Chapter 8 Haina wants to hear the secret

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Chapter 8 Haina wants to hear the secret
Aiwass sat safely in the wheelchair, being pushed gently by Haina from behind.

This feeling was very comfortable – especially since Aiwass actually had no problem with his legs and feet, he immediately felt even better.

He even closed his eyes and basked in the early winter sun comfortably, falling asleep.

For a moment, I had the illusion that I was old enough to retire and was being pulled out by my daughter for a walk to bask in the sun.

Aiwass, wrapped in a black cloak, only exposed half of his chin, quietly observing his surroundings.

So Aiwas saw an interesting phenomenon very clearly: when passers-by walked around Moriarty Manor, no one was afraid when they saw Haina who was supervising her dressing up.

They just glanced at each other and passed by as usual.

But as they left White Queen and headed southeast deeper into Lloyd… things gradually began to change.

Passers-by looked at Haina’s supervisory eyes and gradually began to become frightened. They would deliberately avoid Haina’s route of action in advance, and would even stop and step aside after more than ten meters, carefully giving way to Haina.

When Haina entered a fresh food market, a terrifying solemnity centered on her quickly spread among the crowd. When the residents realized that the supervisor was pushing some big shot in, the somewhat crowded crowd automatically dispersed to both sides.

It was a miracle like Moses parting the sea – the crowd was noisy and crowded, but the wheelchair under Aiwass never stopped during the whole process. No one dared to stand in front of him, no one spoke to him, no one even dared to speak loudly to disturb the tightly wrapped mysterious man.

Even the residents who were shopping before stopped talking about transactions. They watched Aiwass slowly passing through the crowd with curiosity and a little fear, watching him…until they left the market.

“See that, Haina?”

After that, Aiwass closed his eyes, relaxed his body slightly, leaned back, and said softly: “People are very afraid of you.”

“I don’t understand why either.”

Haina did not hide her voice at all, nor did she waver in her words: “Those who have committed no crimes have no need to be afraid of us.

“Everyone knows that ‘rules’ are important in Avalon – it’s not a secret, it’s common sense. In that case, just don’t break the rules and don’t break the law. I didn’t know they were there afraid of what.”

When she said this, she puffed out her chest and raised her head. His eyes were burning like fire.

Aiwass was a little surprised.

“I thought you would sympathize with them,” Aiwass said.


Haina asked back: “Is it something I didn’t do well? Or is it just because my background is not good?”

…She seems to be a little too sensitive in terms of origin.

Aiwass realized that Haina seemed not to want to bring up the topic. But even so, she did not end this unpleasant topic.

“Yes, my family is poor. But my parents have told me since I was a child that I must be an upright person – abide by the law, be loyal to the queen, and be honest to my teachers. Although I have no money, I have never done anything Petty theft is wrong.”

When saying this, Haina’s voice was filled with a strong sense of confidence: “I will not ask others to be the same as me, because not everyone agrees with authoritarianism. But I will try to restrain my own behavior as much as possible ——It’s not that I’m forced to do it, but I’m willing to do it.

“Today, I am dedicated to obeying my commander and executing every order he gives within the rules; but if one day, I will be higher than him, then he will also obey me in the same way.

“This is the way of ‘Authority’. The rules of Avalon.”

Aiwass got it.

This is the anchor that enables Haina to maintain her self-esteem and confidence at Wangli Law University.

The reason why she was able to step into the path of “authority” early was precisely because she understood the essence of the path of authority early on. It can even be said that she has been led on this path by her parents either intentionally or unintentionally since she was very young.

She was born for this.

Because the extraordinary professions in this world are, in a sense, the projection of “thoughts,” “ideas,” and “personality.” It is a little bit of power seeping out from those nine grand roads.

Even those high-altitude, immortal gods are only the forerunners of these “paths”.

If you want to enter the Nine Paths, you must fully understand and decide to pursue this path. A person who does not understand, or does not agree with, “what is dedication” cannot step into the path of “dedication”; a person who does not understand what art is and what beauty is cannot step into the path of “beauty”.

