Chapter 4 Monk Hua makes a big fuss in Mount Wutai

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Chapter 4 Monk Hua makes a big fuss in Mount Wutai
Lu Da beat Zhen Guanxi to death and fled east and west. He walked for more than half a month and came to Yanmen County in Daizhou. The market in Yanmen County is very lively with people coming and going. Ruda saw a group of people gathered around the street. It turned out that they were reading the announcement. Ruda could not read, but luckily someone read it out. The notice stated that Yanmen County was ordered to capture the fugitive prisoner Ruda. Anyone who knew something and did not report it would be guilty of the same crime as the criminal; anyone who was captured or reported to the officials would be rewarded with a thousand guan. Luda was about to leave when someone suddenly hugged his waist, pulled him away from the crowd, and shouted, “Brother Zhang, why are you here?”

Luda turned around and saw that this person was none other than the old man named Jin whom he had rescued at the Weizhou Restaurant. Ruda wondered why he was here. It turned out that Old Man Jin planned to return to Tokyo that day, but he was afraid that Zheng Tu would chase him, so he simply kept walking north. On the way, he met an old neighbor from Tokyo and took them to Yanmen County. He also acted as a matchmaker for Cuilian and married her. A local rich man. The father and daughter finally had something to rely on, and they often mentioned Lu Tisha’s kindness. Unexpectedly, they met their benefactor here.


Old Man Jin respectfully invited Ruda into his home, asked his daughter Cuilian to come out to thank her benefactor, and then entertained him with wine and food. Cuilian’s official, Zhao Yuanwai, had long heard of Luda’s name and was even more respectful to him. It’s just that the people in this place are chatty, and Zhao Yuanwai was afraid that Ruda’s whereabouts would be revealed, so he said to him: “I really wanted to keep my benefactor here, but I was also afraid that the government would cause trouble, but I couldn’t keep my benefactor, and I felt bad. I I do know that there is a place where my benefactor can take refuge, but I am afraid that my benefactor will not go there.” Ruda said, “I am a fugitive. As long as I can survive, why would I refuse?” Zhao Yuanwai said, “It’s more than thirty miles away from here. There is Mount Wutai, and there is Wenshu Monastery on the mountain. There are six to seven hundred monks in the courtyard. The elder Zen Master Zhizhen is a good friend of mine. My ancestors donated a lot of money, and he was Tan Yue, the benefactor of the temple. I once promised to introduce a close friend People come here to become monks, but they have never found a suitable candidate. If my benefactor is willing, leave all affairs to me.”

Ruda thought to himself: There is nowhere to go anyway, so why not become a monk? So I agreed. The next day, the two went to Mount Wutai together. After meeting the two of them, Zen Master Zhizhen promised Zhao to find someone to ordain Ruda. However, the monks in the temple thought Ruda had a sinister appearance and were unwilling to ordain him. The elder said: “This man is like a star in the sky. Although he looks ugly, he can achieve righteousness. His creation is above yours, so you just shave him.”

The elder chose an auspicious day to hold a tonsure ceremony for Ruda. Several monks came over and shaved off his hair, followed by his beard. Ruda said: “Just keep these beards!” The elder said: “Leave no blade of grass, six clean roots, all must be shaved off.” The elder gave the order, and the monks shaved off Ruda’s beard. The next step was to give the Dharma name. The elder said: “A little spiritual light is worth a thousand gold; the Dharma is vast, and the Dharma is given a name of deep wisdom.” Therefore, Ruda got a Dharma name, called Zhishen.

After the tonsure, he was ordained. Zhishen put on a cassock and knelt down to listen to the elders’ teachings. The elder touched his head and said: “The first is to take refuge in the Three Jewels, the second is to take refuge in Buddhism, and the third is to take refuge in teachers and friends. These are the ‘three refuges’; and the ‘five precepts’, one is not to kill, and the other is not to steal.” , The third is not to be sexually immoral, the fourth is not to be addicted to alcohol, and the fifth is not to lie.” Lu Zhishen didn’t quite understand what the elder said, and casually responded: “Sajia, remember it.” All the monks burst into laughter after hearing this.

