Chapter 8 Rescue Xiao Zhaoyi

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Chapter 8 Rescue Xiao Zhaoyi
There were three women in a play, so many women gathered together. Li Yi couldn’t help but want to see what the scene was like in the main hall. He asked the young eunuch to do his work, while he quietly moved to the side of the main hall, pretending to take care of the flowers. , but looked in through the wide open palace door.
Almost instantly, he was caught by Lu Li who was sitting at the top. He knew that he was not a peaceful person. Lu Li’s eyes did not change and he naturally turned his gaze back to the concubine who was speaking.
“Now that you have a body, you can have children and raise your children. You don’t have to come over to say hello in the future. Let’s all go away.” Lu Li said with a light expression.
“It’s been more than two years since I received this letter from Kunning Palace. The concubines have just come to sit here for a while. It would be unavoidable for the Queen to drive them away…” Concubine Rong raised her eyes and opened her lips with a smile. There was a hint of emotion in her words. mean.
The originally relaxed atmosphere suddenly became tense.
All the concubines couldn’t help but look at Lu Li. Faced with Concubine Rong’s public provocation, how would the queen who had been staying in Zhaonan Garden react?
“If you like it, just ask the Emperor and the Emperor to move the Xuanhua Palace here.” Lu Li’s tone was calm, but he didn’t even look at Concubine Rong.
This gesture made Concubine Rong punch the cotton, but she couldn’t get angry.
“I don’t dare to covet the Queen’s residence. What are you still doing here? I don’t see the Queen driving anyone away.” As soon as Concubine Rong said this, everyone had to stand up and leave after her.
Relying on the emperor’s favor, Concubine Rong was really arrogant. When Li Yi saw everyone coming out, he bowed and stepped aside.
Damn it! So blatant? ! Li Yi was shocked.
He saw the maid next to Concubine Rong moving slightly to the left, and bumping her elbow against the concubine who was going up and down the steps. Li Yi remembered that this was Shu Jieyu, and she was the one who just now showed off her pregnancy with a dragon seed with a full face. .
The palace is so stupid and stupid. Even if she is pregnant, she may not be able to give birth. This will make people take action.
Li Yi moved his feet. He was not too far away, so he might be able to catch him.
However, he didn’t need to answer. A concubine in front of Shu Jieyu heard the scream, turned around and pushed Shu Jieyu back. However, she herself could not stand due to the momentum and went straight towards Then fell.
Landing on the back of the head could easily lead to death. Li Yi took a big step, jumped, hugged the person, and fell down with a bang. The flesh pad is not good, damn, it really hurts!
To change to the previous short-rib body frame, Li Yi would have 80% fractures.
There were screams at the scene, and Li Yi just wanted to say, you are screaming, come and help people! I’m going to be crushed to death! !
The person pressing down on Li Yi was Xiao Zhaoyi, a very cold beauty. When Shu Jieyu fell down, she didn’t think too much and reacted subconsciously.
When she fell down, it was impossible not to panic. However, the expected pain did not appear. She was held in someone’s arms, blocking all harm.
This embrace was not generous, but it kept her safe.
Xiao Qingyue looked up and could only see a thin chin.
The palace maids and eunuchs finally reacted and quickly helped Xiao Qingyue up.
Li Yi moved his shoulder blades. He had not exercised in vain these days, but only suffered a slight injury.
When he was done, he brushed himself off and Li Yi asked the little eunuch to help him go.
Outside Kunning Palace, there was a mess. Although Shu Jieyu did not fall down and was supported by the palace maid behind her, she was frightened after all.
She was pregnant with a dragon, so she couldn’t be careless, so Lu Li sent for the imperial doctor.
“Thank you so much, sister.” Shu Jieyu cried while holding Xiao Qingyue’s hand.
“Empress, you have to make the decision for me, it’s me who was pushed by Concubine Rong!” Shu Jieyu pointed at Concubine Rong and said angrily.
