Chapter 5 Enchantment Card Shadow Blade

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Chapter 5 Enchantment Card Shadow Blade
Aiwass knew that he would definitely be able to participate in the investigation without even waiting for the authorization from the Supervisory Office.

If nothing else, he can also investigate independently – without being closely monitored by Supervisor Haina, he can directly participate in the investigation as a “supervision office facilitator”.

On the one hand, it is the face of the adoptive father, and on the other hand, the Supervisory Office, which is bound by the rules of its superiors, has always welcomed help from outsiders – starting from Mr. Charlotte, who now opens his own firm and is employed by the Supervisory Office, Consulting “detectives” have even become a profession.

If the investigation is unfavorable, it is because the hired detective is not strong enough, and at least he can be exempted from strict internal accountability; if everything goes well, it means that the guidance provided by the supervisor is correct, and at least it can be regarded as a merit and a stable share. benefits.

Although Haina is a genuine supervisor. But Aiwass knows the surveillance office better than she does.

Aiwass had his reasons for being so actively involved in the investigation of this matter.

——That is revenge and silence.

The two versions of the story Aiwas told the supervisor before were actually false. In other words, it’s not entirely true.

He was indeed a participant in the ritual, and he did know the two demonologists.

But he was also a ritual sacrifice.

Because those two demonologists are actually Aiwass’s “pen pals.”

Aiwass has been interested in knowledge related to taboos since he was a child. The more mysterious skills were banned by the Kingdom of Avalon, the more excited he became to study them.

For example, ritual magic from the [Transcendence] path, and preservation magic from the [Twilight] path.

The former is the basic ability of the Demonologist, and one of the professions extended from the latter is the Necromancer. Judging from the name, it doesn’t sound like a good thing.

This forbidden knowledge was only briefly outlined in my adoptive father’s study. Privately possessing forbidden books is a serious crime that can lead to imprisonment even in the knight family. But after reading the overview, little Aiwass felt even more itchy.

He frantically purchased some ritual materials, and without mastering any extraordinary knowledge or mysterious skills, he relied entirely on conjecture and imagination to try to perform the ritual.

This will of course fail.

The core secret of this world is “knowledge”.

The nine mystical skills corresponding to the nine paths all require corresponding knowledge to master. On the other hand, as long as you master the corresponding knowledge, even if your personal strength is low, you can obtain extraordinary power far beyond your real ability. Every piece of taboo knowledge is almost the foundation of a school. In this case, it is impossible to buy reliable “skill books” from the market.

On the day of Aiwass’s sixteenth birthday, a secret society of demonologists called “Noble Red” suddenly contacted him.

Aiwass was wary at first. But the other party sent him several manuscripts of forbidden books with the letter, which were all about demonic knowledge and demonic rituals.

Although they are all small rituals that are no different from magic tricks – such as making people grow sores, treating minor wounds, making people sleepy, or making people unlucky. It seems useless, but they are all authentic and extraordinary rituals!

Aiwass became very excited after trying each one. So he and the other party became pen pals, and they often exchanged some demonology knowledge. The other party also regarded himself as a friend of Aiwass. I often talk to him about my emotional life and trivial matters in daily life.

At the beginning, Aiwass was still a little wary.

However, two years passed quietly.

Aiwass thought that if the other party wanted to deceive him, he would have already done so. The value of the secret knowledge they gave themselves was already quite high – although Aiwass, who had never been to the black market, did not know how much the knowledge could be sold for, but even if the quality was not enough, it was already a lot in terms of quantity.

——How can a liar operate for so long and invest so much just to deceive one person?

This is unconscionable and unreasonable. It’s even less in the best interest.

As a result, Aiwass gradually relaxed his vigilance and regarded this pen pal as a friend he had never met but was very close to.

A few days ago, the other party claimed that they had something to come to the royal capital and wanted to meet Aiwass.

Aiwass believed the other party without hesitation and without warning.

——This is the lie he told the supervisor. Because “Aiwass” was not kidnapped, but came over on his own initiative.

They were a man and a woman dressed in red, both with shaved heads. The man looks to be in his forties or fifties, and the woman is in her twenties. In addition to mentor and apprentice, they are also lovers.

