Chapter 40: A pair of hundred

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Chapter 40: A pair of hundred
Seeing Tengger riding over, Yu Fuluo laughed and said: “Leader Tengger, long time no see. I originally wanted to finish cleaning up the things here and then go find you, but I didn’t expect you to come to the door yourself. That’s fine, let me solve it once and for all, it will save you a lot of trouble.”

As he spoke, Yu Fuluo waved, and dozens of archers behind him drew their bows and nocked arrows, aiming at Tengger. At this time, as long as Yu Fulo waved his wrist gently, Tengger would be shot into a hedgehog.

However, just when Fuluo was about to attack Tengger. Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubu Gudu, finally pushed aside the few guards who were guarding him, and said angrily to Yu Fuluo:

“Yu Fuluo, what are you doing? You killed me just for my position as Shanyu. But why did you have to attack Tengger? Tengger is a rare brave general of our Huns. Even if you become Chanyu is also useful.”

After listening to the words of Xubu Guduhou Chanyu, Yu Fuluo smiled slightly and said: “Xubuguduhou Shanyu, you must be a Chanyu, and you are confused. Haven’t you heard that cutting off a problem does not eliminate the root cause? Will spring be born again when the spring breeze blows? How could I be so stupid and leave trouble for myself?”

Seeing Xubu Guduhou Chanyu interceding for him, Tengger had tears in his eyes unconsciously and said: “Chanyu, why bother talking to such a heartless person?”

As he spoke, Tengger turned to Yu Fuluo and said, “Yu Fuluo, why are you so impatient? In fact, Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubu Gudu, has decided to pass on the position of Shanyu to you.”

After saying this, Tengger looked up to the sky and laughed and said: “Come on, Yu Fuluo will give me a good time.”

So Yu Fuluo succeeded, and with a single stroke, dozens of sharp arrows penetrated Tengger’s chest.

Seeing Tengger being killed, Xubu Guduhou Chanyu’s eyes were red, he glared at Yufuluo and said: “In the name of the Xiongnu Chanyu, I curse you to the Changsheng Heaven, Yufuluo, you will not die well. ”

Look at Xubu Guduhou Shanyu, showing his madness at the end of his life. Yu Fuluo smiled slightly, turned his horse’s head, and nodded to the archer behind him.

Then, dozens of arrows were seen shooting at Xubu Guduhou Shanyu and his guards. After several showers of arrows, Xubu Guduhou Shanyu, his guards, and the horses that sat down were no longer alive. Only dead bodies were left on the ground. Shanyu, the Hou of Xubu Gudu, who roamed the grassland for many years, died silently.

Seeing Xubu Guduhou Chanyu being shot dead by his own men, Lu Bu felt inexplicably sad. Yesterday, Shanyu, the Hou of Xubu Gudu, who was so majestic and attracting everyone’s attention yesterday, was going to end up being dumped in the wilderness today. The ups and downs of life are really elusive.

Lu Bu couldn’t help but sigh when he thought of this. At this time, they saw a Hun soldier walking out from Yu Fuluo and walking straight towards the body of Xubu Guduhou Shanyu, with the sword in his hand raised high.

Seeing this scene, Lu Bu understood that Yu Fuluo wanted to take off the head of Xubu Guduhou Shanyu. But Lu Bu would not let such a thing happen.

Lu Bu slightly lifted the horse’s reins and pushed the horse forward a few steps. He quickly took off the long bow on his back, bent the bow and nocked an arrow. With just a “swish” sound, a feather arrow hit the eyebrow of the Hun soldier who raised his sword high and wanted to take off the head of Xubu Guduhou Shanyu. He shot the soldier down with one arrow. land.

Seeing Lu Bu’s actions, Yu Fuluo and his two hundred Huns soldiers were shocked. The bow and arrow in his hand were being drawn with a clanking sound. Although Yu Fuluo had been chased by Lu Bu before, now Yu Fuluo was guarded by 200 Huns soldiers. But Lu Bu is just a person.

If the two sides were to fight, Yu Fuluo would be a little afraid of Lu Bu, but with bows and arrows, Yu Fuluo would have the absolute advantage.

From Yufuluo’s point of view, under such circumstances, as long as he did not provoke Lu Bu. Lu Bu should be chanting Buddha in his heart. But he didn’t expect that Lu Bu would take the initiative to provoke him. This Lu Bu was too disrespectful to himself.

Thinking of this, Yu Fuluo became murderous towards Lu Bu. When Yu Fuluo was about to order the Huns soldiers to fire arrows. But it was Lu Bu who spoke first.

Lu Bu smiled softly and said majestically: “I’m keeping the head of Xubu Guduhou Shanyu. If you are sensible, leave quickly, otherwise I don’t mind keeping your heads.”

