Chapter 1 A small mountainside village

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Chapter 1 A small mountainside village

Erluzi opened his eyes wide and stared straight at the black roof made of thatch and mud. The old quilt covering his body had turned dark yellow, and his original appearance could not be seen. There was still a faint scent. Musty smell.

The other person next to him was his second brother Han Zhu. He was sleeping soundly, and from time to time he heard snores of varying severity.

About half a foot away from the bed, there is a wall made of yellow mud. Because of the long time, there are a few inconspicuous slender cracks in the wall. From these cracks, there is a faint sound. Han’s mother’s nagging complaints were occasionally mixed with the “click” and “click” sounds of Han’s father smoking a cigarette.

Erluzi slowly closed his already astringent eyes, forcing himself to fall into a deep sleep as soon as possible. He knew very well that if he didn’t go to sleep honestly, he wouldn’t be able to get up earlier tomorrow, and he wouldn’t be able to go into the mountains to collect dry firewood with his other scheduled companions.

The second fool’s surname was Han Mingli. His parents couldn’t come up with such a decent name. It was a steamed bun made of two coarse grains from his father, and he asked the old uncle Zhang in the village to give him the name.

When Uncle Zhang was young, he worked as a school boy for wealthy people in the city for several years. He was the only scholar in the village who knew a few words. He gave most of the names to the children in the village.

Han Li is called “Second Fool” by the villagers, but he is not really stupid or really stupid. Instead, he is the leading smart kid in the village. But like other children in the village, he rarely hears anything except his family members. Some people formally called him “Han Li”, but the terms “Er Lunzi” and “Er Lunzi” have remained with him to this day.

And the reason why he was nicknamed “Er Lunzi” was just because there was already a child named “Lunzi” in the village.

That’s okay. Other children in the village are also called “dog boy” and “erdanzi” all the time. These names are not necessarily any better than “erluzi”.

Therefore, although Han Li didn’t like this title, he could only comfort himself like this.

Han Li looks very inconspicuous, with dark skin, and he looks like an ordinary farm boy. But deep down in his heart, he is much precocious than his peers. He has longed for the wealth and prosperity of the outside world since he was a child, and dreams that one day he can leave this palm-sized village and see the outside world that Old Uncle Zhang often said. .

When Han Li had this idea, he never dared to mention it to anyone else. Otherwise, the villagers would be shocked that a little kid could have such an idea that even an adult would not dare to think about easily. You know, other children about the same age as Han Li can only chase chickens and dogs around the village, let alone have such a weird idea of leaving their homeland.

Han Li has a family of seven, including two brothers, one sister, and a little sister. He is the fourth eldest in the family and is just ten years old this year. The family’s life is very poor and they cannot eat a few meaty meals a year. The whole family has been struggling with food and clothing.

At this time, Han Li was in a daze, as if he was asleep, and he still had this thought in his annoyance: when he went up the mountain, he must help his beloved sister pick more of her favorite red food. berry.

At noon the next day, when Han Li was rushing home from the mountains under the scorching sun, carrying a pile of firewood half as tall as a man and a bag full of berries in his arms, he didn’t know that he was already there. Meet a guest who will change his life’s destiny.

This distinguished guest is a close relative of his, his third uncle.

I heard that he worked as a shopkeeper in a restaurant in a nearby small town and was considered a capable person by his parents. In the past hundred years, the Han family may have had a relative with some status like Third Uncle.

Han Li only met this third uncle a few times when he was very young. His eldest brother was working as an apprentice to an old blacksmith in the city, and it was this third uncle who introduced him to him. This third uncle often asked people to bring food and supplies to his parents, and he took great care of their family, so Han Li also had a good impression of this third uncle and knew that although his parents didn’t say it, they were very grateful in their hearts.

The eldest brother is the pride of the family. I heard that being a blacksmith’s apprentice not only takes care of food and housing, but also earns thirty coppers a month. When he officially starts his apprenticeship and is hired, he can earn even more money.

Whenever his parents mentioned his eldest brother, he would light up as if he was a different person. Although Han Li was young, he was still envious. He had already found the best job in his mind, which was to fall in love with a craftsman in a small town and take him on as an apprentice. From then on, he would become a decent person who relied on his craftsmanship.

So when Han Li saw his third uncle, who was wearing brand new satin clothes, with a chubby round face and a mustache, he was extremely excited.

After putting the firewood behind the house, he went to the front room to greet his third uncle shyly and called out obediently: “Hello, third uncle.” Then he stood aside honestly and listened to his parents talking to his third uncle. chat.

The third uncle looked at Han Li with a smile, looked him up and down, praised him for being “obedient” and “sensible”, and then turned around and told his parents about the reason for his visit.

Although Han Li was still young and could not fully understand what his third uncle said, he still understood the general meaning.

It turns out that the restaurant where the third uncle works belongs to a Jianghu sect called “Qixuan Sect”. This sect is divided into an outer sect and an inner sect. Not long ago, the third uncle officially became an outer sect disciple of this sect and can be recommended. Children between the ages of 7 and 12 take part in the Qixuan Sect’s test to recruit inner disciples.

The “Seven Mysterious Sect”‘s five-year test for recruiting inner disciples will begin next month. This third uncle, who was somewhat shrewd and had no children, naturally thought of Han Li, who was of the right age.

Father Han, who has always been honest and honest, felt a little hesitant and undecided when he heard words like “jianghu” and “sect” that he had never heard of before. Then he picked up the tobacco stick, took a few puffs, and then sat there without saying a word.

In the words of the third uncle, the “Qixuan Sect” is naturally an amazing and one of the best sects within hundreds of miles.

As long as you become an inner disciple, you will not only be able to practice martial arts for free in the future without worrying about food and drink, but you will also be able to earn more than a tael of pocket money every month. Moreover, those who participate in the test, even if they are not selected, will still have the opportunity to become an outside member like the third uncle, who will specialize in taking care of the business outside the “Qixuan Sect”.

When he heard that he might be able to earn one tael of silver per month and have the opportunity to become a decent person like his third uncle, Han’s father finally made up his mind and agreed.

The third uncle was very happy when he saw Father Han agreeing. He also left a few taels of silver and said that he would take Han Li away in a month. During this period, he would cook more delicious food for Han Li and replenish his body so that he could cope with the test. Then the third uncle said hello to Han’s father, touched Han Li’s head, and went back to the city.

Although Han Li didn’t fully understand what his third uncle said, he still understood that he could make a lot of money by going to the city.

His long-held wish was about to come true, and he was so excited that he couldn’t sleep for several nights.

The third uncle came to the village on time more than a month later and wanted to take Han Li away. Before leaving, Han’s father repeatedly told Han Li to be honest, to be tolerant when things happened, and not to argue with other people, and Han Li His mother asked him to pay more attention to his health and eat well and sleep well.

On the carriage, watching his parents retreating away, Han Li bit his lips and tried not to let the tears in his eyes flow out.

Although he has been much more mature than other children since he was a child, he is still a ten-year-old child after all. Going away for the first time makes him feel a little sad and hesitant. In his young heart, he secretly made up his mind to rush back as soon as he made a lot of money and never be separated from his parents again.

Han Li never thought that money would have no meaning to him after leaving this time. He would actually embark on a path of immortality that was different from that of ordinary people, and embark on his own path of cultivating immortality.

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