Chapter 5 The Fifth Star

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Chapter 5 The Fifth Star

She looked blankly at Zongya.

For a few seconds, I couldn’t even manage my expression well.

Jiang Chuyi immediately clenched the fork in his hand, and the spicy taste spread from his throat and shot straight into his internal organs.

Jiang Chuyi took a sip of water in a disguised manner, and after taking a long time, he pretended to be casual and said, “Actually, I recognize you.”

The dinner was too noisy and her voice was so soft that Zong didn’t hear her clearly. He lowered his head and said, “Huh? What?”

Jiang Chuyi raised her voice a little: “I said, I recognized you from the beginning.”

He laughed quietly and said in a gentle tone, “Then why do you pretend you don’t know me.”

Jiang Chuyi choked up.

He’s so direct.

Why else? Of course, it was to show that he was sensible and would forget the scene that broke his “romantic scene”.

Jiang Chuyi racked his brains to think of how to end this topic decently.
“Is the phone repaired?”

She immediately said, “It’s fixed.”

Zong Ye nodded, as if thinking for a while, and asked, “Can you give me your contact information?”

“You two stop for now.”

The conversation was interrupted and Jiang Chuyi turned around.

The person who yelled was the second officer in charge of filming this time.

After three rounds of drinking, the assistant director’s face turned red and he joked: “You are so close, what are you whispering about?”

Zong Ye bent his elbows on the edge of the dining table, lowered his head, and pretended to listen. From other angles, his body was slightly tilted towards her, and the two of them were close together, in a very close posture.

Ji Kai had just been teased for a long time, and now he finally found the reason. He immediately changed the focus of the fight and said with a smile: “Zong Ye, I see you are very involved in the conversation. The assistant director called you by your name twice and didn’t hear you?”

Everyone laughed, and he didn’t seem to mind being teased and asked, “Sorry, what were you talking about just now?”

Xin He glanced at Jiang Chuyi, her beautiful face expressionless, her red lips curled slightly, “I didn’t say anything, just keep talking.”

Finally, when the dinner was over, the director was carried back to the room after being drunk. Jiang Chuyi sat down and rubbed his belly.

I was thinking about other things and accidentally ate too much, and now I feel a little bloated…

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the person next to her stand up. She stood up and made room for him to go out.

Suddenly, Jiang Chuyi called out to him, “Hey, wait a minute.”

Zongye met her eyes and asked, “Are you calling me?”


Wang Tan stood nearby, his subtle eyes scanning their bodies, “What’s the matter, do you need me to avoid suspicion?”


Before she could say the word “yong”, Zong Ye said, “Wait for me for a while.”

Wang Tan laughed and said in a meaningful tone, “What are you waiting for? I’m leaving first. How can I dare to disturb you?”

Looking at Wang Tan’s leaving figure, Jiang Chuyi forced a smile and said, “It’s not an important matter, otherwise you and your friends should leave first.”

“He likes to joke, so don’t worry.”

Jiang Chuyi raised his phone and said calmly: “Would you like to add WeChat? I’ll add you.”

Zong Ye looked a little startled.

Seeing his reaction, Jiang Chuyi suddenly felt a little confused.

Didn’t he take the initiative to ask for his contact information just now? Could he have made a mistake?

She said: “Is it inconvenient?”


Zong Ye pondered, “My phone is out of battery, can I just search it?”

“Okay, you say.”

He read her the numbers one by one.

Zong also put his eyes on her fingers tapping the keyboard, and gradually moved up. The screen emits a faint fluorescent light, illuminating the outline of her face. She looks focused while typing, and even her eyelashes are clear.

After a while, Jiang Chuyi finished entering the friend request. She put away her phone and pointed to the side, “Then I’ll leave first?”



Jiang Chuyi counted his steps and walked around outside to eat. When I returned to the hotel room and took a shower, I placed my cell phone beside the bathtub and played songs.

After playing one song, it will automatically jump to the next song.


I heard that slightly familiar, low and sad female voice. Jiang Chuyi came back to his senses and thought of Zong Ye again.

Standing under the shower head, closing her eyes and letting the water flow down, she sighed.

Coming out of the bathroom, she wiped herself off and put on her pajamas, then climbed into bed feeling a little tired.

My best friend called across the ocean.

After chatting for a while, Chen Yi suddenly asked: “What happened? Your voice sounds so boring.”

Jiang Chuyi yawned, “I’m just a little sleepy.”

“Really?” Chen Yi was suspicious, “Nothing really happened?”

