Chapter 2 The Second Star

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Chapter 2 The Second Star

Jiang Chuyi stood there and thought calmly for a minute.

This person turned out to be Zong Ye.

This person turned out to be Zong Ye…

The crowd was so crowded that Gao Ning turned back three times with each step and gestured for them to follow.

On the way to the backstage, Gao Ning said, “We’re going to see Supervisor Li later.”

“Supervisor Li?” the assistant recalled in his mind, “Isn’t he from IM?”

“It’s him.” Gao Ning whispered and calculated, “Xi Bao has recently started preparing for a new album. They plan to make a spin-off movie with the theme song——”

Before he could say anything, the assistant said excitedly: “What?! Are we going to cooperate with Western Storm?”

“Keep your voice down!” Gao Ning scolded her, “I’m so uncooperative. I don’t even have a single horoscope.”

Jiang Chuyi finally came to his senses.

The entertainment industry is indeed magical. The famous Zong Ye turns out to be a gamer in private. However, it is also expected.

He seems to be the kind of gentle and bad guy like a playboy. He is quite polite. He probably won’t hold a grudge after being lectured by her…

Jiang Chuyi suddenly felt that the bracelet he was wearing was as heavy as a stone.

I don’t know if he recognized her just now, and I hope he doesn’t.

Not to mention the huge difference in talent, for a young actress like her, it would be a disaster to mess with people like them.


When they got backstage, the staff took them to a lounge.

After sitting on the sofa for half an hour, Supervisor Li arrived late.

Gao Ning and Supervisor Li have some friendship, and Supervisor Li also knows the purpose of bringing Jiang Chuyi here this time. The two of them chatted tacitly, chatting about the gossip in the industry, the prospects of the industry, who had been downgraded in salary, which newcomer the company had recently signed, which one it planned to support, and who was cutting off whom’s pie.

The topic was twisting and turning, and the formality was almost complete. Gao Ning finally took the opportunity to get to the point, “By the way, what was the status of your recent movie?”

Supervisor Li glanced at Jiang Chuyi, who was standing next to him, and said, “The script has been finalized, and the heroine has been contacted by several people. It is almost finalized.”

“That’s what I said.” Gao Ning smiled, “How dare I think about the heroine of your movie? I mean, is there any other character who can lead Chu Yi?”

Supervisor Li raised his eyebrows.

Gao Ning: “By the way, last time you asked about Cheng Xi’s beverage endorsement, I have helped you contact her agent. There is no problem with the schedule. Her last contract is about to expire, so I will recommend her to her tonight. you.”

Supervisor Li’s eyes fell on Jiang Chuyi.

While they were talking, the young girl stood quietly beside them. She was not impatient after waiting for such a long time.

When it comes to female celebrities, the word most people think of is glamorous, but her facial features are small and have nothing to do with glamor. She is not a cat-like sweetheart, but has a look that is on the edge of men’s aesthetics, with a light face and a pretty face.

In terms of popularity, she is indeed not ranked high in the industry, but she is quite lovable. Having debuted for so many years, he has a pretty good reputation in the industry, there are few scandals, and his foundation is relatively clean.

After pondering for a long time, Supervisor Li said: “In this case, there is indeed a role. She is not the heroine, but she also has a role and can show up. I can’t say it by myself. I can only recommend it. When the time comes, you can give me Chu Yi’s information. Send me, you go try on the mirror first.”

“Okay, no problem.” Gao Ning agreed.


It was almost twelve o’clock after Gao Ning finished socializing. Jiang Chuyi returned home and collapsed on the sofa.

Rabbit heard the noise and ran out of the nest, rubbing against her feet. Jiang Chuyi was a little itchy, laughed twice, grabbed the back of its neck and held it in her arms.

Suddenly something occurred to her, she opened her bag and took out the bracelet from the mezzanine.

Looking at the name and phone number on it, Jiang Chuyi was in a daze for ten minutes as usual, and finally stuffed the things into the corner of the drawer.

After consecutive days and nights, plus drinking some wine, Jiang Chuyi’s head really hurt. She went to take a shower, took off her makeup, made milk, and lay on the bay window of the bedroom to dry her hair.
She was replying to WeChat and scrolling through Xiaohongshu. Playing with the phone one after another. While doing nothing, recalling what happened today, Jiang Chuyi opened Weibo and searched for Zongye using his trumpet account.

As soon as I typed my name in the search bar, many entries related to Zong Ye popped up.

Zong Ye, Xin He.

Xin He?

Jiang Chuyi didn’t have much interaction with Xin He in private, but they were similar in age, so when taking stock of Xiaohua’s development at various ages online, they were occasionally compared together.

Of course, she was the one who was pulled and stepped on every time.

