Super door-to-door son-in-law

Super door-to-door son-in-law

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The good-for-nothing son-in-law Ye Fan accidentally received the inheritance of the Tai Chi Sutra and the Stone of Life and Death. From then on, he started a different life. With his medical skills to save beauties and his martial arts to kill enemies, he not only overcame the contempt and ridicule of others, but also won the heart of his beloved wife. , and even stood at the pinnacle of this world, looking down on the world.

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Chapter 61 Touch me

Chapter 61 Touch me

Under Lin Baishun's personal arrangement, Ye Fan and Liu Fugui sat down on the east side of the restaurant.

Ye Fan ordered four dishes, one soup, and two bottles of apple cider vinegar, and then started eating.

"Brother Fan, I think we should leave here first."

Liu Fugui looked hesitant and said, "It's not that I don't believe in your strength, it's just that there's no need to cause trouble for me."

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