He enthusiastically invited his “two friends” to have a meal, and then the middle-aged man offered to let Aiwass experience and even personally participate in the real demon summoning ceremony – Aiwass excitedly agreed.

But after he had been busy setting up the ceremony for more than an hour, he suddenly realized something when he looked at the ceremony stage.

Doesn’t it require expensive materials to summon demons?

It was then that he suddenly realized that, having arranged the ceremony stage himself, he had just become a “voluntary sacrifice.” Meanwhile, as a seminary student at King’s Law School, Aiwass could become a priest before graduating.

Although he has not truly embarked on the path of transcendence, he has already taken the first step towards the path of [dedication].

It is reflected on the data card that he already has the level 1 priest profession. After accumulating experience in the basic skill of “Basic Prayer”, Aiwass can upgrade the priest profession to level 2 and master the path characteristics of his first consecrated path.

Of course, he happily told his pen pals about this matter – even though “priest” is not as interesting as “demonologist”, it is still an extraordinary profession after all. Being able to embark on the extraordinary path and possess extraordinary abilities is better than nothing.

More importantly, priests are also a respected profession in Avalon.

The symbols of the path of “dedication” are light, protection, and candles. This is the path of dedicating oneself to others and ideals. Only by practicing this concept from the heart can one become stronger. Therefore, all the professions extended on the path of devotion are extraordinary professions with bright futures and recognized by people.

Therefore, as a “devoted believer who voluntarily sacrificed”, Aiwass became a sacrifice of extremely high standards.

It was only then that Aiwass recalled his past life memories before the death crisis. He recognized the devil’s species first and successfully signed a contract with him.

He controlled the Shadow Demon to catch him off guard and kill the stunned middle-aged man, the demonologist who was his “mentor”. But the woman who was the apprentice is still alive.

If she escaped any slower, she would be killed by Aiwass; but if she dared to turn around and come back to take a look, she could kill Aiwass in turn.

Just a little bit.

Aiwass sighed.

——He was just about to be sacrificed and silenced by the man; and he was just about to be killed by the woman.

Betrayed, cheated, murdered.

The real anger was echoing in Aiwass’s heart. He decided to take revenge without hesitation.

Not to mention, this woman has most likely seen Aiwass’ letter.

This meant that once she was arrested, she might be able to turn out Aiwass—no, she would definitely turn out herself.

The adoptive father’s position is unclear now, but even if it is just for himself, he must silence her before the Supervisory Bureau catches her.

However, Aiwass also did not intend to reveal his identity as a demonologist just to kill the opponent.

He has a solution.

After waking up yesterday, Aiwass’s first reaction was to try a simple ritual that the original “Aiwass” didn’t know about and only appeared late in the game. After using that ritual to replenish the vitality that had been drained of him as a sacrifice, Aiwass basically confirmed that the secret knowledge he knew was also useful in this world.

Aiwass’ profession in the game is not that of a demonologist on the path of “transcendence”… but rather the enlightener of the path of “dedication”.

It is a purely auxiliary profession that can greatly enhance the strength of teammates and has a small amount of healing and control capabilities.

But now, when he has to challenge those world-destroying crises alone, such a weak career is not feasible.

Because the Enlightener cannot receive his own enhancements. In other words, most professions on the “dedication” path cannot benefit from their own strengthening, protection or healing skills.

However, Enlightener can be used as a part-time job. After all, Aivas’s identity on the surface is that of a priest dedicated to the road. It is also possible to prepare in advance for changing your profession to become a Enlightener. He is also very familiar with the necessary path characteristics that need to be mastered to advance into this profession.

In order to solve those crises, his main job must have strong enough single-person combat effectiveness.

Considering that he can double as the Enlightener, the answer is simple.

That is the 5.0 version of “Aiwass”, who mastered the power of the phantom and advanced into the “Lord of the Beast”.

That was the later career after the Sin Scholar advanced again.

After defeating the immortal phantoms, he can extract their essence and turn them into his own summoned beast, which is a “big beast” with six attributes.

Although only one “big beast” can be summoned at the same time, you can switch to the big beast that is most suitable for handling the current situation, and then use support cards, equipment cards, and field cards made from the power of other “big beasts” to Strengthen the current one.

And the most important thing is that this summoned beast is counted as a “teammate”.

