Chapter 45: Conquering Zang Ba

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Chapter 45: Conquering Zang Ba
Lu Bu rode towards the village, wanting to find someone to ask and find out what was going on here. But at this moment, a black-faced man rushed out of the diagonal stab, holding a single sword in his hand. As soon as Lu Bu appeared, he raised his sword and struck. While slashing back, he shouted loudly: “Evil thief, you will die.”

Lu Bu quickly drew his sword from his waist to resist. While being low-grade, I was secretly complaining. What kind of thing is this? Why did I meet such a desperate Saburo in the first place?

However, when Lu Bu saw that the man in front of him was extremely powerful, he could not defeat him in martial arts. He deliberately wanted to try the martial arts of the man in front of him. So Lu Bu didn’t explain, and just focused on fighting with this man.

Although this black-faced man is quite brave, he is obviously a little anxious. Although he exerts great force, it cannot last long. Sure enough, after standing forty or fifty years, the man’s movements gradually became a little sluggish.

Lu Bu took advantage of this opportunity and slightly increased the strength in his hands, but he was able to force the man to retreat continuously.

Just when Lu Bu wanted to decide the outcome with this man. Suddenly, a group of villagers in ragged clothes and holding wooden sticks and farm tools ran out from behind the house. These people aimed the simple weapons in their hands at Lu Bu and formed a circle, signaling that Lu Bu was surrounded and should not be arrogant.

Seeing the nervous expressions of these villagers, Lu Bu knew that it was his performance that caused these villagers to misunderstand.

Lu Bu put away his sword and smiled. He said to these villagers: “Fellow villagers, don’t panic. I am an official from the city. I am not a bad person.”

I heard that Lu Bu was an official from the city. The villagers who surrounded him quickly put away the simple weapons in their hands and turned around and left. In the view of these village names. There is only one reason for the officials to come, and that is the day to pay taxes. And there is an innate dislike for the names of villages where paying taxes makes even eating a problem a problem. This disgust is naturally reflected in the attitude towards officials.

Lu Bu also felt very bored when he saw that the famous people in the village were unwilling to take care of him. Bian turned around, raised his hands to the black-faced man who had fought with him for dozens of rounds, and said, “I am Lu Bu in Hanoi. May I ask if you are Zang Ba?”

Although Lu Bu felt that Zang Ba was not as strong as he thought, he was defeated before he even put any effort into it. But where is Zang Ba’s reputation? Maybe this guy is a growth type. Thinking of this, Lu Bu decided to get the weak Zang Ba first.

The man looked at Lu Bu, but he didn’t show any disgust. It seemed that he had succumbed to Lu Bu’s force. Just listen to this man murmur:

“I’m not Zang Ba. Brother Zang Ba is chasing the bandits.”

It turned out that a group of bandits came nearby at some point, and they were looting everywhere. No, they just robbed Zang Ba’s village. When Zang Ba came back and took a look, naturally this matter could not go away so easily. The most important thing is that this group of bandits robbed the village’s stored grain. These days, people will die if they don’t have food. It would be strange if Zang Ba didn’t go after them to ask for food.

Lu Bu thought clearly about the joints involved, and asked the direction of the bandit, hoping to continue looking for Zang Ba. But before leaving, Lu Bu turned around and said to the black-faced man: “What’s your name? Do you want to be a soldier?”

When the man saw Lu Bu asking him, he just asked without thinking. “My name is Cheng Lian. Can I have enough to eat as a soldier?”

Lu Bu chuckled and said, “Of course a soldier will have someone to take care of his food and keep him fed. If you want to be a soldier, just go to Hanoi. When the time comes, say that I, Lu Bu, asked you to go, and they will definitely take care of your food.”

As soon as Lu Bu said these words, Cheng Lian was filled with joy. But then, many village names also poked their heads out. It was obvious at first glance that these people also wanted to find a job to make a living.

However, Lu Bu could only guarantee Cheng Lian’s food rations. As for the others, Lu Bu was a little helpless.

Lu Bu walked not far from the village and came to a simple mountain stronghold. Even though it is a copycat village, it just has more war-related things than an ordinary village.

From a distance, Lu Bu heard the sound of fighting inside. another angry voice shouted. “I asked you to rob our village of food. I have to show you how powerful I am today.”

When Lu Bu entered the stronghold, he discovered that a burly man with a dark face was beating more than a dozen men to the ground. Although this black man kept calling others bandits for stealing his own food. But the scene in front of them was shown to others, and no matter what, they couldn’t tell what the abilities of the dozen men lying on the ground were capable of robbing this black-faced man of his food.

Lu Bu smiled helplessly and was about to step forward to offer some words of advice. I saw a bandit lying on the ground. His face suddenly turned cold. He took out a short knife from his arms. When the black-faced man turned around, he jumped up and pierced the black-faced man’s vest with the short knife. passed.

Lu Bu was shocked when he saw the scene in front of him. He quickly pulled out the sword from his waist and threw the sword away with his hand. With a “chi” sound, Lu Bu’s sword had penetrated the bandit’s body and pinned the jumping bandit to the ground again.