In this way, Lu Zhishen became a monk in Mount Wutai and lived in Wenshu Monastery. However, he did not chant sutras or meditate. He snored loudly at night and did not go to the toilet to relieve himself. He only went to the back of the Buddhist temple to relieve himself, leaving poop and urine everywhere. The monks couldn’t bear it anymore and ran to the elders to complain. The elder couldn’t blame him because he accepted the donation from Zhao Yuanwai. In this way, Lu Zhishen stayed in Wutai Mountain for four or five months.

One day, because he had not drank for a long time, Lu Zhishen suddenly became addicted to alcohol and wanted to go down the mountain to find some wine. When they reached the pavilion halfway up the mountain, they saw a man walking up the mountain carrying two buckets. Lu Zhishen asked the man, “What’s in your buckets?” The man replied, “It’s good wine!” Lu Zhishen asked, “How much does a barrel cost?” The man glanced at him and said, “I sell this wine to people who work in the mountains, not to you, a monk.” Lu Zhishen said, “Are you really not going to sell it? The man said, “I won’t sell you even if you kill him.”

Seeing that he was about to leave, Lu Zhishen kicked him over. The man was so painful that he squatted on the ground for a long time and couldn’t get up. Lu Zhishen grabbed the wine barrel, opened the lid and drank. In just a moment, he drank all the wine in the barrel. After drinking, Lu Zhishen said to the man: “Tomorrow you come to the mountain and ask me for drink money!” The man dared not ask for the drink money, so he ran down the mountain quickly with the bucket.

After Lu Zhishen rested in the pavilion for a long time, he walked up the mountain drunkenly. Seeing this, the disciple of the temple stopped him with a bamboo stick and said: “Since you have become a Buddhist disciple, you must abide by the rules of a monk. How can you get drunk and then go up the mountain? According to the regulations of the temple, if you break the precepts after drinking, you must be beaten first.” You will be beaten down the mountain after forty sticks. If any monk lets a drunken monk into the temple, he will be beaten. You should leave quickly! The forty sticks will be waived.”

Lu Zhishen glared and cursed: “You son of a bitch, whoever dares to hit me, I’ll beat him up first!” Seeing that the situation was not going well, the disciple quickly went up the mountain to call for help. After a while, twenty or thirty people including the old man, the fireman, the director, and the bearers of the temple all ran out of the corridor, each holding a short white wooden stick. When Lu Zhishen saw this, he roared loudly, which was as deafening as a thunderbolt in mid-air. Everyone didn’t know that he was an officer before, but now seeing his fierce look, they were so frightened that they ran into the side room and closed the doors and windows tightly.

Lu Zhishen forced his way in and opened the window with punches and kicks, leaving them with no place to hide and they all fled in all directions. Fortunately, the elder arrived in time and shouted: “Zhishen! Don’t be rude!” Although Lu Zhishen was drunk, he still recognized the elder. He immediately threw down his stick, pointed at everyone and said, “I just drank a little. , I didn’t offend them, why should they beat me?” The elder said, “For my sake, don’t pursue it anymore, go to bed first, and we’ll talk about it tomorrow!” Seeing the elder defending this crazy monk in this way, everyone secretly laughed at him. he.

The next day, the elder called Lu Zhishen into the meditation room to criticize and educate him. Lu Zhishen promised not to break the precepts again and did not dare to leave the temple for three or four months in a row.

One day, the weather suddenly became warmer. Lu Zhishen left the monk’s room and walked slowly outside the mountain gate. Suddenly he heard a jingling sound coming from him. He went back to the house, took some silver, and followed the sound down the mountain. The sound turned out to be from a blacksmith shop in the market, and there were three masters forging iron in front of the door. Lu Zhishen asked: “The Sa family wants to make a Zen staff and a Jie sword. I wonder if there is good quality iron?” The blacksmith master said: “I wonder how heavy the Zen staff and Jie sword you want to make are?” Lu Zhishen replied: “The Sa family wants a hundred kilograms. It’s heavy.” The master blacksmith smiled and said: “One hundred kilograms is too heavy. Guan Gong’s Qinglong Yanyue Sword only weighs eighty two kilograms.” Lu Zhishen said: “Then imitate Guan Gong and weigh eighty two kilograms!” The master blacksmith said Then he said: “How about a Zen staff weighing only sixty-two pounds? It’s too heavy and it doesn’t look good!” Lu Zhishen nodded, paid five taels of silver, and went to find a drink.

