Chapter 6 The Sixth Star

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Chapter 6 The Sixth Star

Unexpectedly, he would say this. Feng Tao stretched her neck and leaned in front of him to study, “Real or false? Are you blushing?”

Jiang Chuyi also looked at him calmly.

Zong Ye smiled slightly, “Almost.”

Feng Tao looked Jiang Chuyi over and said, “Don’t mind, we were just joking, weren’t you scared?”

She looked as usual: “No.”

Feng Tao sounded regretful: “I have asked Zong many times before, but he refused to cooperate every time. Finally, I finally agreed today and met a calm girl again.”

Jiang Chuyi smiled and explained, “It’s not that he’s calm, it’s that he hasn’t reacted yet.”

Feng Tao let out a long sigh and said with relish: “Then, Zong also continues to take off his clothes?”

Both of them were stunned.

Feng Tao laughed loudly, “I won’t tease you anymore. Come on, let’s continue. Everyone should be smarter and I can get off work earlier. I’m too tired from the business trip. I have to catch a flight back home in the evening.”

This is the terrace on the second floor. Jiang Chuyi is sitting on the railing, with nothing behind him.

Feng Tao was directing the prop boy to position the lighting board.

Since there was always a bad atmosphere between Jiang Chuyi and Fucheng, Feng Tao had an idea and temporarily asked Zongye to switch with Fucheng.

Zongya was tall, so he had to bend down slightly to rest his hands on her sides, which inexplicably formed a posture that completely enveloped her.
The hair dryer is just a few meters away, and the staff squats on the side, adjusting the wind direction and speed.

Suddenly, someone pressed the highest gear, and the huge fan blades rotated rapidly, blowing at them both.

Her hair and the corners of her skirt were blown away. Jiang Chuyi was fascinated and pressed her skirt down with her hands in time. Fortunately, she was wearing a long skirt today.

But soon, she paused.

Feng came with his back to Zong Ye, and the distance between them was only half a step. From Jiang Chuyi’s angle, he could easily get a glimpse of another scene.

Zong Ye bowed slightly, his posture relaxed, and the shirt with a loose collar was blown open wider.

I couldn’t help but take another look.

Starting from the rouge mole, the line of his collarbone is very beautiful, like a bamboo joint. The angular line extends to the shoulder, down, to the waist, and then stops at the tight lower abdomen… You can almost imagine that your fingertips are brushing A warm touch.

She held her breath.

I have to admit that there is a reason why Zongya is famous. He seems to be born to please women. There seems to be a magnetic field on the body, as if it is waiting for someone to taste it carefully. After tasting it, it is found that the soul has been taken away.

Annoying Feng was deliberately showing off, but he did nothing, but this unconsciously revealed amorous feelings made people’s throats dry even more.

But I haven’t noticed it yet.

Zong Ye came over and whispered a reminder in her ear, his breath seeming to caress her neck.

Jiang Chu immediately turned away and pretended to be unintentional and said, “What?”

He raised his eyebrows lightly and patiently repeated: “The filming is about to start.”

She responded: “Okay.”

Maybe it was because the two of them were too close. When Zong Ye just changed positions, his hand brushed against her arm and she accidentally touched it. Jiang Chuyi immediately felt that something was wrong with her. She couldn’t tell what was wrong. When the wind blew again, she couldn’t get rid of that startling glimpse just now.

Feng Tao didn’t know what was going on yet, but in the camera lens, the atmosphere between them reached a subtle critical point. Ambiguity and restraint were what Feng Tao wanted. She quickly took several close-ups and clicked the shutter button.

Half an hour later.

Feng Tao put his hands on his hips and called them over to watch the movie together. Everyone gathered around for a discussion, and they all agreed that the lighting of the characters in this composition was perfectly integrated.

Just as he was about to call it a day, Feng Tao suddenly zoomed in on a certain photo and said meaningfully to Jiang Chuyi: “Baby, you seem to be blushing?”

Jiang Chuyi: “…”

As soon as she finished speaking, Zong Ye glanced at her and curled his lips slightly. Somehow, he was made to laugh by Feng Tao’s words.

Jiang Chuyi reluctantly smiled and said, “Maybe it’s because of the light.”


Ever since IM launched the recruitment for the West Storm fifth anniversary linkage movie, the marketing account has been like releasing smoke bombs every now and then. In various gossips, almost every little girl has been sneaked out, causing fans to complain.