Jiang Chuyi’s thoughts drifted away and he said something without thinking, “Xiao Yi, do you know Zong Ye?”

“Ah?” There was silence on the other end of the phone for a few seconds, and Chen Yi sounded speechless. “Have I not been online in the past few years? Excuse me, how could I not know about him?! What happened to him?”

“Nothing, I’m just asking.”

Chen Yi urged: “There must be something going on. Tell me quickly.”
“It’s really okay. He just asked me to add him on WeChat today, oh no.” Jiang Chuyi corrected, “I should have asked him to add him on WeChat.”

“Damn it, you are so promising, are you so motivated?” Chen Yi was quite shocked, “Did you add it?”


Chen Yi made a surprising statement: “Isn’t he interested in you?”

Jiang Chuyi fell on the bed and said helplessly: “Stop making fun of me.”

“Who are you kidding me?” Chen Yi gossiped, “Do you think Zong Ye is so easy to use WeChat? Ajie, do you know that Taiwanese girl who is so sweet that she was the one who stormed the West during the Mango Taichung Autumn Gala? Did you participate? She asked Zong for his phone number backstage, but was rejected.”

“You misunderstood. I added WeChat with him to resolve something.”

Chen Yi: “You are so generous. I still have something to resolve with Zong Ye.”

Jiang Chuyi choked, but seemed to have nothing to refute, so she could only say: “You are so mean.”

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Chuyi got into bed and played with his phone idly for a while. Thinking of something, she returned to the WeChat list and found a new window at the top.

Click in.

[Sep-2009: I passed your friend verification request, now we can start chatting]

Jiang Chuyi changed the note smoothly.

Jiang Chuyi: “Hello, Teacher Zong [Rose]”

Zong Ye: “Just call me Zong Ye.”

She thought about it carefully, deleted it again and again, and carefully typed out a short composition: “It was not convenient to talk about the dinner just now, so I’d better explain some things to you. I pretended not to know you at the time, so maybe there was a misunderstanding. After all, it was the first time. Seeing the commotion was quite unpleasant [covering face], I hope you don’t mind.”

Zongye: “What misunderstanding?”

Jiang Chuyi: “Well, it’s okay. I won’t say anything nonsense anyway, so don’t worry [shake hands].”

After waiting for two minutes, there was no response. She was just about to turn off her phone and go to sleep, when she received a reply from the other side.

Zongye: “You may still have a little misunderstanding.”

Jiang Chuyi stared at the message he sent and didn’t know how to answer it for a while. She thought for a long time, then selected a decent emoticon and sent it.

The dialog box keeps showing “The other party is typing…” and it pauses for a while.

Zongye: “Go to rest early and let’s talk next time.”

Jiang Chuyi: “You too.”

The chat ends.


The next day was the filming of the final makeup photos for the movie.

Since she was only a supporting role, her role was limited and she only had to take a group photo alone with Fucheng and Zongya.

Jiang Chuyi put on makeup and hair and was taken to the shooting location. On a semi-curved terrace on the third floor.

When she arrived, Zongya was talking to a woman, and the two looked familiar.

The staff introduced in a low voice that the woman’s name was Feng Tao, who was responsible for their filming today. She is a senior staff member of IM and the official photographer of Xibao. She has been with them for several years. The people are very interesting and have no airs.

Jiang Chuyi nodded, indicating that he understood.

Feng Tao wore a Western red dress with a high slit, slender high heels and big waves, and her every move was charming.

When she saw Jiang Chuyi arriving, she stretched out her arms and shouted: “Get the hair dryer and lighting board set up, let’s start work!”

The filming process went smoothly, and Fucheng and Zong were also directed to pose in several poses. She sat on the railing of the terrace, with Fucheng’s arms spread out and resting on her sides.

“Come! Get ready!” Feng Tao found an angle to take a few photos, “Fucheng lowered his head, Chu Yi raised his chin. No, you two are looking at each other, come on, one, two, three, let’s go -”

Jiang Chuyi followed the instructions and raised her head slightly to look at him.

After a while, Feng Tao bent down and browsed the photos he had just taken in front of the computer. He frowned and then relaxed, and said to them: “Fucheng, you have to be more obscene. Don’t look at women so innocently.”

As soon as the non-vegetarian words came out, everyone else laughed.

Feng Tao sighed and picked up the intercom: “You two have a bad sense of atmosphere. Chu Yi, when you look back, your eyes shouldn’t be too direct. You should be shy and confused.”