With a little gossip in mind, Jiang Chuyi clicked on the headline article just published by a familiar marketing account – “Xin He, a bright and beautiful little flower, a woman that even Zong Ye can’t help but love”

The title alone is exciting.

As expected, the comments section was all butchered. Although Xin He is already one of the most popular actresses, she was still ruthlessly crushed by the overwhelming popularity. The hot comments are like a sea of curses.

[I don’t understand. Nowadays, fans like to criticize your family for being a bitch but don’t love it? Drug-addicted chickens really have no heart. 】

[A certain fool is really determined to betray her, and my brother can’t escape no matter how hard he tries. 】

[The sky is so big, it’s no bigger than the two ounces of flesh on your sister’s face. 】

These fans are really mean when they curse people.

Jiang Chuyi scrolled down and displayed a photo of Zong Ye.

As she watched, she was a little distracted… An inexplicable feeling of familiarity came to her mind.

Especially those eyes and the slightly curved arc in her smile made some vague fragments suddenly appear in her mind.

But when you think about it carefully, these fragments are like a shooting star, turning into white light and passing away in a flash.

No matter how hard I thought, I couldn’t remember where I had seen it.

But soon, she felt relieved.

Although Xibao just debuted a few years ago, everyone knows how quickly they have become famous, and there are huge posters of them everywhere.

Even in seclusion in a quiet place like Hengdian, Jiang Chuyi could hear news about them from time to time.

These feelings of familiarity with Zongya came out of nowhere, and they were probably just some impressions left by her occasional glimpses.

Zong Ye’s Weibo Square is a typical scene of a battle between fans and blackmailers: all kinds of revelations that are unknown to be true or false, fake photos of fake people, spiritual pictures of spiritual cultivation posted by the station sister, and performance pictures of the battles of various members of the West Riot Group, etc. .

Jiang Chuyi didn’t know much about it and didn’t care much. However, a popular Weibo posted by a big V blogger caught her attention:

@小水瓜: How does it feel to meet Zongya in real life?

There are all kinds of comments in the comment area, ranging from gentleness to attract handsome guys to beauty-based killings. Jiang Chuyi was bored and looked at it for a while before commenting objectively:

@ junior high school is a good day: He is relatively polite, and his appearance should be at the level of “I don’t know how to look like this” in the entertainment industry.

Unexpectedly, less than a minute after she posted it, alert fans immediately sent her private messages: [Are you an illegitimate child? 】

Jiang Chuyi was afraid of getting into trouble. After thinking for a while, she replied: [It’s not an illegitimate person. I went to pick it up before. 】

The other party was dubious.

Jiang Chuyi added in a subtle way: [I am just an ordinary fan. I took a look at it from a distance. There were so many people that I almost got squashed. 】

This seemed to dispel the other party’s doubts. The little girl on the other end of the network felt deeply: [Yes, there are really a lot of people offline every time, and there is nothing we can do about it. The Western Storm is very popular. You should pay attention to safety next time! 】

Jiang Chuyi politely muttered a few words, but the little girl seemed to have found a like-minded person and enthusiastically shared Zong Ye’s various pictures with her. The stage was stunning and Jiang Chuyi blew two symbolic rainbow farts.

After going back and forth, the little girl felt that she had met a soulmate at the end of the chat, and she wanted to add her on WeChat to continue.

Jiang Chuyi couldn’t resist, so she used the late night as an excuse to say goodbye temporarily, and hurriedly left Weibo, a place of right and wrong.


After sleeping until noon the next day, Jiang Chuyi habitually picked up her phone and opened the WeChat work group.

Gao Ning just forwarded several audition requests.

Jiang Chuyi clicked on one of the long pictures, which introduced the production team of the Western Storm movie. From top to bottom, the producers, producers and directors are all familiar, and they are all well-known aces in the industry.

To mobilize so much people for an album, to find a team that is almost as good as a top theater chain?

This was the first time Jiang Chuyi had seen such a large investment, so he couldn’t help but feel a little confused.

She sat up and sent a WeChat message to Gao Ning: [IM takes it so seriously? 】

Gao Ning: [Are you kidding? This is the fifth anniversary album. It should be the last official combined album before Xibao’s solo. It will definitely attract a lot of attention by then. 】

Xibao is now so red that half of the sky is red, and people and ghosts all want to get in on it. As the producer, IM’s original plan was to be digested internally by the company.

When the news first came out, several planners indeed accepted a large number of resumes, but most of them were screened out in the first round, and those who remained were almost all female artists under IM.

Director Nai He is from Hong Kong. In his early years, he made several popular movies all over the country. He is very proud and has an extremely picky eye.

At the end of the round of screening, the director was not satisfied anyway, so he and the assistant director decided to conduct another round of interviews.

Jiang Chuyi was lucky this time. Through Supervisor Li’s connections, he managed to be one of the candidates.

Auditions are in a week.

