Chapter 2 Misleading

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Chapter 2 Misleading
“No ma’am…”

Haina whispered: “Actually, I haven’t graduated yet.”

And, this is just a question…

But before she could say this, she was interrupted softly by Aiwass:

“You can join the Supervisory Bureau before you have officially graduated…I understand. Is Miss Haina studying at Wangli University of Law?”

Aiwass’s accent was standard and clean, without the “elf accent” that symbolized nobility that the people of the royal capital were proud of. But this only made Haina, who came to study abroad from a small place, more favorable to her.

So she nodded in response: “Ah, yes.”

She said, proudly puffing up her chest: “I am the former student union president and the head girl of the fourth grade. As an outstanding graduate, I obtained the employment permit from the Supervision Bureau one year in advance. Although my qualifications The sword hasn’t been issued yet, but my name is already there from the Supervision Bureau.”

“In that case, you can still be regarded as my senior sister.”

Aiwass crossed his hands and put them on his knees.

His upper body relaxed and leaned back, and he said slowly: “I am actually also a student of Wangli University of Law. I am a freshman this year.”


Haina was a little surprised: “But I haven’t seen you before…”

“Because I was in poor health. Before I entered school, I got seriously ill. For this reason, I stayed in bed at home and rested for three months.”

Aiwass’ somewhat pale face made his words full of persuasion.

It’s not easy for a child…

“I understand. You are indeed innocent…I will report to the director when I get back.”

Haina nodded repeatedly, feeling pity. The slight jealousy I felt towards Aiwass also dissipated because of this.

She was ashamed of herself. As an inspector of the Supervision Bureau, she can be regarded as half a knight. He actually forgot the doctrines of humility and compassion taught by his teacher… Jealousy is really ugly.

“Well, senior sister,” Aiwass said suddenly, “have you seen anything in the fireplace?”

“Burning things…”

Haina turned around and said uncertainly: “I can’t tell clearly. It doesn’t seem to be firewood.”

“That’s a diary.”

Aiwass said gently: “Maybe it is evidence that I am connected with the demonologist.

“It’s like this book in my hand.”

As he spoke, he closed the book in his hand and threw it into the fire.

Hearing this, Haina was suddenly startled.

She subconsciously took a step forward and instinctively reached out to grab it. Without any precautions, she was the first to catch the book in the air.

She frowned and looked down. But I found out that the book was called “Eighty Selected Poems of Shidel”.

Of course Haina knew the book. Because this is the textbook that will be used in the “Elvish Language” course for the freshman year.

She flipped through it uneasily, confirming that it was not evidence of any connection with the demonologist at all. There are even many important and difficult points marked with outlines of different colors.

“just kidding.”

The corner of Aiwass’ mouth raised slightly: “I am the victim of the incident, senior sister. This is obviously what you just said… Why did you become suspicious again when I just mentioned it casually? Do you have so little confidence in me? ?”

Haina suddenly realized that this young man who looked very gentle and elegant seemed to have some hidden evil intentions.

“This is a serious matter, no joke.”

She put on a straight face and taught her a serious lesson as if in school: “The sacrifices of demonologists often use living people as raw materials, and in order to silence them, they will kill the sacrifices after the sacrifice. That is absolutely true.” He is so evil that even if he has no grudges against others, he will use them as material to kill, which is outrageous! How can you joke about this kind of thing?”

When she said this, she suddenly thought of something, and her eyes became sharp: “Speaking of which… if you were a sacrifice, how did you survive?”

“They sacrificed me to summon a powerful demon, but they didn’t expect the demon to get closer to me. So I ordered the demon to kill them all.”

The young man smiled and said increasingly outrageous words: “In fact, the Moriarty family is actually full of evil. My father, Professor James Moriarty, is a demonologist with a dream of destroying the world. And I am not his He is an adopted son, but a demon summoned by him from another world. He can completely destroy the Kingdom of Avalon within a year.”

Haina was dumbfounded for more than half of it before she realized that Aiwass was just talking nonsense.

“…What are you talking about?!”

She shouted angrily, at least half of which was because she was ashamed that she actually took Aiwass’ strange words seriously for a moment.

This young man who looks as gentle as a poet is actually as cunning as a fox, full of lies from heaven to earth!

She was furious, but she didn’t dare to speak loudly in front of the old housekeeper, but she ended up blushing: “Be honest – why did you appear in the devil’s ritual? Someone anonymously reported that you went to the stone arch on your own The park was not coerced by anyone.”

“What I tell you is true. If you don’t believe me, take me to the Supervision Bureau.”

Aiwass shrugged, as if he felt regret from the bottom of his heart.

But Haina knew that this was simply impossible – given the obvious tendency of the Supervisory Bureau to cover up, it was impossible for her to arrest Aiwass without evidence. If Aiwass, who is still in a wheelchair, is taken away, I am afraid he will be the unlucky one.

Then, Aiwass slowly faded away that fox-like smile.

He showed a serious expression and said seriously: “That’s what I said. But since you know, senior sister, what I said is all nonsense, then why can you believe the anonymous report letter? What I said , what’s the difference between that and the report letter?”

“…So, what is the truth?”

“I can tell you another version of the story – when I was out for a walk, I was attacked and taken to Stone Arch Bridge Park. When I woke up, I was in a wheelchair. I have no idea what happened in the middle, even more I don’t know that I was sacrificed to the devil as a sacrifice, and I don’t know how they were beaten away, or how I survived…
“But this version of the story is too smooth and flawless. It’s like a lawyer’s defense in court. If I tell you directly, you may become more suspicious.”

