Chapter 39 Yu Fuluo Rebellion

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Chapter 39 Yu Fuluo Rebellion
Here Lu Bu was surrounded and killed by the Huns, although he did not encounter real danger.

But he was already anxious, and Ding Yuan came to kill him from not far away. When Ding Yuan saw Lu Bu being surrounded, he realized that he was too eager to pursue Xubu Gudu Hou Shanyu, and actually forgot that Lu Bu was just a teenager. Even when Ding Yuan was as old as Lu Bu, he didn’t have any real battlefield experience.

It’s just that Lu Bu’s performance was too dazzling, which made Ding Yuan too dependent on Lu Bu. They always believed that Lu Bu was very brave and would definitely be able to defeat the enemy.

Ding Yuan was extremely anxious when he saw Lu Bu being surrounded and killed by the Huns soldiers. But he was unable to break through the siege, so he left Lu Bu.

Just when Ding Yuan was worried about Lu Bu’s safety. The Han cavalry finally broke into the Huns cavalry camp.

Originally, Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubu Gudu, wanted to concentrate his superior forces and break through the Han army’s cavalry in one fell swoop. And then fled back to the grassland. But all this was turned into nothing by Lu Bu’s sudden pursuit.

At this time, although Xubu Guduhou Chanyu escaped with his life from Lu Bu’s Fang Tian Hua Ji, it was too late to organize the Huns army and effectively attack the Han cavalry.

In this way, the Han cavalry, which was lined up in neat formation, rushed into the scattered formation of the Huns cavalry, and rushed the Huns cavalry to pieces. Although the Huns soldiers were brave, they could only fight in one-on-one battles.

Facing the impact of the well-organized Han cavalry, an individual’s bravery can only be like yellow sand thrown into the sea, which cannot stir up any waves or leave any traces.

At this time, the two Han cavalry that rushed over were like two sharp swords, penetrating into the Huns’ formation at the same time, dividing the Huns.

Seeing that the defeat was certain, Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubu Gudu, was no longer in the mood to stay here. But just leaving like this would be too much of a loss.

Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubugudu, was hesitating, but Tengger came to Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubugudu, and whispered:

“Chanyu, please leave quickly. If you don’t leave, it will be too late. Those boys won’t be able to trap Lu Bu for long.”

Looking at the loyal Tengger in front of him, Xubu Guduhou Shanyu smiled bitterly. This Tengger has nothing to say about his loyalty, but he just can’t speak. This battle has been lost, couldn’t Tengger say something nice to comfort himself? Can’t we say that victory or defeat is a common thing for military strategists? Why do you have to say, if you don’t leave, it will be too late? Could it be that I, Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubu Gudu, was so careless that I lost the ability to escape even after losing the battle?

Xubuguduhou Shanyu, who realized that he had put so much thought into just one sentence, blushed and said to himself:

“Am I really old? Have I started to lose my voice? It seems that it is time to abdicate and give way to talents. That Yu Fuluo is quite good and very insightful. I hope he can support the Xiongnu.”

In words, the Shanyu of Xubuguduhou had decided to pass on his position as Shanyu to Fuluo.

Then Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubu Gudu, sighed and hurried away with dozens of guards.

Seeing Xubu Guduhou Shanyu fleeing, a stone finally fell to the ground in Tengger’s heart.

If Xubu Guduhou Shanyu insists on staying on the battlefield, then Tengger will have to block Lu Bu for his Shanyu, even if he loses his life.

But after seeing Xubu Guduhou Shanyu, Tengger began to think about how to escape. It’s just that Tengger is different from Xubu Guduhou Shanyu. As long as a person returns to his own tribe, he is still a Chanyu, so Xubu Guduhou Chanyu can escape with dozens of guards.

But Tengger is different as a general. Without soldiers, his general can only be an empty frame. Although Shanyu, Lord Xubu Gudu, appreciated him very much, he could not be allowed to command the troops of other tribes.

While Tengger was making his own little calculation, Lu Bu had already knocked a Hun knight off his horse with a halberd. Lu Bu just turned over and turned back into a cavalry again.

At this time, Lu Bu saw Tengger not far away at a glance.

Lu Bu was heard shouting loudly: “Tenger, take your life.” Following this voice, a young man with a strong physique and a handsome face came towards Tengger to kill him.

Tengger saw that Lu Bu was so quick. He chased them again. He was so anxious that he didn’t even bother to call his men. He turned his horse’s head and galloped away in the direction where Xubu Gudu Hou Shanyu had escaped.

