Chapter 34 Counterattack on Wuyuan

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Chapter 34 Counterattack on Wuyuan
At this time, Lu Bu finally lost some strength and sat down in front of “Yu Fuluo”‘s body.

On the other side of the battlefield, the real Yu Fuluo finally found his horse and gathered more than two thousand defeated Xiongnu troops. Look at these Hun soldiers who were so brave and high-spirited yesterday. Yu Fuluo couldn’t help but sigh.

At this time, a little leader came to Yu Fuluo and said, “Chief, it’s dawn. Should we go to Xubu Guduhou Shanyu’s place?” The little leader asked Yu Fuluo tentatively.

Yu Fuluo looked at the little leader, then at the sky that was starting to light up, and said: “The Han army has made so many efforts this time, how could they let us go so easily? Since we have escaped, we will not go back. . Don’t you think we have suffered too little? Let’s bypass the Han army and go directly back to the prairie.”

After hearing what Yu Fuluo said, the little leader was a little surprised, but at the same time he breathed a sigh of relief. No one would want to stay on this dangerous battlefield any longer. Although the Huns were fierce, they were only killing people. It is difficult for anyone to act fiercely and abnormally when being killed.


Just when the little leader was preparing to follow Yu Fuluo back to the prairie.

Yu Fuluo suddenly came back and said to the little leader: “Although we are leaving, the battle situation here must be reported to our great Xubu Guduhou Shanyu. It is up to you to do this. Bar.”

Hearing this, the little leader seemed to have fallen into the ice cellar, and his whole body froze there. The other Xiongnu leaders all looked at him with admiration.

Yu Fuluo was killing the chicken to scare the monkeys. According to Yu Fuluo’s opinion, the great Shanyu of Xubu Gudu was afraid that he would never be able to return to the grassland. And he, Yu Fuluo, will be the king of the southern Xiongnu in the future, so Yu Fuluo will start to establish his authority from today.

Yu Fuluo felt: As a king, you must have the prestige of your words.

When the morning sun once again shines on the land of China.

Outside Wuyuan City, the generals sent by Ding Yuan to recruit troops in various counties have returned to the Han army camp outside Wuyuan City. The military camp that had seemed a little deserted because of Gao Shun’s departure suddenly became lively because of the presence of tens of thousands more soldiers.

Originally, Ding Yuan only brought more than 10,000 soldiers and horses. Later, Ding Yuan accepted many deserters from Wuyuan City, and the number of soldiers and horses increased to 5,000 or 6,000. Now add the soldiers and horses from various counties and the newly recruited rural warriors of 10,000 horses. Now Ding Yuan’s available troops have reached more than 25,000.

This excludes the five thousand infantry brought by Gao Shun. In other words: At this time, Ding Yuan already had 20,000 troops.

Looking at the 20,000 troops in the military camp, Ding Yuan felt confident. With these soldiers and horses, Ding Yuan could finally fight the Huns. Once these Huns are eliminated, Wuyuan County will be able to ensure stability for at least a few years.

While Ding Yuan was thinking, a messenger ran into Ding Yuan’s tent and reported to Ding Yuan: “Let me tell you, Lord Prefect, Lord Gao has sent news. It is said that the Huns attacked Lord Gao’s position yesterday evening. Gao Your Excellency is worried that the Huns are about to escape, so you sent me to deliver a message to Your Excellency.”

When Ding Yuan heard this, he was shocked at first. But he immediately asked the soldier who reported the news: “So how is the fighting situation in Gaoshun?”

After listening to Ding Yuan’s question, the soldier pondered for a while before replying: “The battle situation there with Mr. Gao was already very critical, but then Mr. Lu led his troops and rushed over. When the villain left, our army Already have the upper hand.”

Hearing this, Ding Yuan’s anxious heart finally relaxed.

That Gao Shun was originally the child of one of Ding Yuan’s former comrades. Later, the comrade unfortunately died in battle, and Ding Yuan took Gao Shun with him. Thinking about it over the past few years, Gao Shun has been regarded as his own child. So I still care about Gao Shun Dingyuan.

But when Ding Yuan heard that Lu Bu actually rescued Gao Shun. An inexplicable sense of pride arose spontaneously.

“After all, he is my adopted son, Ding Yuan. He is indeed the father of a tiger but has no son.” Ding Yuan thought as a smile escaped from the corner of his mouth.

Since the children have already made great achievements, Ding Yuan, the father, naturally cannot lag behind.

Then Ding Yuan said to the soldiers who sent the order: “The generals who sent the order immediately raised troops to surround Wuyuan City. When Gao Shun and others come back, we will attack Wuyuan City and destroy the barbarians entrenched in Wuyuan City together.”

