Chapter 7: Possessing sharp weapons and murderous intentions

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Chapter 7: Possessing sharp weapons and murderous intentions
Oswald made no suggestion of accompanying him.

Obviously, although he was not very optimistic about the time concept and IQ of the student he taught, he believed in her military power. This also confirms Aiwass’s judgment.

Although he couldn’t see Haina’s attribute version, he knew just by thinking about it… After all, she was one of the best batch of high-quality students in the best school for extraordinary people in the country. Despite the lack of resources and early education, her ability to keep up with the courses and even stand out among the country’s elites has proven her qualifications.

Although she now feels proud that she “became an inspector of the royal capital before graduating”, in fact, this is nothing.

Although the Supervisory Bureau is also an armored profession, its status is not very high. Usually they deal with civil cases. His main responsibilities include patrolling the streets, maintaining law and order, checking whether shops meet safety standards, investigating some relatively simple cases of extraordinary beings, accepting reports from the public, dispersing illegal gatherings, arresting low-level extraordinary persons, etc.

When encountering difficult-to-deal with enemies such as enemy spies, high-level supernatural beings, and cultists, the Inspectorate will be called upon to appear; and if a serious case involving a member of the knight family breaks the law, the Arbitration Hall with the highest status will be called upon to appear. of.

“Arbitrator” is a high-level profession that starts at level 30, and all members are young knights who can enter the Round Table Hall. Extremely wealthy, well-equipped, and experienced, they are the most advanced elite unit in Avalon. The next level up are the countless top experts.

Although Haina does not have a good background or background…even before graduating, she still looks clumsy and naive due to lack of experience and training.

But according to Aiwas’s experience, as long as the personal ability is strong enough, it is not a bad thing to have a straightforward and honest personality without origin and background.

She is now sent to the Divisional Supervision Bureau as a front-line supervisor. On the one hand, it allows her to quickly accumulate experience, and on the other hand, it also lowers her personal expectations for herself. Haina has no idea of her own value. If she adapts to a job that is obviously not worthy of her education and ability, then the leader who “promotes” her will become a benefactor worthy of gratitude.

After a few more years, as she comes into contact with the society and accumulates enough work experience, her personal extraordinary professional level will also increase. She will be able to obtain a position above the district director before the age of thirty at best.

If everything goes well, you will have the opportunity to join the Inspectorate at the age of thirty. It is not impossible to be given armor by the Queen and enter the Round Table before the age of forty.

Aiwass estimated that she should have a professional level of around level 20.

That is, the degree of mastering the second or even third level of extraordinary power – at least a dozen levels higher than yourself.

With a level 20 large player, it is not difficult to make a level 10 dungeon.

Just in case, Oswald also gave Aiwass a pistol for self-defense in an emergency.

It was a fine lady’s pistol.

Its shape is similar to Haina’s dagger, with hollow silver thorns on the outer shell. It is about the size of a palm, and is not a common revolver of this era, but a gas-operated magazine pistol.

[Lady’s Grip +2]

[Refined Weapon (Dark Blue)]

[Firearms, repeating pistol, capacity of five rounds]

【8mm bullet (5/5)】

[Characteristics: Its weight and volume are only 60% of a pistol with the same power]

[Elf style: The failure rate is greatly reduced and the maintenance cost is increased]

[Module-Elegant Aiming: Accuracy is greatly improved]

[Module-Light Shot: Recoil is additionally reduced]


A ladies pistol is a ladies pistol.

Aiwass, who originally wanted to decline, happily accepted it after seeing its properties.

Refined weapons are already the strongest level that mortal craftsmen can create!

It is only one level lower than the purple extraordinary weapons that require extraordinary power to be made.

What kind of bike do you want?

When in the game, generally the dungeons after level 30 can stably explode blue equipment. As for purple extraordinary weapons, they must be made through ritual spells and alchemy, or they can be dropped by killing high-level extraordinary people.

Not to mention that the mod of this gun is quite good – only the characteristics and style of the blue equipment’s attributes are fixed, and the remaining one to three attributes are random. There are positive attributes and there are negative attributes.

It has two frontal entries, and the two attributes of “recoil” and “accuracy” are put together… This is a tool-type weapon that can be used even in the middle and late stages. At least it can be used to quickly fire some special effect bullets and ritual bullets that do not require damage.

Even if a high-level pistol definitely does more damage, its accuracy may not be that high.

But before Aiwass left, Oswald suddenly called to him.

“My master told you to remember to wear this. Also put on your cloak.”

As he spoke, he handed Aiwass a black neck collar and a black hooded jacket.

