Chapter 3 Lu Tiha beats Guanxi with punches

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Chapter 3 Lu Tiha beats Guanxi with punches
Shi Jin left Shijiazhuang and slept in the open air all the way. After walking alone for more than half a month, he arrived at the border of Weizhou. It happened that there was also a Jinglue Mansion here. Shi Jin thought: “Is Master Wang Jin also here?” So he found a teahouse to sit down and asked the waiter about his master’s whereabouts. At this moment, a big man who looked like an army officer came into the teahouse. The waiter said to Shi Jin: “He is the local governor. If you want to see Coach Wang, just ask him.” Shi Jin looked carefully and saw this The governor was eight feet tall, with a muscular back and a bearded face. Shi Jin saw that he had an extraordinary appearance, like a man, so he stood up and saluted and said, “May I ask the official what his surname is?” The big man replied: “The Sa family is under the jurisdiction of Jinglue Prefecture, and its surname is Lu, and its single name is Da. Dare I ask? What’s your brother’s name?” Shi Jin replied: “I am from Huayin County, and my surname is Shi Mingjin. I have a master named Wang Jin, who was the instructor of the 800,000 Imperial Guards in Tokyo. I don’t know if he is here. Are you in the Jinglue Mansion?” Lu Tiha said, “You shouldn’t be Shi Dalang, the nine-patterned dragon from Shijiazhuang, right?” Shi Jin replied modestly, “That’s right.” Lu Tiha said, “My name is Wang Jin. I’ve heard about it for a long time, but he’s not here. However, when you come today, you must have a few drinks first.” After saying that, he took Shi Jin’s hand and walked towards the street.

The two were walking on the street when they suddenly saw a group of people gathered in front of them. Shi Jin was curious, so he pulled Luda over to take a look. I saw a man standing in the open space in the center of the crowd. There were a few plasters on the ground. The man was performing boxing and kicking skills while selling plasters. Shi Jin recognized this man at a glance. His name was Li Zhong, and he was nicknamed “Tiger Fighter”. He was Shi Jin’s first teacher in martial arts. Shi Jin couldn’t help shouting: “Master, long time no see.” Li Zhong looked up and recognized his apprentice, and exclaimed: “Oh, Dalang, why are you here too?” Lu Tiha said: “Since He is Shi Dalang’s master, so come and have a drink with us!”

The three of them came to Pan’s Restaurant and chose a good seat to sit down. Lu Tiha served as the host and ordered some good wine and food. While eating, they talked about the skills of using guns and sticks. When I was getting excited, I suddenly heard a woman crying in the next room. Lutiha became upset after hearing this and smashed several plates, which scared the waiters in the restaurant and rushed to apologize. Lu Tixia said angrily: “The Sa family invited brothers to come over for a drink, and they didn’t short-change your wine money. Why did a woman come here to cry and spoil the mood of the Sa family?” The boy quickly apologized and said, “How dare you disturb the official?” People are drinking, and the ones crying next door are a father and daughter singing. They don’t know you are drinking here, sir.” Lu Tiha felt a little strange and asked the waiter to call the father and daughter over.

After a while, a woman of eighteen or nineteen came over holding an old man. The woman was pretty and kept wiping her tears. Lu Tiha asked them: “Where are you from? Why are you crying here?” The woman said a blessing and replied: “My daughter is from Tokyo. She originally went to seek refuge with relatives. Unexpectedly, her mother fell ill and died. My father and daughter The two of them ended up living here. A man named Zheng Daguan from Zhen Guanxi forcibly married me as his concubine. He originally promised to give me three thousand guan, but he didn’t give me the money and occupied the slave’s house. Unfortunately, I haven’t even married for three years yet. Within a month, the wife of his wife kicked me out. The official Zheng wanted us and his daughter to pay him back three thousand guan. We had not confiscated a penny from him, but he came to ask for it. There was nothing I could do. I have no choice but to sing here with my father to pay back the money. There are few customers these days and my income is meager. I am afraid that I will be humiliated by him if I can’t pay back the money, so I can’t help crying. I don’t want to disturb the adults, and I hope you can forgive me.” After that, he cried again. got up.

Lu Tixia asked again: “What is your name? Where does the official Zheng from Guanxi live?” The old man replied: “The villain’s surname is Jin, the second oldest, and the daughter’s name is Cuilian. The official Zheng is Zhuangyuanqiao Butcher Zheng, who sells meat, is nicknamed Zhen Guanxi.” When Lu Tixia heard this, he became furious and said, “The Sa family thought Zhen Guanxi was something, but it turned out that he was just a butcher selling meat. How dare he bully people like this? Brothers, please sit down for a moment, and I will come to you for a drink after the Sa family has dealt with the scoundrel!” Both Shi Jin and Li Zhong advised him not to be too anxious, and it would not be too late to deal with it tomorrow. Lu Tiha then calmed down.

Seeing that the father and daughter were pitiful, Lu Tiha wanted to give them some money to go home. Unexpectedly, he only had five taels of silver with him, so he asked Shi Jin and Li Zhong to borrow it. Shi Jin took out ten taels of silver from the package and put it on the table, while Li Zhong only took out two taels. Seeing that he was stingy, Lu Tiha did not ask for his money. He only gave his father and daughter five taels of silver and Shi Jin’s ten taels of silver, and told them: “Don’t worry. Go back and pack your luggage. I’ll come to escort you on your way tomorrow morning. Let’s see who dares to stop you!” After drinking, the three of them left the restaurant and went back. When Lu Tiha returned to Jinglue Mansion, he thought of what happened during the day and was so angry that he went to bed without even eating dinner.