Not only the output is much greater than the main body, but it can also absorb all types of BUFFs given by teammates.
In game terms, this profession has the highest chance of being kidnapped.

Because the enhancements provided by the cards are all noble mechanical gains – such as three-speed, armor-piercing, poison, burning, dodge, and spell penetration, but there is no damage-increasing gain. It just happens that it will not be diluted by the various damage-increasing BUFFs of the most mainstream auxiliary, Enlightener.

Although after summoning the “big beast”, the main body will not be able to receive attack buffs, so the main body’s output will be somewhat weak.

However, during the burst cycle, the Lord of the Big Beasts can briefly combine the summoned and strengthened “big beasts” with himself, thus bursting out with extremely powerful strength.

By combining the Initiator with the Beast Master, Aiwass can use his summoned beasts as “teammates” to strengthen them. And it will not lose the social benefits brought by the apparent priest identity. At the same time, it can switch to a summoned beast that restrains the opponent when dealing with different enemies. The upper limit is still very high.

In the worst-case scenario, only one of them can fight against the BOSS – then this professional combination may not be the most explosive under ideal conditions, but it must be the one with the strongest comprehensive performance and adaptability.

The ability to extract the power of phantoms and use tarot cards as materials to make phantom cards comes from the prerequisite profession Sin Scholar.

The Sin Scholar can obtain the corresponding ritual knowledge after completely researching and analyzing a phantom – what cards can be used to print out this phantom, and what materials and rituals are required. Once this knowledge is known, even a demonologist can make it in advance.

The most important prerequisite for advancing to become the Lord of Great Beasts is to use the Sin Scholar’s ability to make six blank cards with different attributes, and seal six phantoms with corresponding attributes respectively.

Then repeatedly defeat the phantoms with the same attributes as experience materials, until the levels of these six phantoms are fully fed.

According to Aiwass’s memory, there was a fire-attributed phantom in Yulia.

It was precisely to support that phantom that her body became so weak.

That phantom will kill Yulia after it matures. If you want to save her, you must face the juvenile phantom; and the phantom is immortal… This means that Yulia cannot be saved by conventional means. At most, it can only delay the time for the phantom to wake up and lose control.

The “Lord of the Beasts” is different.

If Aiwass can successfully create a “blank card” with enough capacity to accommodate the phantom in Yulia’s body, he can directly remove the consciousness of the phantom in Yulia’s body.

In this way, not only can Yulia survive, but the advanced materials for the Lord of the Beast can also be prepared in advance!

And Yulia can also get the remaining energy of the phantom by the way – making this unstable and dangerous power stable and growable, and thus embarking on the path of transcendence!

The basis of all this is that the ritual of making cards in Aiwass’s memory is reliable and feasible.

He has experimented with other rituals before, and the ritual knowledge in the game can indeed be used!

However, the production of the Magic Card requires additional verification. Because the Sin Scholar is a profession that only appeared after the Fallen Lord came.

Now two full versions ahead of schedule, Aiwass is not sure whether this ritual can already be run.

So he needs to experiment.

As long as Aiwass can successfully create any magic card as a demonologist, he can directly confirm that this system is still available today!

In this way, he can gain another kind of power that has nothing to do with demonologists.

His own revenge and silencing actions will go smoothly.

Yulia is saved!

Even the destruction of Avalon is not irreversible——

——As long as he can successfully make his first card.

Aiwass is still too weak now. The only otherworldly existence that is close to the Phantom Demon that he controls is the Shadow Demon.

The only card that can be made by drawing Shadow Demon is “Moon”.

To make the “Moon Card”, no matter how strong the power sealed in this card is, it requires a nail on the forehead of a sinner who was tortured to death and three ancient ropes from the gallows as materials.

Aiwass sat solemnly at his desk and took out a slightly blackened tarot card from the jade box.

These tarot cards are among a large number of unused occult items that Aiwass purchased when he was a fanatical worshiper of various rituals. But now it happens to be used to make the phantom card of the Lord of Beasts.

The tarot card showed a moon with two towers on either side. In the center and bottom of the moon is a lobster crawling out of the river, looking up at the sky in confusion.

This is [Moon]. The moon card in tarot divination symbolizes confusion, difficulty and uneasiness.

