Chapter 10 Li Yi beats up someone

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Chapter 10 Li Yi beats up someone
“No, empress, what are you doing! Let go, I’m going to fight back.”
Seeing Lu Li’s delicate face close at hand, Li Yi leaned over and kissed her.
The consequence was that his ears were almost pulled off, but it was so cheap that Li Yi felt that he had made a profit and was one step closer to being overthrown.
“Mother, Xiao Zhaoyi gave me two gold ingots, but you didn’t even express your gratitude.” After a while, Li Yi rubbed his ears and muttered.
Lu Li raised his eyes slightly, “Eat my food, drink my food, and now you want to take it out. Li Yi, do you think I don’t know what you are doing recently?”
Li Yi was not alarmed by Lu Li’s discovery, and wrote the word “prison” on the paper, “The palace is like a huge cage, trapping everyone here, engaging in intrigues, intrigues, and secret schemes.”
“Your Majesty, I am trapping the little eunuch. There will never be peace in this palace. I have seen how arrogant and domineering Concubine Rong is. You, the queen, are a thorn in her side and a thorn in her flesh.”
“She covets your position, and she will take action sooner or later. Lu Li, I don’t want to be just the person you protect behind me. I hope I can be your backing. Whether it’s an open attack or a hidden attack, I want to defeat you.” Open, I’ll keep you safe.”
The few months we spent together in Zhaonanyuan have already infiltrated you into my bone marrow. Li Yi looked at Lu Li with undisguised affection in his eyes.
Lu Li’s heart was surging. She suppressed the throbbing and tilted her head, “Li Yi, do you want me to be forever doomed?”
“Your Majesty, you just need to watch.” Li Yi put down his pen and walked out steadily.
In Xuanhua Palace, Concubine Rong was lying on the imperial concubine’s couch. Her temperament did not allow others to be disrespectful in front of her. That idiot Shu Jieyu thought that she could show off her power in front of her just because she was pregnant? act recklessly.
“The eunuch who saved Xiao Zhaoyi before is still hiding in Kunning Palace?”
“No, he’s a very good thief. I’ve deceived him several times, but I still haven’t deceived him.” The eunuch who was beating Concubine Rong’s legs said softly.
Concubine Rong kicked the person aside and sat up. She didn’t push Shu Jieyu down at first, but it was a good result if Xiao Qingyue was thrown out, but the little eunuch was too troublesome.
“There’s no need to worry about the Queen. Today, you take someone over and break his legs for me.” Concubine Rong fiddled with her nails and spoke leisurely. She wanted to let people know what is going on in this palace. Who is the real master?
What will happen if you don’t follow her wishes!
It’s been so many days, so these ladies shouldn’t be thinking about him anymore, right? Li Yi was lying on a wicker chair, squinting in the sun.
“Eunuch Li, I heard from my master and the others that the emperor is interested and wants to select a hundred of us eunuchs to accompany him on hunting in the palace.”
“Huh?” Li Yi moved his eyebrows and looked at the little eunuch in front of him, “What kind of hunting method?”
“It is said that the prey is released in the six east and west palaces. Whichever palace has the most prey, the emperor will sleep there at night.”
Tsk, you really know how to play.
“What big events happened there in the past?”
“In addition to the chaos in Hedong, it was Commander Xiao who beat General Zheng.” The young eunuch replied to Li Yi.
“Why were you beaten?” Li Yi’s eyes moved slightly, vaguely guessing.
“Commander Xiao is Xiao Zhaoyi’s sister. The pain is tight. I heard it was because of what happened to Xiao Zhaoyi at the gate of Kunning Palace.”
“Go ahead.”
Li Yi threw a money bag to the little eunuch.
General Zheng is Concubine Rong’s biological brother. This is a warning to Concubine Rong that if you dare to touch my sister, I will beat your brother.
He is a protector and can plan and figure out how to set up a thread. Starting from Xiao Zhaoyi is undoubtedly the best way to achieve the goal.
Just when Li Yi was contemplating, several strong eunuchs came over quietly. Li Yi glanced at him and frowned. He had seen all 42 eunuchs in Kunning Palace. These were not Kunning Palace. people!
Soon enough, as soon as they rushed towards them, Li Yi jumped up and dodged.
“Which palace are you from? How dare you come to Kunning Palace to commit murder!” Li Yi shouted, his eyes flashing with sharpness.
The leader of the four eunuchs gestured with his chin not to talk nonsense to him, and to get the matter done quickly while no one was coming.
The four people surrounded Li Yi in a fan shape and pulled out a short stick from his sleeves. Li Yi slowly took two steps back and charged forward after accumulating strength. He was never afraid in a fight!
There is no need to be polite to people like this who clearly show bad intentions.
Grabbing the wrist of one of the eunuchs who was swinging at him, Li Yi pulled and twisted the eunuch. The sound of cracking bones was very clear. He raised his foot and kicked the eunuch out. Li Yi then kicked the person next to him horizontally.
Blocking the stick with his hand, Li Yi punched the man in the face, took the stick away, and fired directly at him. Three of the four fell down instantly, and the remaining one was frightened by Li Yi’s bravery. Holding the stick and starting to back away, he said in a trembling voice:
“Don’t come here, we are from Concubine Rong’s palace!”
What responded to him was the stick thrown by Li Yi. The four menacing eunuchs were all lying on the ground howling miserably in less than three minutes.
The movement had already attracted people, and everyone shuddered when they looked at Li Yi, who looked like a murderous god.
Who would have thought that this thin body could hit someone so hard.
“These four people were so courageous that they actually tried to do harm to the empress. Fortunately, I discovered it early and stopped them. You guys should keep an eye on them. I’ll report it to the empress and see how she will deal with it.”
Li Yi left his words and strode towards the main hall of Kunning Palace, his eyes filled with coldness.
Kunning Palace was the queen’s palace, and Concubine Rong openly sent people here, which meant she didn’t take Lu Li seriously at all.
“Mother, we were bullied into our home.”
After listening to Li Yi’s words, Lu Li’s eyes were filled with chills, “Are you injured?”
“They were seriously injured.”
“Come here.” Lu Li raised his eyes, “Go and invite Concubine Rong over!”
“It’s such an ineffective thing!” Concubine Rong was furious. The four of them couldn’t take down a little eunuch, but even had someone beat him.
The palace man was lying on the ground, not daring to say anything for fear of offending Concubine Rong at this moment.
“Concubine Rong, the empress has asked this servant to invite you to go to Kunning Palace.”
“I’ll be there in a moment.”
After sending the visitor away, Concubine Rong asked the palace maid to help her change her clothes. She didn’t take it seriously at all, so the queen didn’t dare to do anything to her.
“Concubine, give me…”
There was a snap, interrupting Concubine Rong’s words, and everyone almost exclaimed, “The Queen, she actually hit Concubine Rong!”
Concubine Rong was also stunned, and immediately looked over with fierce eyes, “You!”
“Concubine Rong, are you so eager to move into Kunning Palace? You don’t hesitate to have people attack me.” Lu Li said coldly.
Concubine Rong’s eyes opened slightly. Are you trying to put a hat on her head? No matter how wantonly she behaves, she still knows that this matter cannot be acknowledged. Although the Lu family is no longer an official in the court, it has a great reputation in Chen County, and almost all the scholars there have received favors from the Lu family.
For example, the new champions in this class are the children of Chen County. They may not have any contact with the queen, but if the queen is bullied in the palace, they will not sit idly by and ignore it.

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