Chapter 3 The Allure of Beauty

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Chapter 3 The Allure of Beauty
Like a thief, Li Yi tiptoed to the window. The window was open, which gave him great convenience.
Li Yi carefully looked inside, and through the moonlight, he could barely see what was going on in the room.
no one? ?
Did you go in and sleep so early?
Just when Li Yi secretly said that he came here for nothing, a voice sounded from behind him, “Did you find what you were looking for?”
Li Yi, who hadn’t spoken to anyone for a long time, suddenly turned around when he heard someone asking questions.
Damn it! He actually let people go around him.
In an instant, dozens of tricks to knock people down flashed through Li Yi’s mind. After seeing the face of the person behind him, he forgot all about them.
He was not someone who had never seen a woman before, and he had even studied it in depth in a certain island country’s movies, but he had never seen anything like this look and temperament.
The person in front of him is dressed in plain green clothes, his long hair is rolled up casually, his lips are red without any spots, his eyebrows are green without paint, his muscles are as ice as jade, his eyebrows are like a painting, his appearance is immortal, and he is stunningly beautiful.
Li Yi was stunned for a moment, especially when the woman was covered with a layer of moonlight. This made Li Yi feel unreal. Does such a beauty really exist?
“You are brave enough to climb over.”
The sweet voice like a clear spring brought Li Yi back to his senses. He had already guessed the identity of this woman. It could not be anyone else except the queen.
“The timid ones have all fallen into wells. I have to be bolder. But how come you are so sure that I climbed over from the other side of the wall?”
As a good young man who has been influenced by modern civilization, Li Yi has no servility in his heart. Therefore, he did not ask for greetings and did not kneel down. He was very casual.
“The guards outside Zhaonan Garden are not loose.”
Then Lu Li looked at the eunuch’s clothes on Li Yi, and the meaning was self-evident.
Li Yi smiled and said, “I have been there for a month, and I take care of food and drink every day. It’s just too cold and lonely, no one talks to me, so I can only come here to find my empress.”
“By the way, I want to satisfy my curiosity. I will get you something to apologize for disturbing you someday.”
“Aren’t you afraid that I will punish you?”
Lu Li spoke softly and looked at Li Yi with some inquiring eyes. Most of the people in the palace were obedient, but few were like this person. He was neither domineering nor groveling to please.
Instead, he was very casual and peaceful. He called her empress, but his attitude was not very respectful. It seemed that he had no so-called identity difference in his heart.
Li Yi looked around and raised his eyebrows at Lu Li.
Lu Li laughed and said, “No wonder you were sent here.” The palace could not tolerate such a high-spirited person who allowed himself to be his own person.
“Eunuchs always like to embarrass eunuchs. Fortunately, my life is tough enough, but I don’t let them get what they want. We are destined to meet each other. Madam, can you let me hold you in my lap?”
“Huh?” Lu Li raised his eyes slightly.
“They all have hills, so I have to find a backer. I think your empress will be great.” Li Yi said with a smile.
“Are you new to the palace? You know I have been here for two years, and this support cannot protect you.”
Li Yi’s vitality made Lu Li somewhat interested in talking.
“I’ve stayed here for two years and haven’t gone crazy yet, and my manners are still so good. This is not something ordinary people can do. Your Majesty is a nine-day mysterious phoenix, and she will fly high in the end. She has always had a good eye for small things.”
Especially the way he looks at beautiful women, but Li Yi could only say this in his heart.
Although the queen in front of him was somewhat gentler than Concubine Rong, she would definitely be scolded if she said anything frivolous.
The Queen must have been born into a noble family and had been raised strictly since she was a child. Being able to talk to her so casually surprised Li Yi. She must have been locked up for too long.
“If I don’t hug you tight now, I won’t be able to take care of you once you go out.” Li Yizhen said matter-of-factly.
No normal man would want to get along with a beautiful woman, and he is not a real eunuch.
From the moment he saw Lu Li, Li Yi was interested in her. Phew, it was love at first sight.
If it weren’t for his morals that wouldn’t allow him to do bad things, a place like this, where a man and a woman are alone, and everyone is being ignored, would be a good place to do bad things.
“Let’s go back.”
“Your Highness, you don’t want me? I can eat less and cook more, and I can live on my own without any trouble…”
“Come here tomorrow.” Lu Li walked a few steps, looked back and chuckled.
Li Yi was stunned by the incomparable beauty. There was no comparison between those so-called goddesses and this empress.
Are all the women in this place so beautiful, or is she too otherworldly?
Li Yi didn’t know, but he was in a very happy mood, and he had different expectations for his life.
The next day, Li Yi got up early, not to find the queen. He had never fallen behind in exercising these days.
His sickly body makes it difficult to get along anywhere.
After breakfast at three o’clock in the morning, Li Yi climbed over the wall after calculating the time.
“Your Majesty, do you clean the house yourself every day?”
As soon as he entered the palace, he saw the queen cleaning the table. Li Yi raised his eyebrows. This woman was really too beautiful. Even when she was working, she was so beautiful that people couldn’t take their eyes away.
The clothes on her body had already lost their color, and the edges were washed white, but they still did not reduce her beauty.
A true fairy looks beautiful even if she is wearing a sack. Li Yi believed this.
“Otherwise, is there someone else?” Lu Li said casually without raising his head.
“Before I have a hot and spicy meal with you, I’ll show off my behavior to avoid having the bowl of rice not served properly in the future.” Li Yi said and was about to do it for him.
Lu Li looked at him and said, “You’re not busy. You have other things to do. There is a leak in the southeast corner of the side hall. Go and fix it.”
“The idea was made last night? It’s a pity that I’m still showing my loyalty to you, so I almost revealed myself to you. Your Majesty, this is very unkind. If you had said it at that time, I might not have been obsessed with the moon.” Blinded.” Li Yi shook his head and sighed.
“Do you regret it now?” Lu Li tucked a strand of scattered hair behind her ear and opened her mouth lightly.
“I don’t regret it at all. It’s just that I lost the initiative and it makes me look cheap.”
“Things that you have worked hard to get will be cherished. If it is delivered to your door like me, I will probably just throw it away and not remember it.” Li Yi said in a faint tone.
“It’s possible.” Lu Li replied after looking at Li Yi.
The corner of Li Yi’s mouth twitched, “My dear, please follow your normal routine. It’s already the coldest month of winter, so you can’t make people feel warmer.”
“Okay, don’t be poor. The bench has been placed for you. The tiles on the roof have been too long and are not strong. You should be careful.” Lu Li straightened up, changed places and continued wiping.
“Why don’t you help me? If I break my leg, I won’t be able to turn back.”
“You can climb over a 6-meter wall and you’re still jumping around.”
“That’s the same thing. You said it’s not strong on top.”
Lu Li put down the cloth and walked out first. She finally understood that if she didn’t help him, this guy would talk to her endlessly.
Li Yi grabbed Lu Li’s hand and climbed onto the bench. It didn’t feel slippery, but only felt cold.
Looking down at the calm indifference between Lu Li’s brows, Li Yi felt an unspeakable feeling in his heart. He carefully repaired the roof to ensure that no more rain would leak in.


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