Chapter 6 Copy of Sin Hub Pelican Bar

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Chapter 6 Copy of Sin Hub Pelican Bar
Early the next morning, Inspector Haina went to Moriarty Manor with a warrant from the Inspectorate.

This time she clearly learned from yesterday’s lesson.

After a simple breakfast, Haina rushed over immediately covered in travel. It wasn’t even seven o’clock when we arrived.

At this point, Aiwass hadn’t even gotten up yet. So the housekeeper Oswald could only place her in the living room first, and let the maids serve her with some tea and snacks.

It wasn’t until Aiwass got up, washed up, and finished breakfast that Oswald told him that Inspector Haina was already waiting in the living room.

“…You came so early this time, senior. Isn’t the appointed time at nine-thirty?”

Aiwass was sitting in a wheelchair and was slowly pushed into the living room by Oswald.

As soon as he entered the door, he saw Haina who was “formally dressed”.

She was completely different from what she was wearing yesterday. At this moment, Haina was wearing a split two-piece leather armor.

However, this leather armor is closer to a uniform than protective gear. It does not completely cover all the skin. Although even this can play a somewhat protective role, I am afraid that its more significance lies in its ritual nature.

“Armor” is sacred in the Kingdom of Avalon.

In the Kingdom of Avalon, the main power class is divided into “knights” and “civil servants” in the civil service system. In addition to the hereditary knight families who can enter the Senate, the former also includes supervisors, arbitrators, and the entire cavalry system. Only “knights” can wear armor, and members must also wear armor when entering the Senate. Entering the Senate wearing regular clothes is regarded as a provocation to the authority of the Round Table Hall.

Except for knights, anyone who wears or even holds armor can be directly sentenced to severe punishment up to the death penalty. Even if it is a knight family, the children of the head of the family cannot wear the armor of their parents without the queen’s authorization.

Because of this, whenever you see an armored person on the street, you can directly identify him or her. You can even identify the opponent’s level from the specifications of the armor – the more inconvenient it is for movement, the stronger the material, the more majestic the appearance, and the closer the color is to silver-white, the higher its status.

This is not based on experience in the game… After all, the Kingdom of Avalon was destroyed too early. The knowledge in this area comes entirely from little Aiwass’s memory and common sense.

Aiwass could tell that Haina’s leather armor was brand new. You can even smell some oil.

Because of this, Haina didn’t even dare to sit on the sofa at Moriarty’s house. She carefully sat on the corner of the sofa, sitting upright. I was afraid that if I accidentally soiled it, I would be disgusted.

“It’s better to be early than late.”

When Haina saw Aiwass coming, she breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly stood up from the soft sofa: “It’s okay, Mr. Aiwass. I can act at a time that is convenient for you – that’s all The request given by Li.”

Aiwass raised his eyebrows.

Last time I was two and a half hours late, this time I was three hours early…

“I feel like you are a bit too extreme.”

“What?” Haina was a little confused.

“It’s nothing,” Aiwass smiled slightly, “The leather armor looks good.”

“This was specially approved for me by the institute!”

Hearing this, Haina suddenly became energetic: “Although my equipment and griffons have been approved, they are still on the way to be deployed. The director said that it may take another two months to get them.

“However, because I reported your incident, the director felt that if something happened to you, the Supervisory Bureau would get into trouble, but he would also get into trouble if he disagreed. And if he sent many people to follow you, you might be unhappy; But if something happens to you, the problem will be even bigger. So the director made an exception and gave me the armor and the sword first!”

Saying that, Haina happily patted the sword she put on the table.

Aiwass followed her gaze and looked over.

It was a leaf-shaped dagger with a silver scabbard shining brightly. About twenty-four inches long, or sixty centimeters. The scabbard is etched with a beautiful pattern of thorns, and sand-sized broken glass in red, green, and blue colors is embedded among the thorns, which looks dazzling and bright under the reflection of the sunlight outside the window. At first glance, you can tell that it is a very typical elf style – whether it is easy to use or not is another matter, but at least it looks good.

Because the appearance of this sword is too beautiful, it is really different from the simple leather armor style of Haina. On the contrary, it blends very naturally with the elf-style ornaments in Aiwass’ home.

Aiwass immediately thought it was his own art ornament.

It turns out you brought it. That’s okay.

“I will definitely protect you!”

Haina said extremely firmly.

Her calloused fingers carefully brushed the thorn pattern on the scabbard. After getting the sword in her hand, the confident aura in her body suddenly aroused.

