Chapter 37: Han-Hungarian War

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Chapter 37: Han-Hungarian War

When Xubu Guduhou Shanyu looked back, he saw a burly Hun man who had just saved him. This man was none other than Tengger, the general under Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubu Gudu.

It turned out that Tengger was ordered by Shanyu, Lord Xubu Gudu, to attack the left flank of the Han army. But they happened to encounter the Han army’s infantry changing formation. Although the Han army’s feather arrows were powerful, the Huns were also accustomed to feather arrows. But later, when the Han army used their spears, Tengger really suffered a big loss.

In desperation, Tengger had no choice but to lead his men around the Han infantry phalanx.

At this time, the Han cavalry happened to change their formation, and the cavalry on the left and right wings exchanged. Tengger took advantage of this opportunity and led his troops to break into the middle of the Han army. He happened to meet Xubu Gudu Hou Shanyu in danger, and was able to save Xubu Gudu Hou Shanyu.

Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubu Gudu, survived the disaster, secretly saying that he was lucky. At this time, Xubu Guduhou Shanyu turned his head slightly and glanced at Ding Yuan not far away, with murderous intent on his face that could no longer be concealed.

After taking a look at Tengger beside him, Xubu Guduhou Shanyu was determined, and he used the big knife in his hand to slash at Hao Meng who was pressing on him with all his strength.

Hao Meng saw that Xubu Guduhou Shanyu had an additional Tengger beside him, and he knew that he had lost the best chance to remove Xubu Guduhou Shanyu’s head. Even if I go forward again, I am afraid that I will not get any benefits, so I have already begun to think about retreating. At this time, he saw Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubu Gudu, murdering him fiercely. As soon as Hao Meng picked up the reins of his horse, he jumped out of the diagonal thorn and put some distance between him and Xubu Guduhou Shanyu.

Hao Meng did not expect that his self-righteous move would play into the hands of Xubu Guduhou Shanyu.

Seeing Hao Mengcuo passing by on horseback, Shan Yuyi, the Marquis of Xubu Gudu, turned to Tengger and ordered: “Follow me, come forward quickly and kill Ding Yuan.” After saying that, Shanyuyi, the Marquis of Xubu Gudu Shaking the horse’s reins, he rode towards Ding Yuan. Tengger, who was behind, followed without hesitation. And Ding Yuan here, saw Tengger take action and killed Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubu Gudu. I was worried that Hao Meng was no match for those two people. He just picked up a silver gun and was about to step forward to help Hao Meng. But when Ding Yuan was about to step forward with a gun. Hao Meng had already urged his horse to pass by Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubugudu. Seeing what happened in front of him, Ding Yuan could only shake his head secretly. Hao Meng was still unreliable at the critical moment. Seeing that Xubu Guduhou Shanyu and Tengger were already approaching, Ding Yuan did not think much and had to raise his gun to fight. However, Ding Yuan must be old, and they are one against two. Within a few rounds, Ding Yuan seems to be a little weak. At this time, Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubu Gudu, suddenly stopped waving the sword in his hand, pointed at Ding Yuan and said: “Ding Yuan, the court is weak now. I see that you are a talented person. If you are willing to submit to me, I will guarantee your prosperity.” Wealth and honor will last a lifetime. If you don’t know what to do, today next year will be your death anniversary.” Ding Yuan did not expect that Xubu Guduhou Chanyu would try to recruit him. He couldn’t help but became furious and said: “You Hulu, how dare you insult me by asking for surrender. I will fight with you to the death today, and I will make sure that you Hulu will never come back, and not even a person who burns incense will be left behind.” .” This Ding Yuan also has a hot temper, how can he accept other people’s words to persuade him to surrender? Ding Yuan was surprised, why did Shanyu, Lord Xubu Gudu, want to surrender to him? Could it be that he feels like he has the face of a rebel? This is really bullying. Ding Yuan would rather break than bend.


At this time, the battlefield is still in a stalemate stage as a whole. However, the Huns already had an advantage in some areas. For example, among the central army, there were not only more than a thousand Xiongnu elites brought by Xubu Guduhou Shanyu, but also many Huns cavalry brought by Tengger.

On the Han army side, there were only more than a thousand elite Han army soldiers led by Hao Meng. Comparing the two, the Han army seems a bit weak.

Ding Yuan did this as a last resort. Originally, the combat effectiveness of the Han army was not as good as that of the Huns. In addition, most of these Han armies were temporarily recruited from below. Brother Chu, who did not pee his pants in fear on the battlefield was considered brave. How could Ding Yuan count on them? How lethal were the Huns?

Because of this, Ding Yuan could only take risks and use himself to attract the firepower of the Huns. It is hoped that this can reduce the casualties of Han soldiers. It was time to win the final blow of the Han cavalry.

