Chapter 1 The First Star

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“When the Stars Tremble” by Chirping Cat


Jiang Chuyi met Zong Ye for the first time, and happened to meet him being confessed to.

Dark stairwell.

Avoiding the heavy surveillance, he leaned against the wall, held his hands against the wind, and lowered his head to light a cigarette. The girl who confessed her love was shy and nervous, but he looked uninterested.

Later she found out that he was Zong Ye, the newcomer who was so popular right after he debuted.

Because they were collaborating on a reality show, the program team asked Jiang Chuyi to take the initiative to interact with Zong Ye in order to increase the popularity, which clearly made the show popular.

There were many people in the circle who were courteous to Zong Ye. She knew that she could not reach such a high level, so she restrained herself in private and never dared to miss him in the slightest.

Later, after the show was broadcast, online fans started yelling at her, and a reporter deliberately asked about Zongya’s ambiguity with her.

She immediately clarified for him: “He is very nice and takes good care of everyone. A lot of it is due to the effects of the show.”

As soon as the interview came out, Zong Ye became a hot search topic.

——The top players were given the good guy card

That night, Jiang Chuyi received two messages from the top socialite Lazy on WeChat:

[Program effect? 】

[You don’t think I’m doing charity, do you? 】

Little star x popular handsome guy

#Willingly giving you traffic, what else can it be besides love#

Content tags: Industry elites

Search keywords: Protagonist: Jiang Chuyi ┃ Supporting role: Zong Ye

One sentence introduction: Little star x popular handsome guy

Purpose: Dreams come true

Work honors

By chance, an 18th-tier starlet unexpectedly got an opportunity to make a movie, so he met Zongye, a popular figure in the industry. As the contacts increased, Jiang Chuyi discovered that Zongye was humble and gentle, and gradually developed a liking for him. However, there were too many people in the circle who were attracted to Zong Ye, so Jiang Chuyi could only bury this relationship carefully. Until the two participated in a reality show together again, and as the past events were revealed, Jiang Chuyi finally broke through the confinement in her heart, and despite the pressure of public opinion, she stayed with Zong Ye, obeyed her heart’s original desire, and bravely pursued true love. The writing style of this article is delicate, light-hearted and funny, and full of pictures. The male protagonist is gentle and polite, but also full of sinister attributes. The contrast between the characters is novel, and the sweet interaction with the female protagonist makes people feel like a girl again, which is very vivid.

Chapter 1 The First Star

Jiang Chuyi sat on the set in Hengdian and waited all morning. After being forced to listen to the extravagant chatter about daily life around him for several hours, he finally welcomed the belated heroine after lunch.

Ten minutes into the scene, she ended her final scene with the director’s voice.

I packed my things silently, but before I had time to have a meal with the crew, I was hurriedly taken away.

Jiang Chuyi lowered his cap, put on his mask, and handed the suitcase to his assistant.

The scheduled car arrived in about ten minutes. The assistant had just confirmed the location with the driver. When she turned around, she saw Jiang Chuyi folding her arms and lowering her head thinking about something. She couldn’t help but wonder: “Sister, why are you so mysterious today? We have Is it so red?”

Jiang Chuyi reached out and patted her forehead, “Have you ever talked to your boss like this?”

The assistant heyed twice.

If you want to be popular, Jiang Chuyi will definitely not be one of them. But I’ve been having a rough time recently.

During this period, iFlytek’s costume drama “Mirror Blade” was a hit. It was a large-scale ensemble drama with many big names, and Jiang Chuyi was just a green tea maid with a miserable end.

He doesn’t have many roles, but he is very hateful.

Although being a star requires a certain level of psychological quality, she has been tepid over the years and has become accustomed to being a marginal figure, so that in the past two days there have been more people scolding her, and she is a little uncomfortable with it.

Drive from Yiwu to Shanghai.

It started to rain as soon as they got on the highway. Jiang Chuyi curled up into a ball and nestled on the chair.

There had been night scenes for several days this week, and the time she could sleep with her eyes closed was no more than five hours. Her head began to hurt again.

