Chapter 5 Lu Zhishen uproots the weeping willow

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Chapter 5 Lu Zhishen uproots the weeping willow
Lu Zhishen came out from Wutai Mountain, covered with travel, and rushed all the way to the Xiangguo Temple in Tokyo. He met the elder of the Xiangguo Temple, Master Zhiqing. After some inquiries, the elder arranged for Lu Zhishen to stay. Because Lu Zhishen had a fierce face and did not look like a monk, the monks in the temple asked him to manage the vegetable garden outside the Jujube Gate. There were more than twenty scoundrels there who often stole food, so the elder thought it would be a good idea to let Lu Zhishen calm them down. Although Lu Zhishen was not very willing, he had no choice but to agree first.

On this day, several scoundrels in the vegetable garden heard that a new person was coming to manage the vegetable garden, so they gathered together to discuss: “The Daxiangguo Temple sent a new person named Lu Zhishen to manage the vegetable garden. Let’s take advantage of him just coming. Teach him a lesson so that he will be afraid of us from now on.” Several people got together and came up with a sneaky idea to punish him.


As soon as Lu Zhishen arrived at the vegetable garden, the gangsters came to him with gifts and said, “I heard that Master is new here, and we are here to celebrate you.” Lu Zhishen didn’t know that they wanted to frame him, so he walked to Beside the cesspit. Unexpectedly, the gang of scoundrels pounced on him together. One named “Street Rat” Zhang San hugged his left foot, and the other named “Grass Snake” Li Si hugged his right foot. The two of them worked together to overthrow Lu Zhishen. In the cesspit.

Lu Zhishen had already taken precautions. He raised his feet one after another, and the two scoundrels fell into the manure pit. They were smelly of feces and had maggots in their hair. They stood in the manure pit begging for mercy. When the others saw it, they ran away. Lu Zhishen shouted: “If one runs, one will get down; if two run away, two will get down.” After hearing this, no one dared to run away. Zhang San and Li Si finally crawled out of the manure pit, washed themselves, and sat on the ground to listen to Lu Zhishen’s lecture. Lu Zhishen said: “You scoundrels, how dare you come here to tease me?” Zhang San and Li Si immediately knelt down and said: “We have lived here for generations and relied on this garden for our livelihood. Daxiangguo Temple can’t do anything to us. , I didn’t expect the new master to be so powerful. We brothers have all surrendered and are willing to listen to you from now on.” Lu Zhishen said: “The Sa family is under the jurisdiction of Mr. Xiang Lue, Souchong of Weizhou Prefecture. Because he killed too many people, he went to Mount Wutai. I have become a monk and have profound Dharma and wisdom. Not to mention twenty or thirty of you, I can kill even thousands of troops and get back.” After hearing this, everyone praised him repeatedly and bowed before leaving.

The next day, everyone came to Lu Zhishen to drink. When he was in the mood, he suddenly heard a crow crow outside the door, which made people very upset. Lu Zhishen asked impatiently: “Where did the crow come from?” Everyone said: “A new crow’s nest was built on the willow tree in the corner, and crows crow non-stop every day.” Lu Zhishen asked: “Is there any way to get it away?” “?” Several people said: “Let’s find a ladder, climb up and tear down the bird’s nest.” Li Si said: “Let me climb up and take the bird’s nest away!” Before they could take action, Lu Zhishen He took off his shirt, walked to the willow tree, bent down and hugged the trunk. With a strong force, the willow tree was uprooted by him, and the crows on the tree flew away in fright. Everyone was stunned by the scene in front of them. They all fell to the ground and said, “Master is really a god!” Lu Zhishen said, “What is this? I will show you weapons another day.” From then on, these people brought some weapons every day. Let Lu Zhishen eat wine and meat.

After a few days, Lu Zhishen thought to himself: “It’s not appropriate to eat other people’s food all the time. It’s a courtesy to the Sa family to get them some food.” So he went down and bought some jars of good wine and some food, and invited the rogues. They come over to drink and eat meat. When everyone was eating happily, someone suddenly said: “We have already seen Master’s boxing and kicking skills. How about you show us how to use a set of weapons today?” Lu Zhishen said: “Okay, I will show you today.” “After saying that, he picked up a sixty-two-pound Zen staff and started dancing in the open space. Most people can’t lift that Zen staff, but Lu Zhishen danced it so gracefully that it was really beautiful. Everyone clapped and applauded.

