Chapter 2: Coach Wang smuggles away Yan’an Mansion

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Chapter 2: Coach Wang smuggles away Yan’an Mansion

Several decades passed in the blink of an eye, and it was during the Zhezong period. In Bianliang, Tokyo, there was a son of a poor family. His surname was Gao, and he was the second eldest child. He had not done any serious work since he was a child. He was good at using guns and sticks, and he was known as a good kicker. Later, when he became successful, he changed his name to Gao Qiu. Because he instigated the son of a member of the Communist Party of China to eat, drink, whore, and gamble, he was reported by a member of the Communist Party of China and the government expelled him from the capital. He had no choice but to go to Huaizhou and seek refuge with Liu Dalang, a local casino owner.

Three years later, Emperor Zhezong granted amnesty to the world, and Liu Dalang wrote a letter asking him to seek refuge with General Dong who opened a medicine shop in Tokyo. General Dong saw that he was not an honest man, so he recommended him to Bachelor Su. Academician Xiao Su could not tolerate such a rogue, so he sent him to the residence of Wang Jinqing, the Taiwei of Xiao Wangdu. Wang Jinqing was the brother-in-law of Emperor Zhezong. He loved to have fun and was in need of Gao Qiu, so he kept him as his personal attendant.

On this day, Xiao Wang Du Taiwei celebrated his birthday and specially treated his brother-in-law Duan Wang to a banquet. Duan Wang was the younger brother of Emperor Zhezong. He was good at playing chess, calligraphy, painting, playing, singing and dancing, and playing football. After drinking a few glasses of wine, King Duan stood up and washed his hands. When he passed by the study, he saw a pair of paperweight lions carved from mutton-fat jade on the table. They were exquisite and exquisitely crafted, and he couldn’t put them down. Seeing that he liked him so much, Captain Wang put the pair of lions and a jade dragon pen holder in a small gold box, wrapped it in a yellow bag, and sent it to Gao Qiu the next day.

Gao Qiu came to Prince Duan’s Mansion and saw Prince Duan playing football with several young eunuchs. He didn’t dare to disturb him, so he stood aside and watched. Unexpectedly, the ball flew up, but King Duan didn’t catch it and rolled straight to his feet. When Gao Qiu saw this, he took courage and used the “Mandarin Duck Guai” move to kick the ball back to King Duan. When King Duan saw Daxi, he asked him to kick the ball a few times. Gao Qiu couldn’t refuse, so he went on stage. When playing football, Gao Qiu tried his best, and the ball seemed to stick to him. King Duan was so happy that he was not willing to let him go back, so he stayed in the palace for the night. The next day, King Duan held a banquet and invited the young prince, the captain of the capital, to ask Gao Qiu to be his personal attendant. Of course Xiao Wangdu Taiwei agreed wholeheartedly. From then on, Gao Qiu became King Duan’s personal attendant, following him every day and never leaving.

Within two months, Emperor Zhezong died. Since he had no prince, all civil and military officials discussed and appointed King Duan as the new emperor, named Huizong. After Huizong ascended the throne, in less than half a year, Gao Qiu was promoted several times and became the Taiwei of the Palace Commander’s Palace.

On the day he took office, everyone came to pay homage, except Wang Jin, the leader of the eight hundred thousand Forbidden Army. It turned out that Wang Jin was seriously ill and had been at home on leave for half a month. Gao Qiu didn’t believe it and ordered people to arrest him. Wang Jin had no choice but to drag his sick body to the Palace Commander’s Mansion and salute Gao Qiu.

Gao Qiu shouted: “Your father is just a flower stick seller in the market, why do you want to be the instructor? Now you dare to underestimate me!” He said he was going to drag Wang Jin down and beat him hard. All the officers hurriedly interceded for Wang Jin, and Gao Qiu gave up.

Wang Jin thanked the Taiwei, looked up, recognized Gao Qiu, and secretly complained in his heart. It turned out that back then, Gao Qiu was teasing a good woman on the street, and Wang Jin’s father Wang Sheng caught him and gave him a severe lesson, and he was kept in bed for three or four months. Now that Gao Qiu has become a lieutenant, how can he not wait for an opportunity to retaliate?

Wang Jin has no wife or children, only an old mother, who is already in her sixties. Feeling that his life was in danger, he told his mother what had happened when he returned home. The mother and son hugged each other and cried, and decided to run away. Wang Jin said: “The old Chóng of Yan’an Prefecture has always valued me very much. Now that we are employed at the border, it is better to go to him.” That night, mother and son packed some luggage and left Tokyo quietly. . Gao Qiu was furious when he learned about it and immediately ordered a wanted manhunt.

The mother and son lived in the open air for more than a month until they reached the boundary of Huayin, Shaanxi. It was getting late that day, and mother and son accidentally missed the inn. When they saw a manor in front of them, they went up to open the door and wanted to stay one night. The owner of the village, Grand Duke, then ordered someone to arrange a table of wine and food, and tidy up a room for the two of them to rest.

Unexpectedly, the Queen Mother suffered from heartache due to fatigue from riding the horse all the way. The Taigong allowed them to stay for a few more days, and took great care of the Queen Mother by getting medicine for her illness. After five or six days, the Queen Mother recovered from her illness. Wang Jin packed his luggage and prepared to leave. When he went to the backyard to get the horse, he saw a shirtless young man playing with a stick in the open space.

Wang Jin looked at it for a while and couldn’t help but said: “This stick is not bad, but it has flaws, so it cannot win against a real hero.” The young man was furious and shouted: “Who are you? Dare to laugh at me? I bowed to eighty-nine A famous teacher, not as good as you? Do you dare to compete with me?” Wang Jin just laughed and refused to take action.