Jiang Chuyi’s face looked a little tired, “Where are we going?”

Gao Ning was on the phone and shook the ticket in his hand: “There will be an event later.”

Jiang Chuyi took it and looked at it front and back.

Fierce CN 2020.

Electronic music festival?

Jiang Chuyi was confused: “What kind of event is this? Why didn’t anyone tell me in advance?”

Gao Ning smiled mysteriously, “Old Qin gave me a ticket to take you to meet someone.”

Jiang Chuyi turned on her phone and looked at the time. She thought about it and asked, “Are you going to Shanghai for makeup later? I have to go home.”


She answered honestly: “Go see Rabbit.”


Gao Ning’s eyelids twitched and he felt a little suffocated, “Why do you think about your broken rabbit everywhere you go?”

Jiang Chuyi had a gloomy look on her face. After being quiet for a while, she couldn’t help but say, “My sister said that he has a bad appetite recently and doesn’t eat much.”

Gao Ning was impressed by her, “You are a female star after all. Can you think about something serious all day long?”

As an unknown little transparent person, Jiang Chuyi’s love for rabbits is almost universally known. The only thing that stands out about her is probably her unusual hobby – eating, sleeping and playing with rabbits.

Maybe there’s been one more recently – a cunning and cunning foot-washing maid.


The rain stopped in Shanghai, and the assistant accompanied Jiang Chuyi home.

Although Jiang Chuyi was not a guest at the electronic music festival in the afternoon and was not well-known, she always respected her profession and would never show her sloppy side to others.

After feeding Rui Bi, Jiang Chuyi put on a facial mask, carefully put on makeup, curled her eyelashes, took out a beige knitted short T-shirt and denim shorts, put on a mask and sunglasses before going out.

According to Gao Ningfa’s address, Jiang Chuyi and his assistant took a taxi there. Unexpectedly, it was in an underground club. It was in a hidden location. It took them a long time to find it.

Before entering the venue, you can hear waves of noise. Looking at the past, it is completely a dark painting style of another world: messy and weird graffiti can be seen everywhere on the wall, hanging posters and Cuban necklaces, as well as various skulls spray-painted with various weird shapes, directly highlighting one Bold hiphop style.

Following them to check in were a group of young men. Several of them gathered together and kept smoking. They wore small gold chains and large black sunglasses, and from time to time they would say a few words of West Coast hip-hop that was hard to hear.

Jiang Chuyi turned around and took a glance, just in time to see a certain elder brother’s shiny full-diamond porcelain teeth.


She looked away calmly.

I don’t know if there were too many people queuing in front or something went wrong, but after waiting for a long time, the queue in front didn’t even move. After finally getting through to the venue, the person who checked her ticket was a young lady. There were only a few people in normal clothes here, which gave Jiang Chuyi a sense of security.

The young lady reminded: “You need to take off your mask and sunglasses.”

Jiang Chuyi followed suit.

“Hey, how old are you?” The young lady obviously didn’t recognize Jiang Chuyi and took another look at her ID card to confirm, “Underage people are not allowed to enter.”

“I’m in my twenties.” Jiang Chuyi put on the mask.

“Oh, you look too young.” The young lady smiled tenderly, returned the things to her, and asked, “Are you single?”


The young lady handed her a bracelet and said, “Write your contact information and name on it.”

Jiang Chuyi picked up the pen on the table and did as he was told.

After she finished writing, the young lady helped her put on the bracelet and smiled, “The bracelet can be exchanged with new friends. I wish you a happy time.”

The club has started to warm up, Jiang Chuyi sent a message to Gao Ning.

The person who had just been urging her to arrive on time was no longer in a hurry. He only replied after ten minutes: “I’ll have some fun first. I’ll see you if I need anything.”

She stayed where she was and looked around.

The assistant was ready to make a move but couldn’t contain her excitement. As soon as Jiang Chuyi nodded, she immediately floated away and merged into the dark sea of people.