Aiwass pinched the collar and quickly realized its material: “Asbestos?”

“Stranglers are rampant recently. If you plan to go out to the White Queen, you’d better wear an anti-strangling neck brace.”

Oswald, who was like a tall and lanky ghost, said seriously: “They attack very quickly. Ms. Haina may not be able to protect you all the time. The hood is to hide your identity – to prevent someone with ulterior motives from writing it down.” your face.”

Aiwass put it on reluctantly.

He had heard of the Stranglers.

That’s an upgraded version of a bandit.

In order to leave no one alive to track them, and also to improve work efficiency, they will suddenly jump out when passers-by pass by sparsely populated places or alley entrances, use a thin rope to strangle the other person’s neck and drag them into the shadows. After successfully strangling the opponent, he then strips away all the valuable and worthless things on the opponent’s body.

Citizens cannot report the crime immediately, and even the body is not easy to find. Because it kills directly instead of subduing or intimidating the opponent, it can also prevent oneself from being counter-killed by low-level extraordinary beings.

Although asbestos causes cancer…life is still more important. After all, I don’t have to be in contact with him for a long time.

It’s not that my level is too low.

If I were level 20 or 30 now, would I still be afraid of those little thieves?

Seeing Aiwass put on a neck brace and a black cloak, the old housekeeper handed Aiwass a thick wad of banknotes: “This is the investigation fund given by the master. This is just your first investigation. It shouldn’t take much.”

Aiwass could clearly hear Haina next to him hissing softly.

He counted slightly. There were twenty silver-white, slightly reflective large banknotes with crossed scepters and swords printed on them, and a white crown placed in front of them. This symbolizes the “Silver Crowned Dragon”, the god of authority.

There are also twenty red, medium-sized bills. There are ten pictures with five red candles painted on them and a number “5”; there are ten pictures with only one red candle painted on them and a number “1”. This represents the god who devotes himself to the road and is also the “candle” served by the church.

This is a paper currency unique to the Kingdom of Avalon and can also be circulated in other countries.

The purchasing power of a “white crown” is approximately equivalent to one thousand yuan, and it can be exchanged for twenty “red candles” with a face value of 1. A red candle with a face value of 1 can be exchanged for ten small brown banknotes with the lowest face value, “copper hourglasses”. The hourglass is a divine symbol of the balanced path.

In the Kingdom of Avalon, only the extraordinary professions of these three paths are legal.

That is to say, the value of a copper coin is approximately equivalent to five yuan, and a red coin with a face value of 1 is equivalent to fifty yuan.

An order of roast beef in a restaurant costs about six copper hourglasses, and an order of smoked pork costs two copper coins. A new and durable outfit costs almost seven red coins, not counting leather shoes.

“Remember to keep red coins and white coins separately. It’s best to put them in three pockets.”

Oswald warned: “If you can pay with only low-denomination red coins, then don’t just show that you still have a lot of white coins on hand – you have limited mobility now, and you don’t have a male servant to accompany you. There may be More people are targeting you. Those ‘white crowns’ are used to bribe high-value targets, so don’t use them if you can.

“If the red coins are not enough, you can go to the bank to exchange the white coins for red coins. If you are really worried that you have taken the wrong one, you can also ask Ms. Haina to hold it for you.”

“I am not a ‘ma’am’…”

Haina whispered, but did not refuse.

And Aiwass put all the white coins into her hands without hesitation: “Take it.”

Although she was only holding it on behalf of others, she was still a little excited to hold this large amount of money.

In terms of quantity, twenty white coins are actually not too many. One semester’s tuition at Wangli University of Law costs a full sixteen white crowns – she has also received that much money before! At least during the first two semesters of my freshman year, my family paid for my tuition. It was only from her sophomore year that she received a scholarship to offset her tuition fees.

Moreover, they generally do not use Baiguan coins to pay in their daily lives. The most commonly used denominations are copper coins and red coins. The feel of the white coins in her hand was so unfamiliar to her.

But what made her most nervous was that she was particularly afraid that she would accidentally lose her money.

In fact, she also lost money. When she was very young, she accidentally lost her tuition fees because she was running around on the road… As a result, her mother cried that day. It was not heartbreaking crying, but just hiding aside and silently wiping tears.

But that scene was deeply etched in Haina’s heart.

From then on, she would no longer run wildly as she pleased on the road. Whenever she wanted to run, she felt like there was a weight on her leg.