The creators of Tarot cards come from those prophets who “adapted” to the path. The prophets despise astrologers who share the “adaptive” path, comparing them to dogs barking at the moon – because all prophets agree that the future can never be accurately predicted, and astrologers strive to create a complex enough , the “Grand Unified Star Chart” that is accurate and able to predict all futures.

This behavior seemed very ridiculous to the prophets. It’s like a dog barking at the moon, trying to figure out what it means. But this exposes their ignorance and fearlessness.

Aiwass held his breath and became extremely cautious.

Because he had smeared mercury on the “moon” of that tarot card. He used this as a medium to inject three points of his own dark attribute magic power yesterday.

Now Aiwass’s dark attribute mana pool has a maximum capacity of only three points.

And making the most basic and weakest card requires at least five points. No matter how powerful the card is, the other materials used are the same, the only difference is the amount of gem powder.

…Although such a weak card is a bit of a waste of materials to make. But it is more important to succeed at least once and verify whether it is feasible.

And it is also a magic scroll that can be reused. Once the card is made, it only costs one-tenth of the mana to induce it.

Anything less than one point is considered zero points. The only restriction is that only one card made from the same tarot deck can be used in a day. In other words, if Aiwass uses this moon card, he cannot use other moon cards that day.

But it doesn’t matter.

You can sell it when you no longer need it, or give it away – a portable spell scroll that can be induced without mana and automatically recharges every day will definitely fetch a good price. From this perspective, these ritual materials cannot be considered a waste.

Aiwass already injected three points of his dark attribute mana into the card yesterday. Because of this, this card is slightly black. This is not an illusion, but it is indeed weakly absorbing the surrounding light. If you put it under the sun and compare it with the surrounding objects, it may be more obvious.

Now, Aiwass’s mana pool is full again.

He gently touched the mercury-smeared moon again, and slowly injected all three dark attribute mana in his body. A card made with six mana points will be slightly stronger than a card with five mana points.


Aiwass sighed in a low voice: “Let’s make one first. For the remaining three materials, we should wait until we have more mana before making them.”

After the card is injected into the bottom five points, the ritual is activated immediately. If you don’t craft it right away, it will be scrapped in an hour. Otherwise, Aiwass could even hoard mana day by day for ten days. The “Venue Card: Shadow Vault” can be produced with thirty mana points.

He could actually inject a little more today and start production with seven mana points tomorrow.

But with five to ten mana points, the weakest “Enchanting Card: Shadow Blade” can be produced. Stocking up a little more won’t make a qualitative difference…so it’s better to grab one more day.

With this thought in mind, he used a hammer to drive the rusty nail hard into the tarot card.

There was only a squeaking sound, but the card made a weird sour sound. It was as if Aiwass had not nailed a card, but someone’s skull.

Then, he tied the three ropes into a loop. It hit the nail from three angles. The other three ends of the rope were nailed to the three “sword” cards with ordinary nails.

The next moment, the rope suddenly inflated and expanded. It was obviously just a nail, but it was like wrapping someone’s neck. The three ropes suddenly turned into a circle instead of a “V”.

And Aiwass immediately sprinkled the black pearl powder ground in advance evenly on the tarot cards. The “Moon” card belongs to the realm of the path of “Love”. The black pearl is the guardian gem of the path of “love” and can be used to attract the attention of the “eternal self”, the pillar god of the path of love.

Just looking at it, even a glance – is enough to give the card its spirituality.

After finishing what he wanted to do, Aiwass stayed calm and motionless.

The shadows under him were like wisps of smoke, rising and blending into the cards. The pictures on the tarot card kept changing, as if another painter was making corrections on it.

When the change in the picture ended, the nail slowly melted. It became a new “moon”, and two of the three ropes were integrated into the two new “black towers” and became two kobolds holding scepters. The remaining one took the place of the original lobster and turned into a black scarab.

The card automatically floated up and flew into Aiwass’s hand.

The attributes of the card automatically appeared in his eyes:

[Enchanting: Shadow Blade (Moon)]

[Required: Dark 0]

[Instant, contact, effective immediately]

[Effect: The target “weapon” temporarily gains shadow, cutting, and erosion attributes, and is regarded as an extraordinary weapon. Lasts for one minute (+20%)]

It’s done.

Aiwass thought.

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