The electronic music crackling in her ears seemed to be beating wildly on every nerve in her. Jiang Chuyi felt a little out of breath after staying there for a while. She found a quiet corner, drank the champagne, and tried to make herself feel better.

As a drinker, there is no one around to take care of me. It was rare for Jiang Chuyi to be so indulgent. After a few drinks, he soon became a little drunk.

After sending away the two people who were chatting with her, she just put down the wine glass when she was splashed with water.

Looking up, I don’t know which underground rapper is on the stage, but I can see that he is a senior disco dancer – his arms are full of flowers and his hair is dyed messy. He is having fun, and he is holding a half-spilled mineral water bottle in his hand. The child shook vigorously.

The lights in the venue flickered on and off, making people dizzy. Jiang Chuyi followed the signs, staggered to the stairwell, opened the door and entered.

There are few people coming and going here, and there is no surveillance. She sat down next to the crossbar of the electric well box, took out a tissue from her bag, and wiped the area that had just been wet.

Jiang Chuyi’s eyes were blank and he rested for a while with his back against the wall.

Suddenly, a subtle female voice came to my ears. Jiang Chuyi leaned forward slightly and stuck out his head.

Two people, a man and a woman, came in front and back.

He was around the corner from her, a few steps away. The man was wearing loose dark short-sleeves and a baseball cap, leaning against the stairwell door.

He lowered his head slightly and lit the fire with one hand, his posture a little lazy.

Soon, the scarlet light flickered.

With two clicks, the lighter closed.

The woman clasped her hands behind her back and whispered something softly.

Pretending to be calm, he was obviously shy and nervous.

The other person was holding a cigarette with no interest, and naturally, light smoke overflowed from his lips.

It’s not bright enough here, and the blocked light creates a dull color, making this unclear scene alluring for no reason.

A very strange feeling.

Perhaps sensing the inappropriate third party, the man quickly raised his eyes. Jiang Chuyi didn’t react in time and happened to catch his eye.

The cigarette was held between his lips, and his face was blurry and cold. In just a few seconds, Jiang Chuyi sat upright.

Taking out his phone and checking the time, Jiang Chuyi hugged his knees with his hands and continued to lean against the wall and wait.

This kind of thing is commonplace, and she is not very interested in gossip. But this place is a blind spot where electricity meters are installed. There are piles of debris. The way here is occupied by those two people, making it impossible to leave even if they want to.

A few minutes passed, and the sensor light in the stairwell went out. Jiang Chuyi estimated that those two people should be done.

WeChat vibrated one after another, and Gao Ning sent more than a dozen WeChat messages asking her where she was.

Jiang Chuyi stood up quickly, lowered his head and walked out while replying the message. Before taking two steps, he suddenly tripped and staggered.

She yelled reflexively.

The lights in the corridor turned on in response. The man put out his cigarette and stood up a little straighter. “Sorry, did I scare you?”

The voice is neither light nor heavy, and the tone is low and gentle.

Jiang Chuyi watched him put on the mask blankly.

The first reaction that came to my mind was that his voice was really nice.

She took two steps back, leaving more than a meter of distance between them. In just a few seconds, Jiang Chuyi regained his composure and looked behind him.

The girl who just confessed her love seemed to be gone, but there was another person. This man was wearing a suit and a headset, looking like a bodyguard.

Seeing Jiang Chuyi looking over, he nodded and said, “Miss, I’m sorry, I need to confirm whether you have special photography equipment on you.”

As soon as he heard this, Jiang Chuyi understood, “You have misunderstood. I am not a paparazzi. I only have a mobile phone on me.”

Jiang Chuyi’s eyes returned to the man, slowly moving up from his shoulder against the wall, briefly examining him.

With the light behind him, this man has broad shoulders, a tall and thin figure, and the remaining half of his face is divided into shadows by the lowered brim of his hat.

The light in the stairwell was dimly bright, and she could only see clearly those slightly upward eyes, which were as dark as if they had been soaked in ink. They were half-shrunk, staring at her, and there was something astringent and speechless. of bewitchment.

It was probably one of the colleagues who came out to fool around, but he was very cautious.