She carefully searched several pockets on her body before she found one that she could safely put money in. But she didn’t dare to take her hands away, so she could only use her elbows to protect her pockets, and from time to time she would use her hands to check if the money was still there. The other hand was placed next to the dagger that he regarded as life.

With a vigilant attitude, she pushed Aiwass’s wheelchair out of Moriarty Manor.

“where are we going?”

She subconsciously asked Aiwass: “Is it the warehouse where the incident happened the day before yesterday? Or is it going to Stone Arch Park?”


Noticing Haina’s attitude, Aiwass breathed out lightly.

“That kind of place has been turned upside down. You must have found out all the information you can get.

“Let’s go east to the Pelican Bar.”

Aiwass said.

“…Where is that?” Haina obviously didn’t recognize the name of this place.

In other words, except for the two streets around the university in the Red Queen, and the line between the White Queen’s Inspectorate, where she now works, and Moriarty Manor, she didn’t know any place in the royal capital.

Her monthly living expenses of 50 red candles are only equivalent to one month’s salary of a coolie. This level of living expenses does not allow her to run around in the capital.

“In Lloyd’s Quarter.”

“Lloyd’s Quarter? Over there at the port?”

Haina’s expression changed, and she suddenly remembered the name of this bar.

She had indeed heard the name of this bar!

When she first came to the capital, she was advised by a good friend she knew not to go to the Lloyd District. She trusted him very much, so even though her roommate often encouraged her to go to the bars in the Lloyd District, She was also very determined not to go.

Of course, part of the reason is that there is really no money. And she was too embarrassed to let her friends treat her.

Because she had made up her mind not to go, she automatically blocked those words in her mind. She was afraid that if she heard too much, she might be tempted by it.

Haina remembers that the name she heard the most was “Old Captain Bar”. Royal Marines who are on vacation often go there to drink. They like to go there to find handsome men – young, strong, handsome, and they can’t meet women when they go to sea for a long time. One catch is accurate.

She had a roommate, so she found a young sailor as her boyfriend. It is said that he is still a sergeant and always brags about some secret mission he is performing… I don’t know if it is true or not.

If it really is a secret, can you tell it to these female college students?

Haina didn’t quite believe it.

In the small town where she was born, the blacksmith uncle always boasted that he had lived in the royal capital before and was knowledgeable and educated.

Later, when she came to the capital by herself, she found out that her uncle’s meaning was that when he was twelve or thirteen years old, he wandered to the capital as an apprentice to learn a trade. However, he lost his temper and ran away after a few years.

He boasted that he looked exactly like the sailor.

And her roommate only mentioned the “Pelican Bar” to them once. The reason why Haina was so impressed was that it was only when she mentioned the Pelican Bar that for the first time, the sister didn’t have that mean smile on her face, but was very serious.

What she was saying was…go buy some materials.

The Pelican Bar…is it a place that sells some kind of materials?

Haina had doubts in her heart, but she didn’t say it out loud.

She subconsciously felt that it was something bad, and she didn’t dare to say it in Moriarty Manor, especially under the watchful eyes of the elf butler.

For a moment, Haina was also a little moved. She had never dared to come to a place like this before. On the one hand, she was afraid of spending money, and on the other hand, she was afraid of danger.

But now, he has become stronger. She is still wearing an armor that represents the glory of justice, and Aiwass still has investigation funds in hand – she can finally go to places she was once curious about but never had the chance to visit!

After all, this is her first independent investigation. Haina didn’t have any idea of ​​investigation. She mentioned the warehouse and the stone arch before just because she happened to remember these two locations.

Even Director Kent didn’t ask her to get any important information during this investigation. He just asked her to protect Aiwass and not to rush in.

——Of course she will protect him! No special instructions are needed!

“Lloyd district is Lloyd district, let’s go!”

Haina responded readily: “I will protect you – if there is a blind thief who dares to cause trouble for you, I will let him know what the law and justice are!”

Only when talking about this topic, her voice was loud and clear…even impatient.

Armed with a sharp weapon, the murderous intention arises.

This was all expected by Aiwass.

After training for so long, the level has been raised to this level, but I have never really fought against the enemy… It is normal to be a little excited.

“So, are you ready to kill, senior?”

Aiwass narrowed his eyes like a fox, with a smile that was either kind or sarcastic.

Haina was startled when she heard this.

Then, she said seriously: “In fact, I have already killed someone.”


Aiwass raised his eyebrows.

This was an unexpected answer.

“Then let’s go.”

He did not ask further questions, but said softly: “I can’t use my legs and feet, so please push me.”

“It should.”

Haina breathed a sigh of relief and quickly answered.

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