Gao Ning took Jiang Chuyi to the agreed hotel. After entering the lobby, the group registered at the front desk, got their access cards and went upstairs.

The 27th floor of the hotel was all booked, and a receptionist led the way, telling them that the morning batch of people had finished auditioning, and the afternoon auditions started at three o’clock, with Jiang Chuyi at the end.

Halfway through the second-to-last interview, someone came over to inform me.

The assistant stayed in the room with Gao Ning to discuss next month’s announcement, while Jiang Chuyi was led to a separate suite.

There were many people in the living room of the reception room, and they were all busy running in and out.

She was sitting on the sofa, and someone took the time to get a glass of water and handed it to her. Jiang Chuyi smiled and said thank you.

She just sat there and waited.

I flipped through the two pages of the script in my hand a few more times, and suddenly there was movement next to me.

Jiang Chuyi turned around to look.

The previous auditionee was greeted with cheers and shouts from behind. Judging from his expression, the interview just now should have gone well.

Jiang Chuyi recognized her.

Isn’t it Xin He?

The busy people in the room also stopped what they were doing and came over to say hello.

Xin He always maintained a reserved and polite smile and seemed in a good mood, not affected by online public opinion at all.

The bustle not far away was in sharp contrast to the desertedness around her.

Jiang Chuyi didn’t feel any sense of disparity in her heart. It was normal in this circle to worship the superiors and suppress the inferiors. She had long been accustomed to this kind of treatment.

As a new generation that Hua Rui strongly supports, Xin He’s recent popularity is unparalleled among his peers. Seeing that his stardom is bright, he naturally receives more attention than others.

After finishing the water in the cup, a girl hurried over and said, “Teacher Jiang, the assistant director asked you to go in and prepare first.”

“Oh well.”

Jiang Chuyi stood up and followed her in.

This is a conference hall divided into inner and outer rooms. The assistant director was sitting outside, smiling and waving to Jiang Chuyi, “Xiaoyi, come here quickly.”

Jiang Chuyi was a little surprised and walked over quickly, “Aunt Lin.”

“Long time no see.” Lin Gongqiong pulled her to sit down, “How is Lao Qin’s health lately?”

Lin Gongqiong and her mentor Qin Tong have been friends for many years. When Jiang Chuyi was taken out to attend a dinner, she met Lin Gongqiong several times.

When she was 8 years old, she was spotted by Qin Tong by chance and acted in a movie directed by him, and she entered the entertainment industry from then on.

Qin Tong watched her grow up and became her guide over time. The group of seniors who had a good relationship with Qin Tong often looked after her for his sake.

No wonder Supervisor Li is so easy to talk to this time. He is probably doing it as a favor.

Jiang Chuyi replied: “He has gotten much better recently, and he often talks about you to me.”

Lin Gongqiong smiled: “Next time I go back to Beijing to make an appointment for a meal, it will be at my house and I will cook it myself.”

Jiang Chuyi said hello.

Lin Gongqiong raised his hand and said, “Come over and get acquainted.”

Jiang Chuyi turned around following her words, and then noticed two people sitting in the corner.

The one on the left is spread out comfortably on the sofa, chewing gum and crossing his legs. He didn’t move when he heard the words, and glanced sideways.

This guy’s style is extremely cyberpunk. She has a few highlights in her hair, exaggerated earrings on her ear bones, and a silver ring on her right index finger.

When he looked at Jiang Chuyi, he smiled at her and blew a bubble out of his mouth.

The slender single eyelids are seductive and very enchanting.

Jiang Chuyi thought for a few seconds.

If I guessed correctly, this should be Wang Tan.

As for the other person next to Wang Tan… Jiang Chuyi had already seen him, so his eyes quickly glanced over and then he looked back.

When Zong Ye was about to stand up, Wang Tan patted his clothes leisurely, stood up first, and walked towards Jiang Chuyi.

He rested the elbow of one hand on the edge of the table, moved his beautiful and delicate face towards her, and winked, “Hi.”


“I have long admired the name of my senior.”

Jiang Chuyi felt that his tone was a little weird, so she moved back a little bit, “You’re too polite.”

She really didn’t have the shame to use the word “senior” in front of him.

“I grew up watching your movies.” Wang Tan smiled, “You are my childhood idol.”

Jiang Chuyi: “…”

She didn’t believe it, so she reluctantly said, “Thank you.”

Why does this person even use “you”… She is also a childhood idol. Even though he looks quite young, she just debuted early, so she seems to have a little vicissitudes of experience, and she should not be much older than him. ?
She cursed, and at this moment, the chair on her right was pulled away. Jiang Chuyi looked calmly and the man sat down.

Seeing it was Zong Ye, Jiang Chuyi subconsciously sat up straight, but did not speak first.

He whispered: “Hello, Zongye.”