The makeup photo shoot is over and the movie “Star Catcher” has officially started filming. In mid-November, BloodXGentle’s official blog released pictures, taking advantage of the trend to make the official announcement.

Subsequently, several leading actors and studios reposted the Weibo post. The cake that has been passed around for a long time has finally settled.

The major active forums were filled with discussions for a whole day. Passers-by are placing their bets on what kind of strange angles Wei fans and Tuan fans will use to fight each other when the movie is officially released.

You must know that every time West Storm releases a single or MV, any close-ups of their singles or singing and dancing parts, or even derivative peripherals released from the album, if anything goes wrong, it will trigger a bloody war. The lightest thing is to slaughter the square, the most serious thing is to slaughter the board.

And this time the movie is not only about the allocation of shots, but also about the inclusion of CP fans from Fucheng and Wangtan, as well as several actresses outside the group.

You can imagine how lively it will be.

Before the filming of the movie officially started, Gao Ning flew to Venice to visit the cast.

Jiang Chuyi took her to the place where they last had dinner. The two were chatting about next year’s arrangements when Gao Ning’s cell phone rang and she picked it up.

I don’t know what was said over there. Gao Ning frowned, pulled out his chair and stood up, “I’m going out to take a call.”

Jiang Chuyi looked at her strangely, “Just say it here.”

Gao Ning waved his hand and left in a hurry.

This call lasted for half an hour. When Gao Ning came in again, his eyebrows were filled with dark anger.

Jiang Chuyi had a vague feeling that something had happened, and was about to ask when she saw Gao Ning patting her phone on the table, “Damn, those beasts!”

“What’s wrong?”

“I won’t kill those gangsters!”

Jiang Chuyi listened for a while and finally understood what happened.

Originally she was just a mediocre supporting character, but when the movie was officially announced today, no one paid attention to her. Jiang Chuyi has not been active in the public eye for so long that many people have forgotten her.

But just at night, on a forum in a certain area, a poster dug out an old post.

This post sheds light on the relationship between her and Qin Tong.

Jiang Chuyi made her debut by mistake back then, and most of the movies she starred in since then were directed by Qin Tong. Until she was 16 years old, she accompanied Qin Tong to a drinking party held by an old friend.

After the meal, Jiang Chuyi helped Qin Tong get into the car and was photographed by the paparazzi squatting nearby.

Because the light was dim at the time and the angle was tricky, an ambiguous photo that caught the wind was born and was used by many media to discredit it.
Qin Tong fell ill in the hospital in anger. At the same time, Jiang Chuyi’s reputation also plummeted.

This post listed in detail the clues from that year, saying that the forces of the Shanghai faction were behind her, and she was absolutely inseparable from Qin Tong. The author vividly describes a long-lasting love full of power and sex dealings, accurately tapping into the curiosity of contemporary young people for gossip.

The marketing account took advantage of the popularity of the official announcement of the Western Riot movie and quickly moved the post to Weibo.


After this meal, Gao Ning and Jiang Chuyi went back to the hotel.

While in the lobby, I happened to meet a few people from the same crew. When they saw Jiang Chuyi, they all became silent for a moment.

As they passed each other, Xin He took the initiative to say hello: “Have you just come back from dinner?”

Jiang Chuyi stopped and smiled back: “Yes.”

After looking at her for a few seconds, Xin He said, “Don’t take things online seriously. They will stop in two days.”

Jiang Chuyi hummed.

At this moment, someone next to him said: “By the way, how are Director Qin doing recently?”

Several other people looked at each other.

Gao Ning was about to have a seizure when Jiang Chuyi held her back and nodded at them, “It’s pretty good.”

Back in the room, Gao Ning couldn’t help but cursed, “If you don’t pick up the pot, it won’t kill her.”

Seeing that Jiang Chuyi remained silent, Gao Ning took a breath and comforted her, “Forget it, don’t go on Weibo for the next two days. I have already contacted the legal department and will immediately send a lawyer’s letter asking them to delete the post. Underage people Huang Yao, there’s really no fucking limit.”

Jiang Chuyi was in a very calm mood, “I know, you don’t have to worry.”

These so-called “dirty materials” were actually insignificant to Jiang Chuyi, and she really didn’t feel bored. Just like a war that has ended, she spent a long time to get through the most painful period. When people later mentioned this war, they tried to restore the humiliation and smoke of that time and peel off the scars again. In fact, there was no way to do so. Any shock to her.

