Chapter 2 Qingniu Town

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Chapter 2 Qingniu Town
This is a small town. It is said to be a small town, but it is actually just a larger town. Its name is also called Qingniu Town. Only those unsophisticated natives who live in the nearby ravines call it “Qingniu City” or “Qingniu City”. Keep shouting. This is what Zhang Er, who has been working as a doorman for more than ten years, thinks from his heart.

Qingniu Town is indeed not big. There is only one main street, Qingniu Street, running east-west. There is only one Qingniu Inn. The inn is located at the west end of the long town. Therefore, if passing merchants do not want to sleep in the wild, they can only Can live here.

Now there is a carriage that looks like it has traveled a long way. It enters Qingniu Town from the west and drives quickly past the gate of Qingniu Inn. It does not stop and continues to the other end of the town, where Chunxiang Restaurant is. He stopped in front of the door.

Chunxiang Restaurant is not big, even a little old, but it has an antique charm. Because it is lunch time now, there are still many guests dining in the restaurant, and it can be said that the seats are almost packed.

A fat man with a round face and a mustache and a dark-skinned teenage child got out of the car. The man and the child walked straight into the restaurant. Some of the regular customers in the restaurant recognized Fatty and knew that he was “Fatty Han”, the owner of the restaurant, but no one knew who the kid was.

“Old Han, this black boy looks a lot like you. He can’t be the son you gave birth to behind your mother-in-law’s back.” Someone suddenly joked.

As soon as this sentence came out, everyone nearby burst into laughter.

“Bah, this is my nephew brought by my family. Of course he looks a bit like me.” The fat man was not only not angry, but also a bit proud.

These two people were Han Li and his third uncle, whom others called “Fat Han”, who had just entered the town after traveling for three days in a row.

Fatty Han greeted a few regular customers and took Han Li to the back of the restaurant to a small, remote courtyard.

“Xiao Li, you have a good rest in this room and recuperate your energy. When the steward from the inner gate comes, I will call you over. I want to go out first and greet a few regular customers.” Fatty Han pointed to the courtyard. The wing room said to him kindly.

After saying that, he turned around and walked out in a hurry.

When he arrived at the door, he seemed a little uneasy and gave another instruction.

“Don’t run around. There are too many people in the town. Don’t get lost. It’s best not to leave the yard.”


Seeing Han Li honestly agree, he really felt relieved and walked out.

When Han Li saw his third uncle walking out of the house, he felt very tired, so he fell on the bed and fell asleep. He didn’t even feel as scared as a child.

In the evening, a boy brought food. Although it was not a big fish or meat, it was still delicious. After eating, the boy came in again and took out the bowl of leftover rice. At this time, the third uncle walked in calmly.

“How is it? The food seems to your liking. You feel a little homesick.”

“Well, I’ve thought about it a bit.” Han Li looked very well-behaved.
The third uncle seemed to be satisfied with Han Li’s answer, and then chatted with him about some common things and boasted about some interesting things he had experienced. Gradually, Han Li lost his sense of restraint and started talking and laughing with him.

In this way, two days passed in a row.

On the third day, when Han Li had finished dinner and was waiting for his third uncle to come and tell him stories about rivers and lakes, another carriage stopped in front of the restaurant.

This carriage was painted black and shiny, and was driven by an uncommon yellow-coloured horse. The most eye-catching thing is that on the frame of the carriage, there is a small triangular black flag with the word “Xuan” rusted on it. , silver characters with red edges, naturally showing an indescribable mysterious color.

Seeing this small flag, all veterans who have traveled hundreds of miles around know that important figures from the “Qixuanmen”, one of the two overlords in this area, have arrived in the area.

“Qi Xuan Sect” is also called “Qi Jue Sect”. It was founded by the famous “Qi Jue Master” two hundred years ago. It once dominated Jingzhou for decades and even penetrated into several states similar to Jingzhou. The entire Yue Kingdom is also famous. But since the death of Master Qi Jue, the power of the Qixuan Sect has plummeted, and other sects have jointly squeezed out of Jingzhou City, the capital of Jingzhou. A hundred years ago, the sect was forced to move to Xianxia Mountain, the most remote place in Jingzhou. From then on, it took root and settled down everywhere, becoming a small third-rate local power.

There is a saying that a skinny camel is bigger than a horse. After all, Qixuan Sect was once a great sect, and its potential is still extraordinary. When he arrived at Caixia Mountain, he immediately controlled more than a dozen small towns including “Qingniu Town” and had between three and four thousand disciples. He was one of the two local overlords in name only.

The only other local force that can compete with Qixuanmen is the “Wild Wolf Gang”.

The Wild Wolf Gang was originally a group of horse thieves who burned, killed, and looted in Jingzhou. Later, after being encircled and suppressed by the government several times, some of the horse thieves accepted the government’s recruitment, and the other group of horse thieves became the Wild Wolf Gang. However, the horse thieves are fierce and bloodthirsty, and they dare to kill and fight ruthlessly. However, the strength was also passed down, so Qixuanmen was often at a disadvantage during conflicts with the Wild Wolf Gang.

Although there are many towns under the control of the Wild Wolf Gang, they do not know how to run them, and their level of wealth is far less than that of the towns under the Qixuanmen. The Wild Wolf Gang is very covetous of several of the wealthier territories under the Qixuanmen, and has often provoked conflicts between the two recently, which has caused headaches to the current Qixuanmen sect master. This has also become a reason why the Qixuanmen has repeatedly expanded its recruitment in recent years. The main reason for being a disciple within the sect.

A thin man in his forties jumped out of the carriage. This man was agile and obviously very skilled. He seemed to be very familiar with this place. He strode straight to the house where Han Li was.

When Uncle Han Li saw this man, he immediately stepped forward and bowed respectfully.

“Wang Protector, what’s wrong with you, old man? You brought someone here in person?”

“Huh!” Protector Wang snorted coldly, with a look of pride on his face.


“The road is not peaceful during this period. We need to strengthen our defense. The elder ordered me to come and pick him up personally. Stop talking nonsense. This kid is the one you want to recommend.”

“Yes, yes, this is my nephew from my own family. I hope the King Protector will take more care of him on his way.”

Fatty Han saw that the man looked a little impatient, so he quickly took out a heavy bag from his body and handed it over secretly.

Protector Wang weighed the bag and looked somewhat relaxed.

“Fat Han, are you a good person? I will take care of your nephew on the way. It’s getting late, so let’s get on the road quickly.”

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