“Hello.” Jiang Chuyi cautiously stretched out his hand, “My name is Jiang Chuyi.”

Her fingers are thin, the back of her hands is very white, and her nails are dyed a slightly transparent pink.

After a moment of silence, Zong Ye calmly returned his hand: “I know.”

Seeing that she was the last person to be interviewed, Zongya didn’t seem to have any extra surprise.

In line with the principle that doing more is worse than doing less, since he didn’t “recognize her”, Jiang Chuyi breathed a sigh of relief and pretended to have forgotten.


Not long after, a staff member came over and told Jiang Chuyi to go in and wait.

Everything went smoothly until now, but there was only one last part left, where I needed to do a scene with someone else and act out a scene in the movie’s branch line.

On her birthday, the heroine bought a cake alone and while waiting for a traffic light on her way home, she was attracted by a street singer playing guitar on the street. After listening to a song, the heroine walked up and struck up a conversation.

There are a few fixed lines, and the rest depends on improvisation, which is not difficult for Jiang Chuyi.

The director pointed at someone at random and said, “Go.”

Zong Ye seemed to have been assigned many similar tasks before. After hearing the instructions, he skillfully sat on the chair in the audition room, with one leg slightly bent and his foot on the crossbar. He placed the guitar across his knees to audition. .

After trying it out, he looked up at Jiang Chuyi.

She prayed silently in her heart that Zongye must not put small shoes on her at this time.

The two of them were in place, the camera’s dark lens was pointed at them, and the director signaled that it was time to start.

The whole place fell silent.

A somewhat soothing piano sound sounded.

Zongye held the guitar in a very casual posture, leaning on the body of the guitar with his arms, and pressing the strings with his index and ring fingers to adjust the tune.

Jiang Chuyi unconsciously made a mistake.

I heard before that their Typhoon Explosion and their style of painting made people feel that they were not easy to mess with, but I didn’t expect that he would actually play this song.

After waiting for the sound of the piano to end, and silently in his mind for tens of seconds, Jiang Chuyi controlled his expression and slowly walked towards Zong Ye, “This song is really nice.”


“Can I ask, what is the name of this song?”

Zong Ye sat there quietly and gave the answer.

is an English word.

Jiang Chuyi: “”Creep”? Daniela Andrade’s version?”

Zongye: “Yeah.”

“I used to love listening to this song.”

He was not too surprised. He was silent for a moment and then said, “Really? What a coincidence.”

This was the first time she saw Zongya in a well-lit place.

He leaned slightly on the back of the chair, his eyelashes were half closed, and the outline of his face was like a line carefully drawn with fine brushwork, which was smooth and yet sharp. Those eyes alone were the only part of his facial features that was not cold. Even if he glanced at others unintentionally, he still looked affectionate.

Since Zongya and she didn’t have any problems, the last part was almost completed in one go and was completed smoothly.

After calling the card, she was called over by the director. Later, they had to make room for a magazine photo shoot for Xi Bao. They didn’t have much time to chat. The director seemed quite satisfied with her and only asked a few token questions.

The audition is over, and preparations begin to call it a day.

In a corner not far away, Zongya was alone, putting his guitar into its case.

Jiang Chuyi packed up his things and returned the props to the on-site staff. When passing Zongye, she paused, then stopped and said hello politely.

Seeing that it was her, Zong Ye stopped what he was doing and turned his head slightly.

She smiled politely: “Thank you for your hard work.”

Zong Ye: “You too.”

Seeing his bland reaction, Jiang Chuyi suddenly realized that she seemed a bit familiar.

Jiang Chuyi stopped talking and said goodbye: “Well, um, you go about your business first, I’m leaving.”

Zong Ye stopped what he was about to say, paused for a few seconds, and smiled softly at her: “I hope I didn’t cause you any trouble today.”

Jiang Chuyi was stunned.

[You are a star, be careful when you go out to play in the future and don’t cause trouble to innocent passers-by in public places. 】

Pictures of the past two days flashed through her mind. She was righteous and stern when she lectured the top figure in the circle in front of her. She was also very impatient and even threatened to call the police. Jiang Chuyi suddenly felt a little regretful that he drank too much and didn’t know what to say. It was better now.

She couldn’t figure out for a moment whether Zong Ye was secretly targeting her or something. He paused abruptly for two seconds, as if he didn’t understand what he said, and said in confusion: “How is that possible? You performed very well today.”

Zong Ye picked up the piano case and said, “That’s good” as he passed her.

For some reason, Jiang Chuyi heard these three words as something meaningful.

She watched him walk away in silence, and from his back, she felt an inexplicable calmness about to come.

Jiang Chuyi suddenly remembered her cousin’s instructions to her.

– “Sister, if you’re fine, don’t mess with Zongya and the others.”

-“What should I do if I get into trouble?”

– “A grand event.”

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