They looked at her like a joke.

Why isn’t she?

Jiang Chuyi settled down with Gao Ning and didn’t stay any longer. Tomorrow the crew would have a meeting for a round-up reading. She went back to her room to take a shower and take time to read the script again.

It’s close to twelve o’clock, and WeChat is still buzzing, and there are many friends on the list sending condolences. Regardless of whether these people were well-intentioned or just joining in the fun, she didn’t bother to reply or look at them.

Jiang Chuyi took the phone, set it to silent, turned off the light and went to sleep.

She didn’t sleep well at night, and Jiang Chuyi had several intermittent dreams.

I woke up in pain in the middle of the night and broke out in a cold sweat. It turned out that my menstruation had come early. She turned on the lamp, went into the bathroom, called room service, and changed the soiled sheets.

After several twists and turns, it was already past six in the morning.

Jiang Chuyi sat by the bed and turned on her phone to check the messages. Er’er sent a WeChat message last night, asking her if she could arrive earlier tomorrow to discuss the script.

Jiang Chuyi memorized the lines for a while, packed the biographies and scripts she had written into her bag, and went to the next room to find Xiao Zhong.

The reading meeting started at nine o’clock. Jiang Chuyi couldn’t eat breakfast, so Xiao Zhong helped him directly to the conference room.

When they arrived, Er’er hadn’t come yet. Xiao Zhong charged the hot water bottle and hugged Jiang Chuyi, “Cover it.”

Afraid that she would be cold, Xiao Zhong carefully put a fringed blanket on her: “If you really feel uncomfortable, lie down for a while. I’ll call you when the screenwriter comes, okay?”

Jiang Chuyi wrapped herself in a blanket and responded vaguely.

After a rustling sound, Xiao Zhong took a cup of hot water and put it on the table. He hesitated and said, “By the way, sister, I want to tell you something.”


“Look.” Xiao Zhong hesitated and put the phone in front of her. “It was too late yesterday, so I didn’t talk to you.”

Jiang Chuyi lowered his eyes, and a press release came into view——

“Xin He personally gave the thumbs up, was it a slip of the thumb or was it intentional?”

She scrolled down and found a screenshot of Xin He liking her black draft.

“This happened last night. It was too late and I didn’t tell you. But when I woke up this morning, it was on the hot search again. I feel like it won’t stop for a while.”


Looking at her expression, Xiao Zhong carefully inquired: “Xin He has already posted on Weibo, saying that he was slippery or something. Do we want to respond?”

“Is there anything to respond to?”

Jiang Chuyi handed the phone to Xiao Zhong, “Don’t worry about it, it has nothing to do with us.”


“in spite of.”

Jiang Chuyi was too lazy to say anything, so he put his arms on the edge of the table and lay down again.

She occasionally has a little temper, which will come out when she feels uncomfortable. Seeing her like this, Xiao Zhong whispered worriedly: “Do you want to go to the room to get you some painkillers?”

Jiang Chuyi buried his head in his arms, unable to muster the strength to answer, and shook his head slightly.

I don’t know how long it took, but while half asleep and half awake, Jiang Chuyi felt pain in her lower abdomen. She was in low spirits and asked blearily, “Xiao Zhong, what time is it? Buy me a cup of coffee.”

No one answered for a while. She was pressed by the tassel blanket and was too lazy to change her position. She called out weakly, “Xiao Zhong, help me buy a cup of coffee.”

Jiang Chuyi responded tiredly.

After a few seconds, she felt something was wrong, opened her eyes and turned around.

Ji Kai and Wang Tan stared at her strangely.


The conference room, with only a few people present, was eerily quiet.

The person being commanded looked normal, raised his wrist, looked at his watch, and asked: “It’s eight o’clock, do you want something hot?”

Jiang Chuyi was startled when he was asked, his mind was still in a panic state, and he repeated his words vaguely: “Hot? It’s hot.”

Zong Ye followed Shan Ruliu and said slowly, “Then please wait for a while.”

Wang Tan let out a puff and finally couldn’t help laughing.

After being stunned for a while, Jiang Chuyi suddenly regained consciousness, “Um, where is my assistant?”

“Your assistant?” Ji Kai leaned back in his chair and tilted his head with a half-smile, “I went to buy coffee for you.”

Jiang Chuyi: “…”

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