Chapter 38: Hunting down Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubugudu

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Chapter 38: Hunting down Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubugudu

Lu Bu couldn’t figure out the key to this for a moment. He thought the Huns were going to fight the Han cavalry, so he stopped blocking him and turned his horse around to Ding Yuan’s side.

Although Lu Bu saved Ding Yuan just now, there is no guarantee that Ding Yuan was not injured before that. At this time, while the enemy was far away, he came back to see Ding Yuan’s situation.

Lu Bu turned his horse’s head and hurriedly saluted Ding Yuan and said, “The child came a little late, which frightened the father. I wonder if the father is okay?”

What Lu Bu didn’t expect was that Lu Bu’s greeting was not praised by Ding Yuan. On the contrary, Ding Yuan said with a straight face: “How can my son make the Huns retreat so easily?”

Then Ding Yuan pointed at the Shanyu of Xubu Gudu, who was quickly leaving not far away, and said to Lu Bu: “Did you know that that person is the Shanyu of the Xiongnu? Why don’t you follow your father to hunt down the second thief?”

With that said, Ding Yuan urged his horse to sit down and chased him in the direction of Xubu Gudu Hou Shanyu’s retreat.

Contrary to what happened just now, Ding Yuan was now determined to kill Xubu Guduhou Chanyu.

As Xubu Guduhou Shanyu rushed out of the Han army’s center, the shrill horn horns resounded throughout the battlefield. This was the horn sound of the Huns gathering to charge. As the horns of the horns continued to sound, the Huns quickly broke away from the battle, gathered towards the place where Xubu Gudu Hou Shanyu was, and formed a battle formation. He charged towards the Han army’s cavalry.

Seeing the rapid assembly of the Huns cavalry, the murderous intent in Ding Yuan’s eyes became even stronger. In Ding Yuan’s opinion, the fighting quality of the Huns was much better than that of the Han army. If the enemy cannot be eliminated at once, it will bring countless disasters to the Han army. The source of all this is the foreign leader Xubu Guduhou Shanyu. As long as Xubu Guduhou Shanyu dies, the Huns will naturally have a great morale loss and will no longer be able to harm Wuyuan County within a few years.

Seeing that Ding Yuan was leading the way, he chased after Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubugudu. The Han soldiers also roared angrily and chased after Ding Yuan.

Lu Bu took the lead, waving the Fangtian Painted Halberd in his hand, and guarded Ding Yuan.

Seeing Lü Bu approaching, Ding Yuan hurriedly waved to Lü Bu and pointed at Xubu Guduhou Shanyu in front of him. The obvious meaning was to tell Lu Bu to leave him alone and go straight after Xubu Guduhou Shanyu.

Lu Bu understood what Ding Yuan meant and naturally no longer hesitated. However, it was a bit difficult to catch up with Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubu Gudu. If Naxubugudu Houshan ran away with his feet, Lu Bu could catch up with him as long as he chased after him a few steps. But using horses to run, Lu Bu had no confidence. He must be a Chanyu of the Xiongnu, using good horses from the grassland, and the mounts Lu Bu sat on were just a group of ordinary war horses. If he continued to chase like this, let alone pursue him. When we arrived, it was difficult even to prevent Xubu Guduhou Shanyu from escaping.

However, Lu Bu was not helpless. He took a long bow from his back, nocked an arrow and shot.

As soon as the arrow came out, there was a “swish” sound, and there was an extra feather arrow on the butt of Xubu Guduhou Shanyu’s horse. The arrow penetrated deeply into the flesh, only causing the horse to snort in pain, and it no longer had the intention to charge forward.

Seeing Xubu Guduhou Shanyu’s mount slow down, Ding Yuan became excited and shouted loudly:

“Everyone will follow me to cover up the attack. Anyone who beheads the Xiongnu Chan will be promoted to the third level and rewarded with a thousand gold coins.”

Ding Yuan’s move was indeed beautiful. As soon as Ding Yuan said this, he saw the Han soldiers charging towards Xubu Guduhou Shanyu without fear of their lives. Their cheeks were all red, as if they had been injected with chicken blood.

It’s just that although the morale of the Han army was greatly boosted by Ding Yuan’s encouragement, there were too many Huns soldiers around Xubu Guduhou Shanyu. Most of the Han soldiers who were instigated by Ding Yuan were killed by the rushing Huns without even seeing the face of Xubu Guduhou Shanyu.

Although Lu Bu didn’t care about being promoted to the third level, he didn’t care about a daughter. But since the Xiongnu Chanyu is right in front of us, there is no reason not to kill him. What’s more, by killing the Xiongnu Chanyu, the hatred of Lu Bu’s parents was almost avenged.