“Shu Jieyu, you didn’t stand firm and almost lost the dragon seed. Now you are slandering people here. How brave you are!” Faced with Shu Jieyu’s accusation, Concubine Rong not only did not panic, but scolded her.
Seeing that Concubine Rong was still so domineering, Shu Jieyu’s eyes turned red with anger, “There are so many maids and eunuchs outside the palace, they all saw it.”
“Really? Ask them, what did they see?” Concubine Rong tilted her head at Shu Jieyu and spoke calmly.
“Did you see…”
“Help Shu Jieyu and Xiao Zhaoyi go into the inner hall to rest. Concubine Rong, please go back now.” Lu Li opened her mouth lightly, interrupting Shu Jieyu’s words.
“Concubine, please leave.” Concubine Rong bowed, and before leaving, she smiled disdainfully at Shu Jieyu.
“The Empress…” Shu Jieyu was filled with dissatisfaction. She was almost pushed down, but she was going to let it go like this?
“Xiao Zhaoyi entered the palace earlier than Zhang Jieyu. She was also pregnant with a dragon seed. What happened in the end?” Lu Li looked at Xiao Qingyue.
“Because of the collision with Concubine Rong, the claustrophobic room resulted in one body and two lives.” Xiao Qingyue said slowly.
Shu Jieyu was stunned, and Lu Li secretly shook his head. The time to enter the palace was not short, but he still knew nothing and could not even see the situation clearly. Sending such a woman here was just an injustice.
“Take good care of her.” After giving instructions to the palace attendants, Lu Li went out, with Xiao Qingyue following her.
“Queen, it’s not easy to ask Concubine Rong when she was here just now. Is that father-in-law okay?”
“It’s just a minor injury.”
After Xiao Qingyue left, Lu Li had someone summon Li Yi.
Li Yi supported his waist and was helped into the palace by the young eunuch. When everyone else went out, Li Yi screamed, “It’s really hard to be an errand these days. I’m already like this, and you still call me here?” Serve.”
“Go and lie down over there.” Lu Li looked at the chair and motioned to Li Yi.
“If you don’t help me, how can I survive? I’m in pain.” Li Yi shouted.
“Not very brave when rescuing people.” Lu Lilian walked towards Li Yi.
“You can’t see her die outside your palace, young girl, what a pity.” Supported by Lu Li, Li Yi took the opportunity to take advantage. The injuries on his body were really painful, but they didn’t hurt his muscles or bones. This was not a problem for Li Yi. He was calling because he wanted Lu Li to feel distressed.
“You saved Xiao Zhaoyi this time, I’m afraid Concubine Rong will miss you.” Lu Li said while applying medicine to Li Yi.
“The person I’m following is the master of the harem, so there’s nothing to worry about.” Li Yi said casually.
Lu Li laughed and said, “Although the Emperor does not say that Concubine Rong is his only favorite, it is not much different. There is good news in the palace every few months, but there is only one princess so far. What do you think is going on?”
Li Yi frowned, “She acts so arrogantly, and the emperor just lets her go?”
“What can we do if we can’t help it? Nearly 70% of the military power of Daqian is in the hands of Concubine Rong’s father and brother.”
“So, if she wanted to hack me to death with a knife, no one would dare to stop her.”
The corner of Li Yi’s mouth twitched, “My dear, you are a bit embarrassed as a queen.”
“With such a fierce man, how did you get into this position?”
“As long as he doesn’t die young, the eldest son will be the next emperor. The position of queen naturally has to prevent relatives from taking over the throne.” Lu Li said casually, putting away the medicine.
“So, my mother’s family is of no help to you?”
“The Lu family has an ancestral motto that all direct descendants are not allowed to serve as officials in the court and can only live in Chen County.”
“No wonder queens often come from the Lu family.” Li Yi turned sideways and said, “Mother, this palace is too dangerous. Let’s elope.”

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