The bodyguard smiled apologetically, “Would you mind showing me your phone?”

“Sorry, don’t mind.”

For some reason, she was slowly getting drunk again, and she stared at the masked man.

Seeing her looking at him silently, the man leaned slightly against the wall and took the initiative to ask: “You know me?”

Jiang Chuyi frowned: “Don’t worry, I didn’t see clearly who you are, and even if I did, I might not recognize you.”

He hummed and twitched the corners of his mouth silently.

Just as he was talking, Gao Ning received two more phone calls, accompanied by WeChat bombardment. She immediately felt bad and prepared to leave.

But he was stopped by the bodyguard again: “I’m sorry, miss -”

Jiang Chuyi shrank back, and the phone slipped and hit the tiles with a crisp sound.

She took two deep breaths to control her anger, “I’ll reiterate, I’m not a paparazzi, and I didn’t take any secret photos.”

“I have something to do now.” Jiang Chuyi took off the bracelet and threw it to him. “This is my contact information. If you have any problems later, you can contact me at any time, or I can call the police directly now and let the police handle it later.”

After saying that, Jiang Chuyi bent down to pick up her phone. Someone had already moved ahead, so she retracted her hand.

He leaned down slightly, put one hand on the crossbar, picked up the mobile phone on the ground, and handed it to her.

The two looked at each other.

Jiang Chuyi hesitated for two seconds, then took it with a sullen face.

The bodyguard looked at the other man hesitantly.

The man was silent for a moment and said, “The screen of your phone seems to be broken.”

“Ah?” Jiang Chuyi looked down and said casually: “It’s okay, just take it and fix it.”

He stretched out his hand to the person next to him: “Give me a pen.”

The man’s eyes briefly glanced at the bracelet, and he confirmed with her, “Little Miss Ruby? Is that what she’s called?”

“Yeah.” Jiang Chuyi replied a little weaker.

The man nodded, wrote a series of things on the back of the bracelet, and handed it to her, “It has my phone number on it. If you need to change your phone, you can contact me at any time. I’m sorry about tonight.”

Jiang Chuyi’s anger subsided a little.

People become a little careless after drinking too much. She said slowly: “You are a celebrity, so be careful when you go out to play in the future and don’t cause trouble to innocent passers-by in public places.”

The man stopped capping his pen and looked at Jiang Chuyi quietly. Then, he smiled: “I know.


Gao Ning called Jiang Chuyi twice but no one answered. After searching for a while with his assistant, they finally caught someone in a corner.

“What are you doing??” Gao Ning was furious, “I almost called the security guard to find someone.”

Jiang Chuyi said, “Go to the bathroom to sober up.”

Seeing that she was still conscious, Gao Ning took a breath and threatened coldly, “Next time if you don’t answer the phone, I’ll twist your head off.”

Jiang Chuyi’s expression remained calm. She looked around, “By the way, don’t you want to meet someone?”

“Don’t worry, wait a minute.” Gao Ning raised his chin, “It’s about to start.”

The host was introducing the mysterious guest’s air landing on the stage, and all the lights suddenly went out in the middle of the talk. As if they had a premonition, the entire audience fell silent in unison, and then there was rustling movement. Along with the thick white smoke, uncontrollable agitation began to spread.

Gao Ning’s voice was full of interest: “Here we go, the highlight of tonight.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the next second, a black and red LOGO slowly appeared on the LED screen in the center of the field. The host didn’t know when he quietly left the stage. Everyone on stage and off, almost everyone, burst into cheers at the moment the logo became clear, and they screamed endlessly, eardrum-piercing, and unstoppable.

The little assistant was startled, and excitedly grabbed Jiang Chuyi’s arm, stammering a little: “Ju, it’s actually a western storm!!!”


Jiang Chuyi didn’t understand what was going on and didn’t react.

The little assistant was full of surprise: “BloodXGentle, thug in suit, you don’t recognize Mr. Jiang, right?”

Jiang Chuyi said thoughtfully: “Oh, it’s them.”

How could she not recognize him?