Lu Zhishen found several hotels. Seeing that he was a monk from Mount Wutai, the store owners did not dare to sell him wine. It turned out that the elder had already ordered that anyone who dared to sell wine to the monks in Mount Wutai would have the hotel’s capital confiscated. Because they occupy the temple’s land, the shopkeepers dare not disobey the elders’ orders. Lu Zhishen had no choice but to run to Xinghua Village further away, walked into a hotel and said, “Staff, please bring me a bowl of wine!” When the shopkeeper saw that it was a monk, he asked, “You are not a monk from Mount Wutai, are you?” Lu Zhishen said: “I am a traveling monk from other places, not a monk from Mount Wutai.” The shopkeeper heard that he did not have a local accent, so he had to serve him wine. Lu Zhishen drank a few bowls of wine and asked: “What kind of meat is there in the store?” The store owner said: “If you come earlier, there is beef, but it is all sold out now.” Lu Zhishen suddenly smelled the aroma of meat, walked in and saw that it turned out that A dog is cooking in the pot. Without saying a word, Lu Zhishen took out his money and bought half of one, dipped it in minced garlic and ate it.

After drinking and eating, Lu Zhishen put the remaining half of the dog’s leg in his arms, threw down a few taels of silver, and headed towards Mount Wutai. Only then did the store owner realize that he had been deceived. As soon as Lu Zhishen walked to the pavilion halfway up the mountain, he suddenly felt drunk and said to himself: “I haven’t practiced martial arts for a long time. I just want to practice today.” So he used a set of boxing techniques, but he felt that it was not enough. , then he struck the pavilion pillar with his palm. There was only a crash and the pillars were broken.

The two gatekeepers heard the noise and looked down the hill. They saw Lu Zhishen staggering up the hill. Knowing that he was drunk again, he dared to open the door. Lu Zhishen could not enter the temple, so he confusedly mistook the Vajra statue for a human being, beat and scolded it, and toppled it to the ground. Upon seeing this, all the monks went to the elders to complain. The elder said: “Even if he destroyed the Buddha statue, I can’t control it!” Everyone was helpless after hearing this. After leaving the meditation room, they all scolded the elder for being fatuous and incompetent.

Lu Zhishen returned to his meditation room drunkenly and took out the remaining half of the dog’s leg, which scared the monks around him and hid away. Lu Zhishen pulled off a piece of meat and said to a monk, “Would you like to take a bite?” Then he stuffed the meat into the monk’s mouth. The monks came to persuade him one after another, but in the end they were frightened by his fist and fled outside.

The temple supervisor couldn’t stand it anymore, so he called one or two hundred people to rush in with sticks and surrounded Lu Zhishen. Seeing this, Lu Zhishen roared, pulled off two legs of the table, used them as weapons, and started fighting with the monks. The monks were no match for him. They were all beaten until they were scared to death.

At this time, the elder came out and shouted loudly: “Zhishen, don’t be rude!” Hearing the elder’s voice, Lu Zhishen sobered up for seven or eight minutes, put down his stick, and followed the elder into the meditation room. The elder said to Zhishen, “You have broken the Buddhist rules many times. I can no longer tolerate you here. I will introduce you to Xiangguo Temple in Tokyo. Are you willing?” Lu Zhishen said, “The Sa family is willing.” Then, the elder gave him four gifts. One sentence: “Rise when you meet the forest, get rich when you meet the mountains, move when you meet the state, stop when you meet the river.” After listening to these four sentences, Lu Zhishen bowed to the elder a few times, packed up his things and left Mount Wutai, heading all the way to Tokyo. Run.

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