Thinking of this, Lu Bu hurriedly tightened the reins in his hands and rushed towards the location of Xubu Guduhou Shanyu.

At this time, Xubu Guduhou Shanyu saw that his beloved mount was injured, but he had to change to a new mount that the guards found for him. Although Xubu Guduhou Shanyu’s original mount was impeccable in terms of bloodline and ability, Xubugu Duhou Shanyu also loved it very much.

But when it came time to die, how could Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubu Gudu, care about the injured war horse? I had no choice but to abandon this old comrade who had worked with him for many years.

Although Xubu Guduhou Shanyu changed his horse, the delay was enough for Lu Bu to catch up.

Lu Bu rode his horse and passed Xubu Guduhou Shanyu slightly. He raised the Fangtian Painted Halberd in his hand high and struck at Xubugudu Hou Shanyu’s head.

However, at this moment, a loud shout rang in Lu Bu’s ears.

“The Han general Xiu Huan is rampant, and Tengger is here.”

Immediately afterwards, a mace came from the diagonal stab and hit Lu Bu directly on the head.

When I looked back, I saw a dark man with big shoulders and round waist. He was Tengger, the general of Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubu Gudu.

Tengger’s move to surround Wei and rescue Zhao was just right. If Lu Bu strikes down with a halberd, he can naturally kill Xubu Guduhou Shanyu. But Lu Bu’s head would also be smashed to pieces by Tengger at the same time.

Although Lu Bu had great murderous intentions towards Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubugudu. But Lu Bu valued his own life more, and Jiuji would not trade his own head for that of Xubu Guduhou Shanyu.

Seeing Tengger’s mace coming towards him, Lu Bu had no choice but to take back Fang Tian’s painted halberd and lift it up, which could effectively block the power of Tengger’s move.

It’s just that Tengger used all his strength in this blow. The mace hit Fang Tian’s painted halberd and made a loud “bang” sound. Lu Bu took the blow forcefully, but his hand was a little numb. But it didn’t affect Lu Bu’s battle. Lu Bu just tightened the Fang Tian Hua Ji in his hand, and was about to thrust out the halberd and take Tengger’s life.

However, something unexpected happened, just when Lu Bu stabbed out with a halberd, trying to kill Tengger.

Lu Bu sat down and his horse neighed sadly, then fell to the ground, foaming at the mouth and dying.

It turned out that Lu Bu’s horses fought with Lu Bu all night yesterday. They came to Ding Yuan’s army early this morning and charged all the way again. They were already overwhelmed. At this time, when Lu Bu took Tengger’s full blow forcefully. Once again, all the power was transferred to the mount. Under this series of blows, the mount was finally overwhelmed, fell to the ground and died, and its soul returned to bliss.

As soon as the horse under him died, Lu Bu staggered and was thrown out. Fang Tian’s halberd, which had been stretched out to take Tengger’s life, also lost its aim at this time, leaving only a mark on Tengger’s arm. After leaving a deep bloodstain, he no longer contributed anything.

Tengger saw Lu Bu sitting down and his horse died suddenly. This was a good opportunity to kill Lu Bu, so he was willing to let it pass.

It was just that he had fought with Lu Bu just now, even though it was only for a moment. However, as a general under Shanyu, Lord Xubu Gudu, Tengger has fully understood that Lu Bu’s force is definitely not what Tengger can match.

I saw Tengger riding his horse and retreating a few steps, and then said to the back: “Kill this guy quickly. Whoever can kill Lu Bu will have a hundred households sealed and a hundred gold rewards.”

Although the price Tengger gave Lu Bu was not high, it still made every Hun soldier excited. They all roared and charged towards Lu Bu.

This clearly shows that Lu Bu is being bullied because he has no war horse. Who made Lu Bu become an infantryman now? Naturally, he would not be noticed by those high-ranking cavalry.

In the eyes of these Xiongnu cavalry, killing a Han infantry was just a matter of a moment. In the eyes of these Xiongnu cavalry, Lu Bu was now, at best, a high-level infantryman.

But the truth is often cruel. The result of misestimating one’s own strength can only be a tragic death.

Lu Bu held Fang Tian’s painted halberd in his hand, facing the charging Hun cavalry. Lu Bu knew that although the current situation was dangerous, it was not without room for maneuver.

If these Huns soldiers had not surrounded and killed Lu Bu, but stood at a distance and shot Lu Bu with bows and arrows, Lu Bu would have had no chance at all.

Fortunately, the Huns soldiers were all eager to perform their duties and did not notice anything wrong with charging towards them like this. What Lu Bu had to do was seize the opportunity to grab a war horse before the Huns woke up. Then kill Tengger, the leader of these Huns. Only in this way can Lu Bu have the opportunity to embark on the road of chasing Xubu Guduhou Shanyu again.

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