At the same time, Shanyu, the supreme leader of the Southern Huns in Wuyuan City, Xubuguduhou, also received bad news from Yu Fuluo’s people.

In the main hall of the Wuyuan City Governor’s Mansion, Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubu Gudu, was receiving the unfortunate little leader sent by Yu Fuluo.

Listening to the little leader’s report, Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubu Gudu, shouted in surprise.

“What? What did you say? Dotel actually died. Our number one warrior of the Huns actually died like that? Killed by the Han? No, this is impossible.”

Xubu Guduhou Shanyu obviously could not accept this fact, or perhaps this fact was too cruel for Xubu Guduhou Shanyu.

After expressing his surprise, Xubu Guduhou Shanyu regained his former shrewdness and asked the little leader: “How can a Han boy kill my Dotel so easily?”

When Xubu Guduhou Chanyu asked, the little leader hurriedly replied: “My great Chanyu, which Han boy is not an ordinary boy. I heard that he is the son of a wild wolf, and he has been eating wolf milk since he was a child. He grew up and later became the wild wolf king in this area.”

Hearing this, Xubu Guduhou Shanyu seemed to have thought of something? He said: “Wild Wolf King? Are you talking about the young man who led a pack of wild wolves and killed our people everywhere?”

This time, after Xubu Guduhou Shanyu finished asking, without waiting for the little leader’s answer, he asked eagerly: “Why didn’t Yu Fuluo come back with you? Where are the others? Could it be that he lost the battle and was afraid of my punishment? So you’re hiding?”

Hearing that Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubugudu, asked about the news about Yu Fuluo, the little leader looked embarrassed and said: “My great Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubugudu, Yu Fuluo led his troops. Has the horse returned to the grassland?”

Upon hearing that Yu Fuluo didn’t even say hello to him and just went back to the prairie, Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubu Gudu, suddenly looked very ugly. I just feel my heart is hot, and a stream of heat rushes out from my heart. A mouthful of blood spurted out without reservation.

Seeing Xubu Guduhou Shanyu’s appearance, several Huns generals around him hurriedly stepped forward to support Xubu Guduhou Shanyu.

However, the actions of these generals were stopped by Xubu Guduhou Shanyu with a stern look.

Xubu Guduhou Shanyu wiped away the bloodshot eyes from the corner of his mouth, revealed a cruel smile and said: “What a wolf cub, you really want to betray me and leave. Okay, very good. I don’t need to be polite to you in the future.” ”

Seeing what Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubugudu, said, all the generals started to curse Fu Luolai.

However, Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubu Gudu, just waved his hand and stopped the generals from making noise.

Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubugudu, stood up and said loudly to the generals: “The generals will immediately organize their troops and horses, and follow me out of the city to face the Han army. After defeating the Han army, go back and deal with the wolf cub Yu Fu. Luo. I want the whole clan to know what a hero your Xubu Gudu Hou Shan is, and he cannot be defeated by relying on a little conspiracy.”

After listening to the words of Xubu Guduhou Shanyu, the passion of all the Huns generals was suddenly aroused. Everyone cheered and wanted to follow Xubu Guduhou Shanyu to kill the Han people.

At this time, Lu Bu was in a daze in front of the fake Yu Fuluo’s corpse. Lu Bu already knew from the prisoner that the name of the corpse in front of him was not Yufuluo, but a strange name called Kaka.

But this name was not the reason why Lu Bu went to the countryside. The reason why Lu Bu was in a daze was because Lu Bu did not expect that there were such loyal men among the Huns who were willing to die for others.

In the past, in Lu Bu’s eyes, the Huns were bloodthirsty, a group of garbage who relied on killing and plundering to maintain their own lives. But now looking at Jie Yufuluo in front of him, Lu Bu’s thoughts were a little different. What’s the difference? Lu Bu couldn’t explain clearly for the moment.

But Lu Bu felt that his hatred of the Huns seemed to have lessened. However, in Lu Bu’s view, this weakening of revenge consciousness stems from the fact that Lu Bu has killed many Huns. To completely eliminate this revenge mentality, more Huns need to be killed.

Lu Bu was in a daze, but there were already several more people around him. These people are naturally the generals here, including Wei Xu and Song Xian who went to gather the scattered soldiers of Wuyuan City.

It turned out that Wei Xu and Song Xian had been running around gathering scattered soldiers these days. After several days of hard work, they each gathered 500 troops. Of course, not all of them were stragglers who had escaped from Wuyuan City, but also some brave villagers that the two men had collected nearby. However, the people in Bingzhou are tough and tough, not much worse than ordinary soldiers.

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