Thinking of the scene just now, Lu Bu couldn’t help but feel cold in his heart, as if he had returned to the battlefield in Wuyuan County two years ago. In the past two years, Lu Bu had stayed in Hanoi, his life had settled down, and his murderous aura had subsided a lot. But before Lu Bu’s eyes would be a vast and chaotic world. In troubled times, those who do not know how to kill can only become the dead souls of others.

Lu Bu had a straight face and thought to himself. The black man over there has turned around. When this man saw clearly that Lu Bu had just saved him. He hurriedly stepped forward and hugged Lu Bu with a fist and said, “My name is Zang Ba. Thank you very much for saving me just now.”

Seeing Zang Ba coming up, Lu Bu hurriedly returned the greeting and said, “I’ve heard for a long time that brother Zang Ba is a hero. It’s true that we saw him today.”

At this point, Lu Bu pointed to the bandits still lying on the ground and asked Zang Ba, “I wonder what brother Zang Ba is going to do with these people?”

When Zang Ba heard Lu Bu’s question, he scratched his head with his hand, but said helplessly: “I haven’t thought about this problem. I just want the food in our village back.”

Hearing what Zang Ba said, Lu Bu laughed loudly and said: “Now that the Yellow Turbans are rebelling, it is the time for the court to employ people. I think it is better to let them serve as soldiers. This way they can also contribute to the court and make up for their mistakes.”

Lu Bu said this because he wanted to incorporate these bandits into his own team. The army was going to expand anyway. Moreover, those who can become bandits are generally better at fighting.

However, Zang Ba had a serious look on his face after hearing Lu Bu’s words: “What are you talking about? We in the village can’t find such a good job, and we don’t have anywhere to eat? But you have to find a job for the bandits to eat first?” ?”

After listening to Zang Ba’s words, Lu Bu laughed loudly and said, “Since you care so much about being a soldier, how about you follow me and become my soldier from now on?”

Zang Ba looked at the fair-skinned Lu Bu and said with a smile: “If you can beat me, I will be your soldier. But if you can’t beat me, I will be your officer. But even if I do Even though I have become your official, you still want to take care of me?”

After listening to Zang Ba’s words, Lu Bu felt dizzy. What do you call your official? But after thinking about it carefully, Lu Bu understood what Zang Ba meant. That is to say, if Lu Bu defeats Zang Ba, then Zang Ba will unconditionally follow Lu Bu and serve as a soldier. But if Lu Bu can’t defeat Zang Ba, then Zang Ba will become Lu Bu’s official and take charge of Lu Bu. But even if Zang Ba becomes Lu Bu’s boss, Lu Bu will still be responsible for the food.

At this time, Lu Bu looked at Zang Ba in front of him and sighed to himself: “It turns out that this honest man also has his own little Jiujiu.”

Lu Bu and Zang Ba didn’t say much, and they started fighting. Lu Bu has been staying in Hanoi for the past two years and has really worked hard on his martial arts. Today, when he met a master, he naturally wanted to test it out. I just don’t know how much strength Zang Ba can resist Lu Bu.

Lu Bu only used 80% of his strength to fight Zang Ba. The two of them were having a lively fight while going back and forth. After a few dozen scenes, Zang Ba over there was already sweating profusely. Fortunately, this is a battle of pure strength. If it were a sword fight, Lu Bu believed that even if Lu Bu only used 80% of his strength, Zang Ba wouldn’t be able to last for many rounds.

The two continued to fight until more than a hundred rounds had passed. Zang Ba suddenly stepped back and stopped.

When Lu Bu saw Zang Ba stop, he did not approach him. He just laughed and asked, “Why did Zang Ba stop? I can see that you still have some tricks up your sleeve.”

After listening to Lu Bu’s words, Zang Ba said helplessly: “Do you think I’m stupid? We have already fought against Bai Yuhe. Although we have used our unique skills, haven’t you also not tried our best? And this Bai Yuhe Yu He, your strength has always been maintained in a balanced state. Even if I use my ultimate move, I will still be defeated.”

At this point, Zang Ba sighed and saluted Lu Bu: “From now on, I will be your soldier. You must feed me well and feed me well.”

Listening to Zang Ba’s words, why did Lu Bu feel awkward? It feels like Lu Bu didn’t gain a general, but rather seemed to be kidnapped. However, Lu Bu didn’t think about it carefully, he just took Zang Ba’s words as shit and put them aside.

After Lu Bu brought these bandits back to the camp and gave them to Wei Xu for training, he set off with Zang Ba. Lu Bu planned to wander around Hebei first to see if he could find Yan Liang and Wen Chou. Although Lu Bu is now very powerful, who would think that he has too many generals? But the bad thing is, Lu Bu doesn’t know where to find Yan Liang Wen Chou. It seems that the only way to go to Yecheng is to try your luck.

Lu Bu knew that Xu You was in Yecheng. This man had great magical powers. Having traveled all over the country over the years, maybe it will bring surprises to Lu Buyi.

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