Although the Kingdom of Avalon emphasizes “rules” and upholds “laws,” they actually do not pursue the law for the sake of “fairness” and “justice.”

The law is just a tool of the “authoritarian” way. But Haina, who is still naive now, instinctively understood this most important core idea and did not go astray.

“It’s not easy, senior.”

Aiwass’s heart moved, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, and he made a gentle voice: “I didn’t expect you to have such ambitions?”

“…What ambition?”

Haina didn’t even realize what she had just said unintentionally.
“Become your boss’s boss and climb even higher…”

Aiwass said slowly: “This is not a concept that belongs to the ‘authoritarian’ way.

“——I didn’t expect that you are also a believer in the way of transcendence.”

Hearing this, Haina was suddenly shocked. Even the hand pushing the wheelchair paused for a moment.


“Why, didn’t you realize it yourself?”

Aiwass asked rhetorically.

He crossed his fingers under his windbreaker and whispered seductively: “But this is actually normal.

“Sister, I don’t know how you learned it in school. However, we are all mortals. No one can avoid deviating from his own path…for example, the path of ‘love’, such as the path of ‘wisdom’ Tao, for example, the Tao of ‘dedication’.

“Can’t you fall in love with someone? Brutalism, animality, the urge to reproduce… This is exactly affected by the way of ‘love’. Every teenager will be affected by the way of love.

“In the same way, the path of ‘wisdom’ is characterized by utilitarian thinking or the pursuit of truth; and if you are determined to sacrifice your life for others, then you have entered the path of dedication and are “stoker” “Focused on. The Nine Paths are the nine inevitable thinking modes of human beings. Everyone will always have their own bias, and when they do anything, they will more or less conform to one of them.

“Except for fanatics, how many people can never swerve from their own path?

“——In that case, what’s so scary about deviating from one’s own path?”

Aiwass’s voice was low, but it sounded clearly in Haina’s ears: “Have you ever thought about this question, senior? Why does Avalon follow the path of authoritarianism?”

She only felt itching in her ears, and her back was also itching. The blood surged up, and even the earlobes became hot.

It was not shyness, but excitement and fear.

“Please keep your voice down, Mr. Aiwass—”

She lowered her voice and whispered.

She was too afraid of being overheard for such heresy…but on the other hand, she was a little curious.

I felt a little itchy in my heart, wanting to hear more.

This was something that no one would tell her at home or at school… and even if they did, she wouldn’t even bother to hear it. But now that she heard it, she felt a sense of recognition: “I have thought about it before.”

Under this ambivalence, she even used the honorific title “Mr.” for Aiwass, who was four years younger than her.

That’s why she subconsciously said “please lower your voice” instead of “please stop talking”.

But at this moment, Aiwass smiled and closed his mouth, humming like a villain.

Listening to Aiwass’s chuckle in the wheelchair, Haina suddenly felt that her ears, neck and back were no longer itchy – now her teeth were beginning to itch with hatred.

Why did you stop talking even though you were halfway talking! So why on earth! ?

But Haina didn’t dare admit that she wanted to hear it – that would undoubtedly be an act of disloyalty.

——Can’t you just say it for yourself?

I’ll try to persuade you a little bit, but if you don’t move, won’t I stop trying to persuade you? !

“When the time is right,” Aiwass said, “I’ll tell you.”

“So, when is the right time—”

“It’s very simple.”

Aiwass replied: “After we resolve this matter, after we reunite from school… I will find a quiet place to talk to you.

“You also understand, this kind of secret is not suitable to be told on the street.”


Haina said confidently: “You don’t need to ask, I will help you arrest the prisoner.

“Then I want to hear what you haven’t finished yet, the second half of this story!”

At some point, she no longer cared whether she deviated from the authoritarian path.

Perhaps she had long known in her heart that she had strayed from the path, but now she was willing to acquiesce.

Moreover, she has not realized one thing yet——

That’s why, unknowingly, the reason why she wanted to arrest the prisoner… changed from “order from the Supervision Bureau” to “helping Aiwass arrest the prisoner”. But she didn’t notice it at all.

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