With the fifteen taels of silver sponsored by Lu Tiha, the Jins paid for the house, hired a carriage outside the city, and packed their luggage when they came back, waiting to set off early tomorrow morning. At dawn, Lu Tiha arrived at the store and asked the waiter loudly which room Jin and his daughter lived in. The waiter took him to the residence of the Jin family and his daughter. Seeing Old Man Jin carrying a load and about to go out, he stopped him and asked, “Old Man Jin, where are you going?” Lu Tiha glared at the waiter. He said, “You didn’t let him go. Could it be that he missed your rent?” The waiter replied, “The rent is not bad, but I haven’t given Mr. Zheng the money to buy a house yet!” Lu Tiha said: “The Sa family will repay Butcher Zheng’s money. You let them go home first!” The waiter refused to say anything. Lu Tiha was very angry and slapped the waiter with open fingers, which hit his mouth. Bleeding. Lu Tiha let the Jin father and daughter go first, and he pulled up a bench and sat in the restaurant watching the waiter. Two hours later, when they were probably far away, he got up to go find Zheng Tu to settle the score.

Zheng Tu was sitting in his butcher shop, staring at the dozen or so waiters selling meat. Lu Tiha walked to the door and shouted: “Zheng Tu!” When Zheng Tu saw Lu Tiha coming, he hurriedly got up to greet him, shouted “Tiha, forgive me”, and ordered his men to bring him a stool. sit down. Lu Tiha said: “The Sa family has an order from the souchong manager, Xianggong, to order ten kilograms of fine meat and cut it into minced meat. Don’t see any fat on it.” Zheng Tu quickly said to his men: “Hurry up and follow Lu Tiha’s order. I ordered you to choose ten kilograms of the best meat and cut it up for Lu Tiha!” Lu Tiha said loudly: “Who wants those guys to do it? The Sa family wants you to cut it yourself.” When Zheng Tu saw that something was wrong, he hurriedly said: “My lord, say That’s right, the villain should cut it himself.” So Zheng Tu went to the chopping board and selected ten pounds of meat, carefully chopped it into minced meat, and it took him half an hour to cut it. He wrapped the dumplings in lotus leaves and asked carefully: “Sir, do you want someone to deliver it to you?” At this time, the beaten waiter came to report to Zheng Tu and saw Lu Tiha sitting in the butcher shop. In front, he was so scared that he hid aside, not daring to come over. Lu Tiha said, “What are you busy with! Cut another ten pounds of fat meat for me, without any lean meat on it!” Zheng Tu asked puzzledly: “I just cut the lean meat just because I was afraid that my family would use it to make dumplings. This fat meat What is the meat used for?” Lu Tiha said: “My husband-in-law ordered it, who dares to ask!” Zheng Tu had no choice but to choose another ten kilograms of fat meat, cut it into minced meat, wrap it in lotus leaves and asked “Would you like someone to send it to your house?” Lutiha said, “Don’t be impatient for now. Give me ten kilograms of pork ribs. Cut them into minced meat. There shouldn’t be any bits of meat on the bones.”

When Zheng Tu heard this, he suppressed the anger in his heart and said with a smile: “Aren’t you deliberately trying to make fun of me?” Upon hearing this, Lu Tiha jumped up from his stool and cursed: “Sajia is just here. Just for fun!” With that, he threw two packs of chopped minced meat at Zheng Tu’s head. Zheng Tu could no longer suppress the anger in his heart and picked up a sharp knife for deboning from the meat table. He grabbed Rutihad by the collar and slashed at him with his other hand. Lu Tiha took advantage of the situation and held down Zheng Tu’s left hand, kicked him to the ground, took another step forward, stepped on his chest, and cursed with a fist as big as a vinegar bowl: “Sajia defected to Xiao Zhongjinglue” Mr. Xianggong, even though I am the fifth official envoy to Guanxi, I dare not claim to be the governor of Guanxi. You, a butcher who sells meat and is worse than a pig or a dog, do you deserve to be called this? Tell me, how did you deceive Jin Cuilian! “Before he could speak, Lutiha punched him in the nose. Zheng Tu was hit by this punch so much that his nose started to bleed and his nose was crooked to one side. He fell to the ground and couldn’t get up. The knife in his hand also dropped. But he was still unconvinced and shouted in a provocative tone: “Good fight!” Lu Tiha saw him retorting and cursed: “Thief, you dare to fight back?” After that, he punched again and hit hard. The ground hit Zheng Tu on the eye socket, so hard that his eyeballs almost fell out. Zheng Tu couldn’t resist, so he had to beg for mercy. Lu Tiha scolded: “You shameless thing, if you fight me to the end, maybe the Sa family will spare you! Now you come to beg for mercy, but the Sa family won’t spare you!” After saying that, he shot another blow at his temple. The fist hit Zheng Tu so hard that stars popped out of his eyes, and he lay straight on the ground, unable to even breathe normally.

Seeing that something was wrong, Lu Tiha quickly pretended to say: “You kid, pretend to be dead, I’ll beat you again!” Seeing that Zheng Tu’s face turned pale, Lu Tiha thought to herself: “I just want to teach him a good lesson, but I didn’t expect three punches.” He was beaten to death with just two feet. Rather than being arrested and sued, it would be better to run away as soon as possible!” Thinking of this, Lu Tiha walked away, turning back from time to time and scolding: “You kid, pretend to be dead. Come back later. Deal with you!” After saying that, he strode away, and no one around him dared to stop him.

Lu Tiha returned to the place where he lived, hurriedly packed his luggage and travel expenses, picked up a short stick reaching his eyebrows, and hurried out of the south gate to escape.

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