Chapter 4: Slap away

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Chapter 4: Slap away
Li Longxing’s mind roared, and he soon came up with a very difficult and difficult to understand practice formula.

“The first level of “The Book of Chaos”: Chaos is not divided, audio-visual analysis. Clear and clear as the sky, the sky is full of darkness…”

The cultivation techniques for this level only have a mere 108 characters, but each word is exquisite and extremely difficult to understand.

When Li Longxing came into contact with spiritual practice for the first time, he was completely confused.

“Don’t be discouraged. When I first saw this cultivation method, I was completely confused. It took me several decades to understand it before I finally understood it!

Now, I will tell you all my understanding, so that you can quickly master it! ”

Next, the mysterious senior broke apart the first layer of the “Chaos Scripture” word for word, crushed it into pieces, and slowly explained it to Li Longxing.

With the guidance of the mysterious senior, Li Longxing seemed to be enlightened and suddenly enlightened!

It was as if a new door had opened for him, and he was so mesmerized that he devoted himself to understanding.

Three hours later!

The rising sun rises in the east, and the early rays cover the earth.


At this moment, a sudden storm surged over the wooden house where Li Longxing lived, and an invisible vortex appeared!

Waves of majestic spiritual energy from heaven and earth poured into the vortex like a tide, and then, through the transformation of the vortex, merged into the wooden house below.

All of this spiritual energy finally entered Li Longxing’s body.

There were bursts of clicking sounds, and new meridians opened up in the body.

After someone forcibly sealed the Tianling Root since he was a child, Li Longxing’s meridians gradually began to wither and become clogged.

Now, by practicing the “Chaos Scripture”, like a dead tree blooming, the blocked meridians are reopened again.

A golden mist of air lingered above Li Longxing’s head, and it looked like a fairy spirit at a glance.

“Haha, it is indeed the legendary Tianlinggen. It really did not disappoint me!” bursts of happy laughter came from the jade pendant around Li Longxing’s neck.

After a while, the ancient tripod pattern on the jade pendant was filled with brilliant colors and slowly transformed into a blurry figure.

The face is like a knife cutting an axe, with infinite majesty.

White hair fluttering, fairy spirit.

He just floated in mid-air quietly, looking down at Li Longxing below, his face full of joy.

Another three hours passed, and all the blocked meridians in Li Longxing’s body were finally opened!

Next, it’s time to open up the Alchemy Sea!


As energy surges into the Danhai location.

What was originally a chaotic area was instantly struck out of a clearing land.

Bang bang bang…

In the constant collision, the empty land is getting bigger and bigger.

When the Dantian was completely opened up, Li Longxing’s spiritual thoughts quickly entered the inner vision!

At first glance, I can’t help but be surprised.

I only saw my own Danhai, just like a small mustard seed space world!

A faint trace of chaotic energy lingered in the sky, and the ground was crisscrossed with hills and ravines.

“Why does my Danhai look like a new prehistoric world?” Li Longxing was shocked!

He couldn’t practice before, so he spent most of his time in the family library reading books, hoping to find a way to practice without spiritual roots.

Although it ended in failure, he gained valuable insights in terms of practice.

According to ancient records, the alchemy seas opened up by monks are all in a gray state, with no prototype of the world at all.

And my Danhai is completely different from the records in ancient books!

My own alchemy sea is not all gray, but it has an independent prototype of a prehistoric world.

Even though he is still young, he can still see some clues.

Once it continues to grow in the future, it will definitely turn into a boundless ancient world.

“Senior, what’s going on? Why has my Danhai formed a small independent world?” Li Longxing asked in surprise.

Hearing this, the figure looking down immediately turned into a golden glow, and escaped into Li Longxing’s eyebrows.

After seeing clearly the situation of Li Longxing Danhai, the blurry face trembled suddenly, as if he was frightened.

“Senior, what on earth is going on?”

“It’s strange, it’s really strange. This is the first time I have encountered a Danhai like you.” The blurry face murmured in a low voice!

“So is this good or bad?” Li Longxing asked worriedly.

“Don’t worry. In my opinion, this should be because you have practiced the “Chaos Scripture”. After all, this is a masterpiece from the ancient times. It is understandable that your Danhai has become a world of its own!”

“It won’t have any impact on me, right?”

“Of course not, this “Chaos Scripture” is a heaven-level existence, and it will only be good for you!” said with a blurry face!

Even so, he actually had no idea.

After all, he had never really practiced the “Chaos Scripture” before. He had only studied it for decades and had a superficial grasp of it.

It can be said that Li Longxing was the guinea pig he chose.

The specific results will remain to be seen.

