Chapter 2 Climbing over the wall to spy on the Queen

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Chapter 2 Climbing over the wall to spy on the Queen
Picking up a thicker branch, Li Yi walked to the nearest room.
Judging from the layout, this row should be the servants’ rooms.
Pushing open the old wooden door, a musty smell hit the face. The walls were covered with spider silk. A chair with two legs missing lay on the ground. There were only a few boards left on the wooden bed, which were covered with a thick layer. Thick dust.
After taking a look, Li Yi walked towards the next room.
It has been vacant for too long, and there are no materials available for use inside.
It’s about 3pm now, and given the remoteness of Zhaonanyuan, the chill will rise after 4pm.
A bunch of idiots just threw him in and didn’t even give him a torn quilt.
If Li Yi doesn’t want to freeze to death at night, he must find something to keep out the cold in these rooms.
Now I just hope that the things of the eunuchs who came in first have not been cleared away.
After walking around, Li Yi checked the servant’s room. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find a piece of fabric.
At this time, it was getting dark.
Your grandma is a bitch! It doesn’t matter if you don’t give him a golden finger for time-traveling, but if you have to give him a whole hell of difficulty, he shouldn’t be the fastest time-traveler to die, right?
Li Yi walked hard towards the next row of houses, cursing secretly in his heart.
After another search, it was probably Li Yi who was dead from the sky. There was not even a stool leg in this row.
You are an uncle!
Li Yi was bent over and breathing heavily. The little heat in his body could no longer resist the increasingly biting chill.
But the more this happens, the more you need to keep your head clear.
Judging from the two rows of servant rooms he walked through, no one had chosen them to stay before.
This also means that there should be more suitable accommodation ahead.
There is only one queen living in the entire Zhaonan Garden, and there is no one to supervise her. Once you enter this place, it is unknown whether you can get out alive, so if you want to live there, you must choose the best room besides the queen.
Using crutches, Li Yi didn’t spend any time going down to the living room. He had to search for materials as soon as possible. He would really freeze to death! !
Wherever people have lived, there will always be something left behind.
In the end, if it really didn’t work, Li Yi could only choose to drill wood to make a fire. He could stay up all night.
After an hour, Li Yi finally walked out of the servant’s room.
In its heyday, Zhaonan Garden was absolutely powerful. Li Yi sighed leisurely.
At this moment, the sky is completely dark, but fortunately the moon is big and very round.
This was also the reason why Li Yi did not immediately drill wood to make fire and gave up the search.
There is no end to the road, and in a side hall, Li Yi finally found the place where people lived.
Everything is still there, and the quilt is thicker than the one he originally used.
Li Yi was lucky. The person who originally lived in this house had just died a few days ago, and his body was found this morning, and his things hadn’t been packed away yet.
Li Yi lay down on the bed, pulled the quilt over him, and passed out.
His body was originally a powerful crossbow. If he hadn’t gritted his teeth and held on, holding it in one breath, he would have stuck his hooves.
He was so groggy that Li Yi didn’t know how long he had slept. He was woken up by hunger.
When Quanshun talked about Zhaonanyuan before, he said that the last two people fell into a well, but did not say that they starved to death.
The meal will definitely be delivered, but I don’t know where it will be delivered.
This was because they deliberately wanted him to die here, without even explaining the situation to him.
It was better to die than live, so Li Yi struggled to lift the quilt and get out of bed.
There is still half a bottle of water in the kettle on the table. Li Yi doesn’t care how long ago it was. Is this the time to be particular?
After drinking a bowl, Li Yi stumbled out on crutches.
If the food is delivered, it should most likely be placed at the door where he was thrown in.
It would take a normal person half an hour to walk, but Li Yi hobbled for two hours.
In order to survive, his perseverance is really beyond question.
And just as he guessed, the rice was placed behind the small door. It must be cold, the meat must be meatless, and it must be eaten.
The conditions are difficult, but we have to work hard to survive.
Only when you are alive can you have the opportunity to go to the Green Emperor. After traveling here, why don’t you do something?
Since ancient times, the nights have been long and lonely, and I cannot send warmth to thousands of beauties.
After being unable to sit up for a long time, Li Yi admired himself for still having time to think about this.
It was too far for Li Yi to get here from the side hall, but he couldn’t afford to eat.
Therefore, when moving, Li Yi chose a room in the servant’s room that could still be occupied, cleaned it briefly, and then went to the side hall to move the quilt and kettle, but left the others untouched.
His body was weaker than that of an old man, so he couldn’t make any more efforts. Just getting these two things made his eyes go black.
However, it was finally settled.
In the next half month, Li Yi lived a life of recuperation.
Eat, sleep, eat after sleeping, and do some appropriate exercise every day.
Except for the fact that there are no voices or shadows, everything else is pretty good.
Meals are brought in every day through the head-sized opening under the small door.
Every time, Li Yi could only see one hand reaching in. When he put down the bowl and chopsticks, the hand stretched back, and then the opening was closed.
Li Yi also tried to talk to this person, but he just ignored him.
Li Yi didn’t know the meaning of sending people to this place. He said it was for cleaning, but no one came in to check.
The most important thing is that the front hall and the back hall are sealed with walls. Li Yi really can’t understand this operation.
Did he and the Queen have an affair or something? They should be locked up like this!
Another half month passed in the blink of an eye, and Li Yi’s physical fitness was improving day by day.
If you are strong enough to eat and drink, then of course you have to think about other things.
The mottled red wall of Zhaonan Garden is nearly 6 meters high, but Li Yi still has a way to get out, but there is no difference between getting out and putting his head under a knife.
It’s death if caught.
Since he couldn’t climb over the outer wall, Li Yi’s mind must have been on the wall between the front hall and the back hall.
After One Country, it is still very curious.
So, that night, Li Yi took action. Although there was no rope, there were a lot of weeds and vines in this place.
If there is no iron hook, then use a wooden hook.
Without wasting much effort, Li Yi climbed over the 6-meter-high and one-meter-thick wall.
As he groped his way forward, Li Yi kept his eyes on all directions and his ears on all sides. He came here secretly, and it would be bad if no one discovered him.
The queen must live in the main hall, so the closer she got there, the gentler Li Yi’s footsteps became.
There is still some moonlight tonight. After all, it’s pitch black and you can still find a way to steal people. Bah, look at people.
How could his thoughts be so dirty? Li Yi would never admit it.
I’m afraid the queen is so tall that I can’t bear to look at her. It’s scary at night. Otherwise, how could the emperor lock someone up here on their wedding night?
He has nothing to do but look for excitement.
Li Yi shook his head, but he had already arrived at the side room next to the main hall.
At this moment, it was around seven o’clock in the evening, and he was definitely awake, so he would not be discovered if he took a sneak peek…

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