Chapter 3 Aiwas Moriarty

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Chapter 3 Aiwas Moriarty
Now, the shadow demon summoned from the ritual is in the shadow at Aiwasth’s feet.

He was in a wheelchair not because his legs were sacrificed and he was unable to move. But if he steps on his own shadow, he will immediately wake up the shadow demon and make it materialize.

This wheelchair was what Aiwass asked for from the old housekeeper after he woke up.

Because now, his [Shadow Affinity] level is too low.

Shadow Demon is a high-level demon, and the Shadow Affinity needs to be at least level 3 to control Shadow Demon, and it needs to be level 5 to fuse with Shadow Demon. Until then, he could only draw part of Shadow Demon’s power to use “powers”. Although Shadow Demon will not harm himself and even protects Aiwass based on the contract, he is completely unable to restrain Shadow Demon’s behavior.

From this perspective, a demonologist contracting a low-level demon is like walking a dog; and Aiwass is a dog-walker.

How to seal the shadow demon is not something “Aiwass” should know. But memories from another world.

Aiwass Moriarty, Tao Tu, Demonologist, Kingdom of Avalon… This is the world in an MMORPG game called “The Ring of Ouroboros”.

This game is published and operated by their company “Shameless God Studio”.

It is said to be “their company”, but in fact the output of this game has nothing to do with Aiwass, because he is not a staff member of the research and development department. He is the new human resources manager, also commonly known as HR.

Three years ago, Aiwass resigned and lost his job. Because I was stuck by a non-competition agreement, I couldn’t find a job with my peers… so I was dragged into a trap by my best brother.

That brother is the company’s game copywriter. Amway talks over and over again in his ears every day, talking about the many Easter eggs he designed.

In the end, Aiwass couldn’t bear to be bothered. At the same time, he was catching up with the game shortage, so he got in touch with it and played it for a while. He felt that it was indeed a good game. The disadvantage is that it’s quite boring – but it’s a good way to pass the time when you’re unemployed and at home.

Later, I heard that “The Faceless God Studio” was recruiting HR personnel. It happened that Aiwass had also passed the restriction period, so he directly submitted his resume and came for an interview.

It turned out that while he was still handing over work, he was sent to this world by a dump truck just because he was crossing the road on his way to work to reply to a message.

…Had he known that he would travel to this world, he would have asked more about the company’s internal information, or gone to the forum to read more plot discussion threads!

This is the biggest mistake.

Because Aiwaswei is essentially an explosive player who doesn’t pay much attention to the plot and doesn’t care much about the characters.

Although I usually learned about a lot of secret settings, character backgrounds and future main stories that ordinary players don’t know when chatting with friends, I also learned some early plots from the group. But he has never cared about the main plot. Instead, the branch plots of various characters are much more interesting.

Aiwass entered the game from the 3.0 era. Just after passing the first group boss, he took the main line book and completed all the old main lines up to the beginning of 3.0 with one click. Not only that, all the plot animations that can be played on his way to upgrade and at the start of the copy are skipped. There is really no way to skip it, and you can also fast-forward through it by left-clicking, left-clicking, left-clicking, left-clicking.

As a result, Aiwass can’t even remember what the early main plot was. On the contrary, he was more impressed by the later plot, because the storyline of the main storyline was quite good. Even if you haven’t watched the previous plot carefully, you can still get a rough idea through the unskippable group plot.

At the very beginning of the main plot, “Aiwass” appears.

In the winter of 1890 in the Libra calendar, he was kidnapped and held on the altar for a ceremony. A passing “player” accidentally broke the barrier that drove passers-by away and saw the cruel sacrifice scene. At the critical moment, he pretended that he had reported it to the Supervision Bureau and was leading the way for the Griffin Knights of the Supervision Bureau, thus directly scaring those two people away.

Aiwass was rescued from the ritual altar by the “player” and then entertained the homeless player who had his wallet and identity card stolen to his home for food, drink and rest.

After that, Aiwass will enroll in school with the player, grow up together, and continue to investigate the case together. It turns out that the case is getting bigger and bigger, and even involves high-level officials of the kingdom…

And because Aiwass was in mortal danger, his sister Yulia suddenly lost control – under the catalysis of the blood crystal, she became the “Phantom Demon·Flame Butterfly”, the first eight-person BOSS.

That is also the first phantom that players see in the game.

Her body was curled up into a ball, wrapped in an amber-transparent butterfly chest and abdomen, and butterfly wings made of flame essence protected her. Because the level of the dungeon is low, this eight-player dungeon is the easiest to get in the daily random dungeon. On average, you have to fight Yulia three or four times a week.