After listening to the mysterious senior’s words, Li Longxing secretly breathed a sigh of relief.
He felt that the mysterious senior would not lie to him.

“You continue to practice. I am tired. You need to take a good rest during this period. In addition, remember to help me find some heavenly materials and earthly treasures as soon as possible.”


The blurred face was distorted and slowly dissipated.

“Continue to practice!” Li Longxing took a breath, ran the “Chaos Scripture” again, and practiced desperately.


Bursts of crisp sounds came from his body, and Li Longxing’s cultivation level unexpectedly rose to the fifth level of the Houtian Realm in the next two hours!

It hasn’t stopped yet, it’s still going on…

At this moment, Li Longxing’s heart moved and he quickly stopped practicing!

Outside the wooden house, there was the sound of rustling footsteps.

Opening his eyes, Li Longxing’s eyes were filled with divine light, which gradually became more introverted.


There was a loud noise, and the wooden door was suddenly slammed open from the outside.

A fat man in brocade clothes with a ball-shaped body, leading a group of evil slaves, carelessly broke in!

“Li Tian, ​​what are you doing?” Li Longxing looked at the fat man standing at the door and asked coldly.

Li Tian, ​​the son of his second uncle, is also his cousin.

This kid is as fat as a ball just like his father.

Although he is only sixteen years old, he is very naughty, cruel and has no scruples.

He is the number one dude in Qingyun Town.

After hearing what Li Longxing said, Li Tian couldn’t help but be stunned!

I have seen this trash before, and all of them were so frightened that they trembled. What happened today that you dared to call him by his name?

With a trace of anger rising on his brows, Li Tian pointed at Uncle Dong who was lying on the bed, and said angrily, “I heard that the old guy is about to die, right? I’m here to inform you, take the old guy with you immediately Get out of my Li family!”

“What? You want us to leave the Li family?” Li Longxing’s face darkened.

Li Tian said arrogantly, “Yes, how unlucky would it be if this old guy died in my Li family? Be smart, I don’t want to talk nonsense with you, take him and get out of here immediately.”

“Li Tian, ​​don’t bully others too much!” Li Longxing was also angry!

Li Tian had bullied him and Uncle Dong many times in the past.

For Uncle Dong, he can endure it!

Unexpectedly, he went too far today and actually wanted to drive the two of them out of the Li family.😡/

You are also a member of the Li family, why should you leave?

Li Longxing has been staying in the Li family, firstly to help Uncle Dong with his treatment, and secondly, because he hopes that one day his parents will return to the family!

Now that his Tianling roots have partially recovered, he can practice cultivation, and of course it is even more impossible to leave.

Because he wants to return to the Li family head’s house to find out the mastermind behind the assassination of him in the past.

“Haha, you’ve gone too far to bully me? You have grown up, you loser, haven’t you? How dare you talk back?” Li Tian stared at his loser cousin in disbelief, feeling that this loser’s courage suddenly became much bolder.

In the past, what he said was what he said, so how could he dare to talk back?

It seems that he will go to the house to uncover the tiles without fighting for three days!

Thinking of this, Li Tian waved his hand and said, “Hit me hard.”

“Yes, Master!” The three evil slaves smiled sinisterly and quickly stepped forward to surround Li Longxing!

Li Longxing said coldly, “You guys are so brave. I am also the young master of the Li family. How dare you slaves be rude to me?”

“Haha, Master? Just you?”

“You are just a stinky beggar, how dare you call yourself young master?”

“It seems that if I don’t spank you for a few days, your skin will start to itch!”

While the evil slaves were mocking him, the evil slave on the opposite side took action and slapped Li Longxing hard.

“Get out!” Li Longxing’s eyes turned cold, and he also slapped him in the face.

“Haha, you dare to fight me, you are really overestimating your capabilities!” The evil slave sneered disdainfully and continued to slap him.

Li Tian and others also looked at Li Longxing with amusement on their faces.

This loser actually dared to fight back, he really didn’t know how to live or die.

The evil slave who took action was named Li Er, and he had already entered the third level of the Houtian Realm.

To deal with a waste like Li Longxing, he can be beaten to pieces with one slap.


Just when everyone thought Li Longxing was going to be defeated, an unexpected scene happened!

A scream of “Ah” resounded through the wooden house, and a figure flew out and hit the yard outside the house heavily.

“This…how is this possible?”

Seeing Li Er twitching like a dead dog, Li Tian and others were stunned.

This loser actually slapped Li Er away?


“You… aren’t you a waste? How can you practice?” After waking up from the shock, Li Tian’s eyes instantly turned cold, and his pupils burst out with undisguised murderous intent.

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