Jiang Chuyi was also named and quickly said “Oh.”

In the past, it took some time to prepare for acting, not to mention that she had no experience in shooting magazines or photo shoots. There was shy and blurred love in her eyes… If it was dynamic, it would be okay, but if it was static, she had not received professional training.

Although I have shot many films before, due to my young age, I can basically ignore the emotional aspect.

Jiang Chuyi felt a little embarrassed when she saw Fucheng’s cold eyebrows.

After adjusting for a long time and trying out a few more photos, Feng Tao looked through the sample photos he had just taken and felt that he was almost there.

The assistant suggested: “How about asking a makeup artist to put some blush on Mr. Jiang?”

“Need not.”

Feng Tao stepped forward and said softly: “Baby, let’s have a chat?”

Unexpectedly, it was directed at her. Jiang Chuyi sounded guilty: “Sorry, let me find my state again.”
“It’s okay, don’t be nervous, let’s just have an intermission.” Feng Tao looked at her, “You have a strong determination, and you won’t be tempted when you see a handsome guy.”

After saying that, he went to look at Fucheng again. He crossed his arms and leaned to the side. Feng Tao sighed.

Well, you can’t blame the little girl for showing off her stinky face worth 25,000 to 80,000 yuan every day. Anyone can feel it after seeing her.

Feng Tao looked at Jiang Chuyi’s fair and tender face and thought thoughtfully: “How can I make your heart beat faster?”

Jiang Chuyi seriously suggested: “How about I go run around twice?”

“It doesn’t have to be so troublesome.” Feng Tao touched his chin, “I’ll make you blush in ten seconds.”

Jiang Chuyi was doubtful: “Ten seconds?”

“Let’s switch to someone else.” Feng Tao pointed to Zong Ye who was drinking water, “What do you think of him?”

Jiang Chuyi: “…”

“He has a trick that can definitely make a girl blush within ten seconds. He has tried it every time and never failed.”

Zong Ye screwed on the cap of the mineral water bottle and seemed to have something to say, but was interrupted by Feng Tao. She squinted and warned lightly, “Hey, this is work, so be dedicated.”

Watching the two of them playing riddles, Jiang Chuyi tilted his head and asked Feng Tao, “Which trick is it?”

Feng Tao confirmed: “Do you really want to try?”

Jiang Chuyi was confused: “Huh?”

Feng Tao shouted excitedly: “Zong Ye, take off your clothes!”

Suddenly, Jiang Chuyi suspected that he had tinnitus.

After she finished speaking, she saw Zong Ye looking at her.

Jiang Chuyi’s words stopped abruptly.

The two looked at each other, but she remained silent for some reason.

After waiting for a few seconds, he smiled, raised his hand in cooperation, and put his hand on the button of his shirt. At such a close distance, Jiang Chuyi watched helplessly as he slowly untied one, two, three…

Zong didn’t even wear a tie, and his neat white shirt was tucked neatly into black trousers, tightening his slim waist, making him look ascetic and meticulous. But now, with the movement of the fingertips, from the Adam’s apple, to the collarbone, to the chest, the neckline gradually opened.

She stared intently at a rouge mole on the side of his neck.

He stopped, turned around and asked Feng Tao: “Is it okay?”

The place was unusually quiet.

Jiang Chuyi pursed her lips, her face still calm, but her mood was a bit complicated.

Zong Ye is very good at this…

According to Gao Ning, this man has never had thirty girlfriends, so he cannot be so sexy.

This is more than just making people blush, it’s almost to the point where even the ants on the roadside would be embarrassed to see it.

Feng Tao couldn’t stop laughing, wiping her tears with her fingers, “Zong Ye, what’s the matter with you? Your charm has lost its effectiveness? Why did you stop? You agreed for ten seconds. Do you think you are shy?”

Zong Ye raised his eyes calmly, and his eyes met hers again. His eyes were born with peach blossoms, and the ends of his eyes were narrow and long, but his eyelashes were curled up. He looked affectionate to everyone. Especially this disheveled look, gentle and wilted, so informal and foul.

Jiang Chuyi coughed lightly and took the lead to look away. How could she, a transparent person like her, allow Zong Ye to perform such a restricted program in person?

Zong also looked at her and said, “She looks like she’s fine?”

From the corner of her eye, Jiang Chuyi caught a glimpse of his Adam’s apple sliding slightly, as if he was laughing softly, and the ending sound was naturally attractive.

He sighed, a little helpless, “But my face is almost red.”

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