Chapter 44 Yellow Turban Uprising

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Chapter 44 Yellow Turban Uprising
At this time, there were three brothers in Lujun, one was Zhang Jiao, the other was Zhang Bao, and the other was Zhang Liang. He wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to rebel.

It turned out that Zhang Jiao was a talented scholar. He went into the mountains to collect herbs and met an old Taoist with green eyes and a childlike face, holding a quinoa staff. The man called Zhang Jiao to a cave and awarded him three volumes of the Book of Heaven, saying:

“These three books are called “The Essential Techniques of Peace”. After you get them, they will educate the people and save all sentient beings. I hope you can make good use of these three books and benefit the people.”

After hearing what the visitor said, Zhang Jiao hurriedly bowed down and asked the old man: “I am not very talented, but thanks to the old man’s respect, I have given him the Book of Heaven. I don’t dare to think anything wrong. I just hope that the old man will leave his name so that the younger students can pay homage sooner or later.” ”

The old Taoist nodded slightly after hearing Zhang Jiao’s words. He replied: “I am the old immortal of Nanhua.”

After saying that, the old Taoist turned into a wisp of breeze and blew away.

Zhang Jiao got three volumes of “Taiping Yaosu” and studied it day and night. After a few years, he gradually became able to control the wind and rain.

At this time, the Yellow River burst its banks and the plague spread. Zhang Jiao took his disciples to spread talisman water to treat people’s illnesses, and called himself a “great virtuous teacher”.

Zhang Jiao originally had more than 500 disciples who traveled far and wide, all of whom were able to write talismans and recite incantations. But as Zhang Jiao gradually became famous, his disciples and followers increased in number. So Zhang Jiao established thirty-six parties to manage believers. Among them, there were more than 10,000 people in Dafang and six to seven thousand in Xiaofang. They also established Qushuai. These people called themselves generals and were responsible for the military activities of Yellow Turban believers in various places. And secretly spread the slogan “The sky is dead, the yellow sky will stand; if you are six years old, the world will be prosperous.” Not long after, people from the eight states of Qing, You, Xu, Ji, Jing, Yang, Yan, and He began to serve the great sage Zhang Jiao.

When Zhang Jiao saw that the Yellow River burst its banks, the plague spread everywhere, and the people rebelled one after another. He felt that it was time to eliminate the Han Dynasty.

So he sent his confidant Ma Yuanyi to secretly bribe and befriend the eunuch Feng Xu, and let Feng Xu act as an internal agent. He wanted to eliminate the Han Dynasty in one fell swoop and establish his own Yellow Turban Dynasty at the appropriate time.

However, although the Han Dynasty has declined, it is still a palace that many people yearn for. What Zhang Jiao never expected was that his disciple Tang Zhou was such a person, who yearned to join the Han Dynasty temple and stand on it one day.

Just when Zhang Jiao sent Tang Zhou to bring a letter to Feng Xu, they agreed to rebel together. Tang Zhou was secretly grateful that he had finally found his way into the Han temple.

So not long after, Tang Zhou reported the intentions of Zhang Jiao and his group to the Han Dynasty. Ma Yuanyi and other Yellow Turban elites who were preparing to cooperate with Feng Xu in the capital to capture the Han Dynasty in one fell swoop were all executed by the Han Dynasty because of Tang Zhou’s betrayal.

After Zhang Jiao knew that the incident had been revealed, he raised his troops at starry night and called himself “General Tiangong”, his second brother Zhang Bao called himself “General Digong”, and his third brother Zhang Liang called himself “General Renggong”.

When people from all over the world heard Zhang Jiao’s name, they all responded and followed him in yellow scarves. In a short time, four to five million people gathered and attacked various prefectures and counties one after another. This is the famous “Yellow Turban Uprising” in history.

As soon as Lu Bu came to Ding Yuan’s study that day, he saw Ding Yuan holding a volume of documents in his hand, in a daze, with a sad look on his face that made Ding Yuan look much older. Lu Bu hurriedly stepped forward and asked:

“Father, why bother me? Let your children share your father’s worries.”