Different from the timid, clumsy and cautious person last night, his whole temperament has become different. Even the eyes became brighter.

For example, it’s like the difference between a horror game player without a gun and a horror game player with a gun.

Aiwass looked deeply into Haina’s eyes and fell into silence and thinking.

He could notice that she had obviously not slept well the night before – she was agitated, so to speak.

Of course, there is also the reason for being exposed to his own sword in advance. But what’s more exciting is that she thinks she can finally “show off her skills.”

After yesterday’s test, today’s contact and investigation into her background, Aiwass can now roughly explore and sort out Haina’s thinking circuit.

She’s obviously not very smart and can’t be bothered to think logically when things get complicated. At the same time, she should be born into a poor family, but have an extraordinary talent that she can be proud of in her own field, such as swordsmanship. Therefore, her personality will gradually tend to become stubborn. She will be willing to trust her own intuitive judgments rather than hesitation, reflection and complex analysis.

To put it simply, it is a kind of “martial arts fanatic”.

Because her background is indeed ordinary, as a village girl who never dresses up, her appearance is naturally not as good as those of the exquisite young ladies in the royal capital. Therefore, she has a slight inferiority complex that she is not even aware of.

This low self-esteem will turn into a kind of aggression and hostility directed at people who are “higher than themselves”. But at the same time, she is afraid of getting herself into trouble without background, so it will not become a solid word or action. But it can still be revealed from the attitude under pressure and the instinctive reaction when making a decision.

Because of her straightforward character, easily accessible background, excellent grades, and survival wisdom that does not offend others easily. Therefore, she will be very popular in the school environment, especially among students with relatively simple ideas – but if she encounters obstacles when she first comes into contact with society, she will easily become confused, even manipulated, and even go to the extreme. The wrong path of life.

Now was the moment when she felt confused.

This kind of person is completely exploitable.

The weak and helpless look that Aiwass saw yesterday was precisely the posture that he carefully selected after checking Haina’s information in advance to make her attracted to her in the first place.

The act of “reading a collection of poems” will give people a subconscious hint, making people think that this person is inactive. The wheelchair under him further strengthened this “still” intention, thus avoiding a direct confrontation with Haina, who is confident in the fields of “sports”, “physical fitness”, “swordsmanship” and other fields, and preventing herself from being the first to do so. Time arouses the opponent’s competitiveness or attention.

Aiwass has looked in the mirror and his aesthetics are normal. Of course he knew that his current body was quite good-looking.

So on this basis, Aiwass hired a personal maid to put makeup on himself in advance, creating a face that looked weak and pale due to blood loss. The temperature of a well-adjusted fireplace can give people a sense of relaxation, and the firelight can provide a warm-toned filter for Aiwass.

In this way, the image of Aiwass will arouse Haina’s protective desire, at least it will not arouse her hostility because of her origin. A “weak”, “injured” and “handsome” superior is completely under her control at this moment, which will make her “hope” that Aiwass is good. In this way, he will not become his enemy.

At this point, Haina’s instinct would tell her not to continue the investigation. Her work experience is not rich enough, and her behavior is easily guided by emotions. After she had already given herself an answer, she was actually just looking for evidence for the answer.

However, when a person’s impression is too strong, his image will easily be abstracted and one-sided in memory.

If Haina’s favorable opinion of Aiwass is too high, she will be “self-consciously disappointed” when Aiwass does something that does not meet her expectations.

Because of this, Aiwass needs to do something in advance to make his first impression not so good and perfect. So he took advantage of Haina’s lateness to tell some truths that she didn’t want to believe, thus making her feel that he was attacking her.

In fact, she was wrong in the first place and actually expected Aiwass to attack her. This way she can relax more.

After she interprets Aiwass’ strange words as an attack, she subconsciously eliminates the possibility of them. And when Aiwass proposed a possibility that she could accept, she immediately attached herself to the past, in order to reduce her guilt and relieve psychological pressure.

So today and in the future, she can become her very reliable bodyguard.

After yesterday’s contact and exchange, Haina would think that the two had become friends. And she urgently needs to show off her proud strength – her swordsmanship – in front of this new friend who is noble and innocent, gentle and artistic, weak and handsome.

If she can really show this, she will think that “she has demonstrated the strengths that she is proud of.” Thus hoping to get Aiwass’s approval.

If Aiwass confirms this and expresses that he really needs her help, this request will greatly satisfy her social needs.

