Chapter 33 Killing Kakkar

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Chapter 33 Killing Kakkar
But soon Yu Fuluo thought of something again and hurriedly asked: “What about our own three thousand war horses?”

This time the Hun soldier did not disappoint Yu Fuluo. The soldier replied: “Our leader’s horses are intact because they are stored on the other side.”

After hearing the news, Yu Fuluo finally breathed a sigh of relief. He quickly asked his men to rush in the direction of the war horse.

It turned out that Gao Shun saw Lu Bu chasing Dotel, so he sent people to seize the Huns’ horses while directing the battle. It’s just that Yu Fulo’s men joined the battle later, and Gao Shun didn’t know where Yu Fulo’s horses stayed. It was precisely because of this that the Huns were given a chance to escape.

Just when Yu Fuluo breathed a sigh of relief, a loud shout came from behind Yu Fuluo.

“Go to Fuluo and receive your fate.”

Yu Fuluo looked back and saw a fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy holding a Fangtian painted halberd in the direction where the loud shouts came from, and he was quickly chasing after him.

The person who came had a serious face, and a strong murderous aura still emerged. This person was Lu Bu.

Seeing Lu Bu chasing after him, Yu Fuluo secretly complained in his heart. Without even greeting the guards, he turned around and ran towards the place where he tied his horse.

Seeing Lu Bu chasing after him, several loyal guards around Yu Fuluo hurried over to defend Yu Fuluo from the chasing Lu Bu.

It’s just that Lu Bu is now red-blooded, and he has acquired Fang Tian’s painted halberd. It’s just when he is full of fighting spirit, how can a few Huns soldiers stop him?

I saw Lu Bu wielding Fang Tian’s painted halberd, and with a few chops, these brave Huns soldiers were turned into corpses on the ground.

At this time, Lu Bu looked up and saw more Huns soldiers rushing over, and they all surrounded and killed Lu Bu. Although these Huns soldiers knew that they were no match for Lu Bu, they still pounced on Lu Bu without any scruples, just to buy Yu Fuluo some time to escape.

At this time, the night is coming to an end and dawn is coming, which is the darkest time before dawn.

Yu Fuluo, who was in a panic, just wanted to escape, but at this moment, he lost his way.

Yu Fuluo looked around blankly, breaking into a cold sweat for a while. If Lu Bu or other Han troops discovered him at this time, Yu Fuluo would probably be doomed. Although Yu Fuluo was a sacred leader in the eyes of the Huns, in the eyes of these Han soldiers, Yu Fuluo’s head was a good thing that could be exchanged for high-ranking officials and generous salaries.

Yu Fuluo was panicking, when suddenly a tall figure came to Yu Fuluo. Behind this man were two war horses.

This man came to Yu Fuluo, looked at the panicked Yu Fuluo and said, “Leader, don’t panic, my subordinates are here with their war horses.” After saying that, the man handed a rein in his hand to Yu Fuluo.

Yu Fuluo saw the person coming clearly, and then he breathed a sigh of relief and felt relieved.

This person is none other than Yu Fuluo’s confidant, Kakar. It turned out that Kaka could not defeat Lu Bu, so he ran away quietly. But when Kakkar ran not far away, he regretted it. He felt that his actions would be ridiculed by his tribe in the future, but he was unwilling to let Kaka go back to resist Lu Bu. He would definitely use Kaka’s current force to deal with Lu Bu, which was no different from committing suicide. Kaka was not willing to just do this. die.

Then go back to Yu Fuluo. Although Yu Fuluo won’t kill Kakkar when he sees him, he will inevitably get scolded. After much deliberation, Kakkar decided to make up for it.

So Kakar rushed ahead of everyone and brought two horses to help Fuluo escape.

Kakar’s luck was really good. He happened to run into a panicked Yu Fuluo when he came back.

Yu Fulo originally wanted to get angry when he saw Kakkar, but when Yu Fuluo saw the horse reins handed over by Kakkar. The anger he had accumulated because of Kaka’s escape before the battle also fell.

Yu Fuluo took the reins of the horse and was about to praise Kaka.

Suddenly, a loud voice came from not far away.

“Where are you going from Yu Fuluo? Why don’t you come and accept your fate quickly?” This voice was very familiar to Yu Fuluo. It was Lu Bu’s voice.

As soon as Yu Fuluo heard this voice, he turned around and ran away. But he was blocked by Kakkar who was also on his horse.