At this time, someone suddenly shouted in the corner: “Good staff technique!” Lu Zhishen stopped his hand and glanced at the man, only to see that he was eight feet tall, thirty-four or five years old, with a leopard head and ringed eyes. Yan, with his chin and beard, showed his talents and asked him who he was. Everyone said: “He is Lin Chong, the instructor of the 800,000-strong Forbidden Army in Tokyo. He was nicknamed ‘Leopard Head’.” Lu Zhishen invited Lin Chong to meet him at the door. Lin Chong said: “Where is Senior Brother from? What is your name?” Lu Zhishen said: “The Sa family is from Guanxi, and his real name is Luda. He was willing to become a monk because he killed too many people. The Sa family also went to Tokyo when they were young, and also I have met your father Lin Tiha.” Lin Chong was very happy to hear this, so the two became brothers with different surnames and sat under a tree to drink.

Suddenly, Jin’er, the maid of the Lin family, ran over in a panic and said, “It’s bad, officer, someone is bullying my wife in the temple!”

Lin Chong asked: “Where?” Jin’er said: “At Wuyue Tower.” Lin Chong said goodbye to Lu Zhishen in a hurry and ran towards Wuyue Tower. When Lin Chong arrived, he saw a young young man stopping his wife and saying, “My dear wife, let me go upstairs. I have something to tell you!” Lin Chong’s wife said, “In a peaceful world, in full view of everyone, how dare you molest a good family?” Woman?” Lin Chong felt sorry for his wife. He stepped forward and grabbed the young man’s shoulder, shouting: “What kind of crime should I be punished for teasing someone’s wife?” He just raised his fist and was about to hit her, but he stopped his hand. It turned out that this young man was not someone else. , it is Gao Yanei, the adopted son of Taiwei Gao Qiu. Relying on Gao Qiu’s power, this man bullied men and women in Tokyo and did all kinds of evil. People secretly called him “Huahua Taisui”. Gao Yanei knew Lin Chong, but did not know Lin Chong’s wife. Everyone persuaded him for a long time before they coaxed him away. Only then did Lin Chong give up.

Ever since he met Lin Chong’s wife, Gao Yanei had become completely distracted. He only thought about Mrs. Lin and was unhappy. Gao Yanei had a helper named Fu An, who guessed Gao Yanei’s thoughts and gave him an idea: “Lu Qian, the Marquis of Yu in the palace, is Lin Chong’s friend. As long as he deceives Lin Chong, you can go find him again.” Isn’t Mrs. Lin ready?” Gao Yanei laughed and said, “What a great idea!”

The next day, Lu Qian came to visit Lin Chong and invited him to have a drink. Lin Chong was in a bad mood these days, and a friend came to invite him for a drink, so he went with him. Lu Qian originally wanted Lin Chong to go to his house. After walking around on the street, he suddenly changed his mind and said, “Why don’t you go to my house? Let’s go to Fanlou to drink.” The two of them went to Fanlou together.

After drinking a few glasses of wine, Lin Chong got up and went to the toilet, only to see the maid Jin’er running hurriedly and saying, “Officer, it’s bad, my wife has been deceived.” Lin Chong asked, “What’s going on?” Jin’er said: “A man told his wife that you were drunk at Marquis Lu Yu’s house and asked her to serve her. She followed the man to Lu’s house. She didn’t see the official, but she saw the young man that day. He held her captive and wanted to molest her. She. Officers, go and save her.”

Lin Chong suddenly realized that Lu Qian first deceived him out of the house, and then sent someone to defraud his wife. This is all a trap set by Gao Yameni. Lin Chong left Lu Qian and hurried to Lu’s house. Before I entered the door, I heard my wife shouting from upstairs: “Qingping world, why do you lock a good woman here?” Then, Gao Yanei’s voice came: “Madam, if you ask me, I will be a stone-hearted person.” , you will be soft-hearted!” Lin Chong rushed to the door and shouted: “Madam, open the door!” Hearing her husband’s voice, Madam Lin ran to open the door regardless of her own safety. Seeing Lin Chong coming, Gao Yanei climbed over the wall in despair and ran away. Lin Chong went to Fan Tower to look for Lu Qian again, but he couldn’t find him anywhere. He had long since fled to the Palace Commander’s Mansion and hid. Lin Chong waited outside the mansion for three days but did not see him come out.

Gao Yanei fell ill since he escaped over the wall from Lu Qian’s house that day. Lu Qian and Fu An came to visit him at the house and saw Gao Yanei looking haggard and depressed. They knew that the reason for his illness was because he did not get Mrs. Lin. So, the two of them came up with a weird idea to kill Lin Chong.

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