The boy band launched by domestic entertainment leader IM is also the company’s strongest revenue generator.

Three years ago, BloodXGentle was born.

Four people whose names I had never heard of before became famous in a very explosive way in a short period of time. It set off a wave of fanatical idol trends, attracting many fans and die-hard fans. It can’t even be said to be die-hard fans, but a kind of morbid madness. Of course, they fought their way through many stars and landed on the front line.

Without warning, it was like a huge thunder that exploded on the ground, causing a bloody storm and turning the whole circle upside down.

It is not an exaggeration to say that it is one step to reach the sky.

Jiang Chuyi was busy filming before, so he didn’t pay much attention to them. In addition, he had very little interaction with them, so it was just hearsay.

This rumor mainly came from her cousin, a die-hard black fan of Western violence.

The catchphrases at home are roughly divided into: “The appearance of the bad chicken group, Shachaji, is the beginning of the misfortune of domestic entertainment”, “Fans will be unlucky for their whole lives”, “All Zongye fans criticize like crazy, it is unprecedented in domestic entertainment.” “The Cancer No. 1″…and so on.

Just listening to her description of Jiang Chuyi makes me feel crazy, not to mention that from time to time, female stars in the same category are criticized by radical fans of the Western Storm and become trending searches. They use all kinds of disgusting words and I don’t know how to provoke them. They directly arrange a one-stop service for the bloodbath in the square. superior.

The bloody scene was beyond the reach of a transparent person like Jiang Chuyi, which caused her to stay away from them from the bottom of her heart.

When the music came out, the lights suddenly turned on, and people around them took out their mobile phones and pointed them at the stage.

Different from the lyrical style of most traditional singers, the western storm typhoon is wild and fierce. When it hits people, it feels like eight characters: I am the best in the world.

A few rays of strong light were refracted, and in just two or three minutes, these people almost blew up the place.

The lead singer is Fucheng, who has dyed his hair like naughty grandma gray. He steps on the speaker with one foot. He turns the microphone quickly in his hand and interacts with his mouth while singing. Swing with the rhythm.

Jiang Chuyi had always known about Xibaohong, but had no specific idea. After all, I have been out for a long time, and I have long been used to seeing flowers bloom and fade, and people leave and the tea cools.

Now you can feel it by being there, what it means to be top-notch in the industry, and why it became famous overnight.

“Who among them is the most popular right now?” Jiang Chuyi locked his eyes on the stage and asked the assistant next to him.

Assistant: “It’s almost the same!”

“I like that one.” The assistant pointed out to her, “That’s the bass player, second from the left.”

It happened that the big screen switched to those people at this time.

The facial features of several people are superior to ordinary people, with deep brows. Standing together, they are handsome and impactful, even giving people an unreal feeling.

The person the assistant was referring to was Zong Ye.

A beam of chasing light hit him right on top.

Hearing the sudden call of his name, he tilted his head and raised his eyes slightly.

The infield was psychedelic and crazy, with shredded paper flying down, and everyone screaming crazy for the name “Zong Ye”. But he was particularly careless, looking down at the audience lazily, not knowing where he was looking.

It would be no exaggeration to say that those few glances were breathtaking.

Jiang Chuyi’s words came to her lips, but she was stunned.
“What’s wrong?” The assistant noticed something was wrong with her.

Across many people, Jiang Chuyi kept a close eye on him.

One second, two seconds, three seconds…maybe it’s an illusion.

It must be an illusion, she thought.

He was looking back at her.

No one could notice that, hidden in the noisy sea of ​​people, Jiang Chuyi and he just looked at each other.

Jiang Chuyi was mostly sober from the wine at this moment.

She belatedly turned her wrist and turned the other side of the bracelet inside out. Try to focus your eyes and look at the contact information above again.

The handwriting is illegible and very difficult to read.

Jiang Chuyi raised his arms above his head, faced the light, and found the angle again and again.

Finally, when the white light lit up at the end of the stage, all the burning sparks slowly calmed down, and she recognized the name that she had never understood:

——Zong Ye/tel: 133xxxx0209

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