When Ding Yuan heard Lu Bu coming in, his expression softened slightly and he said:

“Now, the Yellow River flood has just passed,”

“Now that the Yellow Turbans have rebelled, the world is in chaos. Who would have known that He Jin, who was ignorant and incompetent, actually encouraged the emperor to issue an edict to let each region recruit troops to defend the Yellow Turbans. In this way, it is inevitable for the local princes to support their troops and respect themselves. When the Yellow Turbans are eliminated, I’m afraid this will be the beginning of chaos in the world.”

After hearing Ding Yuan’s words, Lu Bu was shocked at first. Has the Yellow Turban Rebellion begun? It seems that Lu Bu should do something for this upcoming troubled world.

Different from Ding Yuan’s worried face, Lu Bu was excited, but a little eager to try. However, Lu Bu did not dare to let Ding Yuan see this. If Ding Yuan knew that Lu Bu was looking forward to troubled times, it would be strange not to talk to Lu Bu.

At this time, Lu Bu also looked worried and said to Ding Yuan:

“Now that things are like this, father doesn’t need to worry too much. The top priority must be to eliminate the Yellow Turban rebellious gang first. The court also came up with such a nondescript method because the Yellow Turbans were rampant and the officers and soldiers were temporarily unable to resist.”

After listening to Lu Bu’s words, Ding Yuan seemed slightly relaxed. He comforted himself: “I hope my worries are overblown.”

But at this time, Lu Bu took over the conversation and said: “No matter whether my father is overly worried or not, it is right to make some preparations. Doesn’t the imperial court ask various places to recruit troops for defense? Father, why not take this opportunity to recruit more troops and horses, just in case the imperial court needs to use them?” When I get it, my father can also help the court to eliminate traitors and share the worries of His Majesty.”

After listening to Lu Bu’s suggestion, Ding Yuan was convinced. He nodded and said, “You’re right, it’s time for us to make more preparations.”

Although Lu Bu said this, what he was actually thinking in his heart was that while he was in Bingzhou, he could control as many soldiers and horses as he could. This will be Lu Bu’s capital for future hegemony.

Just when Lu Bu was secretly planning, he felt a sharp gaze looking at him. When Lu Bu raised his head, he happened to meet Ding Yuan’s eyes.

When he saw the owner of the sharp gaze that he felt, Ding Yuan. Lu Bu sighed secretly in his heart. As the saying goes: “No one knows more than his father.” Lu Bu and Ding Yuan have lived together for several years. With Ding Yuan’s maturity and prudent attitude, could he not see Lu Bu’s ambition at all? Lu Bu felt that Ding Yuan had discovered his ambition, but he had never confirmed it.

And just now, Lu Bu’s eagerness to recruit troops and expand his strength was too obvious. This would inevitably arouse Ding Yuan’s suspicion. Thinking of this, Lu Bu cupped his hands to Ding Yuan and said: “Father, my son has been in the army for a long time and knows very little about the customs and customs of various places. Now that the Yellow Turbans are causing chaos, fortunately there is no major incident in Bingzhou. I want to take advantage of this moment. , go out for a walk and learn more about the sufferings of the people. By the way, I also have a good experience. I also ask for your permission, father.”

Ding Yuan was stunned when he heard that Lu Bu was leaving the army and going out to practice. Seeing Lu Bu looking at him, Ding Yuan concealed his smile and said, “It’s certainly a good thing that my son wants to go out for training. It’s just that the Yellow Turbans are causing chaos and wars are going on everywhere. If something happens to Bingzhou, wouldn’t I have no one available?”

Hearing what Ding Yuan said, Lu Bu smiled slightly and said: “My father, Gao Shun’s talent in commanding troops and training troops is thousands of times better than that of a child. If there is any war in Bingzhou, General Gao will be there for sure. Several of my subordinates Generals Wei Xu, Song Xian, and Hou Cheng all have some skills, and they can also serve as generals’ assistants. Father doesn’t have to worry about anything.”

In fact, Lu Bu’s decision to leave Bingzhou for a period of time was also a temporary decision. Originally, when he heard about the Yellow Turban rebellion, Lu Bu wanted to take advantage of this moment to expand his troops. Unable to go, Ding Yuan saw Lu Bu’s ambition. Lu Bu didn’t want to have any conflict with Ding Yuan at this time. Who knows whether Ding Yuan, a loyal and patriotic old man, would kill his son who had been raised for several years for the sake of the Han Dynasty?

