Chapter 51 A slap in the face

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Chapter 51 A slap in the face

Returning to the Tang family villa and entering their suite, Tang Ruoxue closed the door with her backhand, then looked at Mark and whispered:

“Thank you.”

Ye Fan smiled: “Why do you want to thank me?”

“Thank me for rescuing you?”

He waved his hand: “That’s not necessary. We haven’t divorced yet. I can’t let Zhao Dongyang force you like this.”

“No, I’m just thanking you for letting me have a dream.”

Tang Ruoxue’s breath was like orchid, her eyes twinkling. She was not a woman who worshiped money, but that didn’t mean she didn’t like diamonds and luxury cars.

She originally thought that in her entire life, she would work diligently for the Tang Sect like a scalper, earning millions every year and spending her best years in mediocrity.

Unexpectedly, Mark gave her a shining moment tonight. Although it was short-lived, it was still considered a moment.

Hearing this sentence, Ye Fan’s voice became gentle:

“There’s nothing to thank you for. Maybe I really fall in love with you.”

“Fall in love with me?”

Tang Ruoxue burst out laughing when she heard this: “I think you want to strangle me more than falling in love with me.”

They are just a transaction, there is no emotion at all?

She also didn’t believe that Ye Fan, who had been bullied by the Tang family for a year, would develop love for her.

Ye Fan’s eyes were blurry: “You don’t know, I fell in love with you eighteen years ago…”

“Okay, are you addicted to romantic dramas? Enough is enough.”

Tang Ruoxue rolled her eyes at Ye Fan, then took off the Alluring Love from her neck and reluctantly handed it back to Ye Fan.

Ye Fan was stunned: “What are you doing?”

“What are you doing?”

Tang Ruoxue snorted:

“Give me back the necklace. Do you really think I will believe that you have 100 million and can still buy me the love of a city?”

“I just looked at Lamborghini. On the driving license, it says that Lamborghini belongs to Qianbao Group.”

“If my estimate is correct, you borrowed this necklace and Lamborghini from Qianbao Group through Song Hongyan.”

“The purpose is to give me a long face.”

“Now that the faces have finished growing, I’m very satisfied. It’s time to return them. Otherwise, if something goes wrong, I won’t be able to compensate you even if you sell them.”

She was very reluctant to let go of her alluring love. This was probably the most expensive necklace she could ever wear in her life, but she also knew that Cinderella’s crystal slipper would eventually have to be returned.

Ye Fan couldn’t laugh or cry: “The car is indeed borrowed, but the necklace…”

“Just admit that the car is borrowed, keep it well, and return it as soon as possible tomorrow.”

Tang Ruoxue bit her lip and put away her nostalgia, put the necklace into the box and stuffed it into Mark’s arms:

“For the sake of having a long face and attacking Zhao Dongyang tonight, I won’t hold you accountable for flirting with Song Hongyan.”

“Although you and I don’t have any feelings for each other, you must abide by your husband’s ways before we get divorced.”

“Otherwise I want you to look good.”

“I won’t tell you anymore. I want to take a shower and go to bed. I have to discuss a loan with Director Liu tomorrow.”

After saying that, she turned around and entered the inner room, slamming the door shut.

Ye Fan looked at the things in his hands and smiled bitterly…

The next morning, Ye Fan got up early to practice.

He arranged time for himself, practicing medical skills on the 13th and 5th, practicing martial arts on the 24th and 6th, and finishing the piano, chess, calligraphy and painting on Sunday.

Of course, the “Tai Chi Sutra” must be rotated several times every day.

After practicing the exercises and sending the Tang family to work, Ye Fan drove to the mobile phone store.

I came back last night and spent half an hour repairing it. Not only did the iPhone 4 not start up, but the battery exploded, forcing Ye Fan to replace his phone.

More than an hour later, Ye Fan came out of the mobile phone store.

He had a new Huawei mobile phone in his hand, took out the phone card, put it in and turned it on.

While waiting, Ye Fan saw a taxi driving into Baihua Bank opposite.

The car door opened, Tang Ruoxue got out, and then entered the hall with a cold face.

Ye Fan was playing with his mobile phone while crossing the road towards the bank.

He thought about Tang Ruoxue’s loan.

Baihua Bank is a local commercial bank. Due to policy support, many Chinese companies have opened accounts there, making it the fifth largest bank.

As soon as Ye Fan arrived at the door of the bank, his cell phone buzzed and vibrated.

He picked it up and answered it, and soon heard Han Yue’s anxious voice:

“Ye Fan, your cell phone is finally connected.”

Her tone was filled with resentment: “I wanted to apologize to you yesterday, but I couldn’t get through your phone. It felt too abrupt to go to the Tang family to see you.”

Ye Fan smiled lightly: “My phone is broken, I just came out to buy a new one.”

“I see, I thought you were angry.”

Han Yue suddenly understood and breathed a sigh of relief: “Ye Fan, I’m really sorry for yesterday.”

“Okay, I know what you are going to say. It’s okay. What happened yesterday is over.”

Ye Fan said directly: “Don’t worry, it won’t affect our friendship. I also want to thank you for your love.”

“Does your wife like it?”

Han Yue was completely relieved, and then asked with a chuckle: “Where are you now?”