When Yu Fuluo saw Kaka blocking the way, he was shocked and thought to himself: Is Kaka going to rebel on the battlefield? Yu Fulo’s face turned green when he thought of this, and he quietly stretched out his hand to hold down the scimitar at his waist. Be prepared to kill Kakar with a knife at any time.

I saw Kaka in front of me after blocking Yu Fuluo, with his head lowered as if he was making some determination.

Seeing Kaka’s appearance, Yu Fulo became even more worried, and couldn’t help but tighten the handle of the knife in his hand.

But when Kaka raised his head, Yu Fuluo was surprised. At this time, Kakar, who was originally tall and mighty, had tears streaming down his face.

Kaka opened his mouth at Yu Fuluo and said: “Chief, you have to help me take good care of my mother from now on. She is very old and lonely.”

After listening to Kakar’s words, Yu Fuluo was puzzled, but he agreed instead. “Kakkar, don’t worry, your mother is my mother.”


After listening to Yu Fuluo’s words, Kakar nodded sharply, took off his robe, handed it to Yu Fuluo and said, “The leader asked me to wear your clothes to lure Lu Bu away.”

Only then did Yu Fulo know what Kaka was going to do. At this time, Yu Fuluo hurriedly took off his robe, handed it to Kakar and said: “Kakar, you must come back. I, Yu Fuluo, promise to Changshengtian that I will honor your mother and make her the most noble old man of the Huns.” .”

After hearing Yu Fulo’s assurance, Kaka nodded with satisfaction, put on Yu Fulo’s robe, and rode towards the other side.

Soon I heard Kaka’s voice coming from the direction where Kaka was running.

“I, Yu Fuluo, have never been afraid of anyone. Lu Bu, if you have the ability, come over and kill me.”

Yu Fuluo was moved when he heard Kaka’s voice. But he immediately put on the clothes left by Kakkar and fled with the deserters.

When the first ray of sunshine in the morning shines on the earth. The originally lively battlefield has slowly fallen silent.

Teams of Han soldiers swept back and forth on the battlefield, looking for the bodies of their brothers who had been with them through life and death yesterday.

When he found it, he wiped away his tears while transporting the body away and burying it. Those who didn’t find it showed a smile and said: “This guy is really lucky.”

And not far from the battlefield, Lu Bu, who was chasing Yu Fuluo all the way, finally found the “Yu Fuluo” who had been keeping him busy for a while.

Kaka has regarded himself as a dead person since he put on Yu Fulo’s clothes.

Kakkar did not wear Yu Fulo’s clothes and galloped wildly. Instead, he stopped after running a few steps. Then he turned around and shouted: “Yu Fuluo is here, Lu Bu, come and kill me.”

Kaka’s intention is very clear, he just wants to buy some time for the real Yufu Luoduo.

In Kaka’s view: Although Lu Bu is extremely powerful, as long as he keeps a distance from Lu Bu, it will be fine. No matter how powerful Lu Bu is, he can’t kill people from a distance.

But Kakkar was wrong, really wrong.

Just when Kakar stopped his horse for the third time and was about to summon Lu Bu to come again.

A spear fell from the sky and penetrated Kakar’s chest. Kaka, who had just turned his head, watched all this happen before his eyes, but he had no ability to change anything.

For the first time, Kaka felt that he was so small and powerless. Just as small and powerless as the Han people who died in Kakkar’s hands.

Lu Bu originally chased Yu Fuluo all the way, but was blocked by Yu Fuluo’s guards. When Lu Bu fought his way out from Yufuluo’s guards, Bu Dugen also came over with his men. But the most important thing is that Yu Fuluo was lost by Lu Bu at this time.

Lu Bu had no choice but to yell and vent his anger. But I didn’t expect to get a response.

Although Lu Bu was surprised, how could Yu Fuluo respond to him. But now that there is a response, it is impossible not to pursue it.

So Lu Bu followed him all the way looking for the sound. At this time, something even stranger happened. Every time Yu Fulo ran a certain distance, he would turn back and “summon” Lu Bu. Although Lu Bu is considered calm, he must have a young mind and cannot withstand such a provocation.

Just at this time, he gave way and found a spear, so Lu Bu threw the spear as a javelin. Unexpectedly, it pierced the chest of Kaka who turned around, killing Kaka.

When Lu Bu rushed over and saw “Yu Fuluo” lying on the ground. Lu Bu finally felt that he was exhausted.

Lu Bu must be a young man of fifteen or sixteen years old, although he has been extremely powerful since he was a child. But I couldn’t stand wielding the ninety-nine-pound Fang Tian painted halberd in the middle of the night.

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