Now Ding Yuan sees that his strategic goal has been achieved.

As a bait to attract the firepower of the Huns, Ding Yuan had attracted a siege of nearly 5,000 Huns, and his elite Han troops, including Hao Meng and Ding Yuan, were all struggling in the enemy’s encirclement.

The 10,000-person infantry phalanx that suffered the same fate as Ding Yuan was also being besieged by more than 7,000 Huns cavalry, suffering heavy casualties.

Ding Yuan smiled bitterly and watched the cavalry on the left and right wings approaching quickly after completing their acceleration. Under the command of Zhang Yang, these two groups of cavalry were quickly attacking the Hun cavalry surrounding the Chinese and Han army formations.

But Ding Yuan faced more than 4,000 Huns cavalry who had already entered his center. Ding Yuan didn’t know if he could hold on until the Han cavalry dispersed the Huns.

When Ding Yuan turned around, Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubu Gudu, came at him again with his sword. It’s just that this time Xubu Guduhou Shanyu’s eyes were different from before. There was no love for talents anymore, only a trace of murderous intent.

At this time, Tengger’s mace hit Ding Yuan, and Ding Yuan had no choice but to catch it forcefully. Unexpectedly, Tengger was extremely powerful, and the blow made Ding Yuan’s hands numb. The spear in his hand was almost thrown away.

However, this was not the most dangerous thing. Just as Ding Yuan tightened his grip on Fang Tian’s painted halberd, Xubu Guduhou Shanyu had already pressed down on Ding Yuan’s head with a long knife.

Seeing that Xubu Guduhou Shanyu’s sword was about to break open Ding Yuan’s forehead. At this time, Ding Yuan was already feeling cold all over and smiled bitterly to himself. Is my life, Ding Yuan, going to end like this? Ding Yuan looked back at the Han soldiers who were still fighting on the battlefield, thinking that after his death, these soldiers would probably not have any good results. However, now Ding Yuan can no longer care about so much.

“Father, be careful, the baby will come.”

Just when Ding Yuan was completely disappointed, with a long roar, a strange weapon stretched out from the slant in front of Ding Yuan, and the weapon of Xubu Guduhou Shanyu was about to touch Ding Yuan’s forehead. The long knife blocked it.

Ding Yuan turned around and saw that the person coming was his adopted son Lu Bu. And that strange weapon was the Fang Tian Painted Halberd in Lu Bu’s hand.

After Lu Bu used his halberd to relieve Ding Yuan from the siege, he did not stop, swung the Fang Tian Hua halberd in his hand, attacked from the left and right, and fought with Xubu Guduhou Shanyu and Tengger.

Only then did Ding Yuan have the opportunity to take a few steps back and calm down a little.

However, Ding Yuan only rested for a while, took a few breaths, and then forced himself to go forward to help Lu Bu. Ding Yuan had fought with those two men for several times just now, and he had a good understanding of the martial arts of Shanyu and Tengger, the Lord of Xubu Gudu. He was deeply afraid that Lu Bu would be defeated and suffer some damage.

At this time, Lu Bu was swinging the Fang Tian Hua Ji passed down from his family. Although it was a bit laborious, every time Lu Bu’s Fang Tian Hua Ji hit the enemy’s weapon, Lu Bu could see the vibration from Fang Tian Hua Ji and the enemy’s weapon. Seeing the enemy’s surprised expression on his face.

Seeing Lu Bu’s bravery, Xubu Guduhou Shanyu felt that it would be difficult to make a breakthrough for a while. When he saw Ding Yuan behind Lu Bu, he seemed to want to step forward and fight.

Looking back, I saw that the cavalry of the Han army had already charged up, and in the distance it seemed that the banner was flashing, and reinforcements from the Han army were coming. As for the tactical goal of killing Ding Yuan, Shanyu, Lord Xubu Gudu, seemed to be unable to accomplish it.

Thinking of this, Xubu Guduhou Shanyu wanted to retreat. He no longer wanted to fight, and swung his sword towards Lu Bu, and while Lu Bu was dodging, he quickly urged his horse forward. He rushed past Lu Bu.

The Xubuguduhou Shanyu rushed out while beating his horse, and shouted to Tengger loudly:

“Command the army to follow me and charge.”

This statement of Xubu Guduhou Shanyu is very particular. Although the Huns were brave, they were still human and were afraid of death. When victory comes, being brave doesn’t matter. But when failure comes, it will also feel terrifying.

Therefore, Shanyu, Lord Xubu Gudu, only said to follow me to charge and kill, but not to retreat, in order to avoid letting the shadow of failure affect the morale of the army. As for whether to come back and continue fighting after breaking out of the Han army’s camp, that is another matter.

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