Ye Fan was stunned for a moment, then smiled: “Is money always looking for me?”

Han Yue made no secret of it: “He begged me for a long time yesterday, and called me more than a dozen times in the morning, constantly repenting of his arrogance.”

“I won’t talk about the specific situation. In short, Mr. Qian really wants to see you now.”

She added: “He wants to apologize to you personally.”

Ye Fan gave a positioning: “I am at Baihuahongxing branch.”

Han Yue said repeatedly: “Okay, okay, just wait, I will ask him to come to you right away.”

After hanging up the phone, Ye Fan put the phone in his arms and walked into the hall to search for Tang Ruoxue, and happened to see her walking through the credit area.

Then, she walked into the office with the sign ‘Director Liu Yong’.

Ye Fan saw that Tang Ruoxue was worried, so he went over to find out what was going on.

“Director Liu, I’m taking a loan of 100 million. Please help me. You must give it to me.”

In an office at the end of the credit area, Tang Ruoxue looked anxiously at a bald middle-aged man:

“Not only did I stop two production lines, I also borrowed a lot of loan sharks to borrow money.”

“The interest is tens of thousands every day. If you don’t give it to me, I will be driven crazy.”

She was very sincere: “We have cooperated for many years, you should know the strength of our company…”

“Mr. Tang, I have said many times that Tiantang Company’s operations are risky. The bank cannot renew the 100 million loan.”

Liu Yong struck Tang Ruoxue without hesitation, then opened the drawer with a smile and threw out a written agreement:

“But Mr. Wang can lend it to you. This is a 50 million loan contract, which is enough to alleviate your urgent need.”

“As long as you sign your name, it will take effect.”

“You can take it anytime.”

He was very direct: “But you have to stay with Mr. Wang for one night.”

Mr. Wang?

Tang Ruoxue’s pretty face changed drastically, she obviously knew that person, and then her eyes turned cold:

“Director Liu, do you know what you are talking about?”

She suppressed her anger: “Don’t you think it’s disgusting to say this?”

Liu Yong waved his hand: “Of course I know what I’m talking about. I just want you to accompany Mr. Wang.”

“At the last social gathering between Longhai and Longhai, Mr. Wang from Longdu fell in love with you and asked me to be your lobbyist.”

“As long as you stay with him for one night, he will move the funds to this bank and give me some shares in the new company.”

“Master Wang is a big customer of our bank. His funds in China Shipping are very important to us. Giving me shares will give me financial freedom.”

“If you go to accompany Mr. Wang, the 50 million contract will be yours, and I can reduce the interest rate by another point.”

“In and out, you save millions.”

Liu Yong forced Tang Ruoxue step by step.

Tang Ruoxue’s voice deepened: “I won’t do such a dirty deal.”

Liu Yong did not lose heart:

“I know it’s a little out of the blue, but this is an opportunity for me and an opportunity for you.”

“It can bring huge benefits to me, and it can also change your future life.”

“In addition to the 50 million contract, I can also agree to use my contacts to help your company sell products…”

“You can reduce a lot of stress and save a lot of money in one night. Why are you so stubborn?”

He was persuasive: “Mr. Tang, think carefully…”

Tang Ruoxue’s voice was low: “Director Liu, I won’t do this.”

Liu Yong sighed softly: “Mr. Tang, look, isn’t it just a matter of taking a nap? There are many benefits.”

“Many people want this opportunity but may not get it. Why don’t you do it? It’s just a matter of closing your eyes and opening your legs…”

“You’re already married, what’s the point of sleeping together?”

“And if you help me this time, our cooperation will be more pleasant in the future.”

“If you don’t help, aren’t you going to have trouble with money and yourself?”

He uses both soft and hard tactics, and his moves are deadly. Liu Yong is a good pimp at first glance, and he will be impressed if his concentration is slightly weak.

Tang Ruoxue stood up: “Director Liu, I do need money, but I will never trade like this.”

She looks cold, has a tough temper, and has her own bottom line.

“If you don’t agree, you won’t want the 50 million.”

Liu Yong suddenly got mad, slammed the table, and threatened viciously:

“And next month, the 30 million previously borrowed is due, and Tiantang Company must return it on time.”

“Once it expires, I have the right to confiscate Tiantang’s property, and you will get nothing by then.”

“They may even be coerced by loan sharks into selling themselves to pick up clients.”

“It’s better to be slept with by Mr. Wang than by a bunch of people.”

“Besides, Mr. Wang is also one of the four young masters of Longdu. It is your great honor to sleep with you. Why are you pretending to be noble?”

He also stood up and approached with a smile on his face.

“Go to sleep with your mother.”

Tang Ruoxue picked up the tea and poured it on.

Liu Yong suddenly turned into a drowned rat.😊/

“Bitch, if you dare to splash me, I’ll kill you.”

Liu Yong didn’t even wipe the tea and kicked him out.


Tang Ruoxue couldn’t avoid it and felt a pain in her abdomen. She fell to the ground with her chair.

Destroy the flower with a ruthless hand.


At almost the same moment, the door was kicked open.

Ye Fan walked in with murderous intent, raised his hand and slapped him.


With a crisp sound, Ye Fan slapped Liu Yong to the ground.

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