Anyway, Lu Bu originally planned to find time to go to various places to look for those famous generals from the Three Kingdoms. It would be better to take this opportunity and go out to look for famous generals. It can not only enhance one’s own strength, but also eliminate Ding Yuan’s wariness. Why not?

Looking at Lu Bu’s affirmative gaze, Ding Yuan chuckled and said, “Okay, as the saying goes, read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles. My son has this idea, and as a father, I wish you success in your experience.”

After receiving Ding Yuan’s consent, Lu Bu quickly raised his hand and bowed, then left.

Watching Lu Bu go away, Ding Yuan shook his head and said to himself: “Am I wrong? This Lu Bu would voluntarily give up military power. But at that time, I clearly saw his ambition.”

Having said this, Ding Yuanyou sighed and said, “Maybe it’s because I’ve been working too hard recently and I’m always suspicious. Could it be that as people get older, they will become more suspicious?”

Lu Bu returned to his residence and found Hou Cheng, Wei Xu and Song Xian to make some arrangements. road:

“Now that the world is in chaos, the imperial court has ordered various places to recruit troops for defense. This move seems to be able to quickly strengthen local power and make the local area capable of dealing with the Yellow Turban Army’s attack. But if you think about it carefully, once the local government controls huge military power, a separatist regime will be formed. At that time, it will be even more difficult for the court to reduce the vassal power. In addition, the court is already fighting for power, and I am afraid that troubled times are coming.” What Lu Bu meant when he said this was that he naturally hoped that these three people could have a clear understanding of the situation. There are many, cultivate more strength in the military. Although Lu Bu left the army, it was only a temporary measure to retreat in order to advance. It’s not that I really want to hand over military power.

But with the quality of these three people, they were a little confused after listening to Lu Bu’s words. Wei Xu blinked his eyes and asked Lu Bu: “Since the world is about to be in chaos, why doesn’t the general stay in Hanoi and develop well? But he wants to leave Bingzhou? Now that the Yellow Turban rebellion general went out alone, I’m afraid it would be very inappropriate. Why don’t I go out with the general, so I can have someone to take care of you.”

This Wei Xu knew how to talk, so he took this opportunity to pay some attention to Lu Bu.

Looking at Wei Xu’s performance, Hou Cheng on the side grinned and said: “With General Lu’s martial arts, there is no opponent in the world. If we go out this time, we will only abuse people. We need you, Wei Xu, to take care of us. Maybe if you go, not only will you not be able to take care of General Daolu, but you will become a drag.”

Listening to the banter between the two, Lu Bu also laughed and said: “You don’t have to argue. This time I went out. In addition to meeting the world’s heroes, I also wanted to make some like-minded friends. It just so happens that in troubled times, heroes are born in large numbers. ”

Hearing Lu Bu say that he wanted to make friends with the world’s heroes, Song Xian on the side said hurriedly: “I heard that there is a good man in the south of the city named Zang Ba. He is quite brave. I wonder if General would like to go and see him?”

When he heard that Song Xian mentioned Zang Ba, Wei Xu first showed a look of disdain on his face and said: “He is just a common man from the countryside, but he has caught the eye of General Lu. I, Wei Xu, can only treat such a small person.”

As soon as Lu Bu heard Zang Ba’s name, he felt that it was very familiar, so he laughed and said: “Song Xian’s suggestion is very good. After I leave the city, I will go to the south of the city to have a look. If there is such a talent in the future, you must be the first to notify Me. If I’m not here, you have to find a way to invite people over first.”

At this point, Lu Bu changed the subject and said: “After I leave, you must obey General Gao Shun’s orders and protect Bingzhou. You should also take good care of my father for me.”

Upon hearing what Lu Bu said, the three of them hurriedly replied respectfully: “General, please don’t worry, we will listen to General Gao’s generals and handle everything properly.”

After Lu Bu left Hanoi, he ran straight to the south of the city. Lu Bu is planning to take a tour of Hebei now to see if he can establish a relationship with the Four Court Pillars of Hebei. It’s just that Lu Bu didn’t know the origin of the four Hebei courtyard pillars, so he could only take it one step at a time.

Lu Bu came to a small village in the south of the city and saw that the originally quiet and peaceful village had become devastated. Apparently something happened.

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