Because Yulia didn’t want to hurt Aiwass, it was a classic entry-level BOSS with no mechanism and no desire to attack. He hit, hit, and hid. Even if the level is high enough, you can barely pass the level by just playing the main body regardless of the mechanism. If you eat the main story book after defeating Yulia, you can get some appearance rewards.

In the end, she was killed, lost most of her spirituality, shrank into a flame butterfly, and was contracted by Aiwass to become his first familiar. Aiwass used this method to preserve her spirituality, hoping to find the legendary “Insect Amber” master who mastered the resurrection technique to resurrect her later.

In the main line of version 5.0, Aiwass has mastered new abilities. Aiwass, who was able to seal theoretically unkillable phantoms into cards and equip his familiars with enhanced equipment, finally received a great enhancement unique to him.

Then he no longer accompanies the players to complete the mission, but becomes a plot killing method to end the fantasy BOSS in CG.

“……elder brother?”

Just when Aiwass thought of this, he suddenly heard a childish voice.

He was suddenly startled.

Haina, who was excitedly chatting with Aiwass about “Sherlock and Reasoning”, heard the voice and turned around subconsciously.

I saw a little girl standing silently at the door.

“When you woke up yesterday, I happened to be sleeping. After I woke up, you fell asleep again.”

She had just woken up in the evening, feeling a little aggrieved and a little shocked and said: “Brother, why are you…in a wheelchair?

“——Who is she?”

She was wearing the same pure white plush pajamas as Aiwass, her silver-white hair reached her shoulders, and her crimson pupils were reminiscent of roses. Her facial features are delicate and soft, reminiscent of a white cat or rabbit. It’s a completely different type from Aiwass’s dazzling handsomeness. No matter the eyebrows, hair color or eye color, it is enough to prove that the two are not related by blood.

If we want to talk about the similarity between the two, it is the same sense of illness and frailty.

She has a similar sense of frailty to Aiwass, but it is more obvious than Aiwass.

The girl’s skin is somewhat sickly, almost transparent white. When she stood at the door, she would unconsciously hold on to the door frame on one side and tilt her body slightly to deflect her center of gravity and reduce the pressure of standing upright.

——What a cute girl!

Haina’s eyes lit up.

It was like seeing a cute pet. She wanted to get close to it, but she was worried that she would scare the pet.

“It’s okay, Yuri. It’s just temporary. This is Senior Sister Haina. I have something to ask.”

Aiwass smiled and called the girl’s nickname just like in his memory. But I don’t know why, but I always feel that this title is a bit awkward and awkward to pronounce.

It’s like not calling friends by their names for a long time, but instead calling each other by their nicknames. One day when I suddenly called the other person’s full name, I always felt that it was not the other person’s name.

After being in a daze for a moment, he slightly opened his arms towards Yulia: “Come and give her a hug.”


Yulia walked over obediently. Just like waking up from sleep, there is a sense of powerlessness that makes people worry about falling.

When hugging Yulia who was leaning over, Aiwass suddenly fell into a trance for a moment.

At this moment, he was hugging Yulia, but she seemed to be another “Aiwass”.
As the memory of “Aiwass” in this world, after receiving the prophecy of the future, he suddenly felt some kind of fear.

Yulia will turn into a monster…and then die.

——At this moment, Aiwass’ memory overlaps with reality. Completely fused together, the memories of their dual lives became clear. It’s like a sleepy person who is suddenly awakened by a nightmare, and then finally knows whether he is in a dream or not.

Two days after coming to this world, he finally realized that he was not dreaming. But really traveled through time.

Came to another world.

However, he also clearly realized another thing – that is, the plot is different now.

There is absolutely no Contracted Shadow Demon in Aiwass in the game.

Because this time the ceremony was interrupted by the player, it was not carried out successfully at all.

And this probably means that there are no “player characters” in this world.

In an epic fantasy game, players usually play the role of one-time saviors; but if the game is an online game, then players usually play the role of continuous, high-frequency, low-fault-tolerance saviors.

Every major version has to save the world.

…Then he would be in trouble.

Because the “player” is set to be the blood descendant of the “Snake Father” who once controlled the “Way of Transcendence” and was one of the Nine Pillar Gods. Because of this, players can have “experience points” and “levels”, and they can continue to become stronger without any threshold or talent. In terms of setting, the players actually did not arrange the game, let alone form a team, but defeated all the enemies alone.

