Chapter 5 Li Yi leaves Zhaonanyuan

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Chapter 5 Li Yi leaves Zhaonanyuan
Fengguan Xiapei, this is the first time Li Yi has seen such a noble and graceful side of Lu Li, which makes people dare not look directly at her.
As Lu Li walked out of the door, Li Yi knew that the distance between them would be heaven and earth.
The gate of Zhaonan Garden was closed again, and Li Yi walked into the hall. Everything was still the same as before, nothing had changed, but everything had changed.
An hour after Lu Li left, the small door that had been closed since Li Yi came in opened. Unlike the last time he was dragged away, this time the eunuch greeted him with a smile.
“You must be Li Yi. The Queen has told you to go with me.” The leading eunuch said with a smile.
“Eunuch, isn’t the Queen also imprisoned here? Why…” Li Yi came forward and asked in a low voice, looking puzzled.
He was locked in here and had no knowledge of the outside world. Lu Li and he had never seen how to react to any situation. This was the most basic rule of survival in the deep palace.
She should have expected that she would go out one day, so she would talk to herself about this from time to time. Li Yi felt a wry smile in his heart.
“You don’t know this. Your Majesty has returned to Kunning Palace now. It’s your luck that you survived till now.” The eunuch said as he moved the whisk, turned around, and motioned for Li Yi to follow him.
Naturally, it was impossible for him to sit in a phoenix chariot like Lu Li. Li Yi followed the eunuch, and the two walked on two legs for nearly an hour before arriving outside Kunning Palace.
Along the way, what Li Yi saw was completely different from the magnificence of Zhaonan Garden. The high brick red walls were covered with golden glazed tiles, which glowed dazzlingly in the sun. The golden dragons on the eaves were bright in color and lifelike in shape. Majestic.
The green bricks on the ground have been swept spotlessly, and tall and mighty stone lions line both sides of the road, all of which give people a sense of solemnity and majesty.
As for Kunning Palace, it is even more magnificent, with carved beams and painted pillars, expressing the nobility and luxury to the extreme.
After traveling for so long, at this moment, Li Yi truly felt like he was in the palace.
After being informed by the eunuch, Li Yi was taken into the main hall of Kunning Palace. The moment he saw Lu Li, Li Yi was a little stunned.
I was used to seeing her in simple clothes, so it was strange to look directly at her graceful and luxurious appearance.
“How dare you! Why don’t you kneel down to say hello?” A eunuch nearby saw Li Yi standing stupidly and scolded him in a low voice.
“Let him stand and answer.” Lu Li’s voice was light. “I don’t like so many people accompanying me. Wang Xi will stay and the others will leave.”
Despite Lu Li’s young age, his noble majesty was beyond words. No one dared to say a word, except for the one named Wang Xi, who all bowed and retreated.
“What’s your name?” Lu Li turned over the tea lid and looked at Li Yi, as if he just asked casually.
“Slave Li Yi.”
When he got here, especially when there were people present, he had to act according to the rules of the palace. No matter how big or small he was, he would be seeking death.
“Can you read?” Lu Li asked after taking a sip of tea.
“I recognize a few.” Li Yi lowered his head and answered sternly.
“This tea is cold. Let’s make a new pot.” Lu Li spoke slowly, and Wang Xi, who was standing by, immediately went to do it.
Lu Li and Li Yi were the only ones left in the room. Lu Li chuckled lightly, “I know the rules now.”
Li Yi curled his lips and said, “I don’t know. Isn’t this because you are afraid of death? Don’t talk about me. You are also putting on airs.”
Sitting on the ground, Li Yi held his hands behind his back, as lazy as he was in Zhaonanyuan.
“You can’t follow your own will in this position. You can only make tea with a stick of incense. You watch the time.” Lu Li glanced at Li Yi.
“The Queen is so majestic that I was so frightened that my legs were weak. It’s not normal.” Li Yi laughed, “I knew I had very good vision. How long ago did you take me out of Zhaonan Garden? In the days to come, I will appoint Every meal has meat.”
“It’s just that if you are imprisoned next time, the separation will be too far, and walking will be very tiring.”
“You look like you’re afraid of death?” Lu Li stood up and walked towards Li Yi, squatting down beside him. Li Yi quickly covered his ears with his hands, looking wary. He had been grabbed many times before.
“Except for Kunning Palace, don’t go out and wander around. Especially when the concubines are paying their respects, stay away.” Looking at him like this, Lu Li was amused.
“Don’t worry, my dear, my heart is with you. No matter how beautiful the other ladies are, I will definitely not look away.” Li Yi assured in a serious tone.
Lu Li rolled her eyes at him. This kid just couldn’t speak seriously. “The queen in front of you doesn’t have much real power. She is just a decoration. If you mess with those people, I may not be able to protect you.”
“Go back and copy the Taoist scriptures a hundred times.” Lu Li said simply, knowing that Li Yi had a restless temper.
The corner of Li Yi’s mouth twitched. One second he was warm and affectionate, but the next second he asked him to copy Taoist scriptures. His face changed so quickly that it was amazing.
“One hundred times is too many, how about a discount of thirty?” Li Yi bargained.
Lu Li ignored him and moved to the top to sit down again. Li Yi knew that the time was up, so he got up from the ground and stood up with his eyes on his nose and his mouth.
“From now on, you will stay in Kunning Palace to study ink.” Lu Li said calmly when Wang Xi came in with tea.
“Everyone, go down.”
In this way, Li Yi turned over. From the humblest little eunuch, he was promoted to the eunuch of the Kunning Palace. Not to mention walking sideways, at least he was not someone who could be bullied if he wanted to.
Although the beginning was miserable, things are getting better now, and they all live in single rooms.
But Li Yi will not be satisfied with this. In a place without human rights, only holding power in one’s hands is the foundation of one’s life. Li Yi sees this very clearly.
So he had to climb up until he was on Lu Li’s bed and the emperor couldn’t chop off his head.
Since we are living, we naturally want to live the best life.
However, it is not easy to climb to the highest position.
If you are in the 12th eunuch, the Secretary of Ceremonies, your chances are much greater. For example, in the Ming Dynasty, eunuchs such as Wei Zhongxian, Wang Zhen, Liu Jin, and Feng Bao who disrupted the government served in the Secretary of Ceremonies.
After being transferred to the Supervisor of Ceremonies, it was not difficult for Li Yi to operate. After all, he now had Lu Li’s back.
But the key point is that Li Yi doesn’t dare. If he leaves now, who will protect him from the wolf? Lu Li is still a virgin. No matter what, he can’t let that dog emperor take first blood.
The most urgent task is to understand the forces in the harem first and see where to plan next.
The people in Kunning Palace are all newly recruited, and they may be mixed up with someone else. Their words may not be believed. If they fail to do one step, they may die in unknown circumstances.
To be cautious, Li Yi thought it would be more reliable to find out more about Quan De first. After not seeing him for so long, he also wanted to know how he was doing.
On the pretext of going back to Zhaonan Garden to pack his things, Li Yi left Kunning Palace. He had a good memory and still remembered the way he came. After arriving at Zhaonan Garden, Li Yi turned towards Dongku.
If nothing else, poor little Dezi should still be cleaning diligently. After all, he has been doing this for three years.
Sure enough, in Dongku, Li Yi saw Quande.

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