Chapter 6 I am not a compassionate person

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Chapter 6 I am not a compassionate person
“Xiao Dezi.” Seeing friends again will undoubtedly make people feel happy.
“Li Yi!” Quan De trotted over with a broom in hand, “You are not in Zhaonan Garden, why did you escape? Go back quickly and ask someone to catch you. You will be severely punished.”
In the palace, you can still have such a friend who is worried about you. Li Yi felt warm in his heart, “Brother, I’m lucky. Now I am the eunuch serving Mo in Kunning Palace.”
Li Yi raised his chin as he spoke and took two steps with dignity.
“It’s true or not.” Quan De knew that the Queen had moved back to Kunning Palace. Any major event like this in the palace would spread very quickly.
“Really, I can appear in front of you. When my brothers have established their footing, I will get it for you too, so you don’t always envy them.” Li Yi said and patted Quan De on the shoulder, and Quan De gasped immediately. He breathed a sigh of relief.
“What’s wrong with the shoulder?” Li Yi frowned.
“I accidentally fell down yesterday, but it saved you a lot. I thought you would die in Zhaonan Garden.” Quan De avoided Li Yi’s gaze and said with a smile.
Li Yi stepped forward and pulled off Quan De’s clothes from his upper body, only to see bruises everywhere on his thin body.
“Who did it?” Li Yi’s eyes were cold, “Speak out and we won’t be bullied.”
“Yes, it’s Eunuch Hai and the others.” Quan De said in a low voice, shocked by Li Yi’s momentum.
After suffering a loss at the hands of Li Yi, Gao Hai vented his anger on Quan De and made trouble for him every day.
Gao Hai? Anger appeared in Li Yi’s eyes. He had never been one to retaliate with kindness, and he couldn’t bear this tone again and again.
Asking Quande to take him to Cui Neisheng, Li Yi smiled and said, “I have received so much care from Mr. Cui in the past, but I never knew how to repay it. I thought I would never have a chance in this life. Who knew that the Queen would take care of our family?” Stayed in Kunning Palace.”
Speaking of this, Li Yi looked at Eunuch Cui, and the smile on his face became brighter.
Eunuch Cui’s heart skipped a beat. As for his previous attitude towards Li Yi, it could not be repayment. This was revenge. How could he, a little emissary, resist Li Yi who had entered Kunning Palace? He really let this kid go. What a damn luck!
“Eunuch Li, before, the slaves were too blind to see Mount Tai. Your Excellency has a lot of money, so don’t argue with the slaves.” Cui Eunuch said, pushing two ingots of silver to Li Yi with a flattering look on his face.
Li Yi’s eyes lingered on it for a while, then he coughed and said:
“Since Eunuch Cui is upright and upright and does not accept any reward from our family, we cannot force him to do so. We remember that one of your subordinates named Gao Hai gave our family a good meal when he entered Zhaonan Garden. I’d like to trouble Eunuch Cui to call someone here.”
“That blind thing, please wait a moment, Eunuch Li, and I’ll have him called over right now.”
How could Eunuch Cui protect Gao Hai when he couldn’t protect himself? He only had half a stick of incense. Gao Hai was called over before he knew what was going on. When he saw Li Yi, anger ignited in his eyes and he actually called this bastard. He came out alive and looked back to see how he killed people.
“Eunuch Cui, what are your instructions for calling this servant?” Gao Hai came to Eunuch Cui and bowed down, smiling flatteringly.
“You still have the nerve to ask!” Cui Eunuch said with a cold face, “I always tell you not to embarrass those little eunuchs, but you just turn a deaf ear to what we say. You must know that God is watching what people do, so how can you fool them? !”
Gao Hai was dumbfounded after being scolded. Not everything he did was ordered by Eunuch Cui, so why was it all blamed on him? Such an unusual scene made Gao Hai feel uneasy.
He secretly took a look at Li Yi. There were only three of them in the room. Could it be because of him?
“Have you finished speaking, Eunuch Cui? Our family is still waiting to return to Kunning Palace.” After watching the show for a while, Li Yi spoke calmly.
“It’s over, it’s over.” Cui Eunuch said hurriedly.
Kunning Palace? Gao Hai’s eyes widened, he actually got that good fortune? !
No wonder Cui Eunuch was humble and respectful. Gao Hai’s eyes flashed. Eunuchs have no dignity. He would ask for mercy as soon as his legs went weak.
But before he could kneel down, Li Yi picked up the chair and knocked him over. “We don’t like scolding people.” Li Yi said with a smile, picking up the chair and smashing it down.
It wasn’t until Gao Hai’s begging for mercy faded that Li Yi threw the chair out, “Eunuch Cui, please be disciplined. That guy named Quan De, I don’t want anyone to bully him again.”
After speaking, Li Yi strode out. Cui Eunuch looked at Gao Hai who was beaten so badly that his back was already wet. Why didn’t he see it before? He was such a cruel and hard-hearted man.
“Xiao Yizi.” Quande, who was waiting not far away, saw Li Yi approaching and immediately greeted him.
“Don’t worry, they won’t bully you anymore.” Li Yi chuckled, “If you stay here for a few more days, my brother will definitely get you out.”
“Xiao Yizi…” Quande wiped his eyes. He and Li Yi were about the same age. They were both sent to the palace when they were young. They lived at the bottom and were bullied. They were never protected by anyone. When they were beaten, they were even beaten. I didn’t dare to say anything, for fear that they would beat me even harder.
“You are really different.” Quan De looked at Li Yi and said seriously.
“I have already died once. If I don’t change a little, my life will not be in vain. I can finally understand that there is no room for compassionate people in this palace.” Li Yi smiled, looking like he had gone through many vicissitudes of life.
Quan De moved his mouth, not knowing how to comfort him. Those few months in Zhaonanyuan must have been very difficult for Xiao Yizi.
It’s not very painful. He thinks about how to knock Lu Li down every day, and he feels as if he is burning with anger.
“Let’s go. You also know that I can’t remember anything. You still have to tell me what’s going on in the palace.”
After staying for an hour, Li Yi left a piece of silver to Quan De, then went to Zhaonan Garden to pack a few things before returning to Kunning Palace.
From Quande, he learned that the most favored concubines in the palace were Concubine Rong and Concubine Qi. He also learned about Daqian’s strange succession. The emperor’s throne was not stable. Unrest broke out from time to time in various places. The courtiers pressed the emperor. Let him and the queen give birth to a legitimate son as soon as possible to calm the people’s hearts.
This is really unpleasant.
“Why have you been here for so long? Your Majesty has summoned you.”
As soon as Li Yi came back, Wang Xi, the eunuch in charge of Kunning Palace, asked him to quickly go to the palace to serve him.
Lu Li didn’t like the large number of people, so he kept no more than two people every time, especially when he was writing. Except for the ink grinder, he sent everyone out.
“You’ve been clamoring for something delicious and spicy, but now that it’s out, are you still reluctant to part with it?”
“Then the queen is willing to give up?” Li Yiyan looked at Lu Li while writing.
Lu Li didn’t answer. After finishing the poem, she put down her pen and asked, “Does this dress look good?”
“It’s not just for me to look good.” As he said this, Li Yi looked at her without being polite. There was no need to look hard at her.
“Come here and help me take off my robe.”
Li Yi responded happily. He couldn’t help but be unhappy with this kind of thing.
As soon as he got close, he could smell the body fragrance emanating from Lu Li’s body. Li Yi’s throat twitched, especially when his hand was placed on Lu Li’s waist. His waist was slender and could be grasped.

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