At this time, the Taigong rushed over and shouted to the young man: “Don’t be rude!” It turned out that this young man was the Taigong’s son, his name was Shi Jin. The Taigong also saw that Wang Jin was a master and asked his son to become his teacher. Shi Jin was not willing to bow to him and said: “If he can beat me, I will bow to you.” As he said this, he turned the stick like a windmill and challenged Wang Jin: “Come on, come on! Don’t be afraid. He’s a good man!” Wang Jin then went to the weapons rack to get a stick. Shi Jin was not polite and hit him with a stick. Wang Jin dragged the stick and turned around to leave. Shi Jin swung the stick and chased after him. Wang Jin suddenly turned around and struck down with a stick. Shi Jin quickly raised his stick to parry. Unexpectedly, Wang Jin did not hit him, but quickly put away the stick and stabbed Shi Jin in the chest. With just this move, Shi Jin dropped the stick and fell to the ground on his back.

Shi Jin got up and immediately performed the apprenticeship ceremony. The mother and son then settled down in the village. Under Wang Jin’s instruction, Shi Jin’s martial arts improved by leaps and bounds, becoming proficient in all eighteen martial arts. Because Gao Qiu was chasing closely, Wang Jin decided to continue to Yan’an Prefecture half a year later. Shi Jin and Taigong couldn’t keep him, so they had to send him away. Not long after Wang Jin left, the grandpa fell seriously ill and died.

By mid-June, the weather is getting hot. One day, Shi Jin was enjoying the cool under a willow tree. Suddenly he saw someone peering into the village and shouting: “Who is it? How dare you peek at our village!” The man came out to salute Shi Jin. It turned out to be Li Ji, a hunter hunting rabbits. Shi Jin said, “You usually bring some game to my village to sell. Why haven’t you come this time?” Li Ji said, “The owner of the village doesn’t know something. Now a group of bandits have appeared on the mountain. They occupy the mountain and are kings. We have seven to eight hundred little minions, robbing homes and houses everywhere, even the county government can’t control them, how can a villain dare to go up the mountain?”

Shi Jin thought that these bandits might come to the village one day, so he had two cows killed, prepared a banquet, and summoned three to four hundred families in the village to discuss, saying that if any family encountered bandits in the future, they would knock With a few bangs, everyone helps each other. Everyone naturally agreed.

Let’s talk about the gang of bandits, led by three people. The big leader is called Shenji Military Advisor Zhu Wu, the second big king is called Jumping Tiger Chen Da, and the third big king is called White Snake Yang Chun. On this day, three people gathered together to discuss matters. Zhu Wu said: “I heard that Huayin County offered a reward of three thousand guan to arrest us. We should prepare more food in case the officers and soldiers come to attack.” Chen Da said: “How about going to Huayin County to borrow some food?” Yang Chun said: “If you want to go to Huayin County, you must pass through Shijia Village. Shi Jin is not easy to deal with, so it is better to go to Bo County.” Chen Da said: “Bo County has few people and little food, so it is useless to go there. One person Shi Jin is scared, how can he resist the army?” Chen Da ignored the dissuasion and immediately ordered more than a hundred horses and went straight to Shijiacun.

When he heard that Chen Da was coming, Shi Jin immediately banged his clapper, picked up his three-pointed two-edged sword, mounted his red horse, and led the villagers who had arrived to go out of the village to fight. The two teams met at the entrance of the village. Chen Da sat on his horse and saluted first and said, “We want to go to Huayin County to borrow some food and want to borrow some money from the village owner!” Shi Jin shouted: “You guys are thieves, I Even if I don’t arrest you, you actually asked me to let you go? Then you first ask me if I am willing to take the knife in my hand?” The two of them disagreed, clapped their horses forward, and started to move their hands. After fighting for a long time, Shi Jin deliberately showed a flaw and let the opponent attack his chest. Then he dodged the attack and grabbed Chen Da with his backhand. He lifted Chen Da from the saddle, threw it to the ground, and asked someone to tie him up with a rope. . The other minions dispersed in a hurry.

Shi Jin took Chen Da and celebrated with everyone. At this time, someone came to report that the other two kings from the village had arrived. Shi Jin immediately went out and prepared to fight again. Unexpectedly, Yang Chun and Zhu Wu walked to the front of the village, knelt down with tears in their eyes, and cried: “The three villain brothers were forced by the lawsuit and had no choice but to become bandits. When we became sworn brothers, we swore: ‘ We don’t want to be born on the same day, but we want to die on the same day. Now Chen Da refused to listen, offended the hero, and was captured by the hero. Please ask the hero to tie up the three of us and take us together to see the official for reward. If we can die in the hands of the hero, we No complaints at all.”

Shi Jin was greatly moved. Not only did he let Chen Da go, but he also prepared a banquet and drank and chatted with them. The three of them thanked each other profusely, and after a few glasses of wine, they said goodbye and returned to the mountain. In order to thank Shi Jin for not killing him, every once in a while, the three brothers sent people to send some gold and silver treasures to Shi Jin, and Shi Jin also sent people to send some clothes and food up the mountain. There are frequent contacts between the two parties.

This matter soon spread, and when the local officials found out about it, on the Mid-Autumn Festival in August, they took advantage of a gathering of several of them to come and arrest him. Seeing that the situation was urgent, Shi Jin set fire to Shijiazhuang and killed the three of them.

His father was gone and Shijiazhuang was burned down. The three of them persuaded Shi Jin to go up the mountain with them to weed the grass. Shi Jin refused and decided to go to his master Wang Jin. He immediately said goodbye to Zhu Wu and others and went directly to Yan’an Mansion. .

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