fighting spirit of the Han nation. The national integrity of fighting even to the death, and never ending.

Just when Gao Shun was in a daze, Fang Tian’s painted halberd had been lifted high by Duoter, who was not far away from Gao Shun. The corners of Duoter’s mouth were raised, revealing a cruel smile that was about to harvest the enemy’s life.

By the time Gao Shun noticed Fang Tian’s painted halberd that was about to fall, it was already too late to stop him. At this moment, a pale smile appeared on Gao Shun’s face. I thought to myself, is this the end? I, Gao Shun, am about to perish before I have accomplished any meritorious deeds in my life.

However, just when Fang Tian’s painted halberd was about to fall on Gao Shun’s head, a figure flashed and stood in front of Gao Shun, helping Gao Shun take the fatal blow in front of him.

Only then did Gao Shun take a closer look, and the person in front of him turned out to be his general Cao Xing. Cao Xing’s face was red at this time, and a mouthful of blood rushed out of the corner of his mouth uncontrollably.

Cao Xing looked at Gao Shun and smiled miserably: “Sir, you are still leading us to continue killing the enemy. How can you die here?”

Gao Shun looked at Cao Xing in front of him. Gao Shun never thought that one day he would be betrayed by Cao Xing. Gao Shun just nodded to Cao Xing and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t die unless I kill all these barbarians.”

After saying that, Gao Shun jumped up and killed Duoter. While killing, he said loudly: “The big man is mighty and he loves to kill Hulu.”

Following Gao Shun’s voice, the Han army officers and soldiers also cheered up one by one, shouting “The Han is mighty and murderous Huru.” and started to kill the Huns in front of them.

When the words “The Han Dynasty is mighty and murderous,” reached the ears of a pair of corpses, the corpses suddenly writhed, and a Han Army veteran with his face stained with blood emerged from under the corpses.

The man stretched out his hand to wipe the blood on his face, picked up a sword and said, “Grandma has been a soldier for so many years, so it’s time for me to get serious this time.” After saying this, the man picked up the sword in his hand, He killed the Huns not far away.

As the fighting enthusiasm of the Han soldiers continued to rise, the voices on the battlefield that “the Han is mighty and murderous” became louder and louder. For a moment, the Huns were forced to retreat.

And Yufuluo, who was sitting on the horse and admiring the battle, suddenly frowned and said to Kakar on the side: “I thought that Doter could solve this battle, but I didn’t expect that it would end.” Look like this. It seems that these Han troops should not be underestimated, let’s go up and help.”

After saying that, Yu Fuluo raised his whip and rushed over. The three thousand Huns cavalry behind Yu Fuluo also raised their whips and rushed forward.

Seeing that three thousand more Huns joined the battle, Gao Shun showed no expression and just focused on fighting with Doter. Now Gao Shun has no victory or defeat in his heart, and has no intention of commanding the battle. In Gao Shun’s opinion, his only enemy was Duoter. As long as he could kill Duoter, it didn’t matter no matter how much he paid.

Although Gao Shun and Duote’er’s eyes were bloodshot, Yu Fuluo, who rushed up, was clear-eyed. When Yu Fuluo came to the battlefield, he immediately pointed his horsewhip at Gao Shun not far away, and said to Kakar: “Catch this Han man. We Huns admire heroes the most.”

After saying this, Yu Fuluo waved his horse whip behind him and said, “Slaughter all these Han army pigs for me, and don’t leave any of them behind.”

Hearing Yu Fuluo’s words, the Hun soldiers who rushed over screamed and rushed towards the exhausted Han soldiers.

Under the pressure of the newly charged Xiongnu soldiers, the momentum of the Han army was suddenly suppressed. The Han army, which was originally in great momentum, could only hold on tightly in the face of the attack of these Xiongnu soldiers who were recharging their strength.

Like other Han soldiers, although Gao Shun is very capable, his enemy is no longer Duoter just now.

Originally, Gao Shun and Dotter were fighting inseparably, but unfortunately, a Kaka suddenly appeared and charged at Gao Shun as soon as he came up. Although Gao Shun was exhausted, he could only hold on.

Fortunately, Doter saw Kaka stepping forward to join the battle, and had no intention of stepping forward to attack Gao Shun. Instead, he stared at Kakar with an angry look on his face and said: “Kakkar, what do you mean? When will it be your turn to take care of my affairs? I was about to take down that Han general, but you came over and stabbed me. Yi Gangzi, what does this mean? Is this what your Yu Fu Luo taught you? It’s useless.”

Kakar ignored Dotter’s yelling. He just said to Doter coldly: “You actually lost 5,000 Han troops and fought the battle like this. You should just go back and report to Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubu Gudu.”

After listening to Kakar’s words, Doter looked back at the Hun soldiers he had brought with him on the battlefield. Doter became angry, pointed at Gao Shun and said, “Han, I want you to pay for my brothers’ lives.” Chong Gaoshun came to kill again.

Seeing that Gao Shun’s situation was not good, Cao Xing, who had already been seriously injured, had to get up and lead a few soldiers to stop Duoter who was rushing towards him. However, at this time, Duoter was furious when he saw Gao Shun.

How has Doter suffered such a big loss since he followed Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubu Gudu? In the past, Dotel always taught others a lesson with a victor’s attitude, but she never thought that one day it would be as miserable as today. Although it seems that this battle will eventually be won, it is just that this victory belongs to Fuluo and has nothing to do with him, Dotel. In the past, when Doter won a victory, Doter would always say a few words of sympathy for heroes in a heroic tone, but when Doter saw that his men suffered such heavy casualties, he didn’t care about showing anything at all. A hero complex. At this time, Doter had only one idea in his mind, which was to kill Gao Shun to restore his reputation.

After listening to Duote’er’s words, Gao Shun thought that Duote’er would have a fair fight with Gao Shun. It was only when he saw Dotter rushing forward in anger that Dotter finally understood that the heroic complex he had been doing was just a gesture of the winner.

With one strike of his sword, Duoter cut a Han soldier who rushed to block him into two halves. Seeing Duoter’s bravery, Cao Xing hurriedly stepped forward. Unfortunately, Cao Xing only fought with Duoter once, and the force of Fangtian’s painted halberd in Duoter’s hand caused the tiger’s mouth to crack and he fell backwards.

Duoter stepped over Cao Xing, raised Fang Tian’s painted halberd and was about to strike at Gao Shun’s head. Gao Shun wanted to block him, but Kakar on the other side did not relax and pressed forward with a knife.

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