After listening to Lu Bu’s words, Yu Fuluo was very angry with Lu Bu. Yu Fuluo laughed loudly and said, “Master Lu, are you kidding me? With so many people and so many arrows, are we afraid of you? Do you think you, one person, one horse, one arrow, can defeat us?” Mr. Lu is too conceited.”

Lu Bu showed a slight smile of disdain on his lips and said: “Yu Fuluo Shanyu, you can be considered a veteran on the battlefield. Can’t you really see clearly what I did? When I shot your man just now, I deliberately Moved my seat forward. With the current distance between you and me, I can take your life with just one arrow. But your people may not be able to kill me with this arrow. In this way, accounting for I should be the one with the upper hand, right?”

After listening to Lu Bu’s words, Yu Fuluo’s face turned red. Secretly surprised. Yes, although there are two hundred people on Yu Fuluo’s side, Lu Bu only wants to kill one person. Lu Bu’s archery skills have been witnessed by Yu Fuluo just now, and he is absolutely sure to kill Yu Fuluo at this distance. But Yu Fuluo couldn’t guarantee that his men would definitely kill Lu Bu.

Even if Yu Fuluo’s men could kill Lu Bu, Yu Fuluo would not gamble with his own life.

Thinking of this, Yu Fuluo smiled and said: “Young Master Lu is brave and brave, and I, Yu Fuluo, admire him very much. This head of Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubu Gudu, should be regarded as a little tribute from Yu Fuluo to the young master. Please return it.” Young Master is happy to accept it.”

Yu Fuluo laughed along with him, but Lu Bu didn’t show any sign, and his face suddenly became embarrassed.

Just when Lu Bu and Yu Fuluo were confronting each other. Ding Yuanzheng led a small team of people and rushed over quickly.

It turned out that Ding Yuan felt a little uneasy when he saw Lu Bu chasing him out alone.

You must know that on the battlefield, soldiers are the courage of generals. A general without soldiers to support him is just a warrior at best. What role can it play in front of the army?

Thinking of this, Ding Yuan had to think about Lu Bu’s safety. The victory of the Han army must have been determined now, and the Xiongnu’s vitality was greatly weakened. Whether or not Xubu Guduhou Shanyu can be killed, the Huns will have to retreat to the grasslands and will no longer be able to attack the Central Plains for a few years. If Lu Bu had been injured in order to hunt down Xubu Guduhou Chanyu, then Ding Yuan would have cried.

On the other side, Lu Bu and Yu Fuluo were confronting each other. Just listen to Lu Bu’s leisurely instructions to Yu Fuluo:

“Let your men retreat first, and then you leave. I will promise you to let you live.”

Lu Bu finally made a condition. The reason why Lu Bu said this was actually not to take advantage of Yu Fuluo’s men to play tricks on him, but he just didn’t want to be tricked by Yu Fuluo. Lu Bu couldn’t believe this in Fu Luo’s character.

After listening to Lu Bu’s words, although Yu Fuluo didn’t say anything on his face, he was extremely angry in his heart. But it didn’t show. Lu Bu must be in his teens now, at the age where he is in full swing. If he can’t say a word well and comes up to fight Yu Fuluo, then Yu Fuluo’s life will probably be decided here.

Thinking of this, Yu Fuluo said with a smile: “Young Master of the Lu family, it’s not that I, Yu Fuluo, can’t trust you, it’s just that these men of mine are my personal guards. It’s harder to ask them to leave my side than to kill them. .”

After listening to Yu Fuluo’s words, Lu Bu frowned and said, “So, Yu Fuluo, Shanyu, is going to fight for luck with me as a Shanyu for the common people?” As he said that, the feather arrow in Lu Bu’s hand pointed towards Yu Fuluo glanced between his eyebrows.

Seeing Lu Bu’s actions, Yu Fuluo quickly stopped him and said, “Don’t be impatient, Master Lu. I didn’t mean that. What I meant was that we each take a step back. I asked my men to throw away their weapons, and you asked me to leave with them.” Mr. Lu, do you think this is fair?”

Lu Bu thought to himself that Yu Fuluo would definitely not agree to his request. No one in a superior position would put his or her life and death under the control of others. As for Yu Fuluo’s proposal, Lu Bu felt that it was feasible. Without weapons, these Huns soldiers were nothing more than local chickens and dogs under Lu Bu’s Fangtian painted halberd. Is Lu Bu still afraid that they will come up and fight Lu Bu with their fists?

Thinking of this, Lu Bu nodded to Yu Fuluo and said, “Okay, I agree. Now let your people drop their weapons. Then you can get out.”

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