But Aiwass, although he is also an important player, the world-destroying disasters such as “Falling Sky Division”, “Disaster Dragon” and “Shadow of Avalon” cannot be accomplished by “strong” people in the conventional sense. Defeated.

Aiwass knew that something would happen to the Kingdom of Avalon in about half a year.

Although he doesn’t remember the main storyline clearly, at least he still remembers key nodes such as version changes.

What he told Haina was not a lie. The Kingdom of Avalon will indeed encounter disaster in more than half a year, and it is closely related to the demonic ritual incident they are experiencing now, which no big shot cares about.

But now, Aiwass still has a chance to change everything.

Change everything——

He hugged Yulia tightly subconsciously, and the girl keenly noticed something: “Brother?”


Aiwass smiled calmly: “That’s right, I had a long dream yesterday…I dreamed that Yulia left me.”

However, at this moment, he suddenly felt a sudden tightening of Yulia’s body in his arms.


Aiwass’s heart moved slightly.

As if trying to cover up, Yulia suddenly asked: “Brother’s wheelchair…how long will it take?”

“About…a year?”

Aiwass said, looking at the old housekeeper beside him: “Is that what the doctor said?”

“Yes, Master Aiwass.”

The old housekeeper asked without hesitation: “So, do you want to take a break from school for a year? Anyway, I have already taken a break from school for three months.”

This is a lie.

And it’s both sides.

There was no doctor who put Aiwass in a wheelchair. Aiwass asked for it. Those demonologists who have contracted with the Shadow Demon will use this method to seal the Shadow Demon when they are still unable to control the Shadow Demon.

In addition to using a wheelchair when moving around, you should also try to avoid strenuous movements and slow down your movements to lower your heart rate – these are conventional methods to suppress demons.

In addition, you can also take some drugs that suppress the heart rate to put the demon sealed in the body to sleep.

“No need,” Aiwass said, “I will go back to school after this incident is resolved.”

“…Is this incident resolved?”

Haina realized something belatedly.

She instinctively realized that at that moment…Aiwass’s attitude seemed to have changed.

She was quite familiar with that feeling.

Haina, who was still ignorant in her freshman year, thought she was still a genius in that remote town. As a result, in the final exam that year, I passed the astrology study, which can be said to be a cold sweat.

But it was precisely because of this that she became serious and realized that she was far from as good as she thought in the most exclusive school in the White Queen District of Glass Island in the capital. At least…she is not a pure genius, but a genius who works hard.

With the same attitude of studying casually as before, she might fail without missing classes… Now she can graduate with the seven-petal flower seal representing perfect marks, precisely because of Professor Moriarty’s words back then. The red three-petal flower seal that represented “passed” woke her up.

For ordinary students, this is the mark of being released from prison, which is worthy of cheering and celebration; but for the proud Haina, it is like a slap in the face, which is so hot that it makes her silent and her mind goes blank.

Aiwass gave her this feeling at this moment.

When I saw the transcript, I felt as if I had woken up from a dream——

“Yes, I want to participate in the investigation.”

Aiwass suddenly became serious: “Since they will kidnap me once, there will be a second time. Without clearing out the group of cultists, I can’t leave the house peacefully; similarly, I can’t wait peacefully at home for someone I might The results of the investigation are unacceptable – so I will also participate in the investigation.”

Hearing this, Haina was a little embarrassed. This is undoubtedly an allusion to the extremely slow investigation efficiency of the Supervisory Bureau.

The Supervision Bureau is very particular about “rules”. Everything must be reported to superiors and standard procedures must be followed for everything. This is the rule of the knights of the Senate.

Because they could find almost nothing, they even had to ask for the help of detectives. The “Charlotte” Haina mentioned before is a detective who has become quite famous in newspapers recently.

Charlotte graduated from Wangli University of Law many years ago, but did not choose to enter the Inspection Office, Law Court or Arbitration Hall. As a result, he is now a special advisor of the Supervisory Bureau. His investigations are not bound by various regulations of the Supervisory Bureau. He has cracked several major cases one after another, and his status is actually much higher than that of his old classmates who entered the Supervisory Office after graduation.

“If Miss Haina can’t make up her mind, you might as well report my words to your boss and ask for his opinion.”

Aiwass crossed his arms and said calmly: “Anyway, according to the rules, you have to submit all the contents of this conversation to your superiors, right?”

For some reason, Aiwass at this moment reminded Haina of the interviewer at the Supervision Office.

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