Aiwass sighed, seeming helpless and innocent again.

He said, “So, which one do you believe?”

…If you exclude the emotional part and judge from reason. It seems that the latter is more reasonable.

Haina immediately realized that she had misunderstood Aiwass again.

——Because Aiwass is too weak. Haina could feel that he was probably indeed a transcendent, but her reaction was very weak. At most, it only lights up one layer of the road.

Even if a demon is really summoned, it is at best the strength of the familiar, and it is impossible to cause destruction on that scale – besides, the deceased confirmed at the ceremony site are indeed wanted criminals who have fled to the royal capital.

That man once sacrificed a small village and is now a third-level demonologist who can even summon higher-level demons.

… Could it be that after he summoned the demon, the contract failed and the demon backfired?

It’s not impossible.

That way, upon the death of the summoner, the demon is sent back. Aiwass was only seriously injured by the ritual, and was picked up by the old butler. Logically speaking, this is much more likely.

…But why did Aiwass tell himself such outrageous lies?

Soon, Haina reacted——

She gave a very reasonable explanation: because her attitude transformation was too simple. She declared Aiwass innocent without careful cross-examination. As a truly innocent person, Aiwass felt angry because of this hasty attitude, so he deliberately said some strange things to satirize himself for being prone to preconceptions and being gullible to others.

I see.

Because of this, the director didn’t pay much attention to this matter…because he knew that Aiwass couldn’t be the prisoner, and he probably didn’t know any important information, so the investigation would be in vain.

Then everything is right.

Another case occurred yesterday – in order to perform large-scale rituals such as summoning demons, demonologists usually need to work in pairs. And in most cases, pairs of demonologists have a master-disciple relationship.

If the demonologist as the mentor was counterattacked by the summoned demon, then it becomes reasonable for the apprentice to act alone after escaping. If Aiwass was his assistant and apprentice, then who committed yesterday’s case? If Aiwass controls a demon and kills one person, will he spare another person?

…Hey, what the hell am I talking about. How can a superior demon be so easily controlled by such a novice?

“I’m sorry, I made the first impression.”

Thinking of this, Haina apologized simply: “I’m also sorry for missing the appointment before. If you still plan to come back to school, I can ask my juniors to make it easier for you.

“This is not compensation, just an apology. If there is anything else you need me to do, please feel free to ask.”

“Is everything okay?” Aiwass seemed a little moved.

“… To state in advance, I have no money.”

With a somewhat sad expression on her face, Haina reluctantly added: “In addition to monetary compensation – if necessary, I can do some voluntary labor.”

“It doesn’t matter, the misunderstanding will be cleared up.”

Aiwass smiled gently: “I actually feel uneasy. After all, if the senior sister is mentioned a few words after she goes back, she becomes suspicious again, and comes back to investigate, it will be very troublesome for both of us. Not to mention, if you are late again…

“Now, senior sister, you might as well guess, why do I know about demons? Although I didn’t come into contact with anything and was unconscious the whole time. But why can I guess that this matter is related to demonologists the moment we meet? ?”

“…I think this is the legendary deduction method! Just like the famous Mr. Charlotte!”

Haina’s eyes lit up: “I remember Mr. Charlotte, who was also the professor’s favorite student. He seems to be good at discerning the details of others through this divination-like method! The cases he solved, I I collected newspaper clippings – I cut out the parts of those newspapers that mentioned Mr. Charlotte and pasted them into a book. Now the book is one-third full…”

The more she talked, the smoother her logic became.

She felt like she had met a like-minded person. She suddenly felt enlightened and many doubts were immediately solved. My brain seemed to become clear in an instant.

Watching Haina fall into excitement and talk non-stop. Sitting in a wheelchair, Aiwass narrowed his eyes slightly and showed a harmless smile.

If Haina had not been so careless and could observe carefully, she would have discovered that the shadow of the old elf who was quietly guarding her was motionless. But the shadow cast by the wheelchair beneath Aiwass was trembling slightly, like a beast breathing slowly in sleep.

This whole process was “reasoned” by you, and I didn’t tell many lies.

When it comes to reasoning, if you first determine the conclusion and then look for evidence, you will definitely be led astray. It seems you are not qualified enough.

——Yes, Aiwass is indeed a sacrifice.

But at the same time, “Aiwass” is indeed a participant in demonic rituals.

What he said before was not a lie.

If he hadn’t suddenly recalled the memories of his past life, it might have been an “otherworldly demon” summoned during the ritual using Aiwass’s soul as a sacrifice.

Because what appeared along with those past life memories was the extremely familiar light curtain in front of him:

Aiwass, human male, overall level 4

Basic occupation——

Priest LV1: [Basic Prayer-Level 1 (93%)]

Demonologist LV3: [Demonology – Level 1 (13%)], [Basic Ritual – Level 1 (5%)], [Demon Contract – Level 1 (99%)]

The path has been illuminated: Dedication – Level 0; Transcendence – Level 1

Mana pool: 1/1 (light), 3/3 (dark)

Free experience: 24

Road characteristics——

Transcendence – Shadow Affinity LV1: You sign a life contract with the Shadow Demon and can use the first level of shadow abilities at will.

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