In that case, Aiwass, who was obviously a suspect and whom she was wary of before contacting him, could become her good friend in just one day of contact. From this, Aiwass can be naturally drawn into her social circle at school.

Even though bullying a young girl who had just graduated like this made Aiwass feel a little bad.

This is his debt.

And Aiwass never likes to owe favors. Once you owe a favor, you should immediately find a way to pay it off.

Otherwise, it will be easy to get close to others every time you come and go. And having “friends” is a very dangerous thing. You will often drag yourself into dangerous situations in order to help your friends. It is also easy to be tragically betrayed because you let down your guard against your friends.

Aiwass never liked getting too close to others.

——That will only make him feel nervous and uncomfortable.

It is better for both parties to maintain a state of helping and utilizing each other. If you stay in a healthy, efficient, and renewable business relationship, you will not be sad because of the betrayal of the other party, nor feel resentful because the other party abandoned you… nor will you feel hesitant and guilty when you are ready to betray others.

Aiwas’ current predecessor is one example.

Because he was too enthusiastic and naive, he trusted his pen pals and regarded them as his friends, and he paid a heavy price.

But it is also very simple for him to return the favor.

In Aiwass’s memory, the name “Haina” does not exist in the game. If nothing else, she should have died in the first version of the game because Avalon was invaded.

Aiwass did not save Avalon for her, he did it for the stability of his own life. Therefore, saving her along with him was not a return of favor.

But with Haina’s character, knowledge and abilities, there must be many villains with the same ulterior motives as herself in the school who will try to become her false friends. Aiwass can easily identify those people, and then help her identify true friends who are trustworthy and not so easily betrayed.

He is very good at analyzing others.

If you really want to say it, the HR profession is somewhat Dongchang-like.

Not only do you need to have vicious eyes and an objective attitude, you also need to be cold enough and able to be ruthless. Just one tick can mean that someone is “eliminated”, loses his job, and reduces his salary…and this is Aiwass’ job itself.

The thing about Gengdong Factory is that ordinary employees cannot easily offend HR.

In fact, HR from different companies in the same industry are usually in the same group and the same circle. If someone in a certain company has committed something stupid, offended someone, or has a dark history, everyone will know it once you ask in the group. It’s not a secret at all.

As long as you are still a social worker and are still changing jobs within the same industry, you cannot offend HR.

At least you can’t offend the first two companies – because the back investigation will only investigate the first two companies.

Aiwass had just experienced three full years of unemployment. I just found a job and before I officially took office, I came to this world where the future is at stake.

Even though his attitude was calm and his expression was calm, he had already done a psychological analysis on himself – he now felt strongly unsettled.

He is very satisfied with his current life, but he is clearly aware of the disaster in the future.

He desperately hopes for a stable life, and does not want to become a subjugated citizen, homeless and wandering around.

In order to fight against the fear from the future of this world, he must climb up as quickly as possible. In this way, he controls a part of the power of the Kingdom of Avalon. At the very least, he must never allow himself to be alone against the world’s greatest enemy while his teammates behind him are holding him back.

That is by no means a delusion of victimhood.

Aiwass is certain.

His vision is farther than most people in the world, and the decisions they make based on known information must be incomplete and incomplete. And Aiwass cannot easily announce the future predictions he has received – he is not a saint. This prophetic intelligence can become his valuable asset.

Because of this, Aiwass needs to have enough influence.

It’s not the “knight” name of my adoptive father. That kind of status can only be regarded as a nominal status. Even entering the Senate is just a battle of wits and courage with a group of mature old people. If you try to do anything, it will become as sticky as slurry and cannot be used.

The feeling that life is drifting with the tide and that one’s destiny is not under one’s control…it’s very uncomfortable.

What Aiwass wants is for those in power to ask his opinion before making decisions. He couldn’t be one of them, and it was better not to be close to any faction. Nor can we become victims of internal power struggles… but become something higher than them.

Not to control others, but to keep yourself from being controlled.

It is so that oneself will not be sacrificed and there will be no need to sacrifice others.

Aiwass vaguely remembered that this incident would eventually directly involve a certain minister.

In the original history, it was the players who gained high reputation by solving this incident.

Since there is no player character in this world, he must join in the investigation of this incident.

Fortunately, Yulia’s blessing – although Aiwass still skipped the plot animation, he still remembered some details. For example, where is the most critical information? For example, what enemies are in the last dungeon and how high their level is.

Because after a messy investigation, the first copy of this game will be opened:

Level 10 dungeon, “Guilty Hub Pelican Bar”.

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