Just as Tengger was escaping, Gao Shun finally came over with a large number of Han soldiers. With the arrival of this batch of reinforcements, the Han army suddenly gained momentum. The Han army infantry, who had been killed and could only parry, finally calmed down when they saw the reinforcements. One by one, they raised their swords and moved forward, hoping to chop off a few heads before the Huns retreated and earn some merit for themselves.

Seeing Gao Shun’s arrival, Ding’s originally dull mood finally improved. Although there is no way to kill Xubu Guduhou Chanyu, now there are Gao Shun and the thousands of soldiers he brought. The Huns’ effective forces must be wiped out in large numbers. It can still be done. As long as the Huns lose their troops and lose their vitality, they can still ensure the peace of Wuyuan County for several years.

So Ding Yuan quickly asked the herald beside him to signal, and asked Gao Shun to intercept and kill the scattered Huns soldiers on the way.

On the other side, Lu Bu had already chased Tengger and left the battlefield. Lu Bu pursued all the way, and at the same time, he also paid attention to searching for traces of Xubu Guduhou Shanyu along the way.

In Lu Bu’s opinion, it would be best to kill Xubu Guduhou Shanyu and Tengger together, so that Lu Bu’s trip would be perfect. But how easy is it to find the traces of Xubu Guduhou Shanyu? Lu Bu could only place his hope in Tengger, hoping that Tengger could lead Lu Bu all the way to Xubu Guduhou Shanyu.

Lu Bu and Tengger were running on the grassland, one behind the other, chasing each other. Suddenly he heard the sound of swords and soldiers in front of him. Lu Bu wondered for a while, how could there be the sound of swords and soldiers here? Is there another war?

Lu Bu looked up and saw that the Huns were fighting. There are more than 200 people on one side, all strong Xiongnu men. The archers here are already bending their bows and readying arrows. On the other side, there were only a dozen or so lonely Hun men covered in blood. Several bloody corpses were already lying on the ground.

Lu Bu didn’t understand the situation, so he had to stop his horse and take a look at the situation. Although Lu Bu was mighty, even if these Huns came to attack him, they were only delivering food to Lu Bu.

But it was a big difference when these Huns took out their bows and arrows. No matter how good your martial arts skills are, you can’t go several rounds in front of hundreds of archers.

Lu Bu had nothing to do with his own affairs. He only watched from the sidelines and did not get close to these Huns who were fighting among themselves. But Tengger, who was running not far in front of Lu Bu, couldn’t do it.

Because Tengger had already figured out that the group of Hun soldiers holding strong bows and scimitars were the guards of the Hun leader Yu Fuluo. And Yufuluo himself was mixed in among these guards. Although he was secretive, he could not escape Tengger’s eyes.


Surrounded by these people, guarded by a dozen Huns covered in blood, was Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubu Gudu, who had just escaped from the Han people.

Seeing such a scene, Tengger was furious. How is this going? How could Yu Fuluo lead people to surround Shanyu, the Marquis of Xubugudu? What is he going to do? In the next moment, Tengger understood. Yu Fu Luo is going to rebel.

Thinking of this, Tengger became heartbroken, urged his horse and hurried up. He yelled at the secretive Yu Fuluo over there:

“Yu Fuluo, what are you doing? If you dare to do the following, are you going to die?”

Hearing Tengger’s yelling and cursing, Yu Fuluo was first surprised.

Originally, Yu Fuluo hoped that the Han army could help him kill Xubu Guduhou Shanyu. The combat effectiveness displayed by the Han army yesterday must have frightened Yu Fuluo. In Yufuluo’s view, such a Han army was still capable of killing Xubu Guduhou Chanyu.

But Yu Fuluo was still worried. There must be something very important at this time. If Xubu Guduhou Shanyu survives, the first thing he will do when he returns to the tribe is to settle accounts with him in Fuluo. Yu Fuluo felt that in order to shirk the responsibility for the defeat, Xubu Gudu Hou Shanyu would even find him Yu Fuluo as a scapegoat.

Thinking of this, Yu Fuluo brought two hundred loyal soldiers over to see the situation. If the situation permits, Yu Fuluo will take action decisively and kill Xubu Guduhou Shanyu.

Yu Fu Luo’s luck is really good. He actually met Shanyu, the Hou of Xubugudu, who was running away.

Then there was the current scene. Unexpectedly, just when Yu Fuluo was about to succeed, Tengger ran out and stepped forward to disrupt the situation.

However, when Yu Fuluo saw that Tengger came alone, the surprised